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$25 Million

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What is Cynthia Nixon’s net worth? 

Net Worth:$25 Million
Born:April 9, 1966
Height:1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Professional Actress
Last Updated:August 2, 2022


Cynthia Nixon is an American actress and activist.

Nixon is best known for her portrayal as Miranda Hobbes in the HBO series ‘Sex and the City.’ She won a Primetime Emmy Award for her performance in the series.

She reprised the role in the films ‘Sex and the City’ and ‘Sex and the City 2’. Her other film credits include ‘Amadeus,’ ‘James White’ and ‘A Quiet Passion.’ 

As of September 2022, Cynthia Nixon’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $25 Million. 


Early Life 

Cynthia Ellen Nixon was born on the 9th of April, 1966, in Manhattan.

Nixon is the only child of Walter Elmer Nixon Jr. and Anne Elizabeth. Her grandparents were Etta Elizabeth Williams, Adolph Knoll, Walter E. Nixon, and Grace Truman McCormack. 

Her parents got divorced when she was 6 years old. Her mother worked on the game show ‘To Tell the Truth.’ Nixon made her first television appearance on the show as one of the impostors. 



After appearing on her mother’s show, she had her first acting role in the ABC Afterschool Special ‘The Seven Wishes of a Rich Kid’ in 1979.

The following year, Nixon made her film debut in ‘Little Darlings.’ She appeared in two of Mike Nichols Broadway plays in 1984 while she was still a college student. 

After playing more minor roles in films, she landed a role in the movie ‘The Manhattan Project’ in 1986. In 1988, she starred in the miniseries ‘The Murder of Mary Phagan.’ 

Nixon starred as Donna in the series ‘Love, Lies and Murder’ in 1991. The series was aired in two parts. She then went on to star in the crime thriller ‘The Pelican Brief’ in 1993. 

Her breakthrough came in 1998 when she was one of the lucky actresses to get the opportunity to act as Miranda Hobbes in the HBO sitcom ‘Sex and the City.’ The series ran until 2004. 

After the series’s success, she portrayed Mrs. Piggee in the comedy-drama ‘Igby Goes Down’ and as Eleanor Roosevelt in the movie ‘Warm Springs.’ 

As of September 2022, Cynthia Nixon’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $25 Million. 


How Does Cynthia Nixon Spend Her Money? 

Cynthia Nixon is a well-established actress who has gained most of her fame for her role on HBO’s series ‘Sex and the City.’ For the first Sex and the City film, she earned $3 million.


Cynthia Nixon’s Cars 

Nixon has a massive collection of lavish cars. We can see cars such as an Audi Q7, a Lincoln Towncar, and a Toyota Corolla in her collection. 


Cynthia Nixon’s Home 

Nixon is a proud owner of a home in New York. The house comes with four bedrooms, four baths, a central kitchen, and a 300-square foot living room. She purchased the apartment in 2007 for a total of $2 million.



Here are some of the best highlights of Cynthia Nixon’s career: 

  • Little Darlings (Movie, 1980)
  • Sex and the City (TV-Show, 1998-2004) 
  • Ruth & Alex (Movie, 2014)
  • James White (Movie, 2015) 
  • A Quiet Passion (Movie, 2016) 


Favorite Quotes from Cynthia Nixon 

“I always like to start my morning with a good amount of fruit. I really like pineapple, particularly because of the enzymes that it has. Sometimes I have oatmeal. But if I’m feeling like I really want to be watching my weight more, then I definitely do a protein, like an omelet, scrambled eggs or some smoked salmon.” – Cynthia Nixon

“If you decide to send your kid to public school, don’t even look at private schools. Just shut the door. Just turn off the TV. And then you don’t even have to worry about preschool. You have to worry about what’s good for your kid, but you don’t have to worry about how to position yourself.” – Cynthia Nixon

“I go for my completely routine mammogram, and then I get a call from my gynecologist. And she says, ‘Well, I have some – it’s not such great news, but here it is, but it’s very small, and we’re just going to get in there and take it right out, right away, and then you’ll probably have radiation.” – Cynthia Nixon

“My girlfriend is much better than I am at working hard than resting, and she demands that from me, too. She insists on having time when we don’t do anything. We leave the housework and watch a movie.” – Cynthia Nixon

“I used to take every job that seemed relatively appealing. But now I take a job, and it’s in the trades the next day – it feels like people are watching and waiting to see what you do, and when you do take a job, attention is noted.” – Cynthia Nixon


3 Strong Lessons from Cynthia Nixon 

Now that you know all about Cynthia Nixon’s net worth and how she achieved success; let’s take a look at some of the lessons we can learn from her: 


1. Life Never Gets Simpler

Rarely do you ever figure anything out fully? I think for most things, we shouldn’t do. Knowledge is power, but power can lead to madness.


2. Always Forgive 

Forgive yourself. Forgive others, for your sake, not theirs.


3. Calm Down 

Don’t take action when you’re angry. Take a moment to calm down and ask yourself if what you’re thinking of doing is really in your best interest.


Frequently Asked Questions


How much is Cynthia Nixon worth?

Cynthia Nixon’s net worth is estimated to be $25 Million.

How old is Cynthia Nixon?

Cynthia Nixon was born on April 9, 1966, and is currently 56 years old.

How tall is Cynthia Nixon?

Cynthia Nixon’s height is 1.70 m, which is equal to 5 ft 7 in.


Cynthia Nixon is a well-established actress who is probably best known for her role on HBO’s long-running series ‘Sex and the City’.

In 2018, she ran for governor but ultimately lost the Democratic primary with 34%.

She was born in New York to an actress mother and journalist father. She has starred in movies and television such as ‘The Seven Wishes of a Rich Kid,’ ‘Little Darlings,’ ‘The Philadelphia Story’ and The Manhattan Project.’ 

As of September 2022, Cynthia Nixon’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $25 Million. 

What do you think about Cynthia Nixon’s net worth? Leave a comment below. 

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