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Which are your favorite Cazzie David quotes?

Cazzie David is an American actress and writer.

She is best known for co-creating and also co-starring in the popular web series ‘Eighty-Sixed’.

Another movie project she has also successfully developed is ‘Half-Empty’, which was picked up by the giant movie streaming service “Amazon Prime Video.”

David’s career as a writer debuted after she graduated from college.

Her recent outstanding achievement is when she released the collection of essays titled ‘No One Asked For This’, which became number 2 on the New York Times Paperback Nonfiction Best Sellers List.

She is also amassing more recognition for her upcoming appearance in the third season of the widely celebrated TV series ‘The Umbrella Academy.’

Here’s a collection of the most inspirational Cazzie David quotes:


40 Strong & Inspirational Cazzie David Quotes

1. “For anyone who’s read the book, you know my mental state is very anxious and self-conscious, so I’m going to do my best to stay away from everything. Good luck to me.” – Cazzie David

2. “I find the world extremely upsetting – not in the way an average person does but more in the way a crazy person might.” – Cazzie David

3. “But I’m not like most writers who can write until 5 in the morning and drink coffee all night. I can only write during the day, and I do it from my bed because I don’t have a desk.” – Cazzie David

4. “All I want in life is to pet my dog and cat. After that, all I want to do is post photos of them. Mostly because they’re the cutest things ever, but also because I don’t have to worry about how ugly I look in the photo.” – Cazzie David

5. “My mom’s developed a pretty good sense of humor based on having been with my dad for so many years while he was writing Curb and Seinfeld, so she’s really good-natured about it.” – Cazzie David

6. “The endless definitions for feminism are exhausting. It’s this, it isn’t this, it’s only this if you’re this, etc.” – Cazzie David

7. “The thing about my anxiety, or obsessive thoughts, is that once I eventually stop panicking and take a step back, I’ll realize, oh, I actually just thought of a bunch of material. So that was the core of this book: what I was having anxiety over.” – Cazzie David

8. “Unfortunately I’m hyper self-aware, to a fault. So it’s not even me trying to get ahead of anything. It’s just the kind of thing where every time I enter a room I’m like, “I’m sorry. I’m here. I know I’m privileged.” I’m aware it’s very unappealing, and I don’t know what to do about it. It’s a horrible quality. But at the end of the day, at least I know I’m not like Don Jr. or something, so I hope people can look past my privilege.” – Cazzie David

9. “Well, this was another case of another being coming into my body and making that decision for me. Her name might have been, like, Victoria. She was a very confident person. She did all of this because I certainly wouldn’t do it. That’s all I can say.” – Cazzie David


10th of 40 Cazzie David Quotes

10. “Like most people, I am an enormous fan of movies.” – Cazzie David


11. “It does get weird to write something when you’re in that state of mind and then months later be editing it while I feel a completely different way.” – Cazzie David

12. “I like that my dad makes it clear he’s there to make you laugh, not to showcase his emotional range.” – Cazzie David

13. “Sickness is often my number-one anxiety, but as a contrarian, I am actually forced to feel differently than everyone else, no matter what. So that has been helpful for my pandemic-related anxiety.” – Cazzie David

14. “I feel really bad about myself unless I spend time writing every day. Just the wanting to feel good is enough to make me sit down and do it.” – Cazzie David

15. “I really put it all out there, in the book. The scariest part of the process is not really knowing how people will react to that.” – Cazzie David

16. “It’s something I’m aware of and know I have. I know there’s a world where I wouldn’t have gotten this book published if I didn’t grow up the way I did, but that didn’t help me write the book. I hope maybe my writing is just as loud as my blatant privilege is.” – Cazzie David

17. “Never forget when posting something on Instagram that it lasts forever. Instagram is embarrassing enough as is, so be careful. A post might not embarrass you in this moment, but it’s likely to in the future. So don’t only think about yourself; think about your future self.” – Cazzie David

