The 15 Most Popular Brands Online

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What are the most popular brands online?

The leading luxury brands are household names, with companies such as Gucci, Prada, and Louis Vuitton sold in high-end boutiques worldwide.

As online sales outpace those from high street outlets, these boutique companies continue to compete with one another to capture the largest digital market share.

This article covers the 15 leading luxury brands, from the range of products they sell to the online marketing strategies they use to stay ahead of the competition.


The Most Popular Brands Online

The online reach, line of products, and latest innovations have been assessed to bring you this guide to the leading companies on the internet.

Here’s our list of the 15 most popular brands online:


15. Omega

Most Popular Brands Online - Omega

Fans of James Bond will need no introduction to Omega; this iconic luxury watch manufacturer has a long association with the world’s most famous international spy, including the latest film, No Time To Die.

Established in 1848, Omega has consistently delivered high-quality timepieces, with the Seamaster and Speedmaster models among the most sought-after watches available.

With their reliable Swiss manufacturing, Omega watches are well regarded for their bespoke co-axial movements, sporty chronographs, and high-quality professional dive watches.

Omega watches might be smaller than their closest rival Rolex (more on those later), but their reputation remains strong, while their watch prices are more affordable to the average consumer.

That said, you’ll still need a few thousand dollars if you’re thinking of investing in one of their watches. However, they tend to hold their value considerably well, especially if you get your hands on a limited edition release.


14. Burberry

Most Popular Brands Online - Burberry

British luxury brand Burberry brings its unique and instantly recognizable style to modern affluent consumers, with its signature plaid pattern an icon of the fashion industry.

Established in 1856, Burberry produces a vast selection of luxury fashion covering everything from trench coats and jackets to accessories, perfumes, and cosmetics.

The company has taken advantage of its online channels to build a broad consumer base, selling many of its most popular Burberry items online, and debuting an augmented reality shopping tool through Google technology in 2020.

With an approach to design that veers between casual and dressed-up, Burberry clothes are well paired with some of the most expensive handbag brands on the market.

As of 2020, this classic luxury fashion manufacturer had an estimated brand value of $5.2 billion; its online sales are driven mostly by younger consumers interested in the latest high-end brands.


13. Cartier

Most Popular Brands Online - Cartier

French luxury brand Cartier earned its international reputation as a jeweler and was referred to by King Edward VII of Great Britain as “the jeweler of kings and the king of jeweler.”

A hundred years later, Cartier is regarded as one of the best luxury brands online, known for its elegant bracelets, rings, and high-end watches worn by the rich and famous.

Its popularity is enhanced with its sleek online video campaigns aimed at a younger generation of luxury shoppers, with 48% of its sales going to consumers under 35 years old as of 2018.

Some of the most popular Cartier items online include their selection of bangles, with their Panther watches also making up a considerable portion of overall sales.

Cartier’s position as one of the world’s best luxury brands is unlikely to falter any time soon, and as of 2021, their brand value sat at an impressive $12.1 billion.


12. Balenciaga

Most Popular Brands Online - Balenciaga

Spanish company Balenciaga is another of the most popular luxury brands online specializing in high-end boutique fashion and accessories.

Part of the French luxury group Kering, Balenciaga is perhaps best known for manufacturing some of the most expensive sneakers in the world, appealing to the growing market of Gen Z affluent consumers.

Balenciaga’s online popularity continues to grow as the luxury market draws in more millennials, with 60% of their customers made up of young consumers looking for avant-garde luxury fashion brands.

Their launch of the AW21 collection in 2020, released as part of the video game Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow, allowed the company to drive substantial online conversations, further competing with other luxury fashion brands.

This thoughtful digital marketing strategy has helped boost sales for some of the most popular Balenciaga items online, including the Balenciaga Triple S and a range of fashionable bags.


11. Valentino

Most Popular Brands Online - Valentino

A relative newcomer to the world of notable luxury brands is Valentino, an Italian luxury fashion house founded in 1960 with a reputation for producing elegant evening wear, shoes, and accessories.

Valentino solidified its status as one of the world’s top luxury brands when Audrey Hepburn wore this stunning dress at The Proust Bal at Château de Ferrières in 1971.

Continuing its close association with the film industry, its creator made a guest appearance in the hit fashion industry movie, The Devil Wears Prada.

This luxury brand’s online presence continues to grow each year, with 2020 marking a 62% increase in online sales, helped by a series of live musical performances from Alicia Keys.

The launch of Valentino Insights in the same year furthered the luxury brand’s online popularity, with the interactive virtual experience allowing participants to walk around a 3D replica of a Mediterranean villa.


