Alexei Yashin Net Worth

$42 Million

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What is Alexei Yashin’s net worth?

Net Worth:$42 Million
Born:November 5, 1973
Height:1.91 m (6 ft 3 in)
Country of Origin:Russia
Source of Wealth:Professional Hockey Player
Last Updated:March 8, 2023


Alexei Yashin has scored many goals and produced tons of assists throughout his career, but due to contract disputes, he’s made NHL headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Yashin was a part of the Russian Olympic hockey team, the World Championship team, the World Cup team, and the World Junior team, so his talent is without question.

After retiring, he became the general manager of the Russian National Women’s Team. Most of his wealth comes from playing hockey and product endorsements, with a healthy boost from his investment portfolio.

As of March 2023, Alexei Yashin’s net worth is estimated to be $42 Million.


Alexei Yashin Facts

  • He signed a one-year contract for the 2011 to 2012 season with the SCKA Moscow team.
  • Alexei was a seven-time member of the World Championship team from 1993 to 2005.
  • He was also a two-time member of Russia’s Olympic team in 1998 and 2002.
  • Yashin retired shortly after the end of the 2011 to 2012 season.
  • During the 2001 season, Alexei was at the receiving end of fans’ boos and jeers due to his contract disputes with the Senators.


Early Life 

Alexei Valeryevich Yashin was born on November 5, 1973, in Sverdlovsk, Russia.

There is not much known about Alexei’s childhood, but his passion for hockey started from a young age, which is not a surprise, as hockey is a very popular sport in Russia.

By the time he turned 19, Alexei was recognized by the National Hockey League as a formidable player and he was considered for the national team.

This brought him to the attention of the international selectors, who offered him a contract to play for the Senators.



Alexei debuted in 1992 when he was drafted #2 by the Ottawa Senators. Despite this spectacular opportunity, Alexei decided to stay in Russia for the 1992 to 1993 season so he could play for the Dynamo Moscow team.

However, the temptation to play for a Canadian team was overwhelming and he arrived in Ottawa to play the 1993 to 1994 season in the NHL.

Alexei was not the only Russian drafted and arrived with his fellow countryman, Alexandre Daigle. After a victorious 1998-1999 season, the Senators rewarded Alexei by appointing him as team captain. This marked the best season of his career, but his luck ran out during the 1999 season with the Senators getting destroyed by the Buffalo Sabres.

Shortly after that, contract disputes hit the headlines and Alexei was embroiled in controversy for which he is now well-known.

At the time, Alexandre Daigle was given one of the largest rookie contracts in all of hockey history. This may have prompted Alexei’s unhappiness and his demands for more money.

Alexei tried to lessen the backlash from the fans by promising to donate $1 million to the National Arts Centre.

The Senators refused his transfer request and finally suspended him for the 1999 to 2000 season. He returned from suspension in the 2000 to 2001 season but was met with a barrage of jeers and boos from the Senator’s fans. Shortly after, he was transferred to the New York Islanders for an expensive 10-year contract worth almost $87.5 million.

Alexei did very well in the beginning, but soon his performance declined, and the New York Islanders decided to buy out the rest of his contract.

He then returned to Russia to become the general manager of the Russian National Woman’s team in 2012.


Alexei Yashin’s Career Earnings

Throughout his career, Yashin was always prepared to give his all to the game and his team.

Despite what his detractors may have said, his commitment to the team was always without question.

Here’s an estimated overview of Alexei Yashin’s annual income:

  • Alexei Yashin’s Salary In 2013 – $2.2 million
  • Alexei Yashin’s Salary In 2014 – $2.2 million
  • Alexei Yashin’s Salary In 2015 – $2.2 million
  • Alexei Yashin’s Salary In 2016 – $1.8 million
  • Alexei Yashin’s Salary In 2017 – $1.2 million
  • Alexei Yashin’s Salary In 2018 – $1 million
  • Alexei Yashin’s Salary In 2019 – $1.1 million
  • Alexei Yashin’s Salary In 2020 – $1.8 million
  • Alexei Yashin’s Salary In 2021 – $1.5 million
  • Alexei Yashin’s Salary In 2022 – $2 million

Since he stopped playing and focussed on coaching, Alexei’s earnings have reduced considerably from before.

However, he’s known to have a good eye for business and his coaching earnings have been supplemented by a healthy return on his investments.


Alexei Yashin’s Net Worth Annually

Alexie’s earnings were substantial throughout his career as he was not shy to ask for more money when he thought he deserved it.

This resulted in him earning a fortune in fees and endorsements which he prudently invested.

