Ilie Nastase Net Worth

$15 Million

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What is Ilie Năstase’s net worth?

Net Worth:$15 Million
Born:July 19, 1946
Height:1.82 m (6 ft 0 in)
Country of Origin:Romania
Source of Wealth:Professional Tennis Player
Last Updated:August 2, 2022


Ilie Năstase is a Romanian retired professional tennis player known for winning three grand slam titles and dozens of career singles titles.

A popular public figure in his home country, he’s written several books about tennis and served as a politician.

As of November 2022, Ilie Năstase’s net worth is estimated to be $15 Million.


Ilie Năstase Facts

  • Ilie Năstase is one of only five players in tennis history to have won over 100 ATP professional titles.
  • During his prime, Ilie Năstase was affectionately known by the nickname the Bucharest Buffoon.
  • He had a small voice role as an agent in the Penelope Cruz animated movie G-Force.
  • In 1991, Năstase was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame.
  • In 2017, he got in hot water after making a comment about Serena Williams’ unborn child and asking for her room number.


Early Life 

Ilie Theodoriu Năstase was born 19 July, 1946, in Bucharest, Romania, where he was raised by his family.

In 1966, Năstase began playing tennis at the amateur level, winning his first singles tournament at Cannes in 1967.

Along with tennis player Ion Tiriac, he represented Romania in several Davis Cup competitions, coming in as runner-ups in 1969, 1971, and 1972.



By 1970, Ilie Năstase had become one of the greatest tennis players in the world, gaining his high ranking after winning the Italian Open the same year.

The following year, Năstase was the runner-up in the French Open, losing to Jan Kodes, but winning his first Masters Grand Prix later that year.

After defeating Arthur Ashe at the 1972 U.S. Open, Năstase rose to second place in the world rankings while also continuing an undefeated streak in the Davis Cup.

His 1972 victory at the French Open, which he won without dropping a set, is a feat only repeated by Rafael Nadal and Björn Borg.

Năstase continued to dominate the world rankings and the list of championship winners until the late 1970s, retiring from the sport in 1985.

Renowned for his womanizing, he dated some of the richest models in the world during the 1970s and 1980s and is regarded as one of the world’s living sex legends.

He has also worked as an author and politician, with several books on the topic of tennis as well as an autobiography to his name.


Ilie Năstase’s Career Earnings

While Ilie Năstase’s career earnings aren’t as impressive as during the peak of his career, he’s still a major player in Romanian culture.

At the height of his fame, he was one of the richest tennis players in the world, dominating the rankings during the 1970s.

Ongoing royalties from his book sales, combined with his salary from his political activities, means his salary remains high to this day.


Ilie Năstase’s Net Worth Annually

Ilie Năstase’s impressive net worth has come through a combination of his successful tennis performances and other business ventures.

During his time as a tennis pro, he took home approximately $2 million in prize money, with additional revenue coming from his brand endorsement deals.

His other work as a writer and cultural icon in the years since his retirement has ensured the continuation of net worth growth to the present day.


Personal Life

Over the course of his life, Ilie Năstase has been involved in relationships with many women, earning the reputation as one of Romania’s living sex legends.

He met his third wife, Amalia Teodosescu, at a Sting concert in 2004, marrying her in a Greek Orthodox ceremony the same year.

His official Instagram account posts photos and other updates to keep his fans in the loop about his current activities.


Awards & Achievements

Ilie Năstase’s extensive experience as a professional tennis player is reflected in his many awards and accolades.

Once the best tennis player in the world, he’s an iconic figure in his home country of Romania, where he has received many honors.

Here are some notable awards and achievements from Ilie Năstase’s career:

  • 1972: In his first major victory, Năstase wins the U.S. Open.
  • 1973: He follows his U.S. Open victory with another win at the French Open.
  • 1975: Năstase defeats Björn Borg to claim his third Masters Grand Slam title.
  • 2009: To commemorate his impressive sporting career, he is made a knight of France’s Legion d’honneur.
  • 2016: Năstase is awarded the Star of Romania for his services to the country.

Few Romanian celebrities and athletes have matched his impressive record as a sportsman and cultural icon.

With his many media activities and other business ventures still gaining attention, we can anticipate more honors over time.


How Does Ilie Năstase Spend His Money?

With millions of dollars to his name, Ilie Năstase has the means to live a life of comfort and luxury.

His wealth has allowed him to invest in an impressive real estate portfolio, with the former tennis star selling one of his properties in 2020.

He decided to sell the villa, where he had lived with his wife Ioana Simion, after Năstase claimed the property was bringing him bad luck.



Ilie Năstase has enjoyed many highlights over his career, both as a professional tennis player and with his work following his retirement.

In addition to his tournament victories, he’s written successful books and enjoyed an impressive career as a politician.

Here are some of the best highlights of Ilie Năstase’s career: 

  • 1966: Ilie Năstase’s journey as a tennis player begins with his participation in amateur tournaments.
  • 1969: He turns professional, marking the beginning of an impressive winning streak.
  • 1973: He is ranked the world’s number one tennis player for the first time in his professional career.
  • 1974: Năstase becomes the only player to qualify for both the Masters Grand Prix finals and the WCT Finals.
  •  2004: He releases his autobiography, Mr Năstase: The Autobiography.

It’s an eclectic mix of achievements that marks Năstase as a multi-talented public figure.

While his tennis career is well behind him, we can expect more accomplishments in various fields in the future.


Favorite Ilie Năstase Quotes

From his time as a world-class tennis player through to the present day, Ilie Năstase has conducted many interviews with the media.

He’s shared his thoughts on being a tennis pro as well as how his temperament affected his public image.

Here are our favorite quotes from Ilie Năstase:

  • I was always rather nasty. I was willing to be friends with the Devil, just to cross the bridge.” – Ilie Năstase
  • In 1973, when everyone else refused to play at Wimbledon but I did – does that not count for something?” – Ilie Năstase
  • The player who wants to conquer the summit cannot afford to be kind … He must want to kill.” – Ilie Năstase
  • I was president of the Romanian Tennis Federation for 13 years but now I have moved on.” – Ilie Năstase
  • They should send Borg to another planet. We play tennis. He plays something else.” – Ilie Năstase


3 Amazing Lessons From Ilie Năstase

Now that you know all about Ilie Năstase’s net worth let’s see what valuable life lessons we can learn from his life experiences.

His success in various domains inspires anyone looking to improve their lives and succeed in their goals.

Here are some of the best success lessons to learn from Ilie Năstase:


1. Become A Strong Team Player

While Ilie Năstase won many singles titles throughout his career, he also enjoyed much success playing mixed doubles, traveling the world competing with Ion Tiriac.

This led to several men’s doubles victories to add to his list of Grand Slam titles.


2. Try To Set New Trends

Being the first for anything groundbreaking sets anyone apart from the competition, and Năstase led the way with his brand endorsement deals.

He was the first athlete to sign a deal with the makers of the most expensive sneakers in the world, signing to Nike at the peak of his career.


3. Don’t Take Life Too Seriously

Ilie Năstase had a reputation on the court for joking around and having fun with his rivals and the crowd.

It’s a great reminder that we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously, even when the stakes are high.



That wraps up our complete guide to the life, career, and net worth of former professional tennis player and writer Ilie Năstase.

His post-tennis career has seen his diverse talents applied to everything from writing and politics, making him an enduring public figure in Romania.

Since his net worth is likely to change as he continues to write and engage in politics, we’ll be updating this article in the future to include the latest details.

As of November 2022, Ilie Năstase’s net worth is estimated to be $15 Million.

What do you think about Ilie Năstase’s net worth? Leave a comment below.

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