John Layfield Net Worth

$9 Million

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What is John Layfield’s net worth? 

Net Worth:$9 Million
Born:November 29, 1966
Height:1.98 m (6 ft 6 in)
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Professional Wrestler
Last Updated:August 2, 2022


John Charles Layfield, better known by his ring name John “Bradshaw” Layfield or JBL, is a former WWE Wrestler and current financial commentator who regularly appears on Fox Business Network and Fox News Channel.

Layfield got his start in World Wrestling Entertainment when it was called the World Wrestling Federation, and he’s enjoyed an incredibly successful career spanning 17 years.

Under the name Bradshaw, Layfield left a lasting mark on WWE history, and the success he has earned from it is something that has only helped boost his net worth higher and higher.

As of February 2023, John Layfield’s net worth is estimated to be $9 Million.


John Layfield Facts

  • Before starting his wrestling career, Layfield played football at Abilene Christian University and eventually earned a spot as an undrafted free agent for the Los Angeles Raiders but was released before the 1990 season.
  • Layfield hosts a Make-A-Wish Foundation Golf tournament every year in Tyler, Texas.
  • As a wrestler, Bradshaw remained undefeated from June 2004 to April 2005, making him the longest reigning WWE champion at the time.
  • In 2003, Layfield published a financial management book, Have More Money Now, after the WWE described him as a “self-made” millionaire.
  • During a tour to Iraq for the WWE Tribute for the Troops, Layfield was knocked out by ECW announcer Joey Styles.
  • Along with being a WWE Champion, Layfield is also a WWE European Champion.
  • At his wedding in 2005 to wife Meredith Whitney, Layfield’s former tag team partner, Ron Simmons, served as his best man.
  • During his wrestling career, Layfield’s billed height and weight were 6 ft 6 in and 290 lb.


Early Life 

John Charles Layfield was born in Sweetwater, Texas, in 1966.

At Trinity Valley Community College, Layfield worked as a collegiate football coach before he started playing for Abilene Christian University.

At Abilene, Layfield was a starter on the offensive line and was eventually signed to the Los Angeles Raiders, though he was released before the 1990 season started.

While he did go on to play in the World League of American Football, starting all ten games during the 1991 season for the San Antonio Riders, he was eventually drawn into wrestling, getting his training from Brad Rheingans and Black Bart.



John Layfield debuted in 1992 at the Global Wrestling Federation with the gimmick “John Hawk” and formed a tag team with Bobby Duncum Jr., earning them the GWF tag team Championship title.

In 1995, he debuted as John Hawk in the WWF, and his first television appearance happened on a 1996 episode of WWF SuperStars, where he was called Justin “Hawk” Bradshaw.

In 2002 at Raw, Layfield, now going by “Bradshaw,” teamed up with Stone Cold Steve Austin since the two were native Texans.

During an episode of SmackDown! in 2003, Bradshaw teamed up with Faarooq to save The Undertaker, and later in the same year, they reunited once again to defeat Brock Lesnar and Big Show.

At WrestleMania 21, Layfield lost his title officially to John Cena, and later in the same year, Dave Batista defeated him at SummerSlam in a no holds barred match.

After losing to Rey Mysterio and struggling with a back injury, Layfield left SmackDown! to become a color commentator for the series.

Despite being a commentator, Layfield was known to become physical, attacking Batista and The Undertaker at a Cyber Sunday match, and again in 2007, he kicked Chris Jericho in the head after the wrestler pushed him out of the way during a match.

That altercation led Jericho, now one of the richest wrestlers in the world, to issue a challenge that brought Layfield back into the ring for another match. However, Jericho was disqualified for hitting Layfield with a metal chair.

In their rematch, Jericho won, and during his next match, a fatal four-way elimination, Layfield was the first one eliminated by John Cena, which reignited their feud.

Layfield continued wrestling through 2009 when he retired once again after losing the Intercontinental title at WrestleMania 25 against Rey Mysterio.

He returned to his position as a commentator until 2017 when he announced he was stepping down from SmackDown Live.

While he still makes appearances in the WWE, he is much more focused on his business career now, having founded Layfield Energy and working as a financial analyst on Fox News.


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John Layfield’s Career Earnings

John Layfield has a yearly salary of approximately $530,000, which he gains through his business ventures and financial analyst services.

Along with his company, Layfield Energy, he is the co-founder of a rugby expansion team in New York City, along with James Kennedy, in addition to being a global ambassador of Beyond Sport, an organization that uses sports to address social issues in communities worldwide.

Layfield also benefits from frequent appearances on Fox Business Network and the Fox News Channel as a business commentator.

To maintain his impressive net worth and salary, John Layfield consistently works and finds new ways to grow his wealth.


