40 Chace Crawford Quotes About Acting, Work & Life

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Which are your favorite Chace Crawford quotes?

Chace Crawford is an American actor. He is best known for portraying one of the main characters ‘Nate Archibald’ on the widely celebrated TV drama series ‘Gossip Girl’. He has earned multiple ‘Teen Choice Awards’ and notably a nomination of the ‘People’s Choice Award’.

Crawford got his first exposure to the entertainment and media industry when he became a child model for the world-renowned clothing brand ‘Hollister’. Growing up, he actually developed an interest in journalism and marketing, a major he took up in university before deciding to drop out to focus on acting.

However, it was not until he landed roles in the aforementioned TV show that Crawford successfully became a household name.

Here’s a collection of the best Chace Crawford quotes:


40 Chace Crawford Quotes About Acting, Work & Life

1. “New York’s a big playground. I have a bike, and I’m really into just being outside. Especially in the summertime.” – Chace Crawford

2. “My perfect first date? Maybe a concert or a football game. That would be my ideal first date, but would the girl like it? I don’t know.” – Chace Crawford

3. “She (Mary) was a dream to work with.” – Chace Crawford

4. “That stuff was intense. They covered me in blood, and I had to stay that way, like soaking wet with this blood for hours.” – Chace Crawford

5. “No, I’ve eluded the Hollywood cults.” – Chace Crawford

6. “Now I’m on [The Boys], and I know [the original cast] all has our own little things going on, so I would have to work that out. If [the showrunners] wanted to work that out, we could talk about it. I’d definitely be open to that.” – Chace Crawford

7. “God, so I’m one of those people that got through a few seasons and just always kept trying to go back.” – Chace Crawford

8. “I knew Mary Harron was doing it. She did American Psycho, which is one of my all-time favorite movies. And I kind of look like Tex Watson — when they sent me the sides of the script it was sort of a no-brainer. Obviously, it’s a small role, but it was a really good time, you know, getting to work with this cast. Matt Smith, he was incredible.” – Chace Crawford

9. “Back in the day when I was in college I used to valet cars, so I was all good.” – Chace Crawford


10th of 40 Chace Crawford Quotes

10. “It was sort of a subversive look at the superhero genre even though it’s not necessarily a superhero show, but I thought I could bring something to the character that was funny.” – Chace Crawford


11. “I’m not a big superhero-genre fan. I don’t really run out to see all those movies. But for my sense of humor, my sensibilities, it was making fun of that. It’s a satire, definitely a dark comedy.” – Chace Crawford

12. “It’s funny to get some of the reactions from the guys, like these big, big dudes at the gym come up to me like, ‘Yo man, can I get a picture?” – Chace Crawford

13. “Personally I’m obsessive-compulsive about the placement and cleanliness of my things.” – Chace Crawford

14. “I’ve listened to podcasts and read a few books when we were doing this movie, and I think it’s always been a fascination.” – Chace Crawford

15. “Doubt your doubts before you doubt your beliefs.” – Chace Crawford

16. “But probably the driving scene was toughest because it was a bit of a monologue. They just kind of threw me in the car, and I was actually having to drive. It was in L.A., at like 2 in the morning, down some random side street.” – Chace Crawford

17. “I wasn’t really interested in playing the ​‘good guy’. [The Boys] was weird and a bizarre show and very dark, very dark comedy.” – Chace Crawford

18. “It’s obviously a dark, complicated character but to get to do some comedy as well and have fun with the character and make fun of the superhero tropes is something that’s completely different for me.” – Chace Crawford

19. “I feel like people have always been fascinated by Charles Manson.” – Chace Crawford


20th of 40 Chace Crawford Quotes

20. “I’d be watching and pausing and Wikipedia-ing all these characters.” – Chace Crawford


21. “We shot on every street corner in the city (New York), so there’s a lot of nostalgia here, that’s for sure.” – Chace Crawford

22. “There’s more guys coming up to me now but they always say they binged it with their wives or girlfriends.” – Chace Crawford

23. “Guinevere Turner also wrote the script, and she wrote American Psycho as well.” – Chace Crawford

24. “Just because it’s a superhero show doesn’t mean we can’t speak on real issues through that lens.” – Chace Crawford

25. “We were all there on set doing group shots. They pulled me over to a green screen and told me, ‘We’re doing calendars.’ I’m thinking, okay, everyone’s got a calendar. That’s great! But no. It was just me!” – Chace Crawford

26. “There are always those ‘Gossip Girl’ walk-and-talk scenes where you’re walking and just talking about life and death. You’re having a serious conversation, looking someone in the eye, but everywhere around you, it’s literally a circus.” – Chace Crawford

27. “They showed me one of the months and I’m like, ‘Cool.’ But then I’m flipping through and I’m like, Wait… I’m in every one of these. It’s just me. Well… s—t, I died laughing. It’s obviously in character and it’s amazingly cheesy and really funny. We really went for it.” – Chace Crawford

28. “I’m sworn to secrecy. I wish I could give you a good answer but we’ll never know. It will forever remain a mystery. We will never know!” – Chace Crawford

29. “I can’t remember the name of the book, I think it was called The Family, and I think that was the original title of the movie.” – Chace Crawford


30th of 40 Chace Crawford Quotes

30. “Really, I’m pretty laid-back, always cracking jokes.” – Chace Crawford


31. “But I had two or three other people in the car [in the Charlie Says scene]. It was some old 1972 — I can’t remember what the model was, but it’s like trying to chew gum and walk at the same time.” – Chace Crawford

32. “I hated modeling.” – Chace Crawford

33. “I had the best time on that show (Gossip Girl) and that was such a good experience – it opened a lot of doors.” – Chace Crawford

34. “I went into broadcast journalism. I loved every class I took, I just got anxious because I came to the realization that you’re groomed in high school to get good SAT scores to get into a good college or else you’re done for.” – Chace Crawford

35. “I wasn’t interested in playing or being in a show where the superhero themes and tropes were sort of on the nose.” – Chace Crawford

36. “I didn’t ask her (Hannah Murray) about any spoilers. I do know she was on it because I’ve watched; I’m pretty sure I watched the seasons that she was on. She was amazing by the way; she’s such a good actress.” – Chace Crawford

37. “I feel like I sometimes get along with female directors better almost.” – Chace Crawford

38. “She’s (Mary) very nuanced. Her direction was incredible.” – Chace Crawford

39. “I would hope that people don’t just see me as this guy [Nate] and would always give me an opportunity to come in and prove them otherwise, whether that’s in the audition or a meeting.” – Chace Crawford

40. “I didn’t know about the Tarantino project when we were doing this, but I think they’re very different.” – Chace Crawford



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