50 David Arquette Quotes About Acting, Life & Hard Work

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David Arquette is an American actor, director, producer, and professional wrestler who is well known for his role as Dewey Riley in the ‘Scream’ horror franchise. He makes his debut acting career in the early 1990s.

He has appeared in many television series such as ‘Blossom’, ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’, and ‘The Hughleys’ and movies including ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, ‘Airheads’, and ‘Never Been Kissed’. Other than acting he also a professional wrestler and has won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Here’s our collection of the best David Arquette quotes:


50 David Arquette Quotes About Acting, Life & Hard Work

1. “Sometimes I’m like, ugh, I overshare and I’m too much of an open book, but it’s also part of who I am.” – David Arquette

2. “I’m trying not to listen to too many people. Trying to live more in the moment, do projects I really believe in, and kind of try to focus my energy on those.” – David Arquette

3. “It’s deep, the love I have for wrestling.” – David Arquette

4. “I just hope to keep doing fun stuff and hopefully entertaining people and having a smile and laugh. That’s my favorite. Laughing and smiling.” – David Arquette

5. “I do get social anxiety anyway, but it’s the good thing is that now that I’m also an actor and a wrestler, I can dress any way I want. There’s no holds barred under my fashion choices now.” – David Arquette

6. “I’m gonna sound so clichéd, but this wasn’t so much about wrestling as it was about wrestling with myself.” – David Arquette

7. “I got to wrestle with the Honky Tonk Man, Jimmy Hart, and Greg Valentine. So that that wasn’t in it. Like there’s things like that, that were pretty incredible.” – David Arquette

8. “I’ve done a bunch of stuff, which I’m proud of and I love them, but they just don’t crack through the noise. There’s a lot of things out there. Yeah, it’s good to just have something.” – David Arquette

9. “I’m not overly religious in any way, but I’m spiritual.” – David Arquette


10th of 50 David Arquette Quotes

10. “What I like to try to set up, projects that I enjoy, have fun and love the people I’m doing it with. So there’s a little bit of a love halo around that.” – David Arquette


11. “To entertain people, to make them smile and laugh. I like doing emotional parts and things that go deeper and can get you to feel as well, but my main focus is laughter.” – David Arquette

12. “If you see a lot of comedians, they have that really dark side.” – David Arquette

13. “The first day we were shooting we got into a bar fight, which, like, how is that? How’s that possible? It was bananas.” – David Arquette

14. “You go through the times of you feeling so alone, and nothing’s happening, and then it’s those people that are really there for you. So all this stuff is icing on the cake.” – David Arquette

15. “I feel good, I feel I’m in a much better place. It calmed me down a lot. Strangely. It got me to be able to sit with myself a lot easier.” – David Arquette

16. “When I’m sad, I go into a deep, dark place. I’ve had to learn all the ways to get out of it.” – David Arquette

17. “I think it’s interesting when someone captures, at least parts of this journey that you kind of went through or had over the last few years. It’s hard for it not to get morphed in with how people react to it.” – David Arquette

18. “I’m happy. I’m really enjoying time with my family. I realize too that’s the most important thing: your friends and family.” – David Arquette

19. “I’ve learned a lot through the process. Ultimately what I learned was that I’ve been beating myself up for years, and I had to learn how to really love myself and be kinder to myself.” – David Arquette


20th of 50 David Arquette Quotes

20. “Cody Rhodes, man, that guy’s a movie star. And Jack Perry, especially, that kid is really going to be a tremendous actor.” – David Arquette


21. “I see myself at different times, [and] that really captured a time in my life where a lot of things were kind of coming together. Years of therapy, diction issues, mental health issues. So it was all coming to this place where I do feel like I came out better on the other side. But it was a challenging journey for sure.” – David Arquette

22. “I hope I just make people smile. That’s really my goal in life.” – David Arquette

23. “You have to fully love yourself or you can never really make it work.” – David Arquette

24. “I do feel like I achieved what I set out to do. Strange, I was doing it for others, you know, to prove myself to the wrestling community. But what I learned and it’s a common lesson in general, but it’s that you got to love yourself.” – David Arquette

