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David Caruso Net Worth

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David Caruso Net Worth

What is David Caruso’s net worth? 

Net Worth:$35 Million
Born:January 7, 1956
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Professional Actor
Last Updated:2021


David Caruso is an American retired actor and producer.

Caruso is best known for his roles on the ABC crime drama ‘NYPD Blue’ and ‘CSI: Miami’. He has appeared in the films ‘An Officer and a Gentleman,’ ‘First Blood,’ ‘Twins,’ ‘Kiss of Death’ and ‘Proof of Life’. 

As of 2021, David Caruso’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $35 million. 


Early Life 

David Stephen Caruso was born on the 7th of January, 1956, in New York. Caruso is the son of Joan and Charles Caruso. He is of Italian and Irish descent. His father left the family when he was two years old. Caruso attended Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Catholic School in Forest Hills. 

Caruso later attended Archbishop Molloy High School in Briarwood, where he graduated in 1974. He worked as a cinema usher, and he would act out scenes from the movies with his co-workers. 



In 1980, Caruso appeared in ‘Getting Wasted’ as Danny. After this, he starred in ‘An Officer and a Gentleman, ‘First Blood,’ ‘Blue City,’ ‘China Girl’ and ‘Twins’. 

He had a recurring role as Tommy Mann in seven episodes of the NBC police drama series ‘Hill Street Blues.’ He portrayed U.S. Olympian James Brendan Connolly in the miniseries ‘The First Olympics: Athens 1896’ in 1984 and also starred in two episodes of the series ‘Crime Story’. 

In 1993, Caruso rose to fame as Detective John Kelly in the series ‘NYPD Blue’, for which he won a Golden Globe Award. TV Guide named him one of the six new stars to watch in the 1993 – 1994 season. 

Caruso returned to television in his successful role since ‘NYPD Blue’ starring Horatio Caine in ‘CSI: Miami’ in 2002. He was the first actor in the franchise to appear as the same character on three of the four CSI programs. 

‘CSI: Miami’ was canceled after 10 seasons in 2012. He was the only actor to appear in all 232 episodes of the series. At the end of the show, he decided to retire from acting to become involved in the art business. 

As of 2021, David Caruso’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $35 million. 


How Does David Caruso Spend His Money? 

David Caruso owns a home in Sherman Oaks. 


David Caruso’s Home 

Caruso owns property in Sherman Oaks. Caruso purchased the 1,650-square-foot home in 2005 for $1.85 million.



Here are some of the best highlights of David Caruso’s career:

  • First Blood (Movie, 1982) 
  • King of New York (Movie, 1990) 
  • NYPD Blue (TV-Show, 1993 – 2005) 
  • Kiss of Death (Movie, 1995) 
  • Jade (Movie, 1995) 
  • CSI: Miami (TV-Show, 2002-2012) 


Favorite Quotes from David Caruso

“Simply the size and complexity of the global financial system, just what occurs on a daily basis, legitimately, it’s 24 hours a day, when you look at Asia, Europe, Latin America, the U.S. And to track all that, it’s an impossibility.” – David Caruso 

“I think I found my niche. You say, well, you’ll be on the show for another five years. I don’t see it that way. I see it like, well, I get a chance to do my job for as long as they let me on this show: the daily pursuit of the scene. And that’s what I got into this business for in the first place.” – David Caruso 

“I think beneath all of it there’s tremendous power when two people decide to have a child. And inside that power is a very deep hope, and the power of that hope can hopefully overcome the circumstances that could rob them of this world.” – David Caruso 

“Anne takes three years, … with all these terrific brush strokes, to bring you back to what appears to be the source of that pain, the source of that conflict. It appears to be this broken family and the prodigal son, these things he can’t really embrace because they’re not his. And that appears to be what the source of all this is.” – David Caruso 

“In a funny way, we are more resonant in the foreign markets than we are domestically. That’s why I think it is very important to come and connect with the journalists here and viewers here because our relationship with the larger landscape is here.” – David Caruso  


3 Motivational Lessons from David Caruso

Now that you know all about David Caruso’s net worth and how he achieved success; let’s take a look at some of the lessons we can learn from him: 


1. Discipline 

The key to success is having some discipline, … You don’t have to be a rocket scientist.


2. Fear 

Fear is a much bigger motivator than greed, but you’ve got to save money and put it in stocks. It’s like a diet – to lose weight, you have to eat less and exercise.


3. Stay the Course 

Don’t even think about cashing out. Stay the course. People are playing a dangerous game right now. This is the time to be putting money in.



David Caruso is an American actor and producer.

Caruso is probably best known for playing characters like Detective John Kelly and Lieutenant Horatio Caine on the crime dramas ‘NYPD Blue’ and ‘CSI: Miami’. He has appeared in a wide range of projects ranging from films in the 80s to additional television series well into the 2000s.

Caruso decided to retire from acting to pursue other opportunities in 2012. He has won several awards and honors as an actor. These include a Golden Globe Award for his performance on ‘NYPD Blue’. 

As of 2021, David Caruso’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $35 million. 

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