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Beth Phoenix Net Worth

Exploring the wrestling career and work as a color commentator that helped Beth Phoenix achieve her net worth.

Beth Phoenix Net Worth

What is Beth Phoenix’s net worth? 

Net Worth:$4 Million
Born:November 24, 1980
Height:1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Professional Wrestler
Last Updated:Jul 19, 2024


Beth Phoenix is an American professional wrestler and color commentator who worked on the independent circuit before joining the WWE.

Known for her marriage to Adam Copeland, known by his ring name Edge, Phoenix transitioned from wrestling to commentary along with regular appearances in WWE video games.

As of July 2024, Beth Phoenix’s net worth is estimated to be $4 Million.


Beth Phoenix Facts

  • While her impressive physique makes her an ideal wrestler, it also meant that she grew up with body confidence issues, and eventually had to seek professional help.
  • It didn’t take long for Beth Phoenix to experience her first injury, with the wrestling star breaking her jaw following her debut on RAW in 2006.
  • She’s been passionate about wrestling since she was a girl, and was the first female wrestler at Notre Dame high school.
  • When she took a break from the WWE in 2012, she cited family reasons, wanting to spend more time with her husband and children.
  • In 2017, she was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and was the youngest woman to have received the honor.


Early Life 

Beth Phoenix was born as Elizabeth Kociański in Elmira, New York, on November 24th, 1980, and was raised by Polish parents.

Her interest in wrestling began at a young age and was largely inspired by wrestlers such as Ted DiBiase, Sgt. Slaughter, and Bret and Owen Hart.

After completing her graduate degree from Canisius College in Buffalo, New York, she moved into a career as an amateur wrestler.



Beth Phoenix’s professional wrestling career began with several years working on the independent circuit, where she racked up several victories, leading to a tryout with the WWE.

After succeeding in the tryouts, she took her ring name Beth Phoenix, signing a developmental contract with the WWE in 2005.

While with the WWE, she rubbed shoulders with some of the richest wrestlers in the world, holding the Vivas Championship once and the WWE Women’s Championship three times.

As well as her wins, Phoenix lost to Nikki Bella during a non-title match for SmackDown and provided updates on her husband’s health when he was injured by Randy Orton in 2021.

In 2019, Phoenix became a full-time commentator for NXT, replacing Percy Watson and working alongside Mauro Ranallo and Nigel McGuinness.


More Professional Wrestlers:


Beth Phoenix’s Career Earnings

With her regular slots in the WWE over several years, Beth Phoenix will have enjoyed a consistently high salary.

In 2014, it was reported that she earned an impressive $240,000 that year alone for her role as a WWE diva.

Her work as a commentator will ensure she continues to take home a sizeable paycheck, as well as royalties from the sales of her WWE movies and video games.


Beth Phoenix’s Net Worth Annually

With a net worth of $4 million, Beth Phoenix is one of the richest divas in the WWE, with the official Beth Phoenix Instagram account featuring over 700k followers.

This net worth will continue to rise as Phoenix works as a commentator while continuing to return to the ring for occasional guest appearances.

With her marriage to Edge, their combined income and net worth give them considerable financial clout.


Personal Life

In 2001, Beth Phoenix married her first husband, Joel Carolan, who went by the ring name Joey Knight, with the couple divorced in 2010.

She began dating fellow WWE wrestler Edge, whose real name is Adam Copeland, in September 2011, with their daughter Lyric Rose Copeland was born on December 12th, 2013.

Another daughter, Ruby Ever Copeland, was born in 2016, and the same year Phoenix and Copeland were married.


Awards & Achievements

Having been wrestling since the late 1990s, Beth Phoenix has participated in multiple championships in which she has won several victories throughout her career.

Here are some highlights from Beth Phoenix’s career:

  • 1999: Phoenix wins two amateur wrestling championships in a single year, picking up Women’s Champion at North-East Wrestling and New York State Fair contests.
  • 2002: She is ranked No. 2 of the top 50 female wrestlers in the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Female 50.
  • 2015: She wins the Women’s Wrestling Award at the Cauliflower Alley Club professional wrestling event.
  • 2015: Beth Phoenix picks up the Frank Gotch Award in the George Tragos professional wrestling hall of fame.
  • 2017: She is inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the Class of 2017.


How Does Beth Phoenix Spend Her Money?

While Beth Phoenix’s net worth isn’t on par with some of the richest actresses in the world, she is still worth more than enough to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

Along with her husband, Phoenix has a residence in Asheville, North Carolina, which includes its own large gym and a room for their trophies.

She’s also known for her exceptional dress sense, whether fighting in the ring or delivering commentary from the sidelines.



With her outstanding career as a professional wrestler, combined with her work as a sports commentator, Beth Phoenix has enjoyed many high points and successes.

