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Claire Williams is an English businesswoman.

She is most known for being the Deputy Team Principal of the world-renowned racing team ‘Williams Formula One’, which competes in the highest class of international auto racing championships, ‘Formula One.

Over the course of her career, Williams earned the honor of being appointed ‘Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)’ for her services to the British kingdom in Formula 1 racing.

Williams started her career when she began working as a press officer for the popular ‘Silverstone racing circuit’ in England.

After leaving the job, she then joined the ‘Williams F1’ team from being a communications officer all the way up to being the head of the team before she finally resigned from her position after the widely celebrated race, ‘2020 Italian Grand Prix’.

Here’s our collection of the best Claire Williams quotes:


40 Inspiring & Deep Claire Williams Quotes

1. “You have to a huge amount of work to get the traction that you need, but I believe that the traction is there and there is a lot more women applying for roles in Formula One.” – Claire Williams

2. “I never noticed my gender when I stepped into a room at Williams, I was always very well supported — I don’t think it was even about that — I just think it wasn’t that gender was much noticed in F1 because really the sport is about being good at what you do.” – Claire Williams

3. “For many years, I always found that quite deeply frustrating and upsetting. I knew Dorliton were willing to put money into the team to take the team back to the front of the grid. I could sense a real passion for doing that, very similar to our family’s passion.” – Claire Williams

4. “The first was saving the team, when I say saving the team, I mean ensuring the people had the security of their job, that the team existed or survived for their benefit.” – Claire Williams

5. “I was fed up with the team, and all the people in it, scrabbling around not being able to do their job properly because we didn’t have the money to allow them to do it.” – Claire Williams

6. “To suddenly have to turn on the television as it comes to Mugello after Monza, that would have been too weird not to be there and watch other people run your cars… quite strange.” – Claire Williams

7. “We all saw the impact and effect that Susie Wolff had during her time.” – Claire Williams

8. “It takes a lot of energy from you, this sport.” – Claire Williams

9. “I want to rebuild myself a bit and find out who I am outside Formula 1. I have always been Claire Williams, the daughter of Frank Williams.” – Claire Williams


10th of 40 Claire Williams Quotes

10. “I didn’t watch it. I made a conscious decision not to really follow [F1] at all.” – Claire Williams


11. “To encourage those children to take up STEM subjects so that they could go to university to get the degrees that you need to work in F1.” – Claire Williams

12. “I’ve grown up with Williams my whole life and worked in the team for 20-odd years.” – Claire Williams

13. “If you have the freedom to fly, why not take the scenic route!” – Claire Williams

14. “I felt that I had done a lot of work in this phase, and I’d only started to embrace that work.” – Claire Williams

15. “Over the years, behind the scenes mum was very vocal contributor to decisions that were being made and she was really my dad’s founding board.” – Claire Williams

16. “You don’t realise how all-consuming it is until you step away from it, and how tight your body is and wound up you are until you get the opportunity to really decompress from it and it’s quite an insight. I miss it, and I still miss it.” – Claire Williams

17. “I talk to so many girls and it’s wonderful to see them really fight for what they want to do and to be able to contribute to that is a real privilege and one I regret that I can’t do it anymore.” – Claire Williams

18. “Dad always brought his work home with him and always discussed it with my mum and she had a hand on, when brands weren’t really a thing, it was my mum who made sure everything looked fantastic and I suppose the aesthetic of Williams always emanated from my mum.” – Claire Williams

19. “My mum was an extraordinary lady she was always very determined, gracious and that typical British stiff upper lip, nothing ever phased her, she never really complained she just got on with things and she fell in love with my dad who was a struggling F1 team owner and she put everything she had into the team.” – Claire Williams


20th of 40 Claire Williams Quotes

20. “I also wanted to make sure my dad came out of it with money to show for his work, not that he would have cared. My dad’s never taken a penny out of the team over the years.” – Claire Williams


21. “It’s a very different economic environment that we were facing certainly over the last three to five years of my leadership of the team and that made it very difficult, combined with the fact expenditure levels in F1 were going through the roof.” – Claire Williams

22. “I felt that quite keenly considering the position the team had been in for many years.” – Claire Williams

23. “We had female ambassadors at Williams from different departments that we would ask to go out into primary, secondary education to go and talk about their jobs to promote females in the workplace, promote engineering.” – Claire Williams

24. “You can still make a very good race car without a lot of that stuff but we didn’t manage to do that, unfortunately, for a variety of different reasons and clearly that’s not what we wanted. But that’s what happens and sometimes life deals you that set of hands and you just have to get on with it.” – Claire Williams

25. “I couldn’t really bring myself to watch it, I needed a bit of space. It would just be too difficult, you know?” – Claire Williams

26. “We’ve seen the great work that having W Series in existence has done to raise the profile of women and obviously the driver is a pivotal and very visible position within a team so you’ve got a female driver and that sends a very powerful message out to the world that ‘hey everyone thought F1 drivers were male, but there’s a woman lining up’ — that’s hugely powerful and would help the movement of getting more women into our sport.” – Claire Williams

27. “The only negativity I ever experienced was from people outside of the sport and people looking in and writing on social media that I never really cared about anyway.” – Claire Williams

28. “It made it very difficult, and complex regulations as well certainly didn’t help. So lots of things conspired to us being in the position we found ourselves in but also we always held our hands up.” – Claire Williams

29. “I wanted to ensure he had something to show for his legacy. That was really important to me as well.” – Claire Williams


30th of 40 Claire Williams Quotes

30. “I would like to leave and be myself, see how that feels.” – Claire Williams


31. “I didn’t think it was right to keep going so the Williams family stayed in the sport. That would have culminated in the team going into administration and just coming away with nothing.” – Claire Williams

32. “When corona hit there was the bigger picture to think about, how we were going to go racing again and keep our business afloat during the lockdown.” – Claire Williams

33. “What I came to accept was that if people are thinking of me in that position and if I can use my position to do something good and to give the next generation of females a lift up, support, or whatever you want to call it, into their careers, whether they be in F1 or not then that’s a really great thing I can do and if I can do that for just one girl then that’s an amazing achievement.” – Claire Williams

34. “I had a lot more that I wanted to contribute after having finally kind of got my teeth into it, so to speak. I found that quite upsetting that I couldn’t continue it.” – Claire Williams

35. “They wanted to build around that, and why they wanted to keep the name is important to me. I just felt that they were the right fit for Williams and the people.” – Claire Williams

36. “They had a huge amount of respect for the heritage and the legacy of Williams, huge respect for what my dad’s achieved, and they didn’t want to rip that up.” – Claire Williams

37. “It was like, ‘Right, we’re really scraping about here on what we’ve got.’ Then the decision came that we had to seek investment or sell.” – Claire Williams

38. “I think you can certainly see by walking down the paddock that there are so many women in F1 than there were 3-5 years ago, you can just see that. Lucia [Conconi] is on pit wall for Alfa Romeo, you see Bernadette [Collins] on the pit wall looking after Racing Point, and you just see the numbers are improving.” – Claire Williams

39. “If you want to fly, you have to flap your own wings!” – Claire Williams

40. “People are almost blind to whether you’re a man or a woman but then I think that’s my perspective, that is how I was treated at Williams and I know that’s not the same across the board because that’s only my experience.” – Claire Williams



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