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$4 Million

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What is AJ Lee’s net worth? 

Net Worth:$4 Million
Born:March 19, 1987
Height:1.57 m (5 ft 2 in)
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Professional Wrestler
Last Updated:August 2, 2022


AJ Lee is an American professional wrestler known for her successful tenure with the WWE and marriage to wrestling icon CM Punk.

After retiring from professional wrestling, Lee wrote the book Crazy Is My Superpower, which became a bestseller.

As of February 2023, AJ Lee’s net worth is estimated to be $4 Million.


AJ Lee Facts

  • AJ Lee has often spoken about her troubled childhood and on one occasion, says she even had to stab someone who invaded their home.
  • While Lee is known for her marriage to CM Punk, he isn’t the only wrestler she’s dated, with Trent Baretta and Daniel Bryan also her previous boyfriends.
  • Her wrestling career hasn’t been without its problems, with Lee suffering multiple injuries, including several concussions as well as a cervical spine injury.
  • AJ Lee found herself in trouble with WWE talent on more than one occasion, complaining to upper management on multiple occasions about the behavior of fellow divas, including Charlotte, Paige, and Bayley.
  • The tally mark tattoos on the back of AJ Lee’s neck represent the date of her first Divas Championship win in the WWE, June 16th, 2013.


Early Life 

AJ Lee was born April Jeanette Mendez on March 19, 1987, in Union City, New Jersey, where she was raised by her mother, Janet Acevedo, and her father, Robert Mendez.

Of Puerto Rican descent, Lee is the youngest of three children, with her family frequently moving from one apartment to the next while struggling with poverty.

Influenced by her brother to pursue a career in professional wrestling, Lee attended New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, majoring in film and television production.

When she was 20 years old, AJ Lee was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and was misdiagnosed with suffering from depression.



AJ Lee first began wrestling professionally in 2007, performing on the independent circuit using the ring name Miss April before joining the Women Superstars Uncensored.

In 2009, she was signed up to World Wrestling Entertainment, shortly after changing her ring name to AJ Lee and losing the Queen of FCW title to Rosa Mendes.

As her career flourished, Lee worked with some of the biggest names in wrestling and was featured alongside stars including John Cena and Nikki Bella, among others.

After becoming Diva champion in 2013, Lee successfully defended her title from challenges by Brie Bella, Natalya, and Naomi, becoming the longest-reigning Diva Champion of all time.


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AJ Lee’s Career Earnings

AJ Lee’s precise career earnings are unknown, but her success with the WWE will have ensured a consistent income over the years she worked with the company.

Estimates of her salary at the WWE from 2014 to 2015 have placed her annual income for this period at around $104,000.

It’s likely that this estimate is short of the actual amount since it omits any potential endorsements and other deals that bring AJ Lee income.

Additional income will come through the sales of her bestselling book, which topped the New York Times bestsellers list for a short period of time.


AJ Lee’s Net Worth Annually

As with her career earnings, precise details about AJ Lee’s net worth over time aren’t known, although we can assume that certain events will have given her wealth a considerable boost.

Her deal with the WWE no doubt increase her value following her promotion to the main roster after wrestling for the Florida Championship Wrestling.

Ongoing sales of Crazy Is My Superpower is also likely to help AJ Lee’s net worth continue to grow, with a second book rumored to be in the works.


Personal Life

Throughout her tenure with the WWE, AJ Lee had several relationships with her fellow wrestlers.

In 2014, she married one of the richest wrestlers in the world, CM Punk, retiring from wrestling the following year.


Awards & Achievements

Throughout the course of her career, AJ Lee has won various awards and accolades in the wrestling industry.

Here are some highlights from AJ Lee’s career:

  • 2009: Along with Jay Lethal, AJ Lee wins the WSU/NWS King and Queen of the Ring at the Women Superstars Uncensored.
  • 2012: At the WWE, she picks up the Kiss of the Year award, along with wrestling superstar John Cena.
  • 2012 and 2014: Also at the WWE, AJ Lee is awarded the Diva of the Year for her performances in the ring.
  • 2014: AJ Lee is ranked number two of the top 50 female wrestlers in the PWI Female 50.
  • 2017: Her book, Crazy Is My Superpower, becomes a New York Times bestseller, selling thousands of copies worldwide.


