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Jennifer Love Hewitt Net Worth

Jennifer Love Hewitt is the ghost whispering, mega-successful actress, who generated massive wealth from acting as well as her pop songs and movie sound tracks.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Net Worth

What is Jennifer Love Hewitt’s net worth? 

Net Worth:$22 Million
Born:February 21, 1979
Height:1.57 m (5 ft 2 in)
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Professional Actress
Last Updated:Jul 17, 2024


The American film/TV actress, singer-songwriter, and producer first became famous in the drama series, “Party of Five.”

She developed a huge following for her portrayal of the character Julie James, in the cult films, I Know What You Did Last Summer and its sequel in the 1990s.

Jennifer Hewitt starred in various TV series from the early 2000s, including the immensely popular, “The Ghost Whisperer” and “The Client List”.

As of July 2024, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s net worth is estimated to be $22 Million.


Jennifer Love Hewitt Facts

  • Her career started on the Disney channel in 1989.
  • On 21 March 1992, Jennifer released her first album, Love Songs, at the age of twelve.
  • She became a movie sensation after the horror film, I Know What You Did Last Summer was released in 1997.
  • Jennifer starred as Audrey Hepburn in The Audrey Hepburn Story, which launched in 2000.
  • For the first few years of her career, she was credited only as, Love Hewitt.
  • She married the American actor, Brian Hallisay, in 2013.


Early Life 

Jennifer Love Hewitt was born on 21 February 1979, in Waco, Texas. Her parents, Patricia Mae and Herbert Daniel Hewitt, raised her in Nolanville in Central Texas.

When Jennifer was still quite young, her parents divorced, leaving her mother to raise her and her older brother.

Her love for music started when she was young and, at the age of three, she wowed her audience by singing “The Greatest Love of All” at a local livestock show.

By the time she was four years old, Hewitt had entertained audiences at restaurant dance halls with her version of “Help Me Make It Through the Night.”  

At the age of five, she branched out and became a dancer and by the time she reached the age of ten, she had won the Texas “Our Little Miss Talent pageant.” From there, she and her mother moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting and singing.

While still a child, Jennifer Love Hewitt registered with a modelling agency and began featuring in TV commercials.

She met Jonathan Nelville while at Lincoln High School and he would later become a talent scout, recommending Hewitt for her breakthrough role in “Party of Five.”

Throughout high school, Jennifer appeared in various TV commercials before landing a role on the Disney Channel’s “Kids Incorporated.” As a member of the cast, she was awarded three Young Artist Award nominations.

In 1993, Jennifer starred in the comedy film, “Little Miss Millions.” She also had a brief appearance in the movie, Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit, in the same year.



Shooting straight for the top, Love Hewitt landed a featured role as Sara Reeves Merrin in 1995s “Party of Five.”

Though she was only supposed to feature occasionally in the series, she managed to score a regular role based on her popularity with the audience. It was for these performances that she received a Kid’s Choice Award, a Teen Choice Award, and a Young Star Award.

In 1997, Jennifer appeared in the hit movie “I Know What You Did Last Summer”, playing Julie James. The movie was a hit worldwide, and grossed more than $125 million.

The next film she starred in, “Can’t Hardly Wait,” featured in 1998. The following year, Love Hewitt acted in and produced a spin-off, titled “Time of Your Life.”

In the early 2000s, she starred in movies like “The Audrey Hepburn Story” and “Garfield.”

Jennifer took on the leading role in “The Ghost Whisperer” and played her character throughout the show’s run from 2005 to 2010.

From 2012 to 2013, Love Hewitt acted in “The Client List.” From 2014 to 2015, she played the role of Kate Callahan in the hit series, “Criminal Minds.”

As for her music career, in 1992, Jennifer Love Hewitt became a successful vocalist. She released her debut studio album “Love Songs” and released the album, “How Do I Deal,” in 1999.

In 2002, she was signed to Jive Records and released another album, “Bare Naked”, which had a fair amount of success together with her single by the same name.

The second single, “Can I Go Now,” was not as successful as the first, but was quite popular in the Netherlands and Australia.

In 2004, Jennifer Love Hewitt left her music career behind, focusing on her acting instead.


Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Career Earnings

When Love Hewitt started her career, she only earned a few thousand dollars. But now, she earns an estimated salary of $3 million per movie. Her highest earning movie was Garfield, which grossed $200 million at the box office.

