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20 Greatest Ryan Friedlinghaus Quotes



The Best Ryan Friedlinghaus Quotes

Which are your favorite Ryan Friedlinghaus quotes?

Ryan Friedlinghaus is the owner of West Coast Customs, an automotive modifications company, and the star of TLC’s ‘Street Customs’.

West Coast Customs has created vehicles for celebrities such as ‘Shaquille O’Neal‘, ‘Travis Scott‘, ‘Justin Bieber‘, and many more. West Coast Customs was the original site for the MTV show ‘Pimp My Ride’, hosted by rapper ‘Xzibit‘.

We’ve put together this collection of the best Ryan Friedlinghaus quotes:


20 Greatest Ryan Friedlinghaus Quotes

1. “Family first and stay safe.” – Ryan Friedlinghaus

2. “Made history with this show called Pimp My Ride and paved the way for all other car shows you watch today.” – Ryan Friedlinghaus

3. “Sending positive vibes and strength to all our family’s, friends, and fans.” – Ryan Friedlinghaus

4. “You dream it we can build it.” – Ryan Friedlinghaus

5. “Crazy to think 8 years ago we had a dream to have a WCC RollerCoaster!” – Ryan Friedlinghaus

6. “It’s a tough job to be a great mom.” – Ryan Friedlinghaus


7th of 20 Ryan Friedlinghaus Quotes 

7. “Others imitate, But no one can duplicate!” – Ryan Friedlinghaus


8. “We have finally made my dream come true!” – Ryan Friedlinghaus

9. “Anything is possible!” – Ryan Friedlinghaus

10. “I wish we could push reset on this whole wcc journey and go back in time 20yrs to my Inglewood shop with this knowledge I have today and take a different path with it.” – Ryan Friedlinghaus

11. “One of the cool ones we’re doing is we’re doing an SUV an Escalade SUV for Mark Wahlberg.” – Ryan Friedlinghaus

12. “we are here today and need to keep pushing forward through this mess and keep everyone close that’s REALLY in your circles for you! Remember always.” – Ryan Friedlinghaus

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13. “Always ahead of the curve and reminding the fakes that “West Coast Customs will always be setting trends that others will follow” Your welcome!” – Ryan Friedlinghaus

14. “I get challenged always.” – Ryan Friedlinghaus

15. “Never give up on your dreams.” – Ryan Friedlinghaus

16. “They said we couldn’t build it……. So we’re building it! First-ever WCC Porsche 911.” – Ryan Friedlinghaus


17th of 20 Ryan Friedlinghaus Quotes 

17. “All we can do is stay strong and keep fighting together.” – Ryan Friedlinghaus


18. “Hard work, Ambition, Technique, every day, Respect, Success.” – Ryan Friedlinghaus

19. “Makes me sad to see our #Industry continue to lose the legends.” – Ryan Friedlinghaus

20. “The people you really think are there for you might not have the same feelings.” – Ryan Friedlinghaus



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