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Juan Manuel Marques is a Mexican retired professional boxer. He is best known as one of the very few Mexican boxers to ever become a world champion in 4 different weight classes welterweight, lightweight, super featherweight, and featherweight.

He has had the honor to fight with some of the biggest names in the sport, including ‘Floyd Mayweather‘, ‘Manny Pacquiao’, and ‘Freddie Norwood’.

Initially practicing boxing at the age of only 8 under his father’s encouragement, Marquez developed his passion for the sport and was later well-known for his fast and very skillful combinations and counterpunches. In a career that spanned over 20 years, Marquez’s crowning achievement to date was his induction into the ‘International Boxing Hall of Fame’.

We’ve put together this collection of the best Juan Manuel Marquez quotes:


40 Legendary Juan Manuel Marquez Quotes

1. “Without a doubt. The last fight I thought I won clearly. Everyone thought I won the fight. The only people that didn’t think I won the fight were the judges.” – Juan Manuel Marquez

2. “[If we’d fight again], we’d go in there like we did in the third fight, where we won wide, and they’d give him (Manny Pacquiao) the decision. I don’t want to make the mistake of wondering afterwards why I accepted that fight.” – Juan Manuel Marquez

3. “Deception. Sadness. I felt angry because when they were reading the scorecards, the scorecards were for him (Manny Pacquiao) but I knew I won the fight.” – Juan Manuel Marquez

4. “I don’t think that I am slower because my muscles are bigger. Honestly, I am working hard in the gym and getting stronger.” – Juan Manuel Marquez

5. “The opportunity was presented to Morales after losing the contest [with Barrera].” – Juan Manuel Marquez

6. “I will be able to sit down with him (Manny Pacquiao) and talk and have a friendship with him. Why? Because of the great rivalry we had in the ring.” – Juan Manuel Marquez

7. “I have nothing against him (Manny Pacquiao) except for the decisions. I don’t see why we can’t have a personal relationship and not just a professional relationship.” – Juan Manuel Marquez

8. “I did say I needed a knockout the last fight but everybody knows that Manny Pacquiao is a strong fighter. It is difficult, but not impossible to knock him out. For this fight, I prepare for everything. I trained to win and to win clearly.” – Juan Manuel Marquez

9. “I will fight with intelligence and I will also be a counter-puncher. And you need to fight intelligently to get a knockout. To win the fight clearly, I need to get a knockout.” – Juan Manuel Marquez


10th of 40 Juan Manuel Marquez Quotes

10. “I think you cannot qualify my career in only four fights. I have had many other fights and they all have been important. Of course, the fights with Manny are more important.” – Juan Manuel Marquez


11. “I was angry and there is a lot of pride and I am very happy to get the fight.” – Juan Manuel Marquez

12. “My commitment is to you and in this area will be supported by the installation of more boxing gyms, since we know that promoting sport is very important to support young people in Gustavo A. Madero.” – Juan Manuel Marquez

13. “The fight never happened, the right thing was never done, I was in the best position to fight for the championship, I was ranked number one, we even went to the house of the president of the World Boxing Council to request that opportunity.” – Juan Manuel Marquez

14. “As far as people thinking I am taking steroids? I would take the test. Let them take my blood. I don’t care – just to shut everybody up. Of course, my fight tests have always been clean. I don’t know how those rumors get started.” – Juan Manuel Marquez

15. “I don’t want to be too arrogant but nobody gave me a boxing lesson.” – Juan Manuel Marquez

16. “This is not about money, it’s a matter of honour and pride for my country.” – Juan Manuel Marquez

17. “My career was not defined by Pacquiao. I didn’t need to beat him.” – Juan Manuel Marquez

18. “Right now we’ve won all four fights. The first was close, the second was close, I felt the third was wide [in my favour] and then we knocked him (Manny Pacquiao) out.” – Juan Manuel Marquez

19. “I didn’t think the fight was that close. I think Pacquiao won by at least five points. No, it doesn’t make me happy that he lost that way but now he knows how I felt this past November.” – Juan Manuel Marquez


