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$100 Million

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What is Sale Johnson’s net worth?

Net Worth:$100 Million
Born:August, 1949
Height:1.72 m (5 ft 8 in)
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Professional Model
Last Updated:March 8, 2023


Sale is a former model and American socialite who was married to the famous investor, Woody Johnson.

Johnson shot to fame when she appeared in an R&B movie and then when she married Johnson, who was heir to the Johnson and Johnson empire.

She was born into a very rich family before starting her own career path, ultimately earning a comfortable income as a model.

However, she made the bulk of her money when she divorced her husband and received a $100 million settlement.

As of March 2023, Sale Johnson’s net worth is estimated to be $100 Million.


Sale Johnson Facts

  • Sale and Woody Johnson’s daughter, Casey Johnson, was found dead at the age of 30 on New Year’s Eve in 2010.
  • Her daughter Casey Johnson was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 8 in 1988.
  • Sale worked in the modeling industry during the 1970s.
  • She has won many championships throughout her life in various sports and athletics, but mainly in her varsity years.
  • Her daughters’ adopted daughter, Ava-Monroe, was born in 2006 and was later adopted by Sale.


Early Life 

Nancy Sale Frey was born in the year 1950 in St. Louis, Missouri.

There is not much known about Sale Johnson’s early life except for the fact that she was born into a wealthy family.

She was known as a natural athlete who became the captain of her varsity’s softball, volleyball, swimming, tennis, field hockey, and basketball team.

Due to her skills on the tennis court, she ended up touring nationally for her junior tennis circuit.

She also swam for the Amateur Athletic Union and attended the University of Miami – being loved and admired by her fellow students.

Before graduating, she worked in real estate marketing but was also the advisor of the Miami County School Board Distributive Education Program.



Sale first appeared on the world stage as a fashion model during the 1970s and became one of the richest models in the world after her marriage to Robert Wood “Woody” Johnson IV, the billionaire Johnson and Johnson heir.

Her biggest career achievement was her appearance as an R&B singer in a hip-hop best-seller film called “Death of a Dynasty” in 2003. The cast included Jay-Z, Kevin Hart, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, and Capone Lee, among a host of other popular singers and performers.

She gained major prominence throughout the world as the media hounded her after she married Johnson and Johnson Corporation owner Woody Johnson.

Sale kept herself busy with her philanthropic work for non-profit organizations such as Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, The Lenox Neighborhood, and The Lupus Research Alliance.

Johnson also published a book titled “Managing Your Child’s Diabetes” in 1994 as she had first-hand experience of the disease due to her daughter, Casey’s diagnosis at age 8.

Sale also made money owning and breeding horses that took part in both the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and the 1995 Pan American Games.

The death of her firstborn daughter, Casey Johnson, in 2010 from diabetic complications and mental illness, made headlines around the world.

Her divorce from Woody Johnson became one of the biggest divorce settlements to hit the papers as the press-shy billionaire tried to avoid the scandal and media frenzy accompanying the event.

Sale gained more attention after becoming involved with a sportscaster and former American footballer Ahmad Rashad who famously joined Larry Fitzgerald, Aeneas Williams, and Carson Palmer who played for the Arizona Cardinals.

Nancy Sale Frey failed to continue her career in the film industry and lived a comfortable life on her divorce settlement up until her unfortunate passing in September 2022.


Sale Johnson’s Career Earnings

Sale Johnson was a talented model who was much in demand by high-profile brands in the 1970s.

It is unclear how much she earned from her time as a model but it is certain that she received hundreds of thousands of dollars for her work in front of the camera.

Once she married Woody Johnson, there was no need for her to work as he was the heir to the Johnson and Johnson empire and a multi-billionaire.


Sale Johnson’s Net Worth Annually

There is little information on how much Sale Johnson was worth while she was alive, but she was clearly worth more than the $100 million divorce settlement she received.

She came from a very rich family and had earned a fortune as a model and film star before getting married to Woody Johnson.

Although she is no longer with us, Sale Johnson’s estate at the time of her death was in the region of $100 million.


Personal Life

Sale’s personal life became most apparent in the media, especially after her marriage to Woody Johnson in 1997.

The couple had three children together; Casey Johnson, Daisy Johnson, and Jamie Johnson.

Unfortunately, they had a tragic loss when their daughter, Casey Johnson, died due to diabetes and mental issues in 2010.

Woody Johnson and Sale finalized their divorce in 2002, which resulted in Sale receiving $100 million in the divorce settlement.

After the death of her firstborn daughter Casey, Sale decided to adopt Casey’s adopted daughter Ava-Monroe and raise her as her own.

She soon found love once again with a sportscaster and former American footballer, Ahmad Rashad, in 2007.