10. Armani

Most Popular Brands Online - Armani

Armani is widely regarded as one of the finest luxury brands available, its name synonymous with high-end fashion, which oozes class.

A privately-owned Italian luxury fashion house, Armani was founded in 1975 by Giorgio Armani, producing everything from tailored suits and shoes to watches, jewelry, and other accessories.

In addition to their high street stores, the Italian luxury manufacturer maintains online interest through its various social media channels, allowing it to reach a younger consumer base.

It’s also one of the most valuable brands, with sales of its luxury goods generating over $100 million in 2020 alone.

Some of the most popular Armani items online can be found in their Armani Exchange and Emporio Armani collections, with the Italian fashion brand’s efforts to reach new customers, improved through their partnership with MR. PORTER.


9. Versace

Most Popular Brands Online - Versace

With their trademark flamboyant style and flair, the clothes of Versace are usually associated with the richest models in the world.

Another of the fashion industry’s top luxury brands with its origin in Italy, Versace started designing outfits in the 1970s and has since become one of the leaders in global luxury sales.

With its social media savvy approach to digital marketing, Versace has established itself as one of the most popular luxury brands online, with 34 million followers across its various media channels.

Their partnership with Jennifer Lopez for the 2020 Super Bowl half-time show generated a considerable amount of new interest from a new generation of luxury shoppers, making them one of the most recognizable brands in the world.

A staple of the global luxury industry, Versace’s online popularity will continue to grow thanks to the luxury brand’s digital acumen and an enticing lineup of products.


8. Prada

Most Popular Brands Online - Prada

One of the most popular luxury brands in the world is Prada, producing the kind of products you can expect to see while staying in the most expensive hotels to be wearing.

Founded in 1913 by Mario Prada, and like many luxury brands, it made its name through a selection of high-quality clothes, handbags, sunglasses, and other stylish accessories.

With its intense digital marketing strategy, Prada maneuvered itself to becoming one of the most successful brands online in 2021, capturing a market of young, affluent consumers.

By controlling all its distribution channels, the company successfully revamped its website and e-commerce presence to become one of the most popular luxury brands on the market.

Some of the most popular Prada items online include their sneaker and shoe collections and a range of fashionable sunglasses and designer watches.


7. Tiffany

Most Popular Brands Online - Tiffany

American jewelry company Tiffany has long been known for its presence in the luxury market, notably for its sterling silver and diamond jewelry sold in their stores and online.

Widely regarded as one of the best luxury brands for accessories, the company was picked up by French luxury group LVMH, who helped transform it into one of the most popular luxury brands online.

Tiffany’s online presence is especially strong on Instagram, where young consumers who want to check out the latest popular Tiffany items online can view their latest products.

They have since continued embracing online channels, including their “craftsmanship journey” program, allowing consumers to check out where their diamonds were sourced, cut, polished, and set.

As with other premium brands, Tiffany’s affluent consumers expect the very best quality for their money, placing their jewelry on par with some of the most expensive precious metals in the world.


6. Rolex

Most Popular Brands Online - Rolex

Swiss luxury watchmaker Rolex needs no introduction; its name is as familiar to regular people as to hardcore horologists.

One of the most iconic brands in the world, Rolex watches are synonymous with wealth and style, with the best Rolex watches for men noted for holding their value more than many other luxury watches.

With extensive waiting lists indicative of its status as one of the most popular luxury brands online, getting your hands on one of their timepieces can be a near-impossible task.

Those who are fortunate enough to pick up the most popular Rolex items online can enjoy wearing iconic watches such as the Rolex Submariner or Daytona, which have been highly regarded for decades.

If you miss out on a Rolex, you can always pick up another brand of the most expensive watches available and use that to tell the time instead.


5. Louis Vuitton

Most Popular Brands Online - Louis Vuitton

French luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton was established in 1854, making luxury products which include handbags, leather shoes, watches, and a range of accessories.

With their signature LV logo emblazoned on many of their products, it’s one of the most popular luxury brands to have emerged from France in the last 150 years.

Louis Vuitton has expanded from its high-end department stores to see its luxury eCommerce sales grow, with brand loyalty in emerging markets such as China helping boost their online sales.

High-profile collaborations with influential cult streetwear brand Supreme have helped Louis Vuitton reach younger demographics, amplified by their partnership with Master & Dynamic to create some of the most expensive headphones you can buy.

With Louis Vuitton luxury goods set to increase in price, it’s time to start saving extra money if you’re thinking of investing in some of the best luxury brands.


