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Shane Richie is a British actor, comedian, TV presenter, and singer. He is most famously known for portraying the character ‘Alfie Moon’ in the world-renowned British soap opera ‘EastEnders’.

Throughout his career as an actor, Richie has successfully made appearances in other popular TV projects including the drama series “Redwater” and the survival reality show “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here” and earned 4th place.

Richie has ventured into presenting as well. He has presented a number of game shows. In theatrics, Richie notably has depicted the legendary heroic outlaw character “Robin Hood” for several years now.

Here’s our collection of the best Shane Richie quotes:


40 Wonderful Shane Richie Quotes

1. “From the outside looking in you might see the applause and adulation at the end of the stage show; what you don’t see is the traveling, unpacking, psyching yourself up to go on, and then 18 hours later doing it all over again. But that is part and parcel of the business I chose to be in. And I’m fortunate, most actors are out of work most of the time.” – Shane Richie

2. “AJ is so clean and he was one of the cleanest in the castle and he would make sure everything was sparkling.” – Shane Richie

3. “I would never ever compare myself to the greats – Olivier, Robert Lindsay, Gambon, and Branagh – who have all played Archie Rice before me, but the advantage I seem to have over those wonderful actors is that I played clubs.” – Shane Richie

4. “My career has had hills and troughs. I’ve been out of work and scraped by; other times there have been riches thrown at me – I may not have embraced those jobs artistically but I had bills to pay.” – Shane Richie

5. “If you’re expecting to see Alfie Moon on stage don’t come, you’ll be disappointed!” – Shane Richie

6. “One of the first songs I learned was Black Velvet Band by the Dubliners when I was eight.” – Shane Richie

7. “The stand-up gets darker and darker, by the end I am a mess, physically and emotionally. I try and leave it at the stage door, but sometimes on long journeys home I think about it.” – Shane Richie

8. “Every actor, performer, entertainer, and musician goes on stage to be liked.” – Shane Richie

9. “I used to get frustrated that perhaps I wasn’t taken seriously, but not now. I understand how the business works; you’re only as good as your last gig.” – Shane Richie


10th of 40 Shane Richie Quotes

10. “There’s a wonderful speech when he ( Archie Rice ) talks about being dead behind the eyes and where he is at in that particular moment in his life.” – Shane Richie


11. “Ours is a throwback to those club comics of the 1980s – how we were divided culturally and how things changed with the arrival of alternative comedy and the demise of the old guard… against what was happening with the Tory government. It does feel like it’s happening all over again.” – Shane Richie

12. “It’s a tough watch, but it’s an opportunity to come and learn something about ourselves.” – Shane Richie

13. “When comics like Alexei Sayle, Jeremy Hardy, and Ben Elton came along it was like a breath of fresh air.” – Shane Richie

14. “As a young actor I was always interested in anything by new playwrights – David Hare and David Mamet or anything by John Osborne, I wasn’t a big fan of Shakespeare – Joe Orton and writers like that had more appeal.” – Shane Richie

15. “I know how he ( Archie Rice ) feels – I’ve seen it first hand with comedians I’ve known who’ve had a fall from grace.” – Shane Richie

16. “The Entertainer’s not jolly or fluffy, but there are pieces that are laugh out loud or break your heart. It’s theatre that will move you.” – Shane Richie

17. “So when I saw reports of conflict it made no sense, it kind of didn’t happen.” – Shane Richie

18. “You do it again and again, and you’ll find something different, or a powerful emotion comes in. I love that, it’s what still gives you the butterflies while you’re in the wings. You’re in the dark, there’s a spontaneity to it.” – Shane Richie

19. “I’ve got an Irish country soul, certainly, because my dad used to run Irish country clubs in north-west London.” – Shane Richie


20th of 40 Shane Richie Quotes

20. “I’m in awe of who has played Archie before, I’m so lucky to be given the opportunity – I jumped at the chance to play him.” – Shane Richie


21. “I hold a mirror up to the audience, to mankind. And it’s interesting how some audiences laugh with me and some laugh at me. It reveals something about yourself what you find funny and what you find uncomfortable viewing.” – Shane Richie

22. “I’ve just done a TV show for Channel 5 called Caravanning with Shane Richie where I go caravanning! I have brilliant fun staying at caravan parks, it reminds me of being a youngster – and it’s very warts and all, which I love. Then I’m returning to the West End to play a drag queen in Everybody’s Talking About Jamie.” – Shane Richie

23. “I made a decision as a poor young actor that I didn’t want to struggle to find work, so I learned to sing and dance.” – Shane Richie

24. “Twelve years ago I was approached about The Entertainer by director Sean O’Connor, who I’d worked with on EastEnders and Minder – who suggested the play was worth a revisit. Then last year he managed to get the rights from the Osborne estate to set it in 1982. That really pricked my interest because setting it in that period gives it even more relevance. Little seems to have changed – we’re a divided country.” – Shane Richie

25. “It’s interesting how people clock you – some will be EastEnders fans some will never have heard of me… But I don’t go out and say come and see me I’m a serious actor, but I do take what I do very seriously.” – Shane Richie

26. “If I can get the first act right, then the second half takes the audience on an emotional journey and it is very uncomfortable to watch.” – Shane Richie

27. “There’s always something different; live stage plays are organic changes.” – Shane Richie

28. “I’ve worked as an entertainer at Pontins, so when it comes to the stand up I know how to work an audience – I know how to tell a gag.” – Shane Richie

29. “My dad was running clubs in the 1970s, and I’ve stood in the wings at theatres, clubs, holiday parks – and I’ve seen the demise of performers like Archie Rice first hand.” – Shane Richie


30th of 40 Shane Richie Quotes

30. “Sometimes you write a song and your tongue can be in your cheek, but people don’t see it.” – Shane Richie


31. “If you read Pierre Boulle’s La Planète des Singes, Tim Burton’s film is closer to that than any of the movies. Look at me, I’m full of this old shit.” – Shane Richie

32. “I got involved in light entertainment and game shows, even though I never thought I would.” – Shane Richie

33. “I don’t believe in reincarnation, and I didn’t believe in it when I was a hamster.” – Shane Richie

34. “Whereas Archie Rice loathes and detests his audience; he doesn’t care how they feel about him.” – Shane Richie

35. “People have picked up on this American country thing, but there’s a tip of the hat to Irish country as well. It’s a throwback to my Irish roots.” – Shane Richie

36. “I would love to play Shylock one day! But people might say ‘What’s that bloke off the telly doing up there..?” – Shane Richie

37. “Airport Cars UK are always helpful and on time when we go on holiday. They have also done themselves proud with the executive people carriers at my sister-in-law’s wedding.” – Shane Richie

38. “I don’t think it’s just Brexit, I think socially, culturally, and politically there are big changes going on and that was evident when he wrote it in 1957, and even though we’ve moved it to 1982 it still feels really relevant to what’s happening today. The original backdrop was the Suez Crisis, and ours is the Falklands War.” – Shane Richie

39. “My wife will tell you I’m quite lazy around the house, if I wash a cup I often just put it on the side.” – Shane Richie

40. “Being away from home is the worst part.” – Shane Richie



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