50 Incredible Carlos Mencia Quotes

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Which are your favorite Carlos Mencia quotes?

Carlos Mencia is an American comedian, actor, and writer. He is most famously known for being the host of the popular comedy series ‘Mind of Mencia’ which airs on the big American TV network ‘Comedy Central’.

Throughout his career as a celebrated comedian, Mencia has successfully released many stand-up comedy specials, including ‘Not for the Easily Offended’, ‘No Strings Attached’, and ‘New Territory’.

Mencia is most distinctive for his style of comedy which often involves political issues, such as race, criminal justice, and social class. Resulting from his success in the comedy world, Mencia has also ventured into acting as well. Some movie projects he has landed roles in are ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ and ‘Our Family Wedding’.

Here’s a collection of the best Carlos Mencia quotes:


50 Incredible Carlos Mencia Quotes

1. “When you have a TV show, and you’re selling out 10,000 seats or whatever the hell it is, it’s not that it becomes easy. It’s just that’s what your life is like.” – Carlos Mencia

2. “The United States of America on our worst day is better than any other country on their best day. Period. End of story.” – Carlos Mencia

3. “If you’ve never seen me perform live, I’m a must-see. I’m very funny. I have a different perspective sometimes on a lot of what I do and the world itself, especially America.” – Carlos Mencia

4. “When I was a kid, I was in love with one of the ‘Charlie’s Angels.’ I told my dad, ‘I’m going to marry somebody like Cheryl Ladd.’ My dad said, ‘You’re not that good-looking, mijo. You’re going to have to make a lot of money if that’s what you want.’ I went, Well, I want that, so I’m going to make money.” – Carlos Mencia

5. “I grew up being very patriotic. My parents really love this country. A big part of what they love is freedom of speech… I’m fearless because aren’t we supposed to be able to speak our mind?” – Carlos Mencia

6. “On stage, I’m really, really tall. I’m five-foot-9, but on stage, I’m, like, six-foot-5.” – Carlos Mencia

7. “My favorite place is Maui. It’s almost perfect there – the people, the weather, just everything. No matter how busy you are, when you get to Maui, you chill and relax.” – Carlos Mencia

8. “Shows I’ve done in war zones are the greatest. The first time I was in Iraq, I kid you not, I felt so uncomfortable having the troops say, ‘Thank you.’ It’s so deep and heartfelt.” – Carlos Mencia

9. “Well, the hard part about doing auditions is that the person reading you the lines, they’re not really into it. They’re just going, ‘Oh really, so why do you think that?’ And they’re just looking at a piece of paper.” – Carlos Mencia


10th of 50 Carlos Mencia Quotes

10. “I am living in a world where I am happy and doing what I love and making others happy.” – Carlos Mencia


11. “I get really nervous at auditions. I know how to make people laugh, but auditions just really make me nervous.” – Carlos Mencia

12. “I believe that my part to play in this world is stand-up.” – Carlos Mencia

13. “The fact that so many comics were waiting to jump on the bandwagon of hate toward me – what is it about me that engages this kind of behavior? I began to see it: My cockiness, my lack of hanging out with other comics. A lot of that wasn’t my fault.” – Carlos Mencia

14. “My comedy is about, lift yourself. See reality. Change the reality if you don’t like it. But if you can’t, then deal with things as they are because crying about it isn’t going to change anything.” – Carlos Mencia

15. “I’m not good looking, but I’m not bad looking.” – Carlos Mencia

16. “If you ain’t laughing, you ain’t living, baby.” – Carlos Mencia

17. “When I’m performing for 4,000, 5,000 people, it’s a show. It’s a rock n’ roll concert.” – Carlos Mencia

18. “I’m just trying to be funny, trying to make people laugh, and trying to make the world a better place through some jokes. I don’t have words for it. It’s so overwhelming.” – Carlos Mencia

19. “People live in a place called Tornado Alley – and they’re surprised when they get hit by a tornado. I’m sorry when they get hit by tornadoes, but when you live in Tornado Alley you can’t really claim surprise.” – Carlos Mencia


20th of 50 Carlos Mencia Quotes

20. “When I was young and didn’t have money, I liked gambling because winning and losing was fun for the rush of it.” – Carlos Mencia


21. “Here’s the problem: People have completely and utterly forgotten one thing when it comes to communication – intent.” – Carlos Mencia

22. “We don’t grow as human beings from good things happening. We grow from failures.” – Carlos Mencia

23. “If I’ve got a black joke, and I can’t tell it in Oakland, then I shouldn’t tell the joke anywhere else.” – Carlos Mencia

