40 Jerry Ferrara Quotes About Life, Acting & Hard Work

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Jerry Ferrara is an American actor. He is best known for his appearances as the character ‘Turtle’ on the hit comedy TV series ‘Entourage’.

Ferrara successfully turned his pot-smoking, chick-wrangling chauffeur character in the series into surprisingly likable, thus, he accumulated his own firm fan base. He then also landed regular roles on other popular TV series such as ‘Power’ and ‘Shooter’.

He began his acting career when he got guest-starring roles on the TV series ‘The King of Queens’ and ‘NYPD Blue’ from which he gained public recognition and made a breakthrough as an actor. Aside from acting, Ferrara also co-founded the restaurant ‘Fat Sal’s deli’ in Los Angeles.

Here’s a collection of the best Jerry Ferrara quotes:


40 Jerry Ferrara Quotes About Life, Acting & Hard Work

1. “Battleship is just as big as you could imagine, for an action film. It’s everything you could think of, and more. It’s a whole different kind of acting.” – Jerry Ferrara

2. “I had heard of the book before the movie came around, but I did not read it.” – Jerry Ferrara

3. “I have an acting bucket list of things I want to do. Think Like A Man fell into that category. I wanted to do that kind of relationship movie, and see if we could do it a little different than normal.” – Jerry Ferrara

4. “Two things I’m afraid of most, in life, are flying and horror movies, and I’ve tackled both of those.” – Jerry Ferrara

5. “I approached Entourage in that regard, too. With this, it wasn’t so much that he knew he was a slacker. He liked the way things were and he didn’t want to change, which is his own fear of having to grow up. It was kind of like Peter Pan syndrome. He wanted to stay a kid forever, and the bottom line is that you can’t.” – Jerry Ferrara

6. “The best of both worlds is where I stand. I’m not one of those guys that’s like, “Oh, I did a television show. I’m not doing TV anymore.” I think you’re foolish to even say something like that.” – Jerry Ferrara

7. “I now have a whole new appreciation for the action star.” – Jerry Ferrara

8. “I would have done anything with any of the characters. It’s a great show, but Romany has a special place in my heart, so I jumped at the opportunity.” – Jerry Ferrara

9. “I chalked it up to an advice book for women, on dating men, so I really didn’t see the point for me to read it. I also was very curious when I heard there was a script for it. I wondered, “How do you take an advice/self-help book and make it into a movie?” That got my attention right away. I was curious. It’s not that I wasn’t optimistic, or I thought the script was going to be bad, I just couldn’t really grasp how they were going to make it a movie. And then, I read the script and was like, “Okay, that’s how!” They did it.” – Jerry Ferrara


10th of 40 Jerry Ferrara Quotes

10. “I can see how some people are great at it, and that’s why they’re action stars.” – Jerry Ferrara


11. “I like to be the underdog. I’ve always been the underdog. But, I think that all the rules are different.” – Jerry Ferrara

12. “They broke down certain parts of the book and basically took all of the advice and rules that Steve Harvey had and put them right in there. It worked, for me.” – Jerry Ferrara

13. “I want to put them in a position to succeed. An ensemble works when everyone has the best chance to succeed, but it doesn’t always happen like that, sadly enough.” – Jerry Ferrara

14. “As far as I remember, Doug always wrote as many as he possibly could until we started shooting. The problem is he also needs to be on set and he’s responsible for so many other areas. So he would get as far along as he could with the scripts and then it was always kind of a race to the finish by the end. He’s very much on set still constantly writing.” – Jerry Ferrara

15. “You were on this show for eight years and people got to know you as this, so how are you going to do something else? I understand that, and I welcome that challenge. I really do.” – Jerry Ferrara

16. “There were some great improvs. Anytime you have a cast like this, with Kevin Hart, who is one of the funniest people walking the face of the earth, why would you just say, “Hey, stick to the lines in the script. If you have any ideas, we’re not open to that.” The guy has been succeeding on such a high level, comedically. That being said, the script was really funny. It wasn’t like, Hey, let’s just improve this whole scene.” – Jerry Ferrara