18. “To some degree, I think playing yourself has to be earned.” – Cazzie David

19. “There is something comforting in the fact that there’s so much going on in the world right now and maybe it means there’s a little bit less attention on the book than there would be otherwise. I actually have no idea how much attention would be on it otherwise, but I like that it might be overshadowed.” – Cazzie David


20th of 40 Cazzie David Quotes

20. “I work in between complaining.” – Cazzie David


21. “I watch MSNBC while I simultaneously read the news. After dinner, I’m in my room for the night worrying about everything I saw on MSNBC.” – Cazzie David

22. “I can write about all the worst parts of me without judging myself and kind of amplify them in a way that one would write, like, an absurd character. Of course, I’m not exaggerating, like, any of my emotions or parts of my personality. But it does allow me to express them to the fullest degree without shame.” – Cazzie David

23. “Most of the essays are about things I spent a lot of time obsessing over, so they’re definitely ingrained in my memory.” – Cazzie David

24. “I can’t say that every privileged person I’ve ever met lives with this amount of guilt, so I guess I’d have to say my parents had a lot to do with it. And maybe it’s self-loathing too.” – Cazzie David

25. “All manners of communication are bad, but I think getting a phone call is the scariest thing that can happen to you. If anyone calls I’m like, “Why are you calling me, what’s wrong with you?” It’s as if no one is allowed to contact me.” – Cazzie David

26. “It’s so funny how social media was just this fun thing, and now it’s this monster that consumes so many millennial lives.” – Cazzie David

27. “My particular phone anxieties change monthly. So currently it’s that every time I receive a text I think it’s going to be something horrific. Or that we’re recording our entire lives, and the things that the phone can betray you with.” – Cazzie David

28. “I’ll often have new thoughts about something I experienced, or find a better way to articulate things.” – Cazzie David

29. “It might still be unsettling, even with all of them together in a book. But anyway, I then wrote another, and I kind of kept writing more. And the natural thing to do, at that point when I had a bunch of essays, was to try to sell them as a book.” – Cazzie David


30th of 40 Cazzie David Quotes

30. “I’ve learned a lot from having a public Instagram, especially from my commenters, who have, in turn, taught me a lot about myself.” – Cazzie David


31. “As for my dad, he probably got a little too much enjoyment from the writing that I did about my mother. And he got off easy [in the book], let’s just say that.” – Cazzie David

32. “Movies, more than anything I can think of, are a great escape from reality. My reality, in particular, needs escaping.” – Cazzie David

33. “I would say that the things I have anxiety about have changed — I’m the same person, I’m just anxious about more grown-up things. I mean, the state of the world is number one on the list, I think everyone feels that weight.” – Cazzie David

34. “I worry about stuff like getting sick, home invasions, and how animals are in pain but can’t tell anyone.” – Cazzie David

35. “People so often forget that their Instagram is more than just their latest post. Before posting, step back and look at the bigger picture, a.k.a. your flow.” – Cazzie David

36. “I like Zoom, actually. It’s planned. You know nothing bad is happening. I do have stage fright, though, and I am supposed to be doing some appearances and events.” – Cazzie David

37. “You want to have the perfect balance of hot and funny on your Instagram, but you never want too much of either… Don’t try to add humility to your blatant ‘hot’ posts through a half-hearted attempt at being funny. You look good; just own it.” – Cazzie David

38. “I’ve been writing essays since college, and I happen to have written one that I really like, but it was very personal and I didn’t feel as though it could serve as a standalone essay or be published in any way. Without being balanced by the full picture of a person, the subject matter could be a little unsettling.” – Cazzie David

39. “As soon as I walk outside, I get depressed. If I see a dog, I’ll get upset about how much it must suck to be on a leash. I’ll get on a bus and tear up at the thought of how the driver has to go back and forth on the same street for eight hours in mind-numbing traffic.” – Cazzie David

40. “When I hear that someone even uttered my name to another person, I get severe anxiety. This happens with most things I do, but it’s kind of like a different being entered my body and wrote this book and then left, leaving me with the aftermath of reviews and people talking about me, which I’m definitely not equipped to do.” – Cazzie David



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