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22 Strong & Inspirational Joe Budden Quotes

Zisilia Alvsa



22 Strong & Inspirational Joe Budden Quotes

Which are your favorite Joe Budden quotes?

Joe Budden is an American broadcaster, cultural critic, media personality, and former rapper who is best known for his 2003 top 40 single ‘Pump It Up’ and as a member of ‘Slaughterhouse’. He has featured with dozens of artists, including Cee Lo Green, Eminem, and Busta Rhymes.

In 2018, he retired from rap and found success as a broadcaster. He began co-hosting ‘Everyday Struggle’ a daily morning show for Complex. He currently hosts ‘The Joe Budden Podcast’. He has been described as Howard Stern of Hip-Hop.

Here’s a collection of the most inspiring Joe Budden quotes:


22 Strong & Inspirational Joe Budden Quotes

1. “I came up in battling and just wanting to compete. Even if you had no real problem with someone, you just wanted to compete.” – Joe Budden

2. “Life is like a beach chair when you can afford one” – Joe Budden

3. “Success to me is self-determined, the life I live today, to come from a kid strung out on angel dust, homeless, at some points sleeping in the street. No money, not knowing where the next meal was coming from. No sex, no relationships, people that didn’t love me, didn’t care about me, to where I am today… that’s successful. When I signed my record deal I always wanted to be respected by my peers for my ability and my skill level.” – Joe Budden

4. “Why try to fit in when you a stand out?” – Joe Budden

5. “Don’t ask for a cig’ – I’m so self-centered, I won’t even share this cancer.” – Joe Budden

6. “Leave the past in the past, tomorrows not promised and Todays just a gift I guess that’s why its the present” – Joe Budden

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7th of 22 Joe Budden Quotes 

7. “Sometimes you gotta stand by your failures to recognize your success” – Joe Budden


8. “Whatever you goin’ through, could always be much worse, Don’t make a mistake, mistakin’ your blessings for a curse.” – Joe Budden

9. “Destiny made a mistake and gave my fate to someone else.” – Joe Budden

10. “In my world, even sure bets are not certain; ‘Cause you’ll get the picture, then find out it’s the cropped version.” – Joe Budden

11. “Project X now, but it started as a Hunger Game.” – Joe Budden

12. “Up late talking to the fans on a website, That’s the only thing that send ya man off to bed right” – Joe Budden

13. “Music is my therapy.” – Joe Budden

14. “I never cared, I was careless, Fear bein afraid or maybe I’m afraid to be fearless. Or fear bein’ fearless but fearful, So even in my carelessness…gotta be careful.” – Joe Budden

15. “Maybe I’m regular and the world needs to adjust?” – Joe Budden

16. “They say I’m difficult, so to put it simply….tell the world I never cared it was against me.” – Joe Budden


17th of 22 Joe Budden Quotes 

17. “I’m such a spiritual man. I think that displayed in the music throughout the course of my career.” – Joe Budden


18. “For me, honest critique is not all about your feelings and your ear. Honest critique is sitting down with an album that you may not put on in your spare time, and really digging into that album, so you can talk about the beat selection.” – Joe Budden

19. “I loved love til’ it resented me, and if it’s still a stranger then I love who it pretends to be.” – Joe Budden

20. “Look, sometimes the truth could hurt you so I blow my cig smoke right at the truth commercial.” – Joe Budden

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21. “Take away what we love, wed all be Joe Paterno.” – Joe Budden

22. “I’ve always been outspoken. I’ve always been honest. I’ve always said things that maybe other people were afraid to say.” – Joe Budden



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Zisilia Alvsa is a writer for Wealthy Gorilla. Friends often call her Zii. She is a girl from Jakarta, Indonesia who currently lives in Bali. Zii loves photography and travelling.

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