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Jonny Moseley is an American freestyle skier and TV presenter. He is best known for being the first person born in Puerto Rico to become a member of the U.S. Ski Team.

Throughout his career as a professional skier, Moseley has had the honor of being named ‘Sportsman of the Year’ by the U.S. Olympic Committee and also has been featured on the covers of popular magazines ‘Freeskier’ as well as ‘Rolling Stones’.

As a TV presenter, Moseley is well-known for hosting a number of widely celebrated shows, including ‘The Challenge’, ‘Battle of the Sexes’, and ‘Free Agents’. He has ventured into acting as well, having successfully made a few appearances in ski movies by the famous filmmaker ‘Warren Miller’.

Here’s our collection of the best Jonny Moseley quotes:


40 Jonny Moseley Quotes About Success

1. “I believe they call this a unique selling proposition in business. Your customers are like judges and you want to make it easy for them to choose you.” – Jonny Moseley

2. “I jumped at the opportunity actually. Obviously, I’ve watched Dancing with the Stars and it looked like everyone has a great time and it seems to provide some interesting opportunities too. But on a personal level, I’m a winter sports guy.” – Jonny Moseley

3. “I feel really fortunate that I was able to ski beginning at a young age and that my parents weren’t overly protective when it came to the safety element. Mostly they just wanted us to finish school. Almost everything else was negotiable.” – Jonny Moseley

4. “I was the youngest of three boys (by five years) so I think I benefited a lot from that.” – Jonny Moseley

5. “My parents are great.” – Jonny Moseley

6. “My dad saw the early days of freestyle skiing going off in Squaw, and he signed me and my brothers up for a freestyle contest.” – Jonny Moseley

7. “Also, if you can, go up when conditions are fair so your kids are most comfortable. And when the kids are old enough, enroll them in ski school. We’re up at Squaw Valley a lot. Their kids programs are great.” – Jonny Moseley

8. “I was only two years old when my parents moved our family here from Puerto Rico, so I don’t really remember my first big memory of falling in love with Squaw.” – Jonny Moseley

9. “A bamboo pole – longer than you think you need – is a great way to teach kids to ski. They can hang onto that – almost like a water ski bar – and turn normally at a safe distance behind you.” – Jonny Moseley


10th of 40 Jonny Moseley Quotes

10. “My background in hosting TV shows proved to be valuable as I helped transition my partners’ marketing efforts to Zoom. For example, I helped produce a virtual ski show for my retail partner Peter Glenn and a virtual red carpet for Warren Miller.” – Jonny Moseley


11. “I found joy in trying to make it easy for the judges to pick me by having a distinguishing feature.” – Jonny Moseley

12. “I’ll let them hold it. They think that’s pretty cool. And Jack has been practicing his 360s on our trampoline. But I’ll steer them away from freestyle skiing – I don’t know if I can take it.” – Jonny Moseley

13. “The guy in your ski school as a kid will be teaching you one day and the next day you’ll see him ripping down the mountain launching a 50-footer. In your mind it’s just, “Whatever I’m doing now, I need to advance it.” You’re never good enough at Squaw. And if you’re doing something that has been done before, nobody here cares. You need to do something new.” – Jonny Moseley

14. “We were all really active and into sports and I think my parents were just looking for something we could do as a family where we would burn off some energy.” – Jonny Moseley

15. “Bethenny was doing death spirals the first time I saw her. ” – Jonny Moseley

16. “My father had been in Puerto Rico for a while before he moved back to California, suddenly it was just, every weekend we were loading up the car and driving to Squaw.” – Jonny Moseley

17. “We have basically multiple sports this year, whereas last year we had snowboarding and skiing big air, and a skate half pipe.” – Jonny Moseley

18. “My wife and I really want to be good parents, and we also want to expose our kids to a lot of things and then just follow their lead in terms of what they’re interested in.” – Jonny Moseley

19. “I grew up watching figure skating. I did some freestyle skiing and even did some ski ballet. I’m a trick guy. I like axels. I’ve always wanted to know the difference between a sow cow and a loop!” – Jonny Moseley


20th of 40 Jonny Moseley Quotes

20. “Jack, my 4-year-old, has been on skies since he was 15 months old. I wouldn’t really call it “skiing” though at that age.” – Jonny Moseley


21. “We have a village set up with BMX vert [ramp] and street-style riding and skateboard street skating. We even have a wakeboard session in McCovey Cove and freestyle motocross.” – Jonny Moseley

22. “Our goal has always been to get him to like it. We want our kids to enjoy skiing, so we’ve only been taking them up on nice days in the spring when you don’t have to wear a lot of gear. Like short-sleeve weather.” – Jonny Moseley

23. “You can start a new sport and be pretty good at it at first, but if you really want to perform and do well, you’ve got to make mistakes.” – Jonny Moseley

24. “The best way to do this is to create something that is clearly better. This can be challenging and I messed up trying a couple of times, but I think the strategy wins in the long run.” – Jonny Moseley

25. “Rebecca has her own skates and she apparently did some figure skating as a kid. So I’m kinda worried about her the most I guess. And she’s a total sandbagger! Every time I see her she makes it seems like I’m a snake in the grass to cover how good she is!” – Jonny Moseley

26. “I learned that being a judge can be hard, especially when asked to decipher between similar performances.” – Jonny Moseley

27. “She (Bethenny) was doing that like day two! I could barely stand up and she’s doing this?! It took us four weeks just to work into that. I do not see myself as the favorite that’s for sure.” – Jonny Moseley

28. “Jack has been doing some combos on the trampoline but he hasn’t named anything yet.” – Jonny Moseley

29. “The snow is interesting. Whenever it’s warm outside the snow is different than when it’s on the [ski] hill. It’s melting and not replenishing itself. It’s soft, and it gets rutty. … They’ll probably be jumping in front of a crowd bigger than they ever jumped in front of. And the lights. The visuals are different. That’s why the [experienced] guys do the best.” – Jonny Moseley


30th of 40 Jonny Moseley Quotes

30. “You have to do the hard work in order to succeed.” – Jonny Moseley


31. “The companies I work with were affected in different ways by the pandemic. I tried to be proactive in understanding what they were going through and be part of the solution.” – Jonny Moseley

32. “It’s so hard for the male partner to do that sitting down and it’s also apparently very difficult for the woman.” – Jonny Moseley

33. “I personally like the Plaza Bar. It’s the original après ski bar built for the Olympics back in the ’60s. It’s been remodeled but still has that old-school feel. It has a nice big lounge area you can sit so you don’t have to stand, it kind of sucks to stand shoulder-to-shoulder and yell for a beer. Sit down there, get some nachos and some good IPAs.” – Jonny Moseley

34. “Coordination and balance are really big at this age so we’ve been working on building that. I also want my kids to understand the concept of practice and determination.” – Jonny Moseley

35. “Squaw is skiing well right now, but the terrain is limited to five or so chairlifts. Alpine is open with three lifts as well. There is enough to have fun on but it’s time for some snow. ” – Jonny Moseley

36. “Freestyle skiing is a judged sport built on progression and iteration.” – Jonny Moseley

37. “There was always this laid-back vibe in Squaw, and that carried over to the parents in town.” – Jonny Moseley

38. “When my brothers and I asked about joining the newly-formed freestyle team they didn’t think twice about it.” – Jonny Moseley

39. “Well, I don’t know about famous, but they do watch me on TV and we occasionally get out the gold medal from the safety deposit box.” – Jonny Moseley

40. “If you happen to hit that sweet powder day, get up early, and camp out at KT-22. Grab a Wildflour Cookie, wait out the line, and get to the top.” – Jonny Moseley



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