Here is an estimated overview of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s income:

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Salary In 2015 – $2.1 million
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Salary In 2016 – $1.2 million
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Salary In 2017 – $ 2.5 million
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Salary In 2018 – $ 1.45million
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Salary In 2019 – $ 1.5 million
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Salary In 2020 – $ 1.8 million
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Salary In 2021 – $ 1.9 million
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Salary In 2022 – $ 2 million

Jennifer is a popular actress whose name draws crowds of adoring fans. She may not be earning the huge amounts she made earlier in her career, but she is still a wealthy actress in her own right.


Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Net Worth Annually

In 2001, Love Hewitt earned $4 million for her portrayal of Page Conners in the film Heartbreakers. In the early days, she was paid more than $150,000 per episode for the 2005 series “Ghost Whisperer.”

Here’s a breakdown of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s annual net worth:

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Net Worth In 2015 – $ 18.2 million
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Net Worth In 2016 – $ 18.5 million
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Net Worth In 2017 – $ 18.7million
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Net Worth In 2018 – $ 18.9 million
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Net Worth In 2019 – $ 19 million
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Net Worth In 2020 – $ 19.5 million
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Net Worth In 2021 – $ 20 million
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Net Worth In 2022 – $ 22 million

Through careful investment and a conservative lifestyle, Jennifer Love Hewitt has managed to build huge personal wealth.


Personal Life

Through the early years of her career, Love Hewitt had several high-profile relationships, which included Joey Lawrence, Carson Daly, Patrick Wilson, and John Meyer.

After making an appearance on Ghost Whisperer, Ross McCall started dating Jennifer and in November of 2007, they were engaged. However, Hewitt called it off in the later months of 2008.

In 2013, Love Hewitt married actor Brian Hallisay. They met while working together on the film “The Client List.” They are still happily married today with two children, Autumn James, and Atticus James.


Awards & Achievements

Jennifer has been a firm favorite with audiences since she first appeared on screen as a child. This is reflected in the popularity of the TV series she’s starred in.

Here are some of the more memorable moments in Jennifer Love Hewitt’s career:

  • In 2011, Jennifer Love Hewitt was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Mini-series or Motion Picture Made for Television.
  • 2010 brought another award nomination for the People’s Choice Award for Favorite TV Drama Actress.
  • She received the Saturn Award for Best Actress on Television in 2007 and 2008.
  • For the series Ghost Whisperer, Hewitt was nominated for two awards in 2008: the TV Land Favorite Character from the “Other Side” Award and the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Female TV Performer.
  • Jenifer was awarded the Peoples Choice Award for Favorite Actress in a New TV Series in 2000.

While she may not be quite as visible on TV today as she’s been in the past, we’re certain that Jennifer will find yet more intriguing roles to play, like her 9-1-1 character, that will keep her many fans glued to their seats.


How Does Jennifer Love Hewitt Spend Her Money?

Jennifer Love Hewitt has an eye for real estate, owning 3 properties in the Toluca Lake area of Los Angeles over the years. She apparently sold one of these homes to Hilary Duff for $1.7 million in 2006.

She sold another property to Jessica Simpson’s mother for a reputed $4.1 million in 2006 as well.

Her Pacific Palisades home was sold for upwards of $3.25 million and Jennifer currently lives in a mansion worth in excess of $6 million.

Apart from expensive watches and designed jewellery, Jennifer drives some of the most expensive cars in the world, being particularly fond of Mercedes Benz.



Jennifer’s roles have all been big hits. From her earliest roles to her latest performance, her fans and critics have had nothing but praise for her acting ability.

Here are some of the best highlights of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s career:

  • The film, “I Know What You Did Last Summer” in which Jennifer was cast as the lead, was a box office bonanza, being one of the most financially successful releases of 1997.
  • Her studio album, Bare Naked, hit number 9 on the Australian Top 100 charts in 2002, finishing up at 37 on the Billboard 200 in that same year.
  • Jennifer’s role in the Ghost Whisperer from 2005 until 2010, won her rave reviews from the critics and then went on to produce a novel and video game.
  • She was named Favorite Female Performer in a New Television Series in 2000.

With her latest TV series role bringing in praise and adoration, we’re positive that Jennifer is going to grace our screens for many years to come.