How Does AJ Lee Spend Her Money?

AJ Lee has accumulated an impressive net worth over a short period of time, giving her enough income to invest in luxury goods.

While the details of her real estate investments aren’t known, she shares a home in Chicago with her wrestling professional and commentator husband, CM Punk.

She has often expressed an interest in comic books, video games, and anime and has been reading Marvel comics since she was in the fourth grade.



AJ Lee’s career has seen her enjoying huge success as a professional wrestler, capturing the hearts and minds of millions of wrestling fans around the world.

Here are some of the best highlights of AJ Lee’s career: 

  • 2007: AJ Lee enrolls in wrestling school and receives her training from Jay Lethal, a two-time ROH World Champion.
  • 2009: After attending a WWE tryout camp, Lee is signed to the company, reporting to the Florida Championship Wrestling developmental territory.
  • 2013: Lee lands the role of Raw general manager, stepping down after becoming caught up in a scandal with John Cena.
  • 2013: After a drama with Kaitlyn, AJ Lee becomes the winner of the WWE Divas Championship for the first time in her professional wrestling career.
  •  2021: Lee returns to wrestling to join the WOW – Women of Wrestling promotion as an executive producer.


Favorite AJ Lee Quotes

With her impressive career both as a professional wrestler and a best-selling author, AJ Lee has lots of insights she’s shared in interviews.

Here are our favorite quotes from AJ Lee:

  • I want people to know where I come from. I think I have come really far from that, and I did it on my own. It’s sort of the American dream to come from absolutely nothing and to succeed while still doing something that you love. Not compromising yourself in any way. I hope I’m making Jersey proud in that way.” – AJ Lee
  • I used to be naive. I didn’t realize the value of being a whole performer… People start to care about you when they know more about you and see different aspects of your personality.” – AJ Lee
  • I am bipolar, and I am proud. And that is why I wanted to write a book. To shine a light on mental illness, to be vulnerable about the days I let it take control and paid dearly for it, and to tell anyone fighting a similar battle: You are not alone. You are not broken.” – AJ Lee
  • I’m not the sexy girl. I’m more youthful and innocent, the girl who wears jeans and T-shirts and sneakers. But fans have accepted that I’m a tomboy. There’s a different group of people who find that attractive.” – AJ Lee
  • I’ve been a rescue dog mom several times and occasionally found comfort in scrolling through pictures of animals on various adoption center websites, just to fantasize about adding to the family.” – AJ Lee


3 Amazing Lessons From AJ Lee

Now that you know all about AJ Lee’s net worth, let’s examine the life lessons and insights we can learn from her career as a professional wrestler and celebrated writer.

Here are some of the best success lessons to learn from AJ Lee:


1. If You Suffer From Mental Health Issues, Take Up Exercise

With her background with bipolar disorder and the struggles she went through to cope with the illness, AJ Lee understands just how important exercise can be for overcoming mental health issues.


2. Take The Time To Share Your Insights Into Success With Others

AJ Lee’s successful transition from professional wrestler to author shows how receptive others can be if you have valuable insights to share.

Don’t underestimate the value of your own experiences, particularly if they can help others to improve their lives.


3. Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

Over the course of her career, AJ Lee has had help from many of her wrestling colleagues, without whom she wouldn’t have enjoyed the same degree of success.

She consistently praises her fellow wrestlers for everything they did to help her, understanding the importance of gratitude.



That concludes this overview of AJ Lee’s net worth, covering the wrestling career highlights and her first foray as a bestselling author.

As a wrestler, Lee won a string of awards, becoming one of the most admired female wrestlers in the WWE before her retirement in 2015.

With additional books in the pipeline, her net worth is likely to increase, so make sure you check back on this article to find out the details.

As of February 2023, AJ Lee’s net worth is estimated to be $4 Million.

What do you think about AJ Lee’s net worth? Leave a comment below.

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