24. “Before I got into stand-up, I was a really quiet guy who had all these thoughts, all these things I wanted to say, but there was never any place for me to say them because my mom would look at me and go, You better not say what you’re thinking. You better not.” – Carlos Mencia

25. “At the end of the day, my career is not going to be judged by one or two or three moments in time. It’ll be judged by the longevity of it.” – Carlos Mencia

26. “I don’t think Latino; I think like me. If that happens to be Latino, then I guess that’s me. But it doesn’t affect my comedy in any way.” – Carlos Mencia

27. “When the comedy community turned on me, I had a lot of reflecting to do.” – Carlos Mencia

28. “I’m like most people in America. I’m conservative on some things, and I’m liberal on other things.” – Carlos Mencia

29. “I worked as a comedian for 23 years, 51 weeks a year.” – Carlos Mencia


30th of 50 Carlos Mencia Quotes

30. “I’m a spiritual person: I believe that if you read the Bible, you get what you want from it. But, when you actually read it, you see the beauty, spirituality, the joy and love, and what makes us godly.” – Carlos Mencia


31. “Is it my fault that there is a stereotype that black people are not good swimmers? I know that’s a joke, but somebody will say, ‘I can’t believe you would say that.’ Well, first of all, it’s just a joke, and second of all if you watch the Olympics, black people win medals in jumping, running. They don’t win any in swimming.” – Carlos Mencia

32. “When I’m on stage, I’m on, but a different part of me is on: the part of me that absorbs life, sees everything occurring, and touches on everything around me.” – Carlos Mencia

33. “I was only 20, 21. I was basically going to college to get me out of the ghetto. A friend suggested I try stand-up.” – Carlos Mencia

34. “You know what, I stopped doing ‘Mind of Mencia’ because it got hard, and there was a lot of fighting, and it was just time to move on.” – Carlos Mencia

35. “Here’s my questions to anybody when they talk about comedy. When you are with your friends, who don’t judge you, what do you say? And if that’s appropriate to say with your friends, why is it not appropriate anywhere else. Like, I hate those people who judge me and are hypocrites.Share this Quote” – Carlos Mencia

36. “The beauty of comedy is, when people come to a comedy club, there is a certain veil of reality suspended.” – Carlos Mencia

37. “I’m a teacher and a philosopher by nature… In the end, I’m trying to teach people to live a better life. And if I can do that on top of entertain, then I leave the world a better place.” – Carlos Mencia

38. “Acting is reacting. That’s when acting is great – when you say something, somebody said something, they make a face, they pose, they use something physical, then you react to that, then they react to you.” – Carlos Mencia

39. “What I do is that I really, really try hard to make sure the things that I do comes from a pure place in my heart and my intent is a pure one.” – Carlos Mencia


40th of 50 Carlos Mencia Quotes

40. “When somebody says that a comic steals jokes, it’s the ultimate betrayal of comedy.” – Carlos Mencia


41. “Nobody calls me a racist when I do redneck jokes. Jeff Foxworthy can do as many ‘You might be a redneck jokes’ as he wants, but I’m telling you as soon as a guy like that does a black joke or something – ‘How dare you!’ I totally think it’s unfair.” – Carlos Mencia

42. “When I tell a joke, I immediately know whether it’s funny or not.” – Carlos Mencia

43. “I have been recording every single one of my shows since 1994. Every single joke I’ve ever done is on a hard drive. I can tell you when I wrote every joke I wrote. I can tell you the first time I said it when I made it different when I made it better.” – Carlos Mencia

44. “In this pessimistic world, especially in America, a positive outlook is very necessary.” – Carlos Mencia

45. “I had one guy say, ‘I watched your show and didn’t agree with what you said.’ And I’m like, ‘It’s a joke. How could you not agree? I can understand you saying it’s not funny.’ But it’s like my going on stage and doing a knock-knock and somebody going, I disagree. There’s no door here.” – Carlos Mencia

46. “If you don’t like your job, then change it by getting some better skills. Until then, shut up and get my burger with a smile, like in the commercials.” – Carlos Mencia

47. “I don’t think I push boundaries. I find that other people feel that way. To me, it’s just about going up there and speaking the truth, whatever that is.” – Carlos Mencia

48. “The really funny thing is that most all of my friends who are priests have seen me perform, and they say, I wish I could talk the way you do on stage. I wish I could reveal truth to my congregation the way you do.” – Carlos Mencia

49. “You can take my dirtiest, craziest joke, and I can break down in my head why there’s a good, honest, honorable reason for telling it.” – Carlos Mencia

50. “Ten comics can say the same joke, and I’m the one who gets called a thief.” – Carlos Mencia



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