Unfortunately, the couple’s relationship only lasted for 8 years before amicably separating. But sources have said that she cut her ex-husband off from all the clubs at which they were previously members.


Awards & Achievements

Sale was a well-respected model who appeared in various high-profile brand advertising campaigns.

Here are a few of the most significant events in Sale Johnson’s career:

  • She received the Lizette H. Sarnoff Spirit Achievement Award for her Volunteer Service from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.
  • Sale was given the Humanitarian of the Year Award during JDRF’s 25th Annual Promise Ball.
  • She was also awarded the Rosenwald Award for her Outstanding work in Philanthropy by the Irvington Institute for Immunological Research.
  • Sale was voted to be “A Women to Watch ” by Val Cleef and Arpels.
  • Sale’s horse, Heisman, qualified as number 1 in the USA for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

Johnson’s life revolved around her social calender after she divorced her first husband and benefitted the various charities she supported.

She was also increasingly drawn into her daughter, Casey’s life, as she struggled with the young girl’s diabetes and who required constant attention due to her borderline personality disorder that was to eventually cause her death.


How Does Sale Johnson Spend His Money?

Sale paid $10 million for a triplex maisonette in Manhattan after her divorce from Ahmad Rashad.

She later ended up listing the property for $21 million but there is no confirmation that she actually sold the property.

She was a strong supporter of children’s charities and especially those non-profits that worked to fund healthcare research.



After a successful career as a model, Sales made the initial steps into the film and television world with her first film appearance.

Here are some of the best highlights of Sale Johnson’s career: 

  • Sale’s biggest career high was her appearance as an R&B singer in a hip-hop film called “Death Dynasty” in 2003.
  • She ended her marriage with Woody Johnson in 1977 which resulted in her receiving a $100 million divorce settlement.
  • Sale gained more popularity after becoming involved with NFL sportscaster and football player Ahmad Rashad, but divorced in 2013.
  • She was an ardent supporter of health research charities and received accolades for her contributions in 2013.
  • Sale was aware of her limitations and, when taking on new tasks, took as many lessons and spoke to as many professionals as she could to widen her knowledge.

Sale Johnson struggled to come to terms with her marriage to the increasingly reclusive and media-shy Woody, who cut his daughter off from the family wealth in an effort to get her to seek medical treatment.

In her search for the answer to her daughter’s medical conditions, Sale spent endless hours in conversation with medical professionals and researching potential cures for her daughter’s problems.


Favorite Sale Johnson Quotes

Sale was very aware of her privileged position in society and tried extremely hard to give back to the community and to help on a worldwide scale.

Here are our favorite quotes from Sale Johnson:

  • “It is very hard and incredibly stressful. I get exhausted. I cry. But I believe that if you talk to anyone who has been in the trenches of similar situations, no matter how strong they seem, and maybe, they feel the same way I do.” – Sale Johnson
  • “I am trying to raise my daughters to become involved. I hope they develop the desire to give back to the community, locally and worldwide, to work and support the causes they feel passionate about.” – Sale Johnson
  • “Pick one; pick five. Help others. Feel good about yourself. Just get involved.” – Sale Johnson
  • “Hopefully, we have helped you and many others in the search for a cure.” – Sale Johnson
  • “When I was learning to play golf or compete with the horses, tennis, swimming or even studying the oboe or piano, I studied everything I possibly could.” – Sale Johnson


3 Amazing Lessons From Sale Johnson

Johnson read everything she could on subjects that interested her and, if she was learning a new skill, would watch every professional video produced.

Now that you know all about Sale Johnson’s net worth, here are some of the best success lessons to learn from Sale Johnson:


1. Give To Those In Need

Sale felt that it was important to give back to your community, especially if you are in a position where you can do so.

Johnson was a committed philanthropist and did everything within her abilities to help others avoid going through the same tragedy she had gone through with her daughter.


2. Treat Everyone The Way You Want To Be Treated

Sale took to heart, the fact that being nice to people costs absolutely nothing and will ultimately result in a positive response in return.

Sale has been described by many of her peers as a lovable person who helped others wherever she could.


3. You Can Never Ask Too Many Questions

She felt that it was better to ask the wrong question than not to ask any questions at all.

Sale took pride in her inquisitive side and knew that it helped her understand things better so that she could better achieve her goals.



Sale is adored by millions of followers and made her name known throughout the modeling and film industries.

Her tragic death after her long struggle with Acute Myeloid Leukemia is unfortunate, as her efforts to help create a better world bore fruit while she was alive and continue still.

She will be remembered for her charitable efforts and for remaining a loving and caring soul despite her family’s personal challenges.

As of March 2023, Sale Johnson’s net worth is estimated to be $100 Million.

What do you think about Sale Johnson’s net worth? Leave a comment below.

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