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Ricky Reed is an American artist, songwriter, entrepreneur, and music producer. He is the founder of ‘Nice Life Recording Company’. In 2017, he was nominated for Producer of the Year.

He is a successful music producer and has been working with many artists such as ‘Lizzo’, ‘Halsey‘ and ‘Jason Derulo’. Reed is the guy behind many popular hit songs including ‘Talk Dirty’ and ‘Wiggle’ by Jason Derulo which has received RIAA platinum records.

Here’s a collection of the greatest Ricky Reed quotes:


50 Greatest Ricky Reed Quotes of All Time

1. “Oftentimes when I have the most feedback, comments or criticism from any person on the label side, I’m already quietly having those thoughts myself.” – Ricky Reed

2. “If you have something great, I think most people can feel it and you don’t have to jump through a lot of hoops.” – Ricky Reed

3. “I always say to artists, when it comes to drum sounds, keyboard sounds, vocal production, harmonies… that’s the easy stuff.” – Ricky Reed

4. “Collaborating with people. So he connected us, and Jim was so immediately open-handed, and kind, and egoless, and truly collaborative.” – Ricky Reed

5. “When you take a sad song and give it tempo, It’s a wrap. Those are the best.” – Ricky Reed

6. “It’s really about creating that environment where everybody feels like they can make something honest, trying not to mess it up.” – Ricky Reed

7. “When we are at the stage of this piece of art graduating, it’s about protecting the art, and protecting the artist from the record label.” – Ricky Reed

8. “The thing is, if you make something truly great and honest, anything can be uptempo, especially the sad songs. People never realize that.” – Ricky Reed

9. “Somebody who has been a big inspiration on me since we met in 2010 when I was still in the Bay area, was a guy called Steve Brodsky. He was a manager who ended up becoming my manager and he was one of those light-up-the-room infectious personalities.” – Ricky Reed


10th of 50 Ricky Reed Quotes 

10. “The main purpose of that is to show [the label] why this piece of art is magical and that if we keep it as honest and true and direct as the artist intended it, you are going to have a better chance of having a big song than if you fuck it up if you muddle with it.” – Ricky Reed


11. “If I’m doing my job right, the artist and songwriters are all motivated, and we make something great, the conversations are usually fine.” – Ricky Reed

12. “The best advice I’ve ever been given honestly is just people rejecting me over and over and over. Thickening my skin, lighting my fire, and driving me to where I am now.” – Ricky Reed

13. “If I’m being frank: especially the hits. That comes from real moments, real conversations, somebody working on a chord progression or drumbeat in the background while we are sort of chopping it up. And it ends up turning into a song, and sometimes a great song.” – Ricky Reed

14. “My favorite artist that I’ve worked with that has made some noise with the music we made together, Lizzo would be top of the list. She is also somebody who is truly herself, so authentic, so real.” – Ricky Reed

15. “The Kesha sessions really started off as just let’s just get comfortable. That led to some really great music.” – Ricky Reed

16. “To be as good of a songwriter as Lizzo is, to be as fun and funny as she is, to be as creatively fierce as she is, to have all of that, and then be like, okay Lizzo go cut the vocal, and she cuts the vocal and it just blows everyone’s heads off… she makes my job easy.” – Ricky Reed

17. “Even though pigeonholing did soon come. With just a little taste of success, I was trying to do anything to keep my foot in the door and keep that door open.” – Ricky Reed

18. “So this is a point in my career where I’m starting to understand what creating space for an artist means and what holding space for an artist means.” – Ricky Reed

19. “The first thing a producer does is create a space and hold space for artists and songwriters. If it’s a day where you are going to write something from scratch, for example, my job is to make sure everybody feels comfortable.” – Ricky Reed


20th of 50 Ricky Reed Quotes 

20. “Somebody said to me one time, great song lyrics read like an angry text. And I always held on to that. Something full of detail and specificity, emotion, straightforwardness.” – Ricky Reed


21. “The side that I am proud of is that I always feel a little bit like the underdog. That drive to work as hard as anyone.” – Ricky Reed

22. “As I started to think about making an album with collaborators, I was like, ‘You know, everybody’s at home, nobody’s on tour, nobody’s doing anything, everybody’s home.” – Ricky Reed

23. “Artists and songwriters are prone to not trust ourselves, especially if you’ve been working in music for a long time and you’ve gotten knocked down a couple of times. You are prone to wondering if what you made is any good or if it’s good enough, and sometimes you might second guess yourself or try to force something that is not real because essentially you don’t think that listening to yourself is going to bring value.” – Ricky Reed

