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Which are your favorite Joy Reid quotes?

Joy Reid is an American cable television host, political commentator, and MSNBC national correspondent. In 2016, she has published a book called ‘Fracture: Barack Obama, the Clintons, and the Racial Divide’.

Reid graduated from ‘Harvard University’. Her career began in 1997 when she worked in southern Florida for a TV morning show. She also has worked in Obama’s presidential campaign.

Here’s our collection of the most Incredible Joy Reid quotes:


50 Incredible Joy Reid Quotes

1. “Trump’s more outre economic ideas, like repealing trade bills and implementing a massive surcharge on imports, would seem like non-starters in a Republican-led House and Senate, except when you consider a second point as a kind of syllogism: Republicans fear their angry, white electorate. Their angry, white electorate chose Donald Trump.” – Joy Reid

2. “There are few instances when American history offers us two clear sides of a moral line.” – Joy Reid

3. “Trump, who in his own history as a developer preferred mob concrete and Chinese steel to the variety produced in the Rust Belt, cannot bring back the steel and manufacturing jobs lost in Lorain, Ohio or western Pennsylvania.” – Joy Reid

4. “If you’ve never feared the police – if you don’t get a dull ache in the pit of your stomach when you see red and blue flashing lights, even when you know you’re not doing anything wrong – consider yourself lucky.” – Joy Reid

5. “In many ways, Trump is both a boon and a bane to Republicans. His insanity and moral decrepitude keep the country focused on things other than the horrible public policies the GOP is attempting to ram through. But because he has no loyalty to anything other than himself, he’s much more useful to them as a shiny object than as an ally.” – Joy Reid

6. “Trump is beset by clear and alarming conflicts between his international business concerns and the national interest.” – Joy Reid

7. “The one-woman Trump does seem to totally respect is his daughter from his first marriage, Ivanka, on whom he heaps constant, effusive, at-times borderline creepy praise and physical affection.” – Joy Reid

8. “The America that clings to Confederate statues and flags, and that jealously guards the social privileges white Americans have long enjoyed, form the stalwarts of Trump’s base.” – Joy Reid

9. “It sounds terribly cynical, but the real surprise in the Philando Castile case is not that the officer was acquitted but that he was charged at all. The prosecutors in the case deserve great credit for even trying. But no one should be shocked about how it turned out.” – Joy Reid


10th of 50 Joy Reid Quotes

10. “Trump has humbled our country under the shadow of China’s autocrat Xi Jinping.” – Joy Reid


11. “The fact that many journalists approach the Clintons – especially Hillary Clinton – with a presumption that she has done something that if it’s not outright corrupt is at least worthy of looking into, inevitably colors the way the public views the former secretary of state, and the way they respond to her in the polls.” – Joy Reid

12. “America is, in many ways, as much an idea as it is a country. And Americans have long marketed that idea around the world through our popular culture.” – Joy Reid

13. “Authoritarianism doesn’t fall on a nation like a book falling from a shelf and striking you in the head. It rolls in like a slow tide.” – Joy Reid

14. “Trump’s real Achilles heel, and the thing most likely to keep him out of the White House, is his brazen contempt for women (plus his lack of impulse control and inability to stay off his Android phone).” – Joy Reid

15. “If you are a certain kind of white conservative, especially a white male conservative, then Roger Ailes was a hero. He constructed a world in which your core beliefs and your gut instincts were, and still are, constantly validated.” – Joy Reid

16. “Even at its most outrageous early moments, the Tea Party movement was treated to sober and at times breathless media coverage, to the point of being invited to co-host a presidential debate.” – Joy Reid

17. “Trump channeled ethno-populist rage as naturally and charismatically as George Wallace had during the 1960s while seating a billionaire cabinet.” – Joy Reid

18. “Technology has made it a lot easier to be productive. It’s incredibly helpful to be able to get little bits of information quickly.” – Joy Reid

19. “The evidence of our divided racial self was all over the Obama presidency from the beginning: from the shouts of ‘you lie’ from the well of Congress as he spoke to a joint session, to the unprecedented spectacle of American conservatives rooting against their own country being awarded the Olympic Games.” – Joy Reid


20th of 50 Joy Reid Quotes

20. “The Trump phenomenon might feel both interminable and unprecedented to Republican elites, but of course it isn’t.” – Joy Reid


21. “Trump is as hollow a vessel as there has ever been in the White House. His rule lacks even a shred of moral authority.” – Joy Reid

22. “Trumpists want a return to