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How to Change Your Thinking For Huge Success

Dawn Van Ness



How to Change Your Thinking For Huge Success

When it comes down to being successful;

The majority of people are held back by one simple, yet complicated reason. People are held back from achieving success, because of the way they think. Not just about life, but about themselves as well.

When you’re in a negative state of mind, which life naturally puts a lot of us into, then it’s impossible to become successful.

How could you possibly achieve great things when you’re only ever thinking badly?

You can become very successful in life, but that depends on your mindset and whether you think positively or negatively…


How to Change Your Thinking For Huge Success

Yes, you can do it! You can change your thinking for huge success! Huge success is out there for you as long as you do what you can now to prepare for it.

Here are some really helpful tips to help you change the way you think, resulting in the ability to attract huge success into your life.


1. How You Feel About Your Appearance Matters

I’ve seen it from both sides of the aisle. One group shouting to change how you look to change how you feel and think. And another group shouting that appearances don’t matter.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s really about how you feel about your appearance that counts.

When you see someone walking around with good posture and composure like they are completely comfortable with themselves, things such as their clothes, their height, their weight, their teeth, or their hair don’t take away from them.

Bottom Line: Feel confident in your own skin to change your thinking for huge success.


2. Posture Changes Self-Perception

I’ve gleaned from a few articles that how we sit, stand, and walk somehow influences our thinking.

Rationally I thought this sounded far-fetched. But I did two experiments. One, I walked by a window and looked at myself in the reflection.

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I saw I was tired by my posture. So I straightened up and walked with more energy. I felt more energized. One day I felt down, so I went to the mirror and smiled at myself.

That was okay, but then I took selfies of myself smiling, some with silly faces and some with sincere smiles.

I felt noticeably happier. So now I sit up, stretch, smile, open my eyes more, sit with better posture, and walk with better posture. Maybe it is just better for my circulatory system, but when I do these things I feel more positive.

Bottom Line: Feel happier and more energized to change your thinking for huge success.


3. Talk to Yourself and Rephrase Your Thoughts

I’ve seen the meme a hundred times that says;

“Would you be friends with someone who talked to you the way you talk to yourself?”

It is a fantastic reminder that a positive inner monologue is vital. If you are using limiting words such as “can’t” and “won’t” and “stupid,” you have a critical thing to change.

Talk back to this negative voice and tell it “yes, you can,” and “yes, you will,” and nothing is every truly stupid except labeling ourselves and giving up on ourselves. Winners are not people who never failed; they are people who never quit.

Bottom Line: Talk to yourself in positive and constructive ways to change your thinking for huge success.


4. Accept That There Are No Real Limitations

It may be foolish to share your plans before they’ve come to fruition, but you should never stop dreaming huge.

Plan beyond reasonable limitations. Be a kid about it if you have to.

When were all of us at our happiest?

When we thought we could fly our cardboard boxes across the galaxies. Live in the now, deal with the reality of the moment, but don’t let self-limitations creep in and box you in to only small success.

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You might be just one handshake, one investor, one viral video away from taking the world by storm. Believing is seeing.

Bottom Line: By dreaming huge, you’re thinking huge, and will be welcoming in huge success.


5. Redefine How You Think of Huge Success

Many people will define huge success by using a billionaire as a measuring stick. That is fine if all you want is money.

But huge success can mean creating everlasting change in your community.

You could be the voice to start a movement. You could be the one that changes the attitudes of millions of people, influencing them to go on to live better, more fulfilling lives. Yes, money matters. Huge success matters.



A quick recap on the tips I listed here, to help you change your thinking for huge success:

  1. How you feel about your appearance matters
  2. Postures changes self-perception
  3. Talk to yourself & rephrase your thoughts
  4. Accept that there are no real limitations
  5. Redefine how you think of huge success

Thanks for reading the article!

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Dawn D. Van Ness is a freelance writer and online media specialist who works with entrepreneurs, owners of small businesses, and the self-employed. She is happiest when she can enable others to take control of their online presence, to succeed living their best life, and to achieve their life goals.