24. “As a producer, it’s my job to be on the artist’s side.” – Ricky Reed

25. “I didn’t have a relative with connections or a ton of money, I wasn’t even born with natural ability. I was not a music virtuoso by any means; I was just somebody who is really passionate and persistent and loves it.” – Ricky Reed

26. “Aside from when we weren’t sheltered in place, we could be in the same room, that’s still pretty much how most of the songs I make are written.” – Ricky Reed

27. “Artists and songwriters speak in song lyric, that’s their language, so I’ll be paying attention to what they are saying and be like, ‘What you just said, can you sing that?’ Meanwhile, I’ll be noodling around on a guitar or keyboard part, and I’ll say something like, ‘What if you just sang it with this melody?’ All of a sudden, we’re on our way.” – Ricky Reed

28. “When an artist is humble, very funny, and can sing the way he sings, I’m like, sign me up. I could do this all month.” – Ricky Reed

29. “As a producer, you’ve got to set up an open, honest environment and meet people where they are.” – Ricky Reed


30th of 50 Ricky Reed Quotes 

30. “I’ve been a fan of My Morning Jacket since the Z album that’s one of my top ten albums of all time.” – Ricky Reed


31. “I was like, ‘Bro, you’re Jim James dude. You realize it’s cool to be a dick if you want to, right? I’m such a fan you can go there.’ But he is such a consummate sweetheart and incredibly, incredibly impressive musician.” – Ricky Reed

32. “I just listen. I do a lot of listening. I actually don’t listen to that much music aside from the kid’s music I listen to with my little kids.” – Ricky Reed

33. “It wasn’t that the industry was scorning me, it was really that I was disappointed in myself for getting suckered back into it and for making music for the wrong reasons.” – Ricky Reed

34. “I did one session with Sam Smith. The song never came out, but I thought he was one of the most incredible artists and humans I’d ever been in the room with.” – Ricky Reed

35. “So I just listen to how people talk, and what they say, and what they’re thinking about, and then we try to put melody to it.” – Ricky Reed

36. “When I was trying to get my career off the ground, I was somebody who worked in music for 15 years.” – Ricky Reed

37. “I’ll tell artists what they are doing — if they say or sing or come up with something great and it feels honest, I’ll say yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s great! If it’s something that has potential, we’ll talk about how this is awesome and if we push this a little further it’s going to be crazy.” – Ricky Reed

38. “The world is so different right now, and the feelings I want to convey are intimate and personal, and they’re singer-forward.” – Ricky Reed

39. “But if somebody comes in and they are clearly trying to write outside of what they are naturally feeling, I’ll try to pump the brakes a little bit.” – Ricky Reed


40th of 50 Ricky Reed Quotes 

40. “I started getting some cuts, like with CeeLo Green and Far East Movement, but I was getting bored with all the pop copycat things I was producing.” – Ricky Reed


41. “Since early high school and had not had a break. And I was lucky that my first break was ‘Talk Dirty’ because, at the very least, it wasn’t something that was hard to pigeonhole.” – Ricky Reed

42. “[At] the beginning of the whole shelter in place, I wasn’t planning on making an album, then Nice Live number ten happened, which is the one where ‘Real Magic’ happened in real-time on air.” – Ricky Reed

43. “Every now and then you do have to get on the phone or go to someone’s office and really fight for what you believe in.” – Ricky Reed

44. “At the end of the day, my thing has always been that I may not be able to out-sing them or out-solo them or even out-produce them, but I will out-work them – and that has been the mantra since I was at least 15.” – Ricky Reed

45. “I had just heard through a dear friend of mine that Jim was just interested in doing interesting stuff.” – Ricky Reed

46. “All of these songs are about the lyrics, and the melody, and the way the singer recorded themselves.” – Ricky Reed

47. “I just started making shit and sending it to people with almost like an nihilistic energy.” – Ricky Reed

48. “I’m starting to understand how a safe space is No.1, and even if you don’t fire off the big songs right off the bat, maybe it’s just a couple of weeks of creating a safe space so the artist feels comfortable and empowered and they can be vulnerable, silly, cry.” – Ricky Reed

49. “When it comes to production, the biggest thing you have do is not ruin or obscure the emotion — the feeling, energy and electricity buzzing in the room.” – Ricky Reed

50. “I was just like fuck it, I’m making weird shit that I like and I don’t even care if you like it.” – Ricky Reed



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