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Which are your favorite Donovan McNabb quotes?

Donovan McNabb is a retired American football player. He is most famously recognized as one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play in the most prestigious American football championship, the ‘National Football League (NFL)’.

He earned his reputation due to his achievements being a six-time ‘Pro-Bowl Selection’ and was notably named three times as ‘Big East Offensive Player of the Year’.

McNabb started his career in the professional football scene when he was in high school. He played basketball and football for Syracuse University.

McNabb finished his college football career with an astounding record being ranked sixth in the nation. Thus, he got drafted into the NFL with ‘Philadelphia Eagles’.

Here’s our collection of the best Donovan McNabb quotes:


50 Powerful Donovan McNabb Quotes

1. “I’ve talked to other players that have been to the Super Bowl and about what happened the next year. Everybody becomes stars. Everybody feels like, I’m the man.” – Donovan McNabb

2. “When you’re the older guy, everybody talks about you. When you win, everybody talks about you. When you lose, everybody talks about you.” – Donovan McNabb

3. “If I can’t walk, then I can’t go. That’s just the way I play, no matter if you’re banged up or what, you’ve got to be in there.” – Donovan McNabb

4. “I’m from Chicago, and I loved the Bears.” – Donovan McNabb

5. “I like to try to be a mentor to some of the younger quarterbacks in the NFL.” – Donovan McNabb

6. “As an NFL player, and as a veteran in this game, no one cares what you’re doing during the offseason. They only care about what you do on the football field.” – Donovan McNabb

7. “You know what, as I look back on that year, I was very excited on joining the Washington Redskins.” – Donovan McNabb

8. “I’ve never attempted or even tried or will ever throw anyone under the bus. That’s just not me. I don’t do that.” – Donovan McNabb

9. “This is something that I think has been going on for before I played football – just kind of guys sitting down with some of the younger guys to prepare them for what they’ll be faced with.” – Donovan McNabb


10th of 50 Donovan McNabb Quotes 

10. “In this position I play, it’s just repetition and continuing to throw the routes and getting that velocity back that you would throw in game speed.” – Donovan McNabb


11. “I’m a Cubs fan, a Bulls fan.” – Donovan McNabb

12. “I have nothing but love for the Philly fans, even the ones who were highly criticizing me or opinionated in any way.” – Donovan McNabb

13. “You want to play a whole game, but in the preseason you’ve got to be smart.” – Donovan McNabb

14. “When things go well, the quarterback is the one who sees all the attention. When things go wrong, they are the ones who get criticized the most.” – Donovan McNabb

15. “There are a lot of great players who have not won a Super Bowl.” – Donovan McNabb

16. “I think at times, too many people focus on just little things and not focus on what the whole question and the whole answer is.” – Donovan McNabb

17. “I think you get in a situation where once you start hearing the boos and hearing the radio stations talk and people on the outside begin to bring your name up of being benched, then you begin to lose focus, and now your play begins to fall and you begin to focus on other things.” – Donovan McNabb

18. “It’s sad that Walter Payton was not known as the greatest running back to play the game until they won the Super Bowl.” – Donovan McNabb

19. “I’m very hard on myself. If it’s a throw that I missed that I know I can make, that’s something that I have to correct.” – Donovan McNabb


20th of 50 Donovan McNabb Quotes 

20. “When you’re critical of yourself and your play, you just look at your reads, you look at how fast you can get the ball out.” – Donovan McNabb


21. “When you come off of injuries, you don’t want to rush things.” – Donovan McNabb

22. “Well, we went to the Final Four in ’96. As a college kid, that’s what you dream about.” – Donovan McNabb

23. “I take this game very seriously.” – Donovan McNabb

24. “At 75 percent, I personally feel I can be one of the best quarterbacks in the league.” – Donovan McNabb

25. “Making it to the Final Four, you feel like you’re watched on campus. You’re in the classroom, professors are talking about it.” – Donovan McNabb

26. “I’m just like the rest of the guys. I’m a little different in a lot of ways, but I’m still a player with a number on his back and if I’m unable to produce, they’ll find somebody else to fill my spot.” – Donovan McNabb

27. “I think in a lot of ways, I handle the leadership role a little different than others. I’m not going to rah-rah or slap you across the helmet or push you. I’m going to talk to you.” – Donovan McNabb

28. “You have to focus on your job, and if you focus on your job, you block everything out.” – Donovan McNabb

29. “Obviously, you look at footwork and things of that nature, but that’s not just at my position. That’s from everyone.” – Donovan McNabb


30th of 50 Donovan McNabb Quotes 

30. “People were saying John Elway should retire until he won the Super Bowl.” – Donovan McNabb


31. “Everybody works on mechanics, no matter what position you play.” – Donovan McNabb

32. “I love everything about this game.” – Donovan McNabb

33. “The team only goes as far as their quarterback takes them.” – Donovan McNabb

34. “I’m all about winning. I’m not about numbers.” – Donovan McNabb

35. “Work ethic starts where everyone understands that you’re putting that extra foot forward in order to be the best.” – Donovan McNabb

36. “I’ve always been a big believer that winning a Super Bowl is an outstanding achievement, but that doesn’t really reflect on what type of career that a person has had.” – Donovan McNabb

37. “Dan Marino never won the big game. Does that mean his career is a failure? No, not at all.” – Donovan McNabb

38. “Everybody suffers through some type of adversity. Does it make you stronger or does it pull you down? And I never will let any of that pull me down or pull me away from what I’ve set to achieve.” – Donovan McNabb

39. “Michael Jordan was criticized. Barry Bonds was criticized. Some of the greats in every profession have been criticized. Not everything is peaches and cream.” – Donovan McNabb


40th of 50 Donovan McNabb Quotes 

40. “I believe in second chances and I have strong faith in God that he forgives our sins.” – Donovan McNabb


41. “I’ve known and seen a lot of things over my years.” – Donovan McNabb

42. “It’s sad that we have to be measured by how many championships we win.” – Donovan McNabb

43. “There’s not that many African-American quarterbacks, so we have to do a little bit extra. Because the percentage of us playing this position, which people didn’t want us to play… is low, so we do a little extra.” – Donovan McNabb

44. “Nobody has been criticized as much as I have.” – Donovan McNabb

45. “My numbers are better than Troy Aikman, but he has Super Bowl rings and he’s played with Hall of Famers as well.” – Donovan McNabb

46. “I’ve always believed in finishing where you started. I think there’s a lot to be said with that.” – Donovan McNabb

47. “Sometimes you’re forced into change.” – Donovan McNabb

48. “When you don’t make the plays that you know you’re capable of making, it’s frustrating.” – Donovan McNabb

49. “My work ethic has never been a question.” – Donovan McNabb

50. “I’m used to the two tight-end sets.” – Donovan McNabb



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