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Marcia Cross is an American actress. She is most famously known for her portrayals in her early acting career as the character ‘Dr. Kimberly Shaw’ on the widely celebrated nighttime soap opera ‘Melrose Place’.

She has also landed roles on popular daytime soap operas, such as ‘The Edge of Night’ and ‘One Life to Live’.

Cross’ success in soap operas primed her to a recurring role on the primetime TV program ‘Knots Landing’.

Cross’ more recent big project is her main role as the leading character “Bree Van de Kamp” on the renowned TV series ‘Desperate Housewives’ which ran for an astounding period of 8 years.

Along with the program’s success, Cross earned many prestigious film awards nominations, including the ‘Golden Globe Award’ and the ‘Primetime Emmy Award’.

Here’s a collection of the best Marcia Cross quotes:


40 Powerful Marcia Cross Quotes

1. “When ‘Desperate Housewives’ ends, I think my girls will be about kindergarten age. I will be so happy to be there for them through that huge transition.” – Marcia Cross

2. “I have always wanted to know what’s going on under the surface.” – Marcia Cross

3. “Your forties is not the time to be thinking about getting pregnant.” – Marcia Cross

4. “I use as high SPF as I can get, and I live under a hat like a mushroom all the time. Someone said they’re worried about their kids getting older and doing drugs, and I got this look of horror on my face and thought, ‘What if my girls don’t wear hats?’ But at 13 months old, they could say hat.” – Marcia Cross

5. “With the red hair, you get the white skin; it’s a package deal. The cons are that you never look particularly attractive on the beach. The pros are in a softly lit room, you look pretty.” – Marcia Cross

6. “I would ask my dad what he did, and he’d say, ‘I listen to people’s problems.’ In some way what he did for a living is in my genes.” – Marcia Cross

7. “No matter how tired I get, driving through Universal lot is always amazing. It’s such a thrill. I’ve had such joy and a sense of privilege that I have had this great job. It feels wonderful to belong here, and it makes me weepy to think that there’s only one year left after season seven.” – Marcia Cross

8. “I really have to force myself to tidy up around the house.” – Marcia Cross

9. “I’d like to be a wife and mother. I guess I’ll know Mr. Right when I meet him.” – Marcia Cross


10th of 40 Marcia Cross Quotes

10. “I’d never say no to surgery in the future, because I feel like, as I get older, I’m going to face temptation more.” – Marcia Cross


11. “I don’t want to lose my fitness. I’m 45. I have two babies. I’ve got a long way to go and I want to keep in tiptop shape. There’s no magic bullet.” – Marcia Cross

12. “I have good genes in my family, so we’ll see just how long I’ll be around.” – Marcia Cross

13. “All my friends were, like, ‘When I get married, I’m going to have my bridesmaids wear mint-green dresses.’ But all I wanted was to be an actress and go to New York.” – Marcia Cross

14. “I really love and it is important to me to be physically fit.” – Marcia Cross

15. “I’ve had the time to go through all the life phases with my parents, from being a bratty teenager, pushing them away, to saying later on, Oh my God, I can’t believe what you did for me – thank you. I love you so much.” – Marcia Cross

16. “When my husband was sick, they were so little that they just didn’t even know. They would mimic him and do things like any kids would do, not knowing that it’s not normal to feed yourself through your stomach … So, I really didn’t like that part. I even thought of being treated at another hospital out of state, [but] I decided it didn’t feel right to me.” – Marcia Cross

17. “It’s not like I’m cooking! I’m breastfeeding – I feel like that’s the best cooking I could do.” – Marcia Cross

18. “For women of a certain age, how do you meet a guy, fall in love, and decide he’s the right man to have children with? Your clock’s ticking, you’re looking at him, and it’s a crazy, pressure-filled experience.” – Marcia Cross

19. “If I have a 12 or 14-hour workday, I am home the next. I cut out anything that is frivolous or doesn’t need to be done.” – Marcia Cross


20th of 40 Marcia Cross Quotes

20. “Some people think wearing powder ages them, but try it anyway. For me it mattes my makeup and blends it well.” – Marcia Cross