20th of 40 Juan Manuel Marquez Quotes

20. “The victory over Manny because the last three fights it was very frustrating to hear the scorecards after my performances.” – Juan Manuel Marquez


21. “I am expecting the best Manny Pacquiao. I know the last three times I fought the best Manny Pacquiao. Of course, he wants to be on top again so he wants to win the fight.” – Juan Manuel Marquez

22. “The fights with Barrera have also been important to my career.” – Juan Manuel Marquez

23. “What you need to notice is that my last fight with Manny Pacquiao was my first fight with (new trainer) Heredia. Everything was the same, the same, the same. This time I am accumulating everything. This time I will have more speed because last November was my first time with him and now I am getting used to it and I feel the speed.” – Juan Manuel Marquez

24. “I would like to work for the common good of the citizens, in this case where it corresponds me to do so.” – Juan Manuel Marquez

25. “It is a professional relationship and the last three fights we have had were wars so I know he respects me and I respect him (Manny Pacquiao).” – Juan Manuel Marquez

26. “We are people who ‘die trying’, we have always struggled to improve and now I am going to do it for the citizens of Gustavo A. Madero. The battle is not with gloves, it is with intelligence, with work and effort.” – Juan Manuel Marquez

27. “You have to remember that in the first fight, Erik Morales did pretty well, and then what happened? He ended up getting knocked out by the Filipino fighter. I needed four fights, why? That is very obvious and people know it because each of those fights ended with controversial decisions, decisions where I basically beat him, in my opinion.” – Juan Manuel Marquez

28. “The fight did not happen because you have to remember that at the time he was a fighter being supported by the promoter [Zanfer] and by a sanctioning body [WBC]. What they didn’t want is for their fighter to lose and not continue generating business for them, that’s what happened.” – Juan Manuel Marquez

29. “First of all I think that not only our camp but all of the media – they were all pushing for this fight. We want to thank them because they were pushing for this fight. Of course, when he gets in the ring it is going to be extra motivation for not only me, but for him (Manny Pacquiao) also. I definitely think it’s the fight that everybody wants to see. I think the fans are going to be delighted to see the fight.” – Juan Manuel Marquez


30th of 40 Juan Manuel Marquez Quotes

30. “I needed four, 42 rounds, to show who had won in the previous fights… and the truth is I was very satisfied with having done what was done, facing at that time a great fighter like Manny Pacquiao.” – Juan Manuel Marquez


31. “First of all I would like to tell you that I have never done this type of work before. That’s why my body has changed. I have been working very hard, specifically to get more strength.” – Juan Manuel Marquez

32. “Everyone has his opinion, and I respect him, but Pacquiao himself was not satisfied with what he did in every fight, and even the decisions, especially in the third fight.” – Juan Manuel Marquez

33. “In this case Erik Morales, but I do not agree with what he says; people know what I was capable of, people know what I did in the ring And he mentions that he only needed one fight to beat [Pacquiao], but, what he didn’t tell you is what happened after that, in the second and third fight.” – Juan Manuel Marquez

34. “In some way, I respect the career of any fighter and their opinion.” – Juan Manuel Marquez

35. “I’m going to deliver a knockout to corruption.” – Juan Manuel Marquez

36. “Winning by knockout is important, but for me it was better to dominate them, make them suffer inside the ring.” – Juan Manuel Marquez

37. “I think that the relationship with him (Manny Pacquiao) is one of respect.” – Juan Manuel Marquez

38. “If I remember correctly when Barrera beat Erik Morales the third contest. Barrera left the title vacant, I was ranked number one in the WBC and they make the rules… and what they did was have Erik Morales and Paulie Ayala fight for the vacant belt.” – Juan Manuel Marquez

39. “When I was fighting Barrera, when I was gaining weight [and moving up], Marquez was not there… he was fighting with people who were just starting out. It wasn’t until I left boxing for a little while, that Marquez catapulted up [with respect to his standing among top fighters]. While I was were there, he didn’t do that. I didn’t need four opportunities to beat Pacquiao.” – Juan Manuel Marquez

40. “He (Morales) says he did not need four fights to beat Pacquiao.” – Juan Manuel Marquez



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