Here’s a breakdown of Alexei Yashin’s annual net worth:

  • Alexei Yashin’s Net Worth In 2013 – $30 million
  • Alexei Yashin’s Net Worth In 2014 – $32 million
  • Alexei Yashin’s Net Worth In 2015 – $34 million
  • Alexei Yashin’s Net Worth In 2016 – $36 million
  • Alexei Yashin’s Net Worth In 2017 – $37.5 million
  • Alexei Yashin’s Net Worth In 2018 – $38 million
  • Alexei Yashin’s Net Worth In 2019 – $40 million
  • Alexei Yashin’s Net Worth In 2020 – $40 million
  • Alexei Yashin’s Net Worth In 2021 – $41 million
  • Alexei Yashin’s Net Worth In 2022 – $42 million

Yashin is fabulously wealthy, due in part, to his prodigious hockey talent, but also his sharp business brain.

He knew that his playing career would be rather short and that he should maximize his earnings before he retired.


Personal Life

Alexei was always cagey about his personal life and kept out of the limelight. He started dating a former model named Carol Alt and the two have continued their relationship for over two decades.

Despite their long relationship, Alexei and Carol have not married and do not have any children.

They live happily in Russia and the USA, traveling between Moscow and New York regularly for business and pleasure.


Awards & Achievements

Alexei’s hockey skills are impressive and he has scored many goals throughout his career.

What is impressive is the number of assists he’s made, confirming that he is not a selfish player who hogs the puck. He was prepared to pass it off to a player who had a better chance of scoring.

Here are some of the more memorable moments from Alexei Yashin’s career:

  • Alexei won a silver medal at the 1998 Winter Olympics.
  • He also won a bronze medal at the 2002 Winter Olympics.
  • Alexei was inducted into the IIHF Hall of Fame in 2022.
  • In 1999, he was awarded the Second All-Star Team award by the NHL.
  • He was awarded again by the NHL with the All-Star Game award in 2002.

While he may no longer grace the ice with his presence, he’s coaching his teams to achieve success.

He joins the likes of Wayne Gretzky, Chris Pronger, and Chris Drury as one of the richest hockey players in the world today.


How Does Alexei Yashin Spend His Money?

Like all very wealthy individuals, Alexei has invested large amounts in real estate.

He purchased a property located in New York for $4 million in 2001. In 2022, he listed the property for sale but removed it due to there not being enough interested buyers.

He loves fast cars and has some of the most expensive cars in the world in his garage.



Alexei Yashin was a colorful player who never failed to live up to his reputation.

His talent was recognized early on and he flourished initially in the NHL before his contractual issues caused a slump in his performance.

Here are some of the best highlights of Alexei Yashin’s career: 

  • In 1992 Alexei was drafted #2 in the NHL Draft.
  • He signed a 10-year contract in 2001 worth $87.5 million to move to the New York Islanders.
  • He became the general manager of the Russian National Women’s team in 2012.
  • Alexei helped the Senators make the 1997 Stanley Cup playoffs.
  • He was named captain for the first time during the 1998 to 1999 season.

While we may not hear as much about him as we once did, Alexei is making waves by coaching national teams.

We’re sure that he will once again be in the headlines when his teams produce memorable results in the future.


Favorite Alexei Yashin Quotes

Alexei has always been passionate about his sport and he put all his effort into becoming a world-class sportsman.

Here are our favorite quotes from Alexei Yashin:

  • “I think it’s a dream of any player to be in this position, to have this kind of responsibility. It’s a big responsibility, but at the same time, it’s a great feeling, because a lot of people believe I can do it. ” – Alexei Yashin
  • ” It’s been a great atmosphere, guys are pulling for each other and working hard, really want to be together. It’s nice to see that. ” – Alexei Yashin
  • “It’s always been my team since I came here.” ” – Alexei Yashin
  • “There are so many players on our team who are great leaders and would have been excellent choices. So, this means a lot.” ” – Alexei Yashin
  • “I am who I am. ” – Alexei Yashin


3 Amazing Lessons From Alexei Yashin

Alexei Yashin enjoyed a huge amount of success as well as having to deal with his fair share of disappointments and failures during his career.

However, he’s always managed to make the best of a bad situation and come out on top in the end.

Now that you know all about Alexei Yashin’s net worth, here are some of the best success lessons to learn from Alexei Yashin:


1. Know Your Worth

Alexei knew his worth and fought through most of his career for it, resulting in him receiving one of the highest transfer contracts in hockey history.


2. Don’t Let Haters Bring You Down

He received a lot of negative comments from the public, but it never stopped him from fighting for what he believed in.


3. Don’t Hold Grudges

Despite the constant arguments between the Senators management and Alexei, he never held a grudge and wanted to return to the team after many years of disagreements.



Alexei is a highly skilled hockey player, who earned a lot less than he felt he deserved. Unfortunately, his contractual arguments eventually affected his game and he ended up being sidelined for a season.

But despite the media and public’s views, Alexei excelled in his career and created an impressive lifestyle playing hockey. Instead of giving up on his dreams, he continues to help others pursue theirs by coaching them.

He may have retired, but he’ll be remembered throughout hockey history for his contributions to the sport.

As of March 2023, Alexei Yashin’s net worth is estimated to be $42 Million.

What do you think about Alexei Yashin’s net worth? Leave a comment below.

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