21. “I take nothing for granted, nothing. Just as we are seeing right now [with the COVID-19 pandemic], our entire world just changed on a dime.” – Marcia Cross

22. “I couldn’t do an acting job just to be working. It really had to have some soul to it.” – Marcia Cross

23. “I’m really happy with people that were really honest about it because doctors like to play it down since they don’t want you to freak out. But I did read a lot online, and I used the Anal Cancer Foundation’s website [AnalCancerFoundation.org], and they were pretty specific about things. So, I was kind of ready for what was to come.” – Marcia Cross

24. “I felt very lucky because the only reason that it was discovered is because I had a such a thorough, wonderful gynecologist, I kind of owe her my life.” – Marcia Cross

25. “For whatever reason, I don’t have any shame about that. I’m a big fan of the anus … I just have a lot of respect for this tiny, little two inches that makes our lives livable and pleasant. I really think to destigmatize it is the way to go. It’s just silly … We all have one. It’s nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of.” – Marcia Cross

26. “I learned a lot about the kind of person I was. And as young as I was, taking care of him the way I did, giving him a good death, gave me some pride that I’d done something good, which I still feel.” – Marcia Cross

27. “I thought, Oh, maybe I could reschedule that appointment. But since she had set it up, I thought it’d be very rude not to go, so I went. The doctor examined me and said, ‘I just want you to know that whatever it is, it’s curable.’ I went from being in la-la land, literally, to what!? I think I just kind of left my body.” – Marcia Cross

28. “I say the new normal is that I am more sensitive of what I eat and take better care of myself and my diet.” – Marcia Cross

29. “I like bringing the girls on set, but if I can’t do that then the next day I feel I have to be uber-mum to make up for it. Then I’m exhausted and feel like I’m running in fumes.” – Marcia Cross


30th of 40 Marcia Cross Quotes

30. “I’m not the greatest with details about normal life, but I am quite fantastic in a crisis – I really knew what to do. I was able to use that experience, and that helped me to take care of Tom. And by the time it got to me, it was kind of old hat.” – Marcia Cross


31. “I do like to remind people that there is life post-cancer, and after a certain time, it won’t be the first thing you think about every day.” – Marcia Cross

32. “What I lack in energy, I have in wisdom.” – Marcia Cross

33. “I will say that when I had my first chemo treatment, I thought I was doing great. And then out of nowhere, I felt this sting in my lip; it was excruciating. It was from the chemo. So I did learn after that to be proactive and get ahead of things because I thought, I don’t need that rinse, or these drugs, or whatever, and then I found myself in the thick of it, and I had gastric problems, mouth sores, all the terrible things that can happen with chemotherapy … It’s certainly not fun.” – Marcia Cross

34. “During the show I got married, I had twins and I took care of my husband at one point when he was sick. I went from thinking I was giving up my acting career to working on a hugely successful show. I’ve been working so hard for the past eight years and I’m tired – but I’m also deliciously tired because what a wonderful life I’ve lived. I’m looking forward to having a rest and being able to give to those I haven’t been able to see.” – Marcia Cross

35. “I try to balance it out on the whole. Being a mum is always the priority. Next, it’s taking care of yourself. Right now, I get to only work two days a week – it’s a dream. I can’t imagine how hard it is for mothers who work 40 hours a week.” – Marcia Cross

36. “I’ll tell you my routine – it’s really exciting. I feed, I burp, I change diapers, I pump. And then I have a tiny window of time to myself.” – Marcia Cross

37. “Here’s the thing, I wasn’t interested in becoming the anal cancer spokesperson. I wanted to move on with my career and my life.” – Marcia Cross

38. “I’d like to keep a nice set of Bree’s signature pearls. That’s what I’d like to keep. But that’s all. I don’t need anything else. I’ve got loads of wonderful memories.” – Marcia Cross

39. “It’s kind of ironic that if I get my Ph.D., I’ll be a real doctor.” – Marcia Cross

40. “I’ve been working so hard for the past eight years and I’m tired – but I’m also deliciously tired because what a wonderful life I’ve lived.” – Marcia Cross



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