Favorite Jennifer Love Hewitt Quotes

Jennifer is known for her kind nature and concern for those around her. She also has a wicked sense of humor and is known to pull her interviewers’ legs, to howls of laughter from the audience.

Here are some of our favorite quotes from Jennifer Love Hewitt:

  • “Sometimes it’s the toughest moments that you learn the most about yourself, and the more you know yourself, the less you are willing to give away.” – Jennifer Love Hewitt
  • “A world without men would consist of a bunch of fat, happy women with no crime.” – Jennifer Love Hewitt
  • “If you can’t laugh, you won’t make it.” – Jennifer Love Hewitt
  • “What a woman should know:
    • When to just let him zone out on video games, his computer or his, or phone.
    • When to let him control the day or situation
    • When to just shut up and kiss him.” – Jennifer Love Hewitt
  • “Romantic comedies are there to give us dreams and butterflies, but what we can create in our own lives could be not only better but real.” – Jennifer Love Hewitt


3 Amazing Lessons From Jennifer Love Hewitt

Anyone who dismisses Jennifer is in for a surprise, because below the cutesy surface lies the heart of a lion. She’s quick to jump to the defence of anyone who she sees in distress, and is determined to keep it real.

Here are some of the best success lessons to learn from Jennifer Love Hewitt:


1. Don’t Be Afraid Of Hard Decisions

She’s very aware of her priorities and feels that driving drunk ain’t the only thing friends don’t let friends do.


2. Keep it Real

Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt. This is what she thinks about not taking responsibility for one’s actions.


3. Good Looks Only Get You So Far

While Jennifer is undeniably attractive, to reach the top of one’s career takes hard work and guts. These are things that she’s got in spades.



Jennifer Love Hewitt is one of the most popular actresses and singer-songwriters in LA. Since her early success in the drama series “Party of Five” she’s entertained her fans as both a singer and as an actress.

She maintained her popularity from the 1990s and early 2000s when “The Ghost Whisperer” and “The Client List” kept her name up in lights worldwide. Her current role in 9-1-1 continues to boost her earnings and wealth.

As of July 2024, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s net worth is estimated to be $22 Million.

What do you think about Jennifer Love Hewitt’s net worth? Leave a comment below. 

John is a professional accountant with a passion for writing. When not helping clients identify tax and financial opportunities, you can find him writing, sailing offshore, or flying a plane. He’s worked and partied with the rich and famous from around the world, getting an inside look at the secretive lifestyles of high-net-worth celebrities.

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Michael Caine Net Worth

Michael Caine Net Worth

What is Michael Caine’s net worth?

Net Worth:$60 Million
Born:March 14, 1933
Height:1.88 m (6 ft 2 in)
Country of Origin:United Kingdom
Source of Wealth:Professional Actor
Last Updated:Jul 17, 2024


Sir Michael Caine is an English retired actor, producer, and author from London.

Caine appeared in more than 130 films over a career that spanned 70 years and is considered a British film icon. 

As of July 2024, Michael Caine’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $60 Million.


Early Life 

Sir Michael Caine was born on March 14, 1933, in London.

His father, Maurice Joseph Micklewhite, was a porter at the Billingsgate fish market, and his mother, Ellen Frances Marie, was a cook and charwoman. 

Caine has a younger brother named Stanley Micklewhite. They grew up in Southwark, London. When World War II broke out, his father was drafted into the military, and they were evacuated to North Runcton, Norfolk. 



Michael Caine debuted in an uncredited role in the 1950 film Morning Departure before being cast in a stage production of Wuthering Heights. However, it wasn’t until 1964 that he landed the role that would make him a big-time movie star. After appearing in the film Zulu, Caine was cast in two of his most well-known roles, appearing in The Ipcress File and Alfie

Those films solidified Michael Caine as a star in Britain and America, where he earned his first Academy Award nomination. 

Like Clint Eastwood, Caine went from being a nobody to one of the top stars in Hollywood in only a few short years.