Here are some of the best highlights of Beth Phoenix’s career: 

  • 2004: Beth Phoenix makes her debut on Ohio Valley Wrestling, becoming her on-screen girlfriend to Chris Masters.
  • 2006: She debuts on RAW as a face, attacking Mickie James, later suffering an injury during a match against Victoria.
  • 2007: Phoenix defeats Michelle to win the first WWE Women’s Championship of her career.
  • 2010: She defeats McCool at WrestleMania XXVI to earn her third Women’s Championship.


Favorite Beth Phoenix Quotes

Beth Phoenix isn’t shy about speaking her mind and has often shared her insights into professional wrestling and life throughout her impressive career.

Here are our favorite quotes from Beth Phoenix:

  • For a long time when I was working to get a job and in OVW to create an image to get hired by WWE, they kept saying, ‘we’re looking for the next Trish Stratus. We want that look – that beautiful, feminine fitness model that kicks butt, and you just don’t fit the mold.’ That was holding me back for so long.” – Beth Phoenix
  • This isn’t a business that you can pick up in a few weeks. This takes years of commitment, dedication, passion, and hard work. With that is WWE’s road schedule that doesn’t provide for enough in-ring time for the divas to develop.” – Beth Phoenix
  • You can disagree with someone and still do business as a professional.” – Beth Phoenix
  • They say that you never forget your first love and my first love was wrestling. My grandmother taught me wrestling, but it was not until Wrestlemania 10, Bret Hart Vs. Owen Hart, who made a work of art.” – Beth Phoenix
  • A beach date would be awesome, with like a little picnic basket, some fruit, and bread – just something really, really relaxed and laid-back. I like just relaxing all day, maybe playing in the water a little bit. It’s just totally a day to chill.” – Beth Phoenix


3 Amazing Lessons From Beth Phoenix

Now that you know all about Beth Phoenix’s net worth, we’ll explore some of the valuable insights and advice we can learn from her career as a wrestler.

Here are some of the best success lessons to learn from Beth Phoenix:


1. Don’t Try To Be Something You’re Not, Just Be Yourself

Beth Phoenix has reinvented herself in the ring on several occasions, turning from face to heel, but ultimately her performances worked best when she was herself.


2. Persevere If You Want To Succeed

When Phoenix suffered an injury to her face during a match, she didn’t let it put an end to her professional career.

Instead, she took the time off needed to recover, then got back into the ring and became even more successful.


3. If You’re Uncomfortable In Your Body, Take Action To Deal With It

With her body discomfort in her early years, Phoenix could easily have let her anxieties overwhelm her life.

Rather than let her condition bring her down, she took the necessary steps to overcome it and found confidence and success in life.



That wraps up this overview of the life and career of Beth Phoenix, and how she has achieved her impressive net worth.

From her early beginnings on the independent circuit to becoming one of the most celebrated divas of all time, her career has been studded with successes

With her commentary career thriving, Beth Phoenix’s net worth will likely continue to grow, so we’ll update this article in the future with the latest information.

As of July 2024, Beth Phoenix’s net worth is estimated to be $4 Million.

What do you think about Beth Phoenix’s net worth? Leave a comment below.

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NBA Players

Reggie Jackson Net Worth

Reggie Jackson is an NBA journeyman who was once signed to an $80 million contract with the Detroit Pistons and is worth tens of millions as a result.

Reggie Jackson Net Worth

What is Reggie Jackson’s net worth?

Net Worth:$20 Million
Born:April 16, 1990
Height:1.88 m
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Professional NBA Player
Last Updated:Jul 19, 2024


Reggie Jackson is an American professional NBA player for the Charlotte Hornets.

Jackson was the 24th overall selection in the 2011 NBA Draft after spending his college career with Boston College.

As of July 2024, Reggie Jackson’s net worth is estimated to be $20 Million.


Reggie Jackson Facts

  • Jackson was born in Pordenone, Italy, but grew up in Colorado, where he attended Palmer High School.
  • He attended Boston College from 2008 to 2011, playing three seasons with the Eagles.
  • In the 2011 NBA Draft, the Oklahoma City Thunder drafted Jackson in the late first round (24th overall).
  • He made his NBA debut against the Dallas Mavericks on December 18, 2011, and scored three points and two assists..


Early Life 

Reginald Shon Jackson was born on April 16, 1990, in Pordenone, Italy, and attended high school in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Jackson’s family lived in several cities around the United States while he was growing up, and his father was in the United States military.

While attending Palmer High School in Colorado Springs, Jackson was named the state’s top basketball player and received multiple scholarship offers.

Jackson decided to attend Boston College and spent three seasons there, where he earned First-Team All-ACC honors. He forgoed his senior season to declare for the NBA Draft.



The Oklahoma City Thunder drafted Jackson with the 24th overall selection in 2011, which featured Kyrie Irving as the top pick. Jackson wouldn’t see significant playing time in his first two seasons.

Jackson was part of a three-team trade in early 2015 that sent him to the Detroit Pistons, where he instantly received more playing time alongside Andre Drummond in the lineup.

He played for Detroit in at least part of six seasons, averaging 16.2 points, 5.6 assists, and 2.9 rebounds per game during his time as a Piston.

