7 Success Lessons From Usain Bolt

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Want to hear some of Usain Bolt’s success lessons?

Usain Bolt does it again;

He’s taken another Olympic gold medal away from the 100M Sprint in Rio last year.

Once again, proving that he is unbeatable. Although he wasn’t able to beat his world record in Rio, he still took the gold; and after what looked like a shaky start to the first 20 meters.

Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world, yet people have often told him that it looks so easy to run that quickly. As if to say everyone could do it…


Usain Bolt’s Success Lessons

A lot of training goes into Bolt being able to run a hundred meters in such an incredible time. In fact, his world record time is 9.58 seconds. Go ahead and try and beat that!

Here are some of the most legendary success lessons we can learn from Usain Bolt’s success over the years:


1. State Your Goals & Make Them Real

By stating your goals to others, they become a real target. Many people are scared to admit their goals and desires to their friends and family, in case they share disbelief about them.

Bolt told everyone he’d be the best sprinter in the world, and he’s proved exactly that all in good time. Don’t be afraid to state your goals to the world.

In your mind this will make them physically real, and motivate you much more to achieving them.

“I told you all I was going to be #1, and I did just that.” – Usain Bolt


2. You MUST Want it More than the Competition

In terms of a 100M sprint, everybody is in the same position. They start at zero, and finish at one hundred. Your level of want will determine how hard you train, and how hard you run on the day.

Therefore, to beat everybody else, the only way to do it is to want it more than they do, and therefore to work harder for it.

In other aspects of life, we don’t all automatically get the same starting positions as you do on the track. We often start behind the people who have the same goals as us. The only way to get ahead is to use your desire to drive you further.

“Those seven guys behind you in that lane, they want it as much as you want it. So you have to want it more. This is why you train harder.” – Usain Bolt


3. Don’t Be Afraid of Anybody Else

It can be easy to become intimidated by other people. This could be for a bunch of different reasons. Maybe they’re already #1 and you’re after their spot. Perhaps they’re hating you from the sidelines.

Whatever it is, if you let people instill fear in you, it’ll have a negative effect on your overall performance. When you let people get to you, it changes the way you think about yourself, how hard you work for something, and ultimately the level of success you achieve with it.

Usain Bolt said he never dodged anybody, no matter who they were. It didn’t stopping him from focusing completely on his goals.

“Afraid? When people say that, I laugh. I’ve been in the sport for years and never dodged anybody.” – Usain Bolt


4. It Doesn’t Matter Where You Start, As Long As You Finish Strong

The one thing I noticed about Usain’s run in the 100M final this year, is that he started poorly. After the first 20 meters or so, he’s was near the back of the pack. If you take a look at a lot of his other runs, a pattern emerges.

Bolt finishes strong…

Which bring this lesson to mind, no matter what your starting position is, or what the odds look like at the beginning, keep your focus on the finish line.

Give it all right ’till the end, and make sure you finish strong. It’s always possible to overtake the competition regardless of how badly your starting position is.

“There are better starters than me, but I’m a strong finisher.” – Usain Bolt


5. Regardless of Whether You Improve, the World Around You Will

This lesson is seriously powerful…

What we have to understand is that even if we stop moving, and improving, the world still turns. If you start to slow down, don’t expect the world to slow down for you.

People will still be out there working hard, training, improving and getting ready to take your place.

Bolt said that every year he kept training and trying to improve in order to keep winning, because his competition are doing the exact same thing. If he stops training, they’ll soon overtake him. No question about it.

“I always had to keep improving my skills in order to remain competitive and keep winning.” – Usain Bolt


6. Use Both Support & Hate As Motivation

It’s great to have loyal fans that support and encourage you. That’s always a great feeling. However, that’s not the only motivation that can come from other people. Most people would think that hate is demoralizing, demotivating, depressing…

But it all depends on how you take it…

Here’s what Bolt does:

He uses the hate as motivation to be able to prove them wrong. So when they said he couldn’t do it, that only pushed him to work harder, in order to show all those people wrong.

That right there, is a pretty great feeling in itself!

“I’d like to say to all my fans out there, thanks for all the support. And to all my doubters, thank you very much because you guys have also pushed me.” – Usain Bolt


7. Personality Is Never to Be Forgotten

Personality is such an amazing thing, and putting aside all the technical stuff about winning, training and motivating, personality is what makes people unique.

It’s also what makes people fall in love with someone…

If you watch the Olympics, and you saw the 100M sprints, it’s not just speed that separates Bolt from the rest of the athletes. It’s his personality. Bolt is always smiling, waving, and showing who he is.

That in itself, helps people to get behind him and support him, as apposed to other athletes.

Don’t forget about personality, because at the end of the day it’s not just talent and skill that wins people over.

“When people see your personality come out, they feel so good, like they actually know who you are.” – Usain Bolt


Usain Bolt’s World Record¬†Sprint Video


Let’s quickly recap Usain Bolt’s success lessons:

  1. State your goals & make them real
  2. You must want it more than the competition
  3. Don’t be afraid of anybody else
  4. It doesn’t matter where you start, as long as you finish strong
  5. Regardless of whether you improve, the world around you will
  6. Use both support & hate as motivation
  7. Personality is never to be forgotten

How many of Usain Bolt’s success lessons did you resonate with? Leave a comment below.

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