25 Pictures of Modern Society Worth A Thousand Words

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Do you ever come across a picture that just sums up something perfectly?

A picture that puts serious meaning to the “a picture says a thousand words” statement. Recently, artists have been creating incredibly clever, and true, images that sum up modern society.

So we scoured the web, and found 25 of the best modern society pictures that truly do say a thousand words. Be prepared to start nodding your head uncontrollably.

The majority of these images were created by artist Steve Cutts, and if any of the other images belong to yourself, feel free to email us the details and we’ll give credit where due!

Take a look at the collection below!


25 Modern Society Pictures Worth A Thousand Words


The Thin Line

Walking a thin line

1. We’re walking a thin line, don’t you think? On the verge of becoming addicted to life online, and unable to live a life without an internet connection. Does this sound like you?

The Divide

Divide between the rich and the poor

2. The divide between the rich and the poor is real… And guess what, they’re rubbing it in your face too.

Lack of Connection

Lack of Connection in Relationship

3. Far too many of us are guilty of doing this and not connecting with our partners enough. Come on, respect your relationship enough to put down the phone and get back your grip on reality.

Laid to Waste

Result of waste on Beach

4. This is the “fun” people will have on their beaches 100 years from now. In the spirit of the competition, I chose to shame the results of the pollution, not the people who are responsible for it. (PRNewsFoto/Jerusalem Press Club)

The Perspective

All about perspective

5. It’s all about perspective… And once we understand why someone may have a particular perspective, we can begin to fix all the problems associated with it.

Look Around You

Life without a screen

6. Life is right in front of our eyes, we don’t need to look at a screen to see it. It’s also a much better experience without using a screen as a medium. You should try it sometime.

Caged Like Rats

Caged Like Rats

7. Caged like rats, falling in line…

The Zombie Creator

Smartphones are Turning us into Zombies

8. Smartphones are turning us into zombies… I often see families of five in restaurants; every single one of them glued to their screen. No one is connecting with anyone anymore. There used to be a time when smartphones at the table was forbidden.

Greed & War

Profits over Health

9. Greed is taking over, and wealth is being prioritized over health. The fast food companies, pharmaceutical companies, and government is putting profits ahead of health.

Poison As Advertised

How Fast Food Poison our Lives

10. We’ve let fast food poison our lives, and we’ve become so addicted that we look for pills as the only solution to the problems all the junk food causes.

The Slob

The Slob

11. Animals are being killed just so we can live like slobs. Do you value the guy’s life above more than all the animals being slayed to keep him alive?

The Monday Blues

The Monday Blues

12. “The Monday blues” has become a normal occurrence. People are working at jobs they don’t like, praying for the weekend to arrive, only to then get depressed again when Monday rolls back around.

The Employed Slave

The Employed Slave

13. People have become slaves to their employers. If anyone speaks out, they’ll be put back in their place.

The Pet-Controlled Mind

Pet-Controlled Mind

14. I think this image is dictating that we’ve become slaves to our pets. They are control our lives, and we run around taking care of their needs rather than our own.

The Fat Cat

Rich People Thrive at the Expense of the Poor

15. Rich people thrive at the expense of the poor, who serve the wealthy’s needs in order to survive.

The Christmas “Miracle”

Christmas time takes advantage of Slave Labour

16. Christmas time takes advantage of slave labour, and thousands of people are worked to the bone, for very little money, to satisfy our own Christmas needs.

Media Bulls***

News and the Media Poisoning Our Minds

17. The news and the media are also poisoning our minds, with negative and false information. Yet we sit in front of the television everyday and watch it regardless.

Ermm… What?

Lazy Slobs

18. Honestly, there’s only real caption for this other than that we’ve become lazy slobs.

The Watchers

People Nowadays

19. People would rather record what’s going on than actually step in and help anymore. That’s pretty tragic if you let someone else die, because you were busy recording them for your Instagram to try and gain some fame.

The Switch-A-Roo

We're Getting Fatter and TV's are Getting Thinner

20. We’re getting fatter and our TV’s are getting thinner.

Do As Your Told

People Do What They're Told

21. People rarely think for themselves anymore, and just do what they’re told without even giving it a second thought.

Money for Earth

People are Greedy for the Money

22. The world is quickly being destroyed by people who are greedy and all about the money, which ironically won’t be any good when the earth is gone anyway.

The Brand Junkie

The Brand Junkie

23. We’re a slave to brands that we don’t really need, yet we buy them because they’re popular and everybody else has them. Wasting money and handing over the multinational corporations that produce them.

The New Chain

Slave to Our Smartphones

24. We’re also a slave to our smartphones. We can’t leave the house without them, and we can’t stop checking them throughout the day.

The Happiness Trap

The Happiness Trap

25. We’re told that the root to happiness is more money, so we slave away at a job we hate, in order to bring home more money. At this point you’re trapped, and you’re not really living anymore. You’re checked out.


I think these images are a genius way of showing some of the world’s biggest problems in this generation. You all resonated with these when you looked at them, and you all knew exactly what they meant.

What did you think to these pictures of modern society? Do they truly speak a thousand words? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Picture number 2: Really? After 8 years of Obama hope and change b.s you got to rag on Republicans?. Try to get past your white liberal guilt.

  2. I’m an artist myself and all i think about what i saw is… Inspiration.
    and instead of ‘thousand of words’ i prefer to say ‘thousands of reality’ because it is really happening.

    special mention to #17. I had fun. ha!


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