10 Personal Slogans to Help You Perform Your Best

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Some people call it a mantra, others an affirmation, but really…they are slogans; personal slogans. When you think about a company, you think about it’s slogan. Nike; Just do it. Apple; Think differently. Adidas; Impossible is nothing.

But…what about you?

Your life is your company. You’re the CEO of you. When it comes to you, what slogan comes to mind?

What do you tell yourself about you, how do you represent yourself during the bad, frustrating, stressed out and disappointing times? Can you continue to send yourself empowering messages during your worst days?


What are some negative phrases you tell yourself?

Negative phrases are so dangerous, not just because they are negative, but because they hypnotise us.

We start to say negative phrases so much, so convincingly, that we start to believe them. Over time, we unconsciously completely accept the negative self talk and we have officially created our own limits.


10 Personal Slogans to Help You Perform Your Best

What does success mean to you? The most rewarding lives, the most fulfilled entrepreneurs and the most effective leaders all have the same focus – becoming the best version of themselves and helping others do the same. That’s their brand.

But before we can do our best, we have to convince ourselves that being our best, being awesome, amazing and phenomenal…is possible. And, that we deserve it! Right here. Right now. That must be the company culture.

So here are 10 Personal Slogans that can help you become the best version of you.


1. “Take another step!”

No matter how excited you are about your dream, it will take time. Accept it. People who don’t accept it will quit from frustration. Greatness doesn’t come over night. As they say:

“if it were easy everybody would do it.”

But one thing you can always do, at any moment, is to take another step. If you’re feeling exhausted, take a step towards resting. If you’re feeling stuck, take a step towards being re-inspired and letting your creativity flow again.

If you’re feeling hurt from the criticism and negative feedback from others, take a step towards rebuilding your confidence. When you refuse to step forward, you refuse your own progress. Take another step.


2. “I can actually do this!”

Put yourself out there. Do what you’ve been avoiding. Surprise yourself. As you’re going through your process, and failure seems like it’s right around the corner, remind yourself that you can actually do this.

You would not be in this position if you couldn’t handle it. Don’t stop. You can actually do this!


3. “Failure teaches me.”

Success can be dangerous because it fools us into thinking that we know what we’re doing. The truth is, whatever endeavor we are involved in we are going to have to change, evolve and learn; constantly. Learn from your mistakes.

Don’t be scared of failure. Just focus on what you’ve learned and you will stay on the right track.


4. “My work matters.”

You will have massive doubt. One day you will feel strongly about something, then the next day you will wonder if your work and your dream really even matters. It does.

But, you have to remind yourself of that all the time. Your work is real. If you stop, if you quit…something is lost forever. Your work makes a difference. Keep going.


5. “Other people’s success inspires me”

Have you ever told someone some really good news, and they just didn’t seem to be excited? They said they were happy for you, but you could tell they weren’t.

That will happen, but it won’t happen to you.

Every time someone becomes successful, you’re happy for them because you know its going to have a positive impact on their lives and on the lives of others.

And it’s inspirational for you, because it’s just another reminder of what great things are possible.


6. “I’ve come too far to quit.”

You have come too far and have put too much work in to stop now. If you were going to quit you should have quit last year, or 6 months ago. You have planted too many seeds to walk away from it all now. Keep going!


7. “Every day I grind!”

This one is inspired from Eric Thomas, as you can always hear him talking about the grind. No days off! Every day you can find something to do to move forward. If other people are taking days off, that’s their problem!


8. “I forgive myself.”

When was the last time you did something you know you shouldn’t have? What is a recent regret you have? How do you feel when you think about it?

Let it go. Move on. Forgive yourself.

In life, sports and business the name of the game is to put the mistakes behind you as fast as possible.

Whatever regret you have just know the person standing right next you has a list of regrets just like you do.

Forgive yourself. Beating yourself up will paralyze you.


9. “This is my moment!”

Success is not over the mountain.

Success is not around the corner.

Your success is right here. If you are working towards it, if you believe in the work you are doing, then you already have it. Every moment is your moment and doing your best right now positions you to receive the best in the future.


10. “I’m here to win.”

You have prepared to win, you plan to win and you expect to win. Winning might not be everything, but preparing to win matters most.

You have the mindset of a winner, even when winning seems like a long shot. When you prepare to win, you produce the necessary effort to be successful!

Check out my TEDx talk on becoming the best version of yourself!


Tedx Talks – Innovation & Resilience by Jeff Moore


Thanks for checking out this article! Hopefully it’s helped you out in one way or another.

What personal slogans do you already have that weren’t on this list? Leave a comment below.

Jeffrey Moore
Jeffrey Moorehttps://everydaypower.com
Jeffrey Moore is a TEDx speaker, educator and blogger on a mission to inspire people to maximize their potential and impact. Jeff is the founder of Everyday Power, a blog dedicating to inspiring and educating people with the tools needed to become successful. Jeff has taught in India and Harlem, NY where he served as Dean of Students. Jeff is currently 30 years old and enjoys traveling the world.


  1. Great inspiring piece!! I have this
    ‘Never blame your lack of skills for your failures, blame your efforts and do better next time’

  2. This is good stuff! I have been living by the slogan “live more, do more” for years, and it has never steered me wrong! Thanks for posting this article!


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