Personal Life

John Layfield was previously married to Cindy Womack in 1994, but the couple divorced in 2003.

Now married to Meredith Whitney, the couple enjoys a lavish lifestyle which he documents on his personal Instagram along with his current business ventures.

Similarly, Layfield stays active on Twitter, often posting about wrestling and sports.


Awards & Achievements

John Layfield has enjoyed one of the industry’s longest and most successful wrestling careers, and he has won many titles and championships along the way.

We’ve chosen some of his most significant milestones that stand out from the rest. 

Here are some highlights from John Layfield’s career:

  • In 2005, Pro Wrestling Illustrated ranked Layfield #5 of the best 500 singles wrestlers in the PWI 500.
  • The Pro Wrestling Report named Layfield the Color Commentator of the Year in 2006.
  • While with the WWE, Layfield won the Hardcore Championship title 18 times.
  • Along with Faarooq, Layfield won the Tag Team Championship three times.
  •  In 2020, John Layfield was officially inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.


How Does John Layfield Spend His Money?

Since retiring from the ring, John Layfield has lived in Bermuda, and while we don’t know much about his home, we do know that he has his own TV studio in his basement, which he uses for many of his on-air appearances.

This TV studio was funded by the Bermuda Department of Tourism, with the catch that Layfield must use colorful backdrops of the country while broadcasting.

While he may not have had to shell out the cash for his studio, we wouldn’t be surprised if he has a stash of the most expensive cigars in the world ready and waiting after each successful broadcast.



John Layfield has reached many milestones in his career, but some are more significant than others. 

Here are some of the best highlights of John Layfield’s career: 

  • In 1992, Layfield debuted in the Global Wrestling Federation.
  • Layfield, as John Hawk, debuted in the World Wrestling Federation in 1995. 
  • Under the name Bradshaw, he teamed up with Faarooq for the first time in 1998, forming the tag team “The Acolytes.” 
  • In 2001, Layfield defeated The Hurricane to win his first singles championship in the WWF. 
  • After a challenge from Jericho, Layfield came out of retirement and returned to Raw in 2007. 


Favorite John Layfield Quotes

Having spent so much time in the spotlight, Layfield has said a lot of notable things.

Even after leaving the ring, he has made a name for himself for speaking up on a number of significant topics.

Here are our favorite quotes from John Layfield:

  • “The biggest rivalries I’ve had were with Eddie Guerrero and The Undertaker. I had long, long feuds with both of these men, and both were groomsmen at my wedding.” – John Layfield
  • “It’s been a part of my entire life: I’ve wanted to be a wrestler since I was a little kid. I don’t think that ever leaves you.” – John Layfield
  • “When I was a kid, I always dreamed about climbing mountains. I read every book about it. I formulated this plan to accomplish it.” – John Layfield
  • “I did it because I’m a bad guy….that’s what I’m supposed to do!” – John Layfield
  • “We have a mass incarceration among minorities that is disproportionate to our population. It’s a travesty what’s going on with our mass incarceration specifically of minorities.” – John Layfield


3 Amazing Lessons From John Layfield

Now that you know all about John Layfield’s net worth, we can take a look at the lessons we can all learn from his impressive career and life.

Here are some of the best success lessons to learn from John Layfield:


1. Don’t Neglect Your Childhood Dreams

Layfield knew when he was a kid that he wanted to become a wrestler, and while he started getting into football in college, it was wrestling that he ultimately ended up successfully pursuing.

Although not every childhood dream may seem realistic, you’ll never know until you try, so you might as well hold onto that goal and keep it in mind while you’re climbing the ladder of success.


2. Work Hard And Never Stop

Wrestling isn’t an easy sport, and neither is building your own business.

There are going to be a lot of long nights while you’re working your way to the top, but once you’ve reached your goal, take time to celebrate before choosing another milestone and starting the hustle all over again.


3. Don’t Shy Away From Conflict

Although the conflicts portrayed in wrestling are largely for the crowd’s amusement, it’s important to remember that in life, you won’t always end up being everyone’s friend.

You’re going to butt heads with people along the way, but so long as you don’t purposely seek out conflict, you should simply take it in stride and focus on achieving your own goals.



John Layfield has enjoyed an impressive career that has earned him a huge net worth and the admiration of thousands of fans.

While he may not be in the ring anymore, he still benefits from successful business ventures and from appearances in WWE merchandise and video games.

As of February 2023, John Layfield’s net worth is estimated to be $9 Million.

What do you think about John Layfield’s net worth? Leave a comment below. 

Shawna Schofield is a writer from Chicago who loves tech and gaming. In the past she has collected everything from baseball cards to barbies and she considers herself to be a tasteful hoarder of potentially valuable items.


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