Breakout Stardom

In 1969, Michael Caine appeared in The Italian Job with Benny Hill before being cast alongside Laurence Olivier in Sleuth

Soon after, in 1975, Caine joined Sean Connery in The Man Who Would Be King, which earned him widespread critical acclaim. By 1976, Caine was an established actor in Hollywood, appearing in the films The Eagle Has Landed, A Bridge Too Far, and Silver Bears

Entering the 1980s, Caine starred in several more films, including The Island and Educating Rita, for which he won a Golden Globe and BAFTA. For his performance in Woody Allen’s 1986 flick Hannah and Her Sisters, Caine won his first Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. His other most successful films of the decade were Dressed to Kill, Escape to Victory, Mona Lisa, The Fourth Protocol, and Hero

However, when the 1990s rolled around, Caine found his acting career slowing down, with only a few roles drawing his attention. In 1990, he appeared in Mr. Destiny, followed by The Muppet Christmas Carol in 1992 and On Deadly Ground in 1994. 

Fortunately, his career started to bounce back in 1998 when he was cast in Little Voice, which earned him a Golden Globe.


An Iconic Actor

Michael Caine won his second Academy Award in 1999 for his role alongside Tobey Maguire in The Cider House Rules. He then joined Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality in 2000 and appeared with Kate Winslet in the controversially acclaimed Quills

During the 2000s, Caines starred in numerous comedies, including Austin Powers in Goldmember and Secondhand Lions. Caine was cast as Alfred in Batman Begins in 2005, and he reprised this role in The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises

In 2007, Caine starred in a remake of Sleuth, with Jude Law playing his original role while he took over for Laurence Olivier. A few years later, he appeared in Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio and Elliot Page, which earned eight Oscar nominations. Caine then appeared in Now You See Me, Interstellar, and Kingsman: The Secret Service before he began to slow down. 

In 2015, he starred in Youth and had a cameo in Dunkirk before taking a small role in the 2020 film Tenet

He would appear in Come Away, Twist, Best Sellers, and The Great Escaper before announcing his retirement in 2023. 

After having worked since the 50s, Michael Caine has undoubtedly enjoyed one of the longest and most successful careers in Hollywood.


Michael Caine Net Worth

As of July 2024, Michael Caine’s net worth is $60 Million. 



Here are some of the best highlights of Michael Caine’s career: 

  • Zulu (Movie, 1964) 
  • Academy Award (Best Actor, 2000) – Won 
  • The Dark Knight (Movie, 2008)
  • Inception (Movie, 2010)


Favorite Quotes from Michael Caine

“…some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.” – Michael Caine

“Do you know that the harder thing to do and the right thing to do are usually the same things? Nothing that has meaning is easy, “Easy” doesn’t enter into grown-up life.” – Michael Caine

“I never regret anything. I always said that when I’m old, I want to be sitting there regretting the things that I did and not the things that I didn’t do; and now I’m old, and I don’t regret anything! I had fun. I had fun, and I’m still having it.” – Michael Caine

“You cannot have one bathroom. And it doesn’t matter how much you love your wife and everything, ’cause you wind up with no room at all. You just get a little corner and you’ve got a toothbrush and your paste and a shaving brush and a razor. And you can never get in there. So you must have two bathrooms. You really must. I think it’s essential.” – Michael Caine 

“My mother had heard all about miniskirts but had never seen one so I took her for lunch at Alvaro’s [in Chelsea]. We walked down the King’s Road and waited 10 seconds for our first miniskirt and a girl came along with her skirt tucked round her arse. I said: ‘What do you think, ma?’ And she said: ‘If it’s not for sale, you shouldn’t put it in the window!” – Michael Caine 


Frequently Asked Questions


How much is Michael Caine worth?

Michael Caine’s net worth is estimated to be $60 Million.

How old is Michael Caine?

Michael Caine was born on March 14, 1933, and is currently 91 years old.

How tall is Michael Caine?

Michael Caine’s height is 1.88 m, equal to 6 ft 2 in.


Michael Caine is a distinguished actor renowned for his Cockney accent and powerful depiction of roles. Today, he is regarded as a British film icon and the ninth highest-grossing box office star.

Despite such adulation, he remains a family-oriented private person interested in charity work.

As of July 2024, Michael Caine’s net worth is roughly $60 Million. 

What do you think about Michael Caine’s net worth? Leave a comment below. 

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Sofia Vergara Net Worth

Sofia Vergara Net Worth

What is Sofia Vergara’s net worth?

Net Worth:$180 Million
Born:July 10, 1972
Height:1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)
Country of Origin:Columbia
Source of Wealth:Professional Actress/Model
Last Updated:Jul 17, 2024


As of July 2024, Sofia Vergara’s net worth is approximately $180 Million. 

