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Galvin Magnus is an American social media personality, actor, and musician.

He is best known for being a YouTuber on his self-titled channel on which he uploads entertaining content, such as vlogs, pranks, and puppet videos.

Magnus is also popular on other social media platforms, including Instagram and TikTok with more than 30 million total views.

Magnus began his singing career when he performed at the ‘Boys of Summer Tour’ and traveled across the United States.

He then released two hit singles titled ‘Hollaback’ and ‘Crushin’.

He has also ventured into acting where he’s made appearances in several programs with popular TV channels ‘Cartoon Network’ and ‘Nickelodeon TV’.

One of the TV series he appeared in is “Magnutizers” which he also wrote and directed.

Here’s a collection of the most Incredible Gavin Magnus quotes:


45 Incredible Gavin Magnus Quotes

1. “I spend a lot of my free time in the studio with my producer. Outside of entertainment, I enjoy practicing parkour. This includes doing triple flips on my trampoline and the rings in gymnastics.” – Gavin Magnus

2. “Kevin Hart is my favorite actor; he’s so funny and I do comedy skits so it goes well with my love of acting.” – Gavin Magnus

3. “My passion is acting and singing.” – Gavin Magnus

4. “I also love challenging myself with extreme sports like snowboarding and biking.” – Gavin Magnus

5. “My friends and I like to go to the mall and we love seeing fans.” – Gavin Magnus

6. “I love to make fans happy and surprise them with meet and greets.” – Gavin Magnus

7. “I don’t really get how someone can get offended by hate comments.” – Gavin Magnus

8. “You always want to keep pushing—don’t give up. ” – Gavin Magnus

9. “There are thousands of people who have my back and are always there for me. I’m kind of like, Wow, it’s a good feeling to have.” – Gavin Magnus


10th of 45 Gavin Magnus Quotes

10. “I love streetwear but also ripped jeans and t-shirts. I’m pretty fashion-forward.” – Gavin Magnus


11. “It is my dream to one day have my own Disney show and be a recognized singer.” – Gavin Magnus

12. “To never give up on my dreams. My mom is my rock when it got tough she always told me I could do it.” – Gavin Magnus

13. “Now it’s time to really go harder, better, and let the fans see my rap skills. I actually started to sing after I was discovered as a rapper.” – Gavin Magnus

14. “I love comedy, musical skits, and just out-of-this-world funny things.” – Gavin Magnus

15. “Try not to lose your confidence or lose hope.” – Gavin Magnus

16. “It’s important to stay relevant and post daily/weekly and really come up with great content. That’s the fun part.” – Gavin Magnus

17. “I love to perform for my fans.” – Gavin Magnus

18. “Well, I’m a creator, so when I’m not on set I am filming my own videos on YouTube with my good friend Piper Rockelle. When we aren’t filming we are at the mall shopping or just goofing off being kids.” – Gavin Magnus

19. “I used to sing when I was a toddler in my mom’s kitchen. I would wear necklaces and dress like Bieber.” – Gavin Magnus


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20. “I was nine years old when I began my career. Although, I started being compared to Justin Bieber when I was three years old; once, I was dancing on my mom’s kitchen table, singing “Baby,” and wearing gold jewelry.” – Gavin Magnus


21. “I was singing since around four years old. I used to tell my mom that I wanted to be just like Justin Bieber and act too. My brother was also an actor when he was younger and inspired me.” – Gavin Magnus

22. “Find the platforms that are right for you.” – Gavin Magnus

23. “Justin Bieber, he inspired me to do what I’m doing today.” – Gavin Magnus

24. “I’m very open with my supporters and I put my whole life out there on social media, no matter what situations I’m going through.” – Gavin Magnus

25. “I played a kid designer. It was so much fun. It’s actually playing in France now. With DreamWorks TV I did 12 episodes of When Sports Collide with my friend Delilah and we had so much fun on set! The series is now ended but I’m looking forward to my next venture.” – Gavin Magnus

26. “Living my dream and doing what I love; making a living out of it. Also giving back.” – Gavin Magnus

27. “It’s all about heartbreak. You’re in love with this girl, but you’ll never have a chance with her. I’ve done covers before, but I really like doing originals.” – Gavin Magnus

28. “Never give up! Keep going no matter what people say. Persevere.” – Gavin Magnus

29. “I want to sell out Madison Square Gardens by the time I’m 14.” – Gavin Magnus


30th of 45 Gavin Magnus Quotes

30. “Surround yourself with people who support you completely.” – Gavin Magnus


31. “I work with Piper Rockelle a lot and we have a lot of fun with creative stuff and ideas.” – Gavin Magnus

32. “It’s about having your first crush. My producer Drew Lane and I literally just randomly came up with the name and started writing. We think it’s really relatable to kids my age.” – Gavin Magnus

33. “I would like to get a role as a series regular and keep on making viral music. It’s my dream to one day play at the largest stadium Madison Square gardens.” – Gavin Magnus

34. “I love to rock hair products….I use everything! I start with gel, and then I blow dry my hair on “high” until it freezes, brush it, and then repeat.” – Gavin Magnus

35. “I get Justin Bieber and Johnny Orlando a lot! Both are amazing. It just makes me work harder to achieve my dream!” – Gavin Magnus

36. “It’s easy to get lazy, but when you get a hit that’s when you go harder!” – Gavin Magnus

37. “You’re not telling someone else’s story—you’re telling your own. It’s a chance to open up to your listeners and connect on a more personal level.” – Gavin Magnus

38. “We love shopping, dancing, and going to the movies. I also love snowboarding and biking.” – Gavin Magnus

39. “The hater doesn’t even have the confidence to say something to your face, they’re just hiding behind a screen. I don’t take it personally.” – Gavin Magnus


40th of 45 Gavin Magnus Quotes

40. “I have been in theatre since age 6. I learned piano, guitar, and started taking singing lessons all before the age of 7.” – Gavin Magnus


41. “I’m not perfect. I’m original.” – Gavin Magnus

42. “I’d like to tell everyone to stay positive.” – Gavin Magnus

43. “Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard don’t do this or that, and I persevered. Keep dreaming big.” – Gavin Magnus

44. “I love every single meeting and feel so blessed to make others smile.” – Gavin Magnus

45. “I started at eight doing YouTube and one day I looked at my videos, and a couple had over a million views; it was crazy!” – Gavin Magnus



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