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$40 Million

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What is Jayson Williams’ net worth? 

Net Worth:$40 Million
Born:February 22, 1968
Height:2.08 m (6 ft 10 in)
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Former Professional Basketball Player
Last Updated:August 2, 2022


Jayson Williams is an American former professional basketball player.

Williams played for the Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Nets of the NBA. In 2010, Williams pleaded guilty to assault in the accidental shooting death of a limousine driver. He served a 27-month prison sentence and was released in April 2012.

As of October 2022, Jayson Williams’ net worth is estimated to be roughly $40 Million. 


Early Life 

Jayson Williams was born on the 22nd of February, 1968, in South Carolina.

Williams is the son of Elijah Joshua and Barbara Williams. He is of Polish, Italian and African-American descent.

His mother worked at Gouverneur skilled nursing facility in lower Manhattan. Williams attended Christ The King Regional High School and St. John’s University, both in New York City and played on the basketball team in both.



In 1990, Williams was selected by the Phoenix Suns. His draft rights were thereafter traded by the Suns to the Philadelphia 76ers for a 1993 first-round draft choice on October 28, 1990. After two seasons as a bench player with the 76ers, Williams was traded to the New Jersey Nets. 

With the Nets, he only earned 12 starts in his first three seasons with the team before finally earning a full-time starting position in the 1996–97 season.

The next season, Williams had a career year, leading the league in offensive rebounds and offensive rebound percentage while also finishing the season in the top five in total rebounds, rebounds per game, total rebound percentage, and offensive rating.

His career came to a sudden end in 1999, after he broke his right leg. The following day, Williams underwent career-ending surgery in which a plate and five screws were inserted into his leg.

He announced his retirement in 2000 when he was 32 years old. At the injury, Williams was in the first year of a six-year, $90 million contract. 

As of October 2022, Jayson Williams’ net worth is estimated to be roughly $40 Million. 


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Here are some of the best highlights of Jayson Williams’ career:

  • Drafted by the Phoenix Suns (1990) 
  • Loose Balls (Autobipgraphy, 2001)
  • Humbled ~ Letters From Prison (Autobiography, 2012) 


Favorite Quotes from Jayson Williams 

“I don’t think there is a person who loves the Nets as much as I do – from our fans, all the employees in the arenas, the front office personnel and the owners. I will always be loyal to our fans and the Nets.” – Jayson Williams

“If I had to think of what I would do different in my whole career, it’s that I never would have picked up a beer, bottle of vodka. That definitely changed my life. That is an Achilles’ heel for me.” – Jayson Williams

“People say, ‘Jay, you’re a great guy, you just had a couple of bad nights.’ People that have themselves under control don’t have a couple of bad nights like that. Plain and simple.” – Jayson Williams

“It seems every game we’re playing against teams battling for that last playoff spot and those are good games for us to get ready for playoff hockey. We want to get it into their heads that they’re not going to beat us in the playoffs.” – Jayson Williams 

“Everybody says that it takes a loss to lose and I think it did take a loss for us to lose in a sense. But overall, when we win games here at Duke, and we don’t play well, we might as well have lost the game.” – Jayson Williams 


3 Life Lessons from Jayson Williams

Now that you know all about Jayson Williams’ net worth and how he achieved success; let’s take a look at some of the lessons we can learn from him: 


1. Being Grateful 

Your entire life can change in an instant. So instead of passively taking what you have for granted, be grateful for it and do whatever good you can with it.


2. It’s Okay To Feel Lost 

It’s okay to feel lost sometimes; the truth is that you owe nothing to your younger self, but you owe everything to your present self.


3. Action 

Action breeds more clarity than thought, so you can’t think your way into a new life, you have to act your way into one.


Frequently Asked Questions


How much is Jayson Williams worth?

Jayson Williams’ net worth is estimated to be $40 Million.

How old is Jayson Williams?

Jayson Williams was born on February 22, 1968, and is currently 54 years old.

How tall is Jayson Williams?

Jayson Williams’ height is 2.08 m, which is equal to 6 ft 10 in.


Jayson Williams is a retired American professional basketball player. In 2000, he retired due to a leg injury. He ended up receiving substantially all of that contract and the Nets covered their share with an insurance policy.

Outside of that contract, Jayson earned an additional $35 million from previous NBA contracts. 

As of October 2022, Jayson Williams’ net worth is estimated to be roughly $40 Million. 

What do you think about Jayson Williams’ net worth? Leave a comment below. 

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