Sofía Vergara is a Colombian-American actress and model from Barranquilla, Colombia.

Vergara rose to prominence while co-hosting two television shows for the Spanish-language television network Univisión in the late 1990s. Her first notable acting job in English was in the film ‘Chasing Papi’.


Early Life 

Sofia Vergara was born on the 10th of July, 1972, in Barranquilla, Colombia.

Her mother, Margarita Vergara de Vergara, was a housewife and her father, Julio Enrique Vergara Robayo, was a cattle farmer. 

She attended Marymount International School Barranquilla, a private bilingual Spanish/English school. She later studied dentistry for three years at a university in Colombia.



Sofia Vergara's Career

Sofia Vergara was discovered in Columbia by a photographer who, due to her beauty, offered her modeling and television work. She appeared in her first commercial for Pepsi when she was 17 and joined the Creative Workshops School of Acting, where Gloria Estefan started her career. 

In 1995, Vergara starred in the telenovela Acapulco, cuerpo y alma and co-hosted Fuera de serie and A que no te atreves. After gaining some renown, she appeared in her first English role as a guest in an episode of Baywatch in 1999.


Building Her Career

Sofia Vergara made her film debut in 2002, appearing in Collateral Damage and Big Trouble. In 2003, she played a supporting role in Chasing Papi

In 2005, she landed a lead role in the series Hot Properties and was featured in Ashton Kutcher’s Punk’d during season five. After guest starring on Entourage in 2007, Vergara appeared in 23 Amas de Casa Desesperadas episodes and had a central role in The Knights of Prosperity. However, one of her most well-known roles came in 2009 when she was cast as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in the ABC sitcom Modern Family.

From 2010 to 2013, she was nominated consecutively for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. She also became the highest-earning woman in U.S. television, earning an estimated $19 million for 12 months of filming. Because of her exposure to the show, she was named one of People magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People and one of the most influential Latinas in Hollywood. 

In 2015, Vergara was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and her annual income was reported to be $28 million. Her income rose higher in 2016 to $43 million per year, making her one of the wealthiest actresses in the world thanks to her talent. Vergara became a judge on America’s Got Talent in 2020 and has remained a staple of the show ever since.


A Businesswoman

Alongside being an accomplished actress, Sofia Vergara has proven to be an exceptional businesswoman. 

In 2011, Vergara designed a clothing line for Kmart targeting soccer moms and became the face of CoverGirl the same year. Soon after, she starred with David Beckham in a Pepsi commercial and became a spokesperson for Comcast and State Farm. 

In 2013, Vergara signed endorsement contracts with Synthroid, Pepsi, and Rooms To Go before becoming an ambassador for Head & Shoulders. With Rooms To Go, she launched her furniture line, the Sofia Vergara Furniture Collection, which is still on sale today. Vergara then teamed up with Payless in 2018 to launch her shoe and handbag collection before creating a clothing line for Walmart the following year. 

She debuted her eyewear collection in 2020 with Foster Grant and dropped a line of intimate appeal through Walmart in 2021. Since then, she has released a jewelry and home decor line with Walmart, which has been her biggest collaborator. 

Most recently, Vergara released her own beauty brand called Toty, which was named after her childhood nickname.


Sofia Vergara Net Worth

As of July 2024, Sofia Vergara’s net worth is $180 Million. 



Here are some of the best highlights of Sofia Vergara’s career:

  • Modern Family (TV-Show, 2009-)
  • Chef (Movie, 2014) 
  • Hot Pursuit (Movie, 2015)
  • Stano (Movie, 2019) 


Favorite Quotes from Sofia Vergara 

“Latin women are very comfortable with their bodies and their sexuality. We aren’t afraid to show that off a little bit more.” – Sofia Vergara

“Confident people have a way of carrying themselves that makes others more attracted to them.” – Sofia Vergara

“I’m a natural blonde. But when I started acting, I would go to auditions and they didn’t know where to put me because I was voluptuous and had the accent, but I had blonde hair. It was ignorance: they thought every Latin person looks like Salma Hayek.” – Sofia Vergara

“Well, in Colombia everybody’s very voluptuous, and you’re supposed to be. You don’t want to be skinny when all of your cousins are mermaids. You grow up thinking that’s how beauty is.” – Sofia Vergara


3 Life Lessons from Sofia Vergara 

Let’s take a look at some of the strongest lessons we can learn from her: 


1. Confidence is Key

She is funny, smart, gorgeous and an actress in one of the most popular shows on TV, so we understand this woman’s confidence.

