Roy Jones Jr. Net Worth

$7 Million

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What is Roy Jones Jr.’s net worth?

Net Worth:$7 Million
Born:January 16, 1969
Height:1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Professional Boxer
Last Updated:August 2, 2022


Roy Jones Jr. is a professional boxer who, apart from holding multiple world championship titles, is also a rapper and actor.

Roy was one of the few fighters to start his career as a light middleweight and then move up the weight divisions to become a heavyweight champion.

He is also known for his incredible performance at the Summer Olympics and was widely considered to be one of the greatest boxers of his generation. His footwork, reflexes, and impressive hand speed are what have made Roy stand out among the rest.

As of January 2023, Roy Jones Jr.’s net worth is estimated to be $7 Million.


Roy Jones Jr. Facts

  • Roy retired from his career as a professional boxer in 2016.
  • He returned for a short while to compete against Scott Sigmon when he was 51 years old in 2018.
  • There was supposed to be a Roy Jones Jr. against Mike Tyson fight in 2003 but it failed to materialize.
  • He ventured into the music industry and released a solo and a group album as a rapper in 2001.
  • Roy is a majority stakeholder in “Square Ring Promotion”, a boxing promoter founded in 1989.
  • Jones founded a CBD company called “Left Hook CBD” together with The Emerald Crop in 2017.


Early Life 

Roy Levesta Jones Jr. was born January 16, 1969, in Pensacola, Florida.

Jones Jr. began boxing at the age of six, under the close watch of his father, Roy Jones Sr., a Vietnam war veteran, and part-time pro boxer.

He came from a family of thirteen and showed tremendous athletic potential as a child. This was due to his mix of raw, physical talent, drive, and the rigorous training regimen his father had established.

He rose through the junior amateur ranks to secure a spot on the United States boxing squad for the Soul Olympic Games in 1988.

After a scandalous defeat in a match against Park Si Hun in South Korea, Roy said he would never fight again.

He returned to his home country and was welcomed with honor medals and praise, which resulted in him changing his mind and deciding to turn professional.



Roy made his debut as a professional boxer in a match against Ricky Randall in 1989 at the Pensacola Civic Centre.

Despite starting his professional career with a string of victories, Jones found himself in a situation where his career was stalled, fighting in county fairgrounds and losing money.

Roy Jr. was being guided by his father’s management, with championship matches promised but declined without his knowledge.

He fired his father as his trainer and manager after his father shot one of Roy’s bull-terriers after it bit a little girl.

Jones then hired a former Olympic trainer, Alton Merkerson, and decided to take care of his managerial duties by himself.

Roy was able to land himself a match against one of the richest boxers in the world, Bernard Hopkins. Even though Roy had a broken hand at the time, he still managed to win his first major title in 1993.

He was able to defend his world title against Eric Lucas in 1996 but lost to Montell Griffin.

Roy arranged a return fight and completely dismantled Montell during the first round of their 12-round fight.

He went on to defeat Reggie Johnson and claimed the WBA, WBC, and IBF light heavyweight championships in 1999.

Roy joins the likes of Evander Holyfield, George Foreman and Deontay Wilder as one of the best heavyweight fighters of his generation.


Roy Jones Jr.’s Career Earnings

Unfortunately for Roy, he experienced financial problems which have led him to bankruptcy in the past and have reduced his net worth due to failed business ventures.

Here’s an estimated overview of Roy Jones Jr.’s annual income:

  • Roy Jones Jr.’s Salary In 2013 – $1 million
  • Roy Jones Jr.’s Salary In 2014 – $3 million
  • Roy Jones Jr.’s Salary In 2015 – $4 million
  • Roy Jones Jr.’s Salary In 2016 – $6 million
  • Roy Jones Jr.’s Salary In 2017 – $2 million
  • Roy Jones Jr.’s Salary In 2018 – $4 million
  • Roy Jones Jr.’s Salary In 2019 – $1 million
  • Roy Jones Jr.’s Salary In 2020 – $10.5 million
  • Roy Jones Jr.’s Salary In 2021 – $$500,000
  • Roy Jones Jr.’s Salary In 2022 – $450,000

Despite his poor financial planning and lack of financial due diligence, Roy was able to recover financially by entering the ring once again.

He also tried his hand at rapping and secured some acting work to supplement his income. On top of that, he continued to train and promote up and coming boxers.


Roy Jones Jr.’s Net Worth Annually

Despite breaking records and reaching a career-high as a heavyweight, Roy decided to return to the light heavyweight arena to fight against Antonio Tarver.

In recent years, Roy has made a comeback with an incredible victory against Prince Bade Ajamu and tied with the ever-awesome, Mike Tyson who was not on his best form.

Here’s a breakdown of Roy Jones Jr.’s annual net worth:

  • Roy Jones Jr.’s Net Worth In 2013 – $4 million
  • Roy Jones Jr.’s Net Worth In 2014 – $4.2 million
  • Roy Jones Jr.’s Net Worth In 2015 – $4.5 million
  • Roy Jones Jr.’s Net Worth In 2016 – $4.8 million
  • Roy Jones Jr.’s Net Worth In 2017 – $5.5 million
  • Roy Jones Jr.’s Net Worth In 2018 – $5.7 million
  • Roy Jones Jr.’s Net Worth In 2019 – $6 million
  • Roy Jones Jr.’s Net Worth In 2020 – $6.5 million
  • Roy Jones Jr.’s Net Worth In 2021 – $6.8 million
  • Roy Jones Jr.’s Net Worth In 2022 – $7 million

Roy’s father, Roy Jones Sr. lost a fight with one of the richest athletes in the world, Marvin Hagler, on the same night as the Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Vinnie DeBarros fight.

Although Jones Sr. lost by getting knocked out in the third round, he was only paid $1,500, with the lion’s share going to Leonard, who received $50,000.


Personal Life

Roy married his long-time partner Natlyn Jones in 2000 and went on to have three sons together.

The couple’s sons, DeShaun Jones, Roy Jones III, and DeAndre Jones are all huge sports fans and greatly admire their father’s achievements.

Roy is known for being a loving husband and father, with Natlyn and Roy being one of the most celebrated couples out of all the sporting celebrities.

You can follow Roy’s official Instagram account or official Twitter account to see what he’s getting up to now.


Awards & Achievements

Roy was well prepared for the Olympic games as it was to be one of the crowning achievements of his amateur career.

However, refereeing in South Korea was a spectacular failure and Roy was so angry after the fight that he lost, he vowed never to fight again.

Here are some of the finest moments from Roy Jones Jr’s career:

  • Roy won a silver medal while representing the United States at the 1988 Summer Olympics.
  • He was named Fighter of the Decade by the Boxing Writers Association of America during the 1990s.
  • In 1988 he received the Val Barker Award after a scandalous defeat in South Korea.
  • He was voted Fighter of the Year by Ring Magazine in 1994.
  • Roy was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2022.

Roy Jones Jr. had an astonishing amateur career with a record of 121-13 before he decided to move into the professional fight world.

His many hours of training with his father paid dividends as he was as successful in the professional arena as he was on the amateur circuit.


How Does Roy Jones Jr. Spend His Money?

Roy has spent a lot of his money on business ventures, with some of them failing and leading him to bankruptcy.

He currently resides in Florida in a three-bedroom house worth $1 million and also bought a property in Venice Canals worth $2.65 million.

Several of Roy’s properties were put up for auction in 2018 to help him out of his financial difficulties.

Roy loves cars and motorbikes and has an awesome collection of the most expensive cars in the world, including the Mercedes-Benz CLK55 AMG worth $80,000. He also has a mint condition Cadillac Escalade worth over $975,000 and a 2003 Hummer valued at $20,000.



Roy kicked off his professional career with a stunning win over the favorite, Bernard Hopkins.

However, his father was not a great manager and damaged his son’s reputation to the extent that he was fired.

Here are some of the best highlights of Roy Jones Jr.’s career: 

  • Roy won a 12-round victory over Bernard Hopkins and claimed his first major title in Washington D.C. in 1993.
  • He started a career officially as a professional boxer in 1989.
  • In 2003, he made history by winning the WBA Heavyweight title as the middleweight champion.
  • Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. finally had their fight, resulting in an ultimate draw in 2020.
  • In 1996, he became the WBC interim champion before taking a shot at the world title against Montell Griffin. 

Roy’s thought process when he entered the ring was just to put a guy down as quickly and efficiently as possible.

He operated like a technician and learned to break down a fight into distinct pieces, from head to toe, find a weakness and then exploit it.


Favorite Roy Jones Jr. Quotes

Roy Jones Jr. knew nothing but boxing from an early age, as his father was determined that he would be a success.

Here are our favorite quotes from Roy Jones Jr.:

  • “Boxing has been my life, and it is my life. I’ve enjoyed every moment of it.” – Roy Jones Jr.
  • “With me, I come in the ring and start thinking right away.” – Roy Jones Jr.
  • “I started talking about retiring in 1997. This is a brutal game, and 25 years of it ain’t good for your health.” – Roy Jones Jr.
  • “I don’t care about no boxing’s legacy. I don’t care where they put me on the list of all-time greats – let them put me at the bottom.” – Roy Jones Jr.
  • “If I fought like I was looking for a place in history, it would ruin me as a person. I don’t think history is worth selling my soul.” – Roy Jones Jr.


3 Amazing Lessons From Roy Jones Jr.

Roy was very aware of how dangerous the sport of boxing was and after he fought Tarver he wanted a big payday with Wladimir Klitschko or Tyson or he’d retire.

Now that you know all about Roy Jones Jr.’s net worth, here are some of the best success lessons to learn from Roy Jones Jr.:


1. Opinions Don’t Matter

Roy found out early on that other people’s opinions do not matter in the greater scheme of things.

He didn’t let what the critics said about him bring him down or stop him from achieving his goals.


2. It’s Not About The Money

Roy feels that it is easy to forget why you got into the ring in the first place, and it’s not always about the money or getting to the top.

Even though he made history, it was never for fame but rather because it was what he knew and loved doing. The money and the fame were just extra, like icing on the cake.


3. One Day At A Time

It is easy to get distracted and focus on what comes next before you’ve dealt with the tasks of today.

For peace of mind, rather take it one day at a time and focus on the present and the future will take care of itself.



Roy is known by many nicknames, such as Captain Hook and Superman, representing aspects of his fighting ability.

He left a mark on sports history with his heavyweight title victory and broke a 106-year record.

Roy has left behind a legacy and currently spends his time with his family and coaching the younger generation of boxers.

As of January 2023, Roy Jones Jr.’s net worth is estimated to be $7 Million.

What do you think about Roy Jones Jr.’s net worth? Leave a comment below.

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