4. Dior

Most Popular Brands Online - DIor

Christian Dior’s commitment to premium beauty products and exclusive collections makes it the luxury brand of choice for some of the richest actresses in the world.

Another luxury brand company owned by LVMH, Dior, was initially founded in 1946, producing shoes, bags, and sneakers in addition to their range of cosmetics.

The first luxury brand to promote its products through WeChat Moments in 2015, Dior remains at the cutting edge of online marketing strategies, releasing an official Tmall store for its products in 2020.

The Dior Maison virtual boutique, which reproduces the experience of shopping in its Champs-Élysées boutique, further boosted its international appeal.

They also launched an augmented reality Virtual Makeup Filter on Instagram, allowing potential customers to try out their luxury makeup products online before committing to buying.

Dior is well known for its extensive list of celebrity ambassadors, including Eva Green, Natalie Portman, Cara Delevigne, and Rihanna, who was given her own sense of association with the brand in 2016.

More recently, collaborations with Shawn Stüssy and Nike continued to strengthen their popularity online while solidifying their position as one of the best luxury brands.


3. Hermès

Most Popular Brands Online - Hermes

Hermès is perhaps best known for the highly sought-after Birkin bag, named after the influential French-English singer and actress Jane Birkin, who came to international fame due to her relationship with Serge Gainsbourg.

Among the best luxury brands to emerge from France, Hermès has also pursued a marketing strategy that emphasizes the Chinese markets to give it a broader international appeal.

This global reach was further consolidated with its launch of online stores in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, both countries with a strong consumer base of high-spending luxury fashion fans.

The brand has continued to develop its online presence in recent years, designing a multichannel online approach that includes “digital flagship” stores alongside its prestigious website.

The variety of products made by Hermès is extensive, including everything from scarves and neckties to perfumes and aftershaves.

They even manufacture high-end crystal lighting and glass products, inspired by decorative periods of the 19th century, from the Restoration styles through to Art Nouveau and Art Deco.


2. Chanel

Most Popular Brands Online - Chanel

Chanel’s name is most commonly associated with some of the world’s most expensive perfumes and was founded in 1910 by Coco Chanel, focusing on high-end women’s clothing.

While Chanel No. 5 is perhaps their best-known product, the brand has put out a laundry list of clothing collections, with their blend of ready-to-wear and Haute Couture selections dominating the catwalks at major fashion shows.

Their social media presence is strong, with followers across their YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts reaching 81.4 million in 2021.

The same year, Chanel launched their first digital-only presentation of a summer collection called ‘Balade en Méditerranée,’ which translates as ‘A trip around the Mediterranean.’

They also expanded their online sales to include new eyewear collections in Europe and the United States, further consolidating their digital presence.

Some popular Chanel items online include their range of bags and perfumes, while footwear such as sandals and sneakers also perform well in Google search terms.


1. Gucci

Most Popular Brands Online - Gucci

Gucci has had a consistent run as the leading luxury fashion brand, establishing itself as the go-to designer for Gen Z and Millennials looking for avant-garde clothing.

While the popularity of the Gucci brand has dipped slightly in recent years, its position as the leading overall luxury brand remains secure thanks to its continuous innovation and strong online presence.

Their multi-tiered digital marketing methodology includes a strong e-commerce strategy, digital storytelling, and an innovative, experimental campaign approach.

As with some other luxury brands, this includes the adoption of augmented reality to give consumers a virtual insight into their new products and branch out into the Chinese market.

With a popular range of sneakers under their belt, Gucci took things to the next level with the sale of their Gucci Virtual 25 digital sneakers, which owners can “wear” virtually.

The brand recently celebrated its 100th anniversary, which was no doubt cause for celebration with a few bottles of the world’s most expensive wines.



The world’s most popular brands online include household names and feature some of the most prestigious fashion designers of the last century.

This article has covered the top 15 brands available today, so you know which ones to consider investing in if you’re thinking of becoming a trendsetter.

Since luxury brands’ online presence and market share often fluctuate, we’ll be updating this article as and when things change, so be sure to check back in for the latest updates.

Here’s a quick recap of the 15 most popular brands online:

  1. Gucci
  2. Chanel
  3. Hermes
  4. Dior
  5. Louis Vitton
  6. Rolex
  7. Tiffany
  8. Prada
  9. Versace
  10. Armani
  11. Valentino
  12. Balenciaga
  13. Cartier
  14. Burberry
  15. Omega

What’s your favorite popular brand online? Leave a comment below. 

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