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Branch Warren is an American IFBB professional bodybuilder. Throughout his career, he has won several professional contests including the 2011 and 2012 Arnold Classic, one of the world’s biggest bodybuilding events.

Warren began lifting weights when he was still in high school, and he quickly became passionate about improving his physique.

Here’s a collection of the most inspirational Branch Warren quotes:


50 Branch Warren Quotes

1. “I eat six meals a day, every day of my life; from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed I make sure I get all my meals in. It might be every two hours or every three and a half hours depending on what my work schedule for the day is. But I always get my six meals in.” – Branch Warren

2. “It ain’t how hard you can hit, it’s how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.” – Branch Warren

3. “You’ve got to lift heavyweight to get big-period.” – Branch Warren

4. “I thought I did everything I could do and as long as you are the best you can be that’s all that matters.” – Branch Warren

5. “If you’re going to bust your ass, why not do 100 percent? No matter how much you suffer, when you’re the last man standing, it’s always worth it.” – Branch Warren

6. “I think that strength levels go hand in hand with building a great physique.” – Branch Warren

7. “These guys I competed against, they had great genetics, some of them. But I trained harder than they did, I dieted harder than they did, I did my cardio harder than they did. Guess what? I beat them.” – Branch Warren

8. “It took me 20 years of hard training to get the physique I have today.” – Branch Warren

9. “I thought I should have won the contest; I was in my all-time best conditioning and had brought up everything I needed to bring up. I brought my back up and had better than ever overall balance and proportion.” – Branch Warren


10th of 50 Branch Warren Quotes

10. “What you need is what I had – BELIEF IN YOURSELF.” – Branch Warren


11. “Everything I have in life, I’ve learned in bodybuilding. There’s no substitution for hard work.” – Branch Warren

12. “I beat guys that I never should have beaten.” – Branch Warren

13. “No company is better than bad company.” – Branch Warren

14. “It’s pretty hard to stop a man who doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit.” – Branch Warren

15. “No one owns you anything. Ain’t nobody going to give you a damn thing. But you can have anything you want if you work for it.” – Branch Warren

16. “The thing with me is that not only do I have to stay busy, but also bodybuilding will only last so many years.” – Branch Warren

17. “I always go heavy and I always go to failure.” – Branch Warren

18. “I train for two reasons. Number one, I love working out, and number two, I want to win.” – Branch Warren

19. “When I was 18 I knew I wanted to be a pro bodybuilder.” – Branch Warren


20th of 50 Branch Warren Quotes

20. “You wanna be big, you lift big weights. You wanna be little, you little weights.” – Branch Warren


21. “When I was prepping for the (2009) Arnold, for example, being busy helped me to stay focused. I was so busy every day that I was not constantly thinking about eating, about when my next meal would be. It took my mind off these things.” – Branch Warren

22. “There is no substitute for intensity.” – Branch Warren

23. “I had good enough genetics, and knew I could put on a ton of muscle and get super hard.” – Branch Warren

24. “I always told myself when I was around 40 I’d be done…I wanted to go out on my terms.” – Branch Warren

25. “I don’t think it would be a hard compliment to say I was the hardest worker in the room.” – Branch Warren

26. “As long as you’ve got hope, and you’re willing to fight, you can overcome anything.” – Branch Warren

27. “I have to stay busy; I’m always doing something around the house or with my businesses.” – Branch Warren

28. “You can have anything you want if you work hard enough for it.” – Branch Warren

29. “I’m a big outdoorsman…I love to hunt and fish.” – Branch Warren


30th of 50 Branch Warren Quotes

30. “When I was 18 years old I knew pretty much what I wanted to do in life.” – Branch Warren


31. “I never wanted to lose a contest because someone outworked me.” – Branch Warren

32. “The harder you work and the more you sear and bleed for a win, the sweeter that victory tastes.” – Branch Warren

33. “Although no one has control over their genetics, they do have control over a lot: training, diet and nutrition, effort, discipline, cardio, posing, and tanning, to name a few.” – Branch Warren

34. “The key to bodybuilding is intensity.” – Branch Warren

35. “You don’t see people like me walking down the street every day. But the attention is mostly positive; people are really cool with it.” – Branch Warren

36. “I knew early on if you outwork everybody eventually you’ll beat them. I learned that as a teenager.” – Branch Warren

37. “I learned that early on, that if you’re the hardest worker in the room, and you can outwork all your contemporaries, and you can outwork everyone on stage, they might get you in the beginning but down the road, you’ll catch them and pass them, and they’ll never catch you.” – Branch Warren

38. “I would never have turned pro training like an average bodybuilder.” – Branch Warren

39. “I learned from a very young age that no one owes you anything and nobody’s gonna give you a damn thing.” – Branch Warren


40th of 50 Branch Warren Quotes

40. “I looked back, and I looked at my physique and I assessed myself. Do I have what Kai Greene has? No, I have a totally different physique. I have a different body, but I knew I could put a lot of muscle on my body and I knew that I could get really hard.” – Branch Warren


41. “I know some guys who sleep all the time, and basically don’t do anything else. I would go, insane bro. And I would be divorced on top of that.” – Branch Warren

42. “I didn’t want to be known for great body parts; I wanted to be known as a great bodybuilder.” – Branch Warren

43. “Even when I tell myself I’m gonna go easy, once I get to the gym and start working, I never end up going easy.” – Branch Warren

44. “I’m in good shape and pretty strong; I’m not a block. Being strong comes in handy when hunting and trying to carry things out.” – Branch Warren

45. “My advice to young guys is: be consistent with your diet; be consistent with your training.” – Branch Warren

46. “I beat Phil Heath, I beat Kai, I beat these guys that are just amazing bodybuilders.” – Branch Warren

47. “I just love working out and going further than I ever did before.” – Branch Warren

48. “You can’t win if you don’t train to the best of your ability.” – Branch Warren

49. “I hate leaving the floor feeling like I could have done more weight or more reps.” – Branch Warren

50. “I think I’m very laid back and pretty easy going. But when I need to turn it on, I can turn it on.” – Branch Warren



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