17. “Bruce Willis had a very good part of his career doing Die Hard. It’s a whole different style, work ethic, and everything. It was just cool to see something that big come to life.” – Jerry Ferrara

18. “Each storyline is a part of the book.” – Jerry Ferrara

19. “Everyone has a chance to relate to that. If you’re a woman and you don’t relate to the non-commiter, that I play, maybe you relate to dealing with the player that Romany [Malco] plays. There’s enough in there that everyone will find a common ground.” – Jerry Ferrara


20th of 40 Jerry Ferrara Quotes

20. “You get your coverage and your take and your close-up, but I always try to turn it on, even more, when it’s on the other person, to give them as much as I possibly can.” – Jerry Ferrara


21. “I just want to continue to evolve.” – Jerry Ferrara

22. “I have so much to say about Pete Berg. I had become friendly with him before Battleship. He actually did a cameo on Entourage. I really respect him. I love what he’s done with his career, from acting to writing, directing and producing.” – Jerry Ferrara

23. “The script was really, really well written. David [Newman] did a great job. We stuck to the page, but if we saw an opportunity for something, Tim Story would let us have a free take or two to play around, after we laid one down, as is. Some of the stuff was great and made it in, and some of the stuff maybe was better as scripted.” – Jerry Ferrara

24. “I got the script really not knowing at that point who was involved, but I’ve been a big fan of Dan Fogelman’s writing for a long time. And I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Dan, so I read the script and I thought it was a very, very funny script.” – Jerry Ferrara

25. “Chemistry is something that you can’t really practice for and get good at. It either happens or it doesn’t.” – Jerry Ferrara

26. “I can definitely relate to slacking. I have been a slacker. I’m still a slacker, in a lot of ways. I’m not necessarily as advanced in slacking as this particular character was, but the greatest thing about slackers is that they’re the only ones who don’t know they’re a slacker.” – Jerry Ferrara

27. “I think TV is always kind of a producer’s medium, in a way. I’m not trying to slight directors in any way. But Doug’s kinda the guy. This has always been his vision from day one. So the fact that he’s directing is just…it almost makes it a little bit easier. He’s there for every single facet of every shot. So yeah, I think it makes it even easier.” – Jerry Ferrara

28. “I’m not saying that I even have that big of a role in the movie because I don’t, but it’s a whole different job and a whole different kind of acting.” – Jerry Ferrara

29. “It always starts with the story and the script.” – Jerry Ferrara


30th of 40 Jerry Ferrara Quotes

30. “Obviously, there are the legends of the game, for years and years, like [Steven] Spielberg and [Martin] Scorsese.” – Jerry Ferrara


31. “There’s something great about playing one character for eight years. The way that the character can evolve is like playing a different character, time and time again. But, there are moments where you play a character for a certain amount of time that it can get stale.” – Jerry Ferrara

32. “I just want to do different stuff, of course, but stuff that’s inspiring.” – Jerry Ferrara

33. “I’m a big fan of Dito Montiel, who did A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints. He’s one of my favorite directors out there. I think he’s awesome, and I would love to see how he works. There’s just so many. It’s a really good time for directors right now.” – Jerry Ferrara

34. “I loved when Tim Story, the director, came on to direct it. I’ve always respected his work.” – Jerry Ferrara

35. “My one goal in this business is just longevity and respect, and that’s something I’ll always have to work toward.” – Jerry Ferrara

36. “Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Gabrielle Union, and Taraji Henson are all very, very talented people. I’d be a fool not to take this opportunity. It was a different kind of role than anything I’ve really gotten the chance to do.” – Jerry Ferrara

37. “the best part of being an actor, and the reason why I think a lot of actors do it, is that it’s always changing.” – Jerry Ferrara

38. “You get to play so many things that it’s like you’ve had so many different careers. You’re like, “In this movie, I was a cop. In this movie, I was in the Navy. In this movie, I was the slacker stoner.” You get to live out many of these professions.” – Jerry Ferrara

39. “My approach, similar to with Entourage, has always been to make the other guy look good.” – Jerry Ferrara

40. “A lot of people have asked about Gabrielle and I, the interracial relationship and whether that was an issue, but I hadn’t even thought about it like that.” – Jerry Ferrara



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