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40 Amazing Jason Priestley Quotes

Zisilia Alvsa



40 Amazing Jason Priestley Quotes

Which are your favorite Jason Priestley quotes?

Jason Priestley is a Canadian-American actor and director.

He is most known for portraying the character ‘Brandon Walsh’ on the TV series ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ for which he received two Golden Globe nominations.

Priestley started his acting career in Canadian local TV commercials before reaching his breakthrough from the gig with ‘Beverly Hills, 90210′.

Throughout his acting career, he has appeared in many popular movies, including ’21 Jump Street”, “MacGyver’, and ‘Quantum Leap’.

Priestley also ventured into directing, taking charge of several episodes of ‘90210’ and several music videos as well.

Here’s a collection of the best Jason Priestley quotes:


40 Amazing Jason Priestley Quotes

1. “You never appreciate your anonymity until you don’t have it anymore.” – Jason Priestley

2. “I love Canada. I am from Canada. I will bash the Canadian government but never Canada.” – Jason Priestley

3. “I’m very happy to be directing though. It’s a challenge, and it’s a lot of fun for me to be on set.” – Jason Priestley

4. “I love a Coffee Crisp, and they are nowhere to be found in America.” – Jason Priestley

5. “Everything about Canada makes me proud to be Canadian.” – Jason Priestley

6. “I think the moral majority and religious right have been shrinking and having not quite as loud a voice in America, and all of a sudden people are coming to their own realizations going, Joe down the street is gay and he’s a great guy.” – Jason Priestley

7. “No one gave me a cake or a going-away party on my last day of Beverly Hills 90210.” – Jason Priestley

8. “I think it’s great now that we seem to be in an era where it’s OK to be gay and I think that the society in North America has had more of a problem with it than any other society.” – Jason Priestley

9. “I try to be smart with my comedy. Generally, it devolves into bathroom humour. I describe my comedy as, I have the best intentions, but usually, it fails.” – Jason Priestley

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10th of 40 Jason Priestley Quotes

10. “That’s the power of television. You come into people’s homes every week, and that creates a familiarity and a false sense of intimacy.” – Jason Priestley


11. “I think the sooner that all of us in society stop accepting any type of bullying or harassment from other people – in spite of people’s social standing or net worth or whatever it is – the sooner it will stop.” – Jason Priestley

12. “Part of the fun of working on ‘Beverly Hills, 90210,’ for me, was that I got a lot of freedom from our executive producer, Chuck Rosen, to add things, change things. I got a lot of freedom to be creative.” – Jason Priestley

13. “I miss my boats, and I miss having the ability to be out on the water during the daytime and then go skiing at night.” – Jason Priestley

14. “Dave Foley and I have been friends for a very long time. We both actually have the same lawyer in Toronto.” – Jason Priestley

15. “If people think I am gay, yeah, hey that doesn’t bother me. Not at all. What would people think? To me, I am such a heterosexual guy. It doesn’t even, I don’t even think about it.” – Jason Priestley

16. “I come from a very blue-collar family, and a very hardworking family, and I think that my work ethic is maybe the thing that kept me on the straight and narrow.” – Jason Priestley

17. “I played hockey my whole life until my ambition outstripped my ability, which happens to most Canadians around 15 or 16 years old.” – Jason Priestley

18. “I’m from Canada and my wife is from St. Albans, so I feel a great kinship with the Brits.” – Jason Priestley

19. “Los Angeles is a one-horse town. It’s entirely driven by the entertainment business and that’s what it is.” – Jason Priestley

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20th of 40 Jason Priestley Quotes

20. “Obviously musical theatre is not my thing, but dramatic theatre is much more up my alley.” – Jason Priestley


21. “I feel like acts of violence against women are detestable, and they need to be dealt with, and they are important.” – Jason Priestley

22. “I was a rugby player, I was a hockey player. You know, I just love to challenge myself, and I love to compete.” – Jason Priestley

23. “I love filming in Britain.” – Jason Priestley

24. “My kids are my greatest achievement.” – Jason Priestley

25. “Sitcoms are fun. The whole multi-cam genre is always a lot of fun. You throw a live audience in the mix, and it’s even better.” – Jason Priestley

26. “I never exceed the posted speed limit.” – Jason Priestley

27. “By the time I graduated from high school in Vancouver, I already had a whole support network set up for me in Los Angeles, so I just moved down.” – Jason Priestley

28. “I love being a husband and a father. That aspect of my life has been a joy.” – Jason Priestley

29. “I’ve always aspired to Cary Grant’s level of coolness and failed miserably.” – Jason Priestley


30th of 40 Jason Priestley Quotes

30. “Theatre was the first thing I fell in love with.” – Jason Priestley


31. “Well, I’ve been a professional racer for nine years. And if I could get it to pay me as much as acting, I’d give up all the rest in a second. Working in television, however, has made me accustomed to a certain lifestyle that I’d like to maintain.” – Jason Priestley

32. “Never categorize yourself, society does that to you, don’t do it to yourself.” – Jason Priestley

33. “Nothing scares me, because I used to think I was indestructible. Now I know I’m indestructible, not to mention my spine is indestructible. It’s all titanium.” – Jason Priestley

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34. “As an actor, your focus is very finite. All you’re worried about is your character and what you have to do, what your goals are in this scene and in this piece of material. Whereas, as the director, everything is your responsibility. I enjoy carrying the load like that and being the responsible party.” – Jason Priestley

35. “Well, any time you’re faced with fame on that level, it’s – it can be somewhat unnerving because you’re never taught how to manage it and how to deal with it. So you’re sort of left out there on your own, trying to navigate those waters for yourself.” – Jason Priestley

36. “It’s a really big deal to have a star on the Walk of Fame; it feels like an incredible achievement.” – Jason Priestley

37. “From an early age, I knew I wanted to pursue a life in the arts, and so I was acting in plays all throughout high school.” – Jason Priestley

38. “Any time you get to do a David Mamet play, it’s a great opportunity. His writing is such that I think it’s a big challenge, but when you get it right, it’s a great opportunity to play every night, really.” – Jason Priestley

39. “One of the fun things about being an actor is stepping outside yourself and outside of your own experience. It’s challenging yourself to totally commit to something that in your core is so wrong.” – Jason Priestley

40. “I’m definitely not a song-and-dance guy, and if you’ve ever heard me sing, you would understand that, ‘No, maybe that’s not your thing.” – Jason Priestley



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