25. “The self-abuse, being critical of myself. We all have that voice in our heads, but some of us have it louder than others.” – David Arquette

26. “That’s the dream after this, or to get a show on TV, cast “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, you know what I mean? I just think these guys have such incredible talent.” – David Arquette

27. “Just keep going. You achieve what you set out to do, then what’s kind of the next goal.” – David Arquette

28. “I think wrestlers are such tremendous performers and actors.” – David Arquette

29. “On little films like this, you’re really on the hustle the whole time. So, everybody’s kind of scrambling and doing a thousand jobs. As a producer, I’m pretty much just bringing snacks. I made sure they had some good snacks to eat.” – David Arquette


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30. “I try not to think too much about that. Because I did want to open myself up. You know, I know that movies come from good places with this having a subject that’s really open and vulnerable and honest. ” – David Arquette


31. “I’d love to see Booker T. do more acting; I’d love to see Ric Flair be on a cop show on CBS. Although The Rock’s the biggest movie star in the world.” – David Arquette

32. “I love the script that Brea had written about this sort of urban legend about people falling asleep and getting their organs stolen from them, and how she sort of incorporated it into this hospital in Arkansas.” – David Arquette

33. “Not beat myself up as much. But it still happens in life, sort of like that roller coaster, so you have to be careful of it all.” – David Arquette

34. “I just think there’s a ton of wrestlers that could be tremendous actors, as well.” – David Arquette

35. “But my wife, Christina, it was their first feature film that she’d produced and I was just so impressed at the job she’d done. She was this powerhouse producer and I was like, “How did you do all this?” But the toolset she got from being a journalist really fit in perfectly with producing.” – David Arquette

36. “I’d like to be a bridge with wrestling in Hollywood and try to set up some films.” – David Arquette

37. “Jordan, Tara, and Matt are HCT Media, and they’re really talented filmmakers and producers. Matt’s shooting everything, and he scored the whole film and did incredible job with it. So, it was great to be surrounded by such talented filmmakers.” – David Arquette

38. “In general, I think it’s really great that these kinds of stories are being told now; that women are getting – my sister Patricia is, for example, just getting so many wonderful roles to play and it’s just great that it’s expanding.” – David Arquette

39. “I’d love to see Hollywood and the wrestling world get even more embedded together.” – David Arquette


40th of 50 David Arquette Quotes

40. “I mean, there’s just so much that’s been left out in general, in all aspects of filmmaking.” – David Arquette


41. “Jordan and Tara, one of the other producers, and Christina are all from Arkansas – so we really wanted to bring some filmmaking to Arkansas and Jonesboro. It’s a beautiful town; I hope people can visit. But it was a lot of fun. Really tremendous people.” – David Arquette

42. “I like adrenaline and I like thrills but, honestly, what’s the alternative to love?” – David Arquette

43. “There are some people that have their levels right. I think my family’s make-up has always been pretty extreme. More so when I was younger, all my senses pinged at all moments.” – David Arquette

44. “I mean, part of the idea behind it, was to put a spotlight on a guy like RJ City. I think he’s such a talent and just an amazing person.” – David Arquette

45. “Jack Perry, I think he’s just a movie star and he’ll be a really incredible actor in the future.” – David Arquette

46. “I’m so glad that it’s opening up, and it’s getting such way more diversity and more female directors.” – David Arquette

47. “It’s really great to be in a movie that people seem to be enjoying.” – David Arquette

48. “When you’re an addict, one of the goals is to actually kill yourself, It’s part of your brain, somewhere inside there, and his job is to try to kill you. It’s just a fact… when you feel a lot, [drugs and alcohol] numb some of that pain, so much that you just don’t feel anymore.” – David Arquette

49. “We toured a bunch and there weren’t really a lot of cameras for that stuff. There were some moments with some real legends.” – David Arquette

50. “I don’t know If I will wrestle that much more or anything, I’d love to still be involved in the wrestling world.” – David Arquette



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