Sophia knew that confidence was key even before she got famous. So ignore that little voice in your head telling you that you are not good enough because you definitely are!


2. Embrace Yourself

Sofia Vergara is proud of her curves and embraces herself for who she is and the way she looks.

Now we all can see that this woman is in great shape, but living in the public eye and especially in Hollywood, having curves is not always highly appreciated. So no matter what size you are, embrace yourself!


3. Dress For You

If we were all honest with ourselves we know that 9 out of 10 times we want to look good for other people and not just ourselves. We often care what people think of us based on what we choose to wear. Sofia made it very clear that she dresses for herself and does not follow trends.

She knows a lot of women don’t like the way she dresses, but her clothes make her feel good and as long as she is having a good time and is enjoying herself, she does not care what other people think. So, never forget to do what makes you happy!


Frequently Asked Questions


How much is Sofia Vergara worth?

Sofia Vergara’s net worth is estimated to be $180 Million.

How old is Sofia Vergara?

Sofia Vergara was born on July 10, 1972, and is currently 52 years old.

How tall is Sofia Vergara?

Sofia Vergara’s height is 1.70 m, equal to 5 ft 7 in.


Sofia Vergara has been the top-earning actress on US television for three years and is ranked 32nd on Forbes’ list of the world’s most powerful women.

She has modeled for several brands and products and launched her own clothing line and jewelry collection. 

As of July 2024, Sofia Vergara’s net worth is estimated to be $180 Million. 

What do you think about Sofia Vergara’s net worth? Leave a comment below.

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Tom Arnold Net Worth

Tom Arnold Net Worth

What is Tom Arnold’s net worth? 

Net Worth:$20 Million
Born:March 6, 1959
Height:1.88 m (6 ft 2 in)
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Actor
Last Updated:Jul 17, 2024


Tom Arnold is an American professional actor and comedian.

Arnold is best known for starring in ‘Roseanne,’ ‘The Jackie Thomas Show’ and ‘The Tom Show’.

He has appeared in films such as ‘True Lies’, ‘Nine Months’, ‘McHale’s Navy’, ‘Animal Factory’, ‘Cradle 2 the Grave’, ‘Mr. 3000’, ‘Happy Endings,’ ‘The Great Buck Howard’ and ‘Madea’s Witness Protection. 

As of July 2024, Tom Arnold’s net worth is estimated to be $20 Million. 


Early Life 

Tom Arnold was born on the 6th of March, 1959, in Ottumwa, Iowa.

Arnold is the son of Linda Kay and Jack Arnold. He has six siblings. When he was a child, he was diagnosed with autism. His mother abandoned the family when he was just a child, and their father raised them. 

During his teenage years, he worked at a meatpacking plant. He then attended Ottumwa High School and the University of Iowa from 1981 to 1983. 



Tom Arnold began his career in the early 80s with a comedy routine called Tom Arnold and the Goldfish Review. 

When that became a success, Roseanne Barr hired him as a writer for her comedy sitcom Roseanne. The pair married in 1990 and often became the topic of tabloid stories due to their outlandish behavior. 

In 1992, Arnold earned his sitcom The Jackie Thomas Show, which aired after Roseanne and ran for 18 episodes. 

Tom Arnold went from being one of the funniest stand-up comedians of all time to a successful TV star in just a decade.


Establishing Himself

In 1993, Tom Arnold bought a home in Iowa with Roseanne Barr, and the pair opened Roseanne and Tom’s Big Food Diner. 

In the same year, they also appeared together in the film The Woman Who Loved Elvis, and in 1994, Arnold Schwarzenegger joined Arnold Schwarzenegger in True Lies

Soon after, Tom and Roseanne divorced, citing irreconcilable differences, and they shut down the restaurant they opened in 1995. 

Following his divorce, Tom Arnold began narrating commercials for Craftmatic Adjustable Beds and starring in films like Big Bully and Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

In 1997, he appeared in The Tom Show and voiced himself in The Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror X.”

