6 Powerful Tips to Grinding Harder This Year

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Everyone who is striving to reach their goals knows that they need to pump their Grind to maximum level.

Whether we want to lose weight, start our own business or graduate with great grades, the amount of focus and work is what will set us apart from others. That’s where becoming a Grinder is essential.

A Grinder works diligently and endlessly until their end result is at arms length. Hard times will come, and obstacles are imminent, but the toughest of workers know that pushing through these obstacles is the only way to reach that mountaintop.


6 Powerful Tips to Grinding Harder This Year

Get your gears ready and prepare yourself for the most fulfilling year yet. No one said following your dreams would be easy, but following these tips will guarantee the end of the year a satisfying one. Here’s how you can start grinding harder:


1. Write Yourself A ‘Perfect You’ Scenario

For you to Grind harder and pump yourself up for your future, you need to know exactly where you want to be.

Do this exercise in a creative manner, write a story, or an essay (even a poem) where you describe what your perfect YOU looks like, does, says, and your perfect day. Be as emotional and descriptive as possible.

Are you owning a clothing store, are you a model, are you a motivational speaker? Write it all down and make sure the prompt gets your blood running. When you’re done, put this prompt somewhere you can see it and read it every morning!


2. Break up Your Perfect You Into Smaller Achievable Goals

Whatever that Perfect You looks like, start breaking it down into milestones that you can start IMMEDIATELY.

Want to write a book?

Choose how many words you’ll write a day, or how many times you’ll write a week. Be as concise as possible so you won’t feel so overwhelmed with all the things you need to do. Remember work is important, but your Grind needs to be taking you closer to that goal.


3. Find the MAIN Reason Why You Want to be that Perfect You

Is it because you want to work for yourself? You want financial freedom? A lifelong dream?

Whatever the reason is, make sure you find that fire in it. Knowing exactly why you Grind will be the ember crackling in you when your mind tells you that you want to quit. Don’t go into a journey without a firecracker reason fueling you on your off days.

I have always wanted to provide a work free life for my mother, and found that thinking about this reason was a great way in keeping me focused on my goals. A Grinder knows why they do what they do. Find that reason!


4. Keep a Role Model in Sight

I keep the name of everyone I want to work with in the future on a cork-board in front of me, no matter how big or famous they are. Why does this work? Because you’ll have an influential person staring you in the face at every moment.

Whether it’s a picture, a screen saver, a name, a sticker, keep a role model close to you. Study them and learn about them. Learn their Grind. How did they come up in their path to greatness?

Believe it or not, having someone you look up to gives you that push to continue working for your goals. They become like imaginary coaches.


5. Become Aware of the Company You Keep

Look around you. Look at your closest friends and peers. Are they anything like the role models I just mentioned above? And I don’t mean rich and famous.

If the company you keep are individuals that are keeping you down more than pushing you forward, you need to start searching for new company. I don’t mean cutting off all of your friends, but like so many have brilliantly said “you are who you surround yourself with.”

Start off by jotting down the traits that your role models have. Are they charismatic, intelligent, driven, or focused? Are they fit, healthy, and exercise regularly?

Once you have an idea of what traits you want around you, it’s easier to pinpoint where you can find these individuals. Perhaps in a gym, a business club, a workshop. The options are unlimited once you become aware of what you want and what you have.


6. ASK for What You Want

It’s crazy how many opportunities can come just from asking for what you want.

I’m not talking about going up to someone and asking them for a million dollars. I’m talking about searching for those opportunities to get closer to your goals. When you communicate with people and tell them what you want, doors begin to open.

There have been countless of times that I’ve spoken to a stranger about needing a bigger venue, or a certain specialist, even a mentor, and these people have connected me to someone who either knows someone, or that perfect connection.

Try asking for what you want. Share your aspirations and be serious about them! Others can smell the ambition off you and that ambition is irresistible when getting to where you want to be.



These tips alone have gotten me from a shy individual, to a motivational performer speaking to thousands. Follow these tips and Grind passionately! It will take time and work, but the results are completely worth it!

What are you doing to start grinding harder this year? Leave a comment below.

Safiel Vonay
Safiel Vonay
Safiel Vonay is an author, performer and a motivational poet. From the age of 18 Safiel has grown her own artistic events to one of the biggest growing creative platforms in NYC. For artists in the tri-state area visit www.thenycgrind.com.



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