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John Malkovich is an American actor, producer, director, and fashion designer.

His big-screen debut ‘Places in the Heart’ in 1984 won him many awards, including the National Society of Film Critics Award, the National Board of Review Award, and an Academy Award nomination. Malkovich expanded his interest in fashion design in 2002 when he started his own fashion company, Mrs. Mudd.

Throughout his career in the film industry, Malkovich has starred in more than 80 films and produced more than 20 films and television projects.

Some of the successful films he appeared in are ‘The Killing Fields’. ‘Warm Bodies’, and ‘Bird Box’, while the movies he has produced include ‘Juno’ and ‘The Perks of Being A Wallflower’.

Here’s a collection of the greatest John Malkovich quotes:


50 Greatest John Malkovich Quotes to Remember

1. “I’ve done quite a few big American films.” – John Malkovich

2. “I was never a fanatical movie person.” – John Malkovich

3. “I probably have more female friends than any man I’ve ever met. What I like about them is that almost always they’re generally mentally tougher, and they’re better listeners, and they’re more capable of surviving things. And most of the women that I like have a haunted quality – they’re sort of like women who live in a haunted house all by themselves.” – John Malkovich

4. “Of course it’s trivial, but then most things are.” – John Malkovich

5. “I mean, a lot of time rehearsals are taken up with other things other than preparing a character.” – John Malkovich

6. “When you think of how history is revealed, we know certain things to be facts at certain periods of time, which turn out not to be so factual as time marches on.” – John Malkovich

7. “My father was a very contradictory man.” – John Malkovich

8. “And may the best of you – for it will only be the best of you, and even then only in the rarest and briefest moments – succeed in framing that most basic of questions, ‘how do we live?” – John Malkovich

9. “I still have a temper, I suppose.” – John Malkovich


10th of 50 John Malkovich Quotes

10. “You have to play your characters, not like them.” – John Malkovich


11. “I am inspired by the appearance of a bohemian of the new millennium.” – John Malkovich

12. “Actors generally get to do things you probably shouldn’t do in real life – well, at least as much as one might like to or be tempted to. Though I suppose a lot of actors just go ahead and do it, don’t they?” – John Malkovich

13. “Sigmund Freud said we act out our own dreams, but if you are only an actor you are not acting out your own dream. You are simply participating in someone else’s dream.” – John Malkovich

14. “I don’t wake up drenched in sweat because I haven’t been on stage in years.” – John Malkovich

15. “I never really did a western western.” – John Malkovich

16. “I only have two rules for my newly born daughter: she will dress well and never have sex.” – John Malkovich

17. “I like to direct movies, but I don’t like to goof around for eight years talking about it.” – John Malkovich

18. “I don’t really go through a process, it goes through me.” – John Malkovich

19. “Quite often – a lot of the work I had done had been extensively with women. Most especially in the theater, but also quite often in the movies. That has its own delights, and maybe pitfalls too.” – John Malkovich


20th of 50 John Malkovich Quotes

20. “I don’t throw things or yell.” – John Malkovich


21. “I haven’t physically attacked anyone in a couple of years.” – John Malkovich

22. “I mean, anything that money can be made off will never be a problem to make, no matter what it is.” – John Malkovich

23. “I go around the world, working with all kinds of people who I love.” – John Malkovich

24. “Scary monsters are like Hula Hoops. They come in and out of fashion.” – John Malkovich

25. “I wouldn’t describe myself as lacking in confidence, but I would just say that – the ghosts you chase you never catch.” – John Malkovich

26. “Politics is not really my thing.” – John Malkovich

27. “I like very much to do movies.” – John Malkovich

28. “It’s tough to figure out how do we compete in Europe and North America when obviously a living wage for us is very different than a living wage in Indonesia.” – John Malkovich

29. “The world is ruled by violence or at least the imminent threat of violence. It always has been.” – John Malkovich


30th of 50 John Malkovich Quotes

30. “You know, I’m really not interested in someone telling me that something’s good or bad.” – John Malkovich


31. “It’s funny – people think analysis or psychiatry is mad, and THEY go to CHURCH…” – John Malkovich

32. “Nothing you do particularly matters. But I’m not sure that’s a great excuse for doing it poorly.” – John Malkovich

33. “I don’t want a trillion-dollar empire to run.” – John Malkovich

34. “Most films, it doesn’t matter if you see them or not.” – John Malkovich

35. “I was a very good baseball and football player, but my father always told me I was much more interested in how I looked playing baseball or football than in actually playing. There’s great truth in that.” – John Malkovich

36. “I prefer to conduct my life based on how I treat people.” – John Malkovich

37. “If you’re too smart it can limit you because you spend so much time thinking that you don’t do anything.” – John Malkovich

38. “I’d hate to see any film I’m involved in fail, especially artistically but also business-wise.” – John Malkovich

39. “I’m more boring and more conservative.” – John Malkovich


40th of 50 John Malkovich Quotes

40. “You can’t work in the movies. Movies are all about lighting. Very few filmmakers will concentrate on the story. You get very little rehearsal time, so anything you do onscreen is a kind of speed painting.” – John Malkovich


41. “It never occurred to me to be an actor.” – John Malkovich

42. “I wasn`t really raised to be the type of person to have doubts.” – John Malkovich

43. “I think I was born at a time when an American male had so many advantages and opportunities that weren’t available to men before or after, just a very brief period.” – John Malkovich

44. “Some directors expect you to do everything; write, be producer, psychiatrist. Some just want you to die in a tragic accident during the shooting so they can get the insurance.” – John Malkovich

45. “My father was an exceptionally strong influence on me.” – John Malkovich

46. “I’m not a control maniac.” – John Malkovich

47. “I find it hard to pre-plan every element of everything I do. It’s not my thing.” – John Malkovich

48. “I like design, I like details, to me, it is just another form of self-expression.” – John Malkovich

49. “I don’t remember my life before I had children.” – John Malkovich

50. “The most evocative thing to me is probably when a writer and a group of performers can collectively put together something compelling that asks the really simple question: How do we live?” – John Malkovich



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