He started the 2000s by starring in an episode of Baywatch: Hawaii and the series Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth and Just Sue Me

Arnold was then cast in Romantic Comedy 101 and Hansel & Gretel before voicing Corporate Santa in the animated Fairly OddParents

From 2008 to 2009, Arnold hosted and narrated My Big Redneck Wedding, and he was cast as Georgie Caruso in Sons of Anarchy. He also appeared in several films during this time, including The Skeptic, American Summer, Group Sex, and April Showers.


Arnold’s Recent Work

Entering the 2010s, Tom Arnold joined Tyler Perry in Madea’s Witness Protection and appeared in the comedies Hit and Run and Chilly Christmas

In 2016, he played himself on Trailer Park Boys and starred as Elvis Bertrand for four episodes of NCIS: New Orleans

The following year, he became a contestant on the Australian version of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here and was the first to be kicked out. Soon after, Arnold stated that he’d been paid between $600k and $700k for appearing on the program, which was a decent payday. 

In June 2017, Arnold sued Network Ten for a comedy tour in Australia, where he was supposed to receive $425k but had only received $285k. 

He then appeared on the Viceland show The Hunt for the Trump Tapes, which received negative reviews and low viewership. 

Arnold started the 2020s off by starring in World’s Funniest Animals and, in 2021, was cast in the films Queen of Meth and High Holiday

He has most recently appeared in the films Ape vs. Mecha Ape and the TV series True Lies and FUBAR.


Tom Arnold Net Worth

As of July 2024, Tom Arnold’s net worth is estimated to be $20 Million.


How Does Tom Arnold Spend His Money? 

Tom Arnold’s Home 

In 1998, he purchased a home in Beverly Hills. He later sold it in 2006. He then purchased another house from Randy Jackson, located in the L.A suburb of Tarzana.

In 2009, Arnold also purchased $1.7 million for a 4,600-square-foot mansion in the lower Benedict Canyon area of Beverly Hills.



Here are some of the best highlights of Tom Arnold’s career: 

  • Nine Months (Movie, 1995) 
  • Big Bully (Movie, 1996) 
  • Exit Wounds (Movie, 2001) 
  • Soul Plane (Movie, 2004) 
  • Hit and Run (Movie, 2012) 


Favorite Quotes from Tom Arnold 

“Dating is so insecure. My last relationship, I was always there for her, and she dumped me. Remember when you flunked out of school?  Remember when you lost your job? I was there!” – Tom Arnold

“People still question my sobriety, my commitment to the program, and that hurts. I take things day by day, and sometimes I take them minute by minute, but I honor my commitment to stay sober.” – Tom Arnold

“If one might wish for impossibilities, I might then wish that my children might be well versed in physical science, but in due subordination to the fulness and freshness of their knowledge on moral subjects. … Rather than have it the principal thing in my son’s mind.” – Tom Arnold

“If you’re spending a lot of time in the writers’ room and then you’re also acting, you have your foot in both of those doors. I’d always say to the writers, “You can say whatever you want about your boss in front of me. I’m not going to think about it as my girlfriend.” You’ve got to be able to trash your boss, in any job.” – Tom Arnold

“There are people who believe once somebody gets you a job in show business you , are set and the truth is you have to fight for every job. People opened the doors for me ,for sure, and hopefully, I’ve helped open the door for some people but when you’re there it’s on you and you better be ready for it.” – Tom Arnold

“To the extent that movies get released, they are generally not big box-office generators. Hollywood is clearly focusing on their holiday releases coming up and those will either make or break the year.” – Tom Arnold


Frequently Asked Questions


How much is Tom Arnold worth?

Tom Arnold’s net worth is estimated to be $20 Million.

How old is Tom Arnold?

Tom Arnold was born on March 6, 1959, and is currently 65 years old.

How tall is Tom Arnold?

Tom Arnold’s height is 1.88 m, equal to 6 ft 2 in.


Tom Arnold is an American actor and comedian. Arnold rose to fame as a successful comedian and gained fame for starring in the hit sitcom ‘Roseanne.’ He has also starred in ‘The Jackie Thomas Show’ and ‘The Tom Show.’

On the big screen, he has appeared in movies such as True Lies, Happy Endings, The Final Season, and Madea’s Witness Protection.

As of July 2024, Tom Arnold’s net worth is estimated to be $20 Million. 

What do you think about Tom Arnold’s net worth? Leave a comment below. 

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