Jackson was waived by the Pistons during the 2019-220 season and subsequently signed with the Los Angeles Clippers.

In 2023, Jackson and a future second-round pick were traded to the Charlotte Hornets in exchange for Mason Plumlee. Jackson and the Hornets negotiated a buyout agreement, allowing him to sign with the Denver Nuggets on February 14, 2022.

Eighteen months later, Jackson would be re-signed to the Hornets via a large-scale sign-and-trade deal involving six teams.


Earnings & Salary

2011/12Oklahoma City Thunder$1,156,320
2012/13Oklahoma City Thunder$1,260,360
2013/14Oklahoma City Thunder$1,260,360
2014/15Detroit Pistons$2,204,369
2015/16Detroit Pistons$13,913,044
2016/17Detroit Pistons$14,956,522
2017/18Detroit Pistons$17,043,478
2018/19Detroit Pistons$17,043,478
2019/20LA Clippers$512,721
2020/21LA Clippers$1,620,564
2021/22LA Clippers$10,384,500
2022/23Denver Nuggets$580,373
2023/24Denver Nuggets$5,000,000
Total Career Earnings:$86,936,089

NBA Salary

In 2011, Reggie Jackson signed a four-year rookie contract worth $5.8 million with the Oklahoma City Thunder. The deal was fully guaranteed, with Jackson earning $930,000 in his first NBA season.

Jackson played three seasons with the Thunder, earning $3.4 million, before finishing his contract with the Detroit Pistons, where he took home another $2.2 million.

In 2015, Reggie signed a five-year, fully guaranteed $80 million contract with the Detroit Pistons. His salary increased dramatically to $13.9 million, and by the fourth year of the contract, he was earning $17 million/year.

For the 2019/20 season, Jackson would only play for half of the season before being waived by the Pistons, having already negotiated a buyout agreement. He was estimated to have been paid $17.3 million by the Pistons for the season.

Jackson spent the second half of the 2019/20 season playing for the Los Angeles Clippers on a one-year, rest-of-season contract worth $734,000.

He later resigned with the Clippers on a two-year deal worth $21.6 million, fully guaranteed. Reggie earned $10.4 million with the Clippers for the 2021/22 season before he was traded to the Charlotte Hornets in February 2023.

He was subsequently offered a contract buyout agreement and signed five days later with the Denver Nuggets. Jackson earned $11.8 million for the 22/23 season, which comprised $3.5 million from his Hornets buyout, $7.4 million retained from the Clippers, and $900,000 in active income from the Nuggets.

His current deal is a two-year contract worth $10.25 million with the Denver Nuggets; however, for the final season of the deal, he will play for the Charlotte Hornets.

Thus far in his NBA career, Reggie Jackson has earned $115.1 million.


How Does Reggie Jackson Spend His Money?

Despite his high net worth, Reggie Jackson has not bought the most expensive houses or cars in the world.

Jackson has mostly been renting homes since his early career, when he played for several franchises.

When he broke into the NBA, Jackson rented an apartment and even a car instead of purchasing one for himself.

Now that he’s in the latter half of his NBA career and has made tens of millions, Jackson will likely start looking for houses as he settles down.


Reggie Jackson’s Net Worth Annually

Like many who played on a rookie contract, Reggie Jackson was building a foundation for his net worth until his first big contract came in.

2015 was that time for Jackson, as he inked a new deal that would pay him $80 million over five years, all of which was guaranteed.

The figures of Paul George’s net worth are estimated based on his NBA salaries and endorsements and are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

Here’s a breakdown of Reggie Jackson’s annual net worth:

  • Reggie Jackson’s Net Worth In 2013 – $2 Million
  • Reggie Jackson’s Net Worth In 2014 – $3.7 Million
  • Reggie Jackson’s Net Worth In 2015 – $13 Million
  • Reggie Jackson’s Net Worth In 2016 – $21 Million
  • Reggie Jackson’s Net Worth In 2017 – $30 Million
  • Reggie Jackson’s Net Worth In 2018 – $41 Million
  • Reggie Jackson’s Net Worth In 2019 – $40 Million
  • Reggie Jackson’s Net Worth In 2020 – $40 Million
  • Reggie Jackson’s Net Worth In 2021 – $45 Million
  • Reggie Jackson’s Net Worth In 2022 – $50 Million

Though his production indicates that Jackson still has several years left of NBA ability, he could retire comfortably today if he wanted to.

Jackson will likely receive shorter-term contracts as he gets closer to the end of his career, which is common for players in their 30s.


Personal Life

Reggie Jackson is the son of Saul and Sharon Jackson, with his father serving the military which resulted in the family moving to several locations including Italy and England.

Since 2017, Jackson has been in a relationship with model and athlete Jayne Caldwell, though their marital status remains a mystery.

If they are indeed married, it would be the first for Jackson, and he does not have any children currently.

Jackson is active on social media with an official Twitter account and an official Instagram account that are both updated regularly.


Awards & Achievements

Most players in the NBA were winning more individual awards than they can count by the time they were in high school.

Reggie Jackson was a decorated player to some degree, but had to prove himself in the NBA to stay on rosters through much of his career.

Jackson has been able to accomplish quite a bit despite being a late first round pick that wasn’t given much opportunity at the start of his career.

Here are some of the best awards and achievements from Reggie Jackson’s career:

  • Named Gatorade Colorado Boys’ Basketball Player of the Year in 2008.
  • Rated as a top 30 shooting guard in his high school class nationally.
  • Reached the NCAA Tournament as a member of the Boston College Eagles.
  • Named as a First-Team All-ACC Selection in his final year of college.
  • Reached the Western Conference Finals twice in his NBA career.

Jackson is hoping to add more individual accomplishments to his resume, including awards for his impressive shooting.

The one accomplishment that Jackson wants to achieve the most, though, is a team one, as he’s still seeking his first NBA Finals appearance.





Reggie Jackson has never been among the richest NBA players in the world, but he’s still had a fine career in the league.

Jackson has been known for being a great shooter in the league, which figures to keep him employed for several more years.

Here are some of the best highlights of Reggie Jackson’s career: 

  • Attended Boston College and was a First-team All-ACC selection.
  • Selected in the first round of the 2011 NBA Draft by the Oklahoma City Thunder.
  • Reached the NBA Playoffs with three different franchises.
  • Averaged a career-best 18.8 points per game as a member of the 2015-16 Detroit Pistons.
  • Scored a career-high 40 points against the Portland Trail Blazers on December 18, 2015.

Some of Jackson’s best performances have come in the biggest games, and he’s hoping to showcase his talents in the NBA Finals.

Jackson has been rewarded for his excellent play with large contracts thus far, and has been able to fit in with any team that he’s played for.


Favorite Reggie Jackson Quotes

No matter where he’s gone, Reggie Jackson has been considered a great teammate, often starting sentences with “we” instead of “I.”

Throughout his NBA career, Jackson has been a vocal player about his abilities on the court and hasn’t been shy with the media, often providing long interviews.

Here are our favorite quotes from Reggie Jackson:

  • ” I’m ready for the challenge…and try to keep motivating us to push forward.” – Reggie Jackson
  • ” We don’t need anyone to believe in us. We’ll still find a way.” – Reggie Jackson
  • ” Every day I woke up at 5 in the morning in high school, getting shots up and I never said I wanted to be a bench player.” – Reggie Jackson
  • ” We’re just all about doing something special.” – Reggie Jackson
  • ” We love the chance to get back and just save a play.” – Reggie Jackson


3 Amazing Lessons From Reggie Jackson

Very few people have seen as much of the world as Reggie Jackson has, as he lived in several different cities around the world even before high school.

Along the way, Jackson has shown that he can adapt to a lot of situations, and has been a mainstay in the NBA for over a decade.

Jackson has been able to play with some of the biggest names in the NBA including Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook while with the Thunder.

Now that you know all about Reggie Jackson’s net worth. there is a lot that can be learned from one of the league’s most tenacious players.

Here are some of the best success lessons to learn from Reggie Jackson:


1. Don’t Listen To Others

Some have referred to Reggie Jackson as one of the great “villains” of the NBA, but he doesn’t care if he’s called that by onlookers.

Instead, Jackson is focused on playing to the best of his abilities and is trying to win games, whether they be in the regular season or the playoffs.

There are going to be a lot of outside opinions when you’re a public figure, and it’s important to let those opinions roll off your back.


2. Practice Makes Perfect

Reggie Jackson wasn’t one of the biggest stars on a national level while in high school, and fought to get better every day.

Jackson would spend hours in the gym every morning before anyone else was awake, working to get better at his craft.

The result was Jackson getting drafted into the NBA as a first-rounder, and he’s enjoyed a long and successful career in the league.


3. Be Part Of The Team

Reggie Jackson has always been a person that puts the overall performance of the team ahead of individual accomplishments.

Jackson often talks about what the team has done in interviews rather than reflecting on his own positives or negatives.

That type of mindset makes people want to work with you, and Jackson has had no trouble fitting into locker rooms around the NBA.



Reggie Jackson has been one of the most resilient basketball players of his generation since back in high school.

For many, it would be impossible to stand out when moving around so much, but Jackson was able to make the NBA and has stuck around for years.

Jackson is now on his third team and is seeking his first NBA Finals appearance after coming close in 2014 and 2021.

As of July 2024, Reggie Jackson’s net worth is estimated to be $20 Million.

What do you think about Reggie Jackson’s net worth? Leave a comment below.

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NBA Players

Tony Parker Net Worth

Tony Parker’s exceptional basketball skills earned him a place as one of the highest earning players in the NBA, bringing him great wealth.

Tony Parker Net Worth

What is Tony Parker’s net worth?

Net Worth:$85 Million
Born:May 17, 1982
Height:1.88 m (6 ft 2 in)
Country of Origin:France
Source of Wealth:Professional NBA Player
Last Updated:Jul 19, 2024


Tony Parker is a French-American former professional NBA player.

He began his career in his home country, France, playing for Paris Basket Racing before being drafted by the San Antonio Spurs.

Following his retirement, he is today the proud majority shareholder in the ASVEL Basket of the French LNB Pro A.

He was known for his lightweight and confidence, enabling him to sprint at a fast pace, easily beating his opponents.

As of July 2024, Tony Parker’s net worth is estimated to be $85 Million.


Tony Parker Facts

  • Parker represented the French national team in 2018.
  • In 2000, Tony had an impressive performance at the Nike Hoop Summit during the summer.
  • Before entering the draft, he decided to play with Paris Basket Racing for a further year in 2000.
  • Tony became the third-ever French player in 2001 to play in an NBA game.
  • He extended his $43.3 million contract with the San Antonio Spurs for an extra three years in 2014.
  • Tony helped the San Antonio Spurs defeat the Oklahoma City Thunder in the 2016 playoff finals.


Early Life 

Tony Parker Jr. was born May 17, 1982, in Burges, Belgium.

He had his father to look up to as a child, as Tony Parker Sr. played for numerous foreign clubs as a professional basketball player.

Tony took a liking to sports at a young age, as he was athletically gifted, focusing his attention on basketball and soccer. His brothers Pierre and T.J. were also athletes who went on to join their father in the basketball world.

During school, Tony focused more on basketball than soccer, and when he turned 15, he enrolled in the elite sports learning institute INSEP in Paris.

Tony had a strong passion for sports but struggled to find enjoyment in his academic studies rather than daydreaming about a career in athletics.

During his earlier years, his inspiration was Michael Jordan, and he soon became a part of the elite. His stature and speed gave him the recognition he deserved.



After graduating, Tony went on to play in the LNB Pro A, the top professional basketball league in France.

In 2001, Parker caught the attention of the San Antonio Spurs with his impressive performance at the 2000 Nike Hoop Summit.

The team selected him as the 28th overall pick in the NBA Draft, and he joined the Spurs as a point guard.

Despite being a rookie, Parker quickly made a name for himself with his impressive skill and dedication to the game.

He helped lead the Spurs to their first NBA Championship in 2003 and continued to excel with the team, winning three more NBA Championships and being named captain of the French national team in 2003.

Tony joins Cory Joseph, Lonnie Walker, Dejounte Murray, and David Robinson as a standout player for the Spurs.

In 2003, Tony was named captain of the French national team, a position he held until his retirement in 2019.

He played for the French national team in numerous international competitions, including the Olympics, helping lead the team to several victories.

Tony briefly played with ASVEL Basket, a professional basketball team in France, in 2011 before returning to the NBA.

In 2018, he joined the list of great players like Nicolas Batum,  Caleb Martin, and Christian Wood by signing a $3 million, 2-year contract with the Charlotte Hornets.


Earnings & Salary

2001/02San Antonio Spurs$744,000
2002/03San Antonio Spurs$800,000
2003/04San Antonio Spurs$856,000
2004/05San Antonio Spurs$1,545,000
2005/06San Antonio Spurs$8,400,000
2006/07San Antonio Spurs$9,450,000
2007/08San Antonio Spurs$10,500,000
2008/09San Antonio Spurs$11,550,000
2009/10San Antonio Spurs$12,600,000
2010/11San Antonio Spurs$13,500,000
2011/12San Antonio Spurs$12,500,000
2012/13San Antonio Spurs$12,500,000
2013/14San Antonio Spurs$12,500,000
2014/15San Antonio Spurs$12,500,000
2015/16San Antonio Spurs$13,437,500
2016/17San Antonio Spurs$14,445,313
2017/18San Antonio Spurs$15,453,126
2018/19Charlotte Hornets$5,000,000
Total Career Earnings:$168,280,939

NBA Salary

In 2001, Tony Parker signed a four-year rookie contract worth $3.9 million with the San Antonio Spurs. The deal was fully guaranteed, and Parker earned $744,000 for his first NBA season. Adjusted for inflation, that number would be worth $1.32 million in today’s currency.

His annual salary gradually increased, reaching $1.5 million by 2004.

In 2005, Parker signed a six-year rookie extension with the Spurs valued at $66 million, dramatically increasing his average annual salary from $986,000 to $11 million. This deal would be worth $106 million for an NBA player signing today when adjusting for inflation.

Parker earned the entire $66 million, signing a new four-year, $50 million deal with San Antonio in 2011. He earned an average of $12.5 million/year for the next four years before inking another deal with San Antonio, valued at $43.3 million over three years.

The highest earning year of Parker’s career would be 2017, when he earned $15.5 million.

After this, he signed one more contract in the NBA, moving to the Charlotte Hornets on a two-year $10 million deal. However, he would play just one of those two years before announcing his retirement from the NBA.

During his NBA career, Tony Parker earned $165.8 million.


How Does Tony Parker Spend His Money?

Tony has various real estate holdings across France, including a residential property in Paris estimated to be worth over $30 million.

He also has properties in California, including one valued conservatively at over $4 million.

Tony Parker has been interested in horse racing for many years, and he has been involved in the sport as an owner and breeder.

Parker is a huge racing fan and has attended several high-profile events, including the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

In 2019, he purchased a stake in the French horse racing and breeding operation, Haras de la Perelle.

He has also owned several successful racehorses, including the colt Respect The Man, who won the Group 3 Prix du Conseil de Paris in 2020.

Tony has the distinction of owning some of the most expensive pets in the world, Arabian stallions.


Tony Parker’s Net Worth Annually

Tony’s wealth allowed him to live a comfortable lifestyle and pursue his interests, such as horse racing and investing in multiple business ventures.

His increasing income from his successful basketball career played a significant role in helping him build his tremendous wealth and financial stability.

Here’s a breakdown of Tony Parker’s annual net worth:

  • Tony Parker’s Net Worth In 2013 – $55 Million
  • Tony Parker’s Net Worth In 2014 – $58 Million
  • Tony Parker’s Net Worth In 2015 – $61 Million
  • Tony Parker’s Net Worth In 2016 – $65 Million
  • Tony Parker’s Net Worth In 2017 – $69 Million
  • Tony Parker’s Net Worth In 2018 – $75 Million
  • Tony Parker’s Net Worth In 2019 – $80 Million
  • Tony Parker’s Net Worth In 2020 – $82 Million
  • Tony Parker’s Net Worth In 2021 – $83 Million
  • Tony Parker’s Net Worth In 2022 – $85 million
  • Tony Parker’s Net Worth In 2022 – $85 Million

Tony also has some experience in film and television, in addition to his successful career as a professional basketball player.

He made a cameo appearance in the 2013 film “Les Gamins,” and he also appeared as himself on the television show “Poker After Dark” in 2008.


Personal Life

Tony met Eva Longoria, one of the richest models in the world, in 2004, and the couple got married 3 years later, in 2007.

But it was not to last, and after many rumors, Eva filed for divorce in 2010 as she claimed that Tony was cheating on her.

Before this, a tabloid came out claiming he was cheating on his wife, which resulted in Tony initiating a $20 million lawsuit against the website that stated this.

After a difficult divorce, Tony again found love with a French journalist named Axelle Francine in 2011; the couple were engaged in 2013.

They married in 2014 and went on to have two sons before their relationship broke down, announcing their divorce in 2020.

You can follow Tony’s official Instagram account or official Twitter account to see what he’s getting up to now.


Awards & Achievements

Tony has also been involved in various successful business ventures and charitable causes.

His career has been marked by his exceptional talent, dedication, and determination, and he will always be remembered as one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

Here are some of the most notable occasions in Tony Parker’s career:

  • He won four NBA championships while playing with the San Antonio Spurs in 2003, 2005, 2007, and 2014.
  • Tony was named Pro A Best Young Player and LNB Pro A Most Improved Player in 2001.
  • He has won two Euroscar Awards, once in 2007 and then again in 2013.
  • In 2007, Tony was named the NBA Final Most Valuable Player.
  • He won the L’Equipe Champion of Champions in both 2003 and again in 2013.

His numerous accolades, including four NBA Championships and numerous international victories, helped to boost his reputation and increase his visibility.

Overall, Parker’s awards and achievements played a significant role in shaping his successful career and helped to cement his place in the history of the sport.





Tony Parker had an extremely successful career as a professional basketball player, both in the NBA and internationally.

He played for the San Antonio Spurs, leading the team to four NBA Championships and being named captain of the French national team in 2003.

Here are some of the best highlights of Tony Parker’s career: 

  • In 1999, Tony signed a deal with the Paris Racing team and began his career as a professional basketball player in France.
  • Tony was selected as the 28th pick by the San Antonio Spurs in the 2001 NBA Draft.
  • Tony signed a two-year contract with the Charlotte Hornets worth $30 million in 2018 before retiring in 2019.
  • He was the proud captain of the French national team from 2003 up until the end of his career in 2019.
  • Tony played for the French national team in several Olympic games before announcing his intention to retire after the Summer Olympics in 2016.

He was commended for his contribution to the Charlotte Hornets and had a successful career with the French national team, winning numerous international competitions.

After retiring from professional basketball in 2019, the San Antonio Spurs honored him by retiring his jersey number.


Favorite Tony Parker Quotes

Tony had an amazing career and these quotes give us a glimpse into his mindset and how he approached success.

Here are our favorite quotes from Tony Parker:

  • “Every night you have different match-ups, and you have 82 games, so physically you are going to get tired.” – Tony Parker
  • “It is all just basketball for me, and I’m used to playing both games, so it does not matter if it is international style, American style.” – Tony Parker
  • ·”Everything feels like you’re in slow motion and everything you do seems like it’s about two or three plays of what everybody else is doing. ” – Tony Parker
  • ·”It hurts. Frankly, it hurts terribly. I have just lived one of the biggest losses of my career.” – Tony Parker
  • “My focus is on comfort, so I tend to keep it simple and casual – both during and after the basketball season.” – Tony Parker



Since retiring in 2019, Tony Parker has been busy owning ASVEL Basket and his various business and charitable ventures.

As a big horse racing fan, he has owned and bred some successful racehorses that promise to keep him busy in retirement.

Tony’s career was characterized by his exceptional talent, dedication, and determination, and he’ll always be remembered as one of the NBA’s best basketball players.

As of July 2024, Tony Parker’s net worth is estimated to be $85 Million.

What do you think about Tony Parker’s net worth? Leave a comment below.

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Isaiah Thomas Net Worth

Exploring the college and professional career that helped professional basketball player Isiah Thomas earn his net worth.

Isaiah Thomas Net Worth Profile

What is Isaiah Thomas’ net worth?

Net Worth:$100 Million
Born:April 30, 1961
Height:1.85 m (6 ft 1 in)
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Professional NBA Player
Last Updated:Jul 19, 2024


Isaiah Thomas is an American professional NBA player who last played for the Phoenix Suns.

During his time with the Boston Celtics, he came to international attention after becoming a two-time NBA All-Star.

As of July 2024, Isaiah Thomas’ net worth is estimated to be $100 Million.


Isaiah Thomas Facts

  • Isaiah Thomas has played for many teams in the NBA, and multiple 10-day contracts since 2021 have extended this impressive list.
  • He enjoyed a hugely successful collegiate playing career and was a three-time all-conference selection in the Pac-10.
  • Thomas has been named NBA All-Star multiple times throughout his impressive career.
  • Despite his name, he isn’t related to the Detroit Pistons Hall of Fame point guard Isiah Thomas.
  • His hip injury in 2018 hasn’t put him off playing, with the star player making a speedy recovery and returning to the court.


Early Life 

Isaiah Jamar Thomas was born February 7, 1989, in Tacoma, Washington, where he was raised by his parents, James Thomas and Tina Baldtrip.

He was named after the former Detroit Pistons Hall of Fame player Isiah Thomas and began playing basketball at a young age.

He attended Curtis Senior High School and graduated from Connecticut prep school in 2008, where he played for the varsity basketball team.

Thomas began his college career at the University of Washington after receiving the blessing of iconic Washington Huskies player Nate Robinson.



In 2011, Thomas began his professional playing career with the Sacramento Kings, becoming the shortest player to record a triple-double in 2014.

After a brief stint with the Phoenix Suns, Thomas transferred to the Boston Celtics, where he played alongside Daniel Gibson and enjoyed further success.

His career saw him play for some of the richest NBA teams in the world, including the home team for Kyrie Irving, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

He also played alongside DeAndre Jordan with the Los Angeles Lakers, scoring 22 points off the bench in his debut game.

In 2019, Thomas was briefly signed to the Los Angeles Clippers, owned by one of the richest people in the world, Steve Ballmer, but the trade was waived before he had a chance to play.

Several times, he has also represented the American national team, including the FIBA AmeriCup in 2022.


Earnings & Salary

2011/12Sacramento Kings$381,193
2012/13Sacramento Kings$762,195
2013/14Sacramento Kings$884,293
2014/15Boston Celtics$7,238,606
2015/16Boston Celtics$6,912,869
2016/17Boston Celtics$6,587,132
2017/18Los Angeles Lakers$2,228,632
2017/18Cleveland Cavaliers$4,032,763
2018/19Denver Nuggets$2,029,463
2019/20Washington Wizards$1,402,512
2019/20LA Clippers$917,532
2020/21New Orleans Pelicans$158,907
2021/22Los Angeles Lakers$138,019
2021/22Dallas Mavericks$138,019
2021/22Charlotte Hornets$138,019
2021/22Charlotte Hornets$138,019
2021/22Charlotte Hornets$276,039
2023/24Phoenix Suns$183,704
2023/24Phoenix Suns$183,704
2023/24Phoenix Suns$110,222
Total Career Earnings:$34,841,842

NBA Salary

In 2011, Isaiah Thomas signed a three-year rookie contract worth $2.1 million with the Sacramento Kings. The deal was fully guaranteed, and Thomas earned $381,000 in his first NBA season.

In 2014, he inked a new four-year, $27 million deal with the Kings under a sign-and-trade agreement, landing with the Boston Celtics. The contract increased Thomas’ average annual salary tenfold, from $700,000 to $6.75 million.

Thomas played three seasons with the Celtics, earning $20.7 million. He earned $6.25 million in the final year of his deal, split between two teams: the Los Angeles Lakers and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

In 2018, Thomas signed a 1-year deal with the Denver Nuggets, earning $2 million.

In 2019, he earned $917,000 from the New York Knicks and $1.4 million from the Washington Wizards.

Between 2020 and 2023, Thomas signed multiple short-term contracts with five separate teams, including:

  • New Orleans Pelicans
  • Charlotte Hornets
  • Los Angeles Lakers
  • Dallas Mavericks
  • Phoenix Suns

Thus far in his career, Isaiah Thomas has earned $34.8 million in salary.


Isaiah Thomas’ Net Worth Annually

While Isaiah Thomas’ net worth might not compare to some of the richest NBA players in the world, it’s nevertheless impressive.

It has seen steady growth since he first began playing in 2011, thanks to his consistent salaries with the National Basketball Association and other revenue streams.

Thanks to his ongoing commitment to playing basketball professionally, we can expect this net worth to climb as his career unfolds.


Personal Life

Isaiah Thomas is married to his wife, Kayla, with whom he has one daughter and two sons.

In 2017, his sister, Chyna, tragically died in a one-car accident on Interstate 5 in Federal Way, Washington.

Thomas keeps his fans informed about his life and career through his official Instagram account, which has over 3 million followers.


Awards & Achievements

Throughout his impressive career as a professional basketball player, Isiah Thomas has won many tournaments and accolades.

He’s played for many successful teams, earning praise for his talent both as a team player and on his individual merits.

Here are some of the best awards and achievements from Isiah Thomas’ career:

  • 2008: While playing college basketball, Isiah Thomas is named Pac-10 Freshman of the Year.
  • 2011: He’s picked in the second round of the NBA Draft with the final pick by the Sacramento Kings.
  • 2012: Thomas is named the February Western Conference NBA Rookie of the Month.
  • 2015: He becomes the shortest-ever player to be named as a contestant for the NBA Skills Challenge.
  • 2017: Isiah Thomas finishes second in the NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award voting with 324 points.

Thomas stands out as a prolific basketball player with plenty of additional awards and honors to his credit.

He continues to perform professionally, so we can expect to see more awards and accolades in the future.


How Does Isaiah Thomas Spend His Money?

Isaiah Thomas can afford a life of luxury with millions of dollars in the bank along with his other investments and assets.

While some professional athletes spend their money on some of the most expensive cars in the world, Thomas prefers to invest his money more unusually.

He’s developed a car constructed from hemp car parts, replacing previously used plastics to combat environmental damage.



Isaiah Thomas has enjoyed great success with his career spanning over a decade and showing no signs of ending any time soon.

This includes multiple highlights that help him to stand out as a top-tier basketball player with many noteworthy accomplishments.

Here are some of the best highlights of Isiah Thomas’ career: 

  • 2008: Isiah Thomas heads to Washington University to begin his impressive career as an amateur basketball player.
  • 2011: He begins his professional basketball playing career with the Sacramento Kings.
  • 2014: Thomas enjoys huge success while playing with the Boston Celtics, scoring the second-highest total in Celtics playoff history against Washington.
  • 2018: He is selected for the USA men’s national team roster and attends the team’s mini camp in Las Vegas.
  • 2020: Thomas enters into various ten-day contracts to expand his experience in the sport.

These are just a small sample of his career highlights, which have come thick and fast since he first signed with the Sacramento Kings in 2011.

As his career progresses, there’s no doubt Isiah Thomas will enjoy continued success, with more highlights inevitable.


Favorite Isaiah Thomas Quotes

Throughout his career, Isaiah Thomas has spoken eloquently about his experiences as a professional basketball player with some of the world’s best teams.

He has shared insights into the nature of sporting success and his thought process when preparing for the next game.

Here are our favorite quotes from Isaiah Thomas:

  • My thought has always been completion. Maybe you have to rebound better, shoot better, hit free throws, handle the ball, defend better. You have to do all those things in the course of a game.” – Isaiah Thomas
  • You’re always at war with the guy on the other bench. You pick up their patterns. That’s what I got the most out of this year. I know what other coaches like to do.” – Isaiah Thomas
  • It’s hard to get people to overcome the thought that they have to take care of themselves first. It’s hard to get players to give in to the group and become selfless as opposed to selfish.” – Isaiah Thomas
  • The biggest difference is in the leadership. It was better for us. We had more coaches and mentors to help us. A lot of the younger players today suffer from a lack of direction.” – Isaiah Thomas
  • I’ve been in pressure situations before. All my life it’s been about pressure and having to get it done. Just because you say it publicly, it does not make me afraid of it or make me shy away from it.” – Isaiah Thomas



So there you have it, our complete guide to the personal life, professional career, and net worth of American basketball player Isaiah Thomas.

His prolific career continues to unfold, so there’s no doubt his track record and net worth will change in the future.

We’ll update this article in the future to ensure it reflects the most accurate information, so check back again for the latest facts and figures.

As of July 2024, Isaiah Thomas’ net worth is estimated to be $100 Million.

What do you think about Isaiah Thomas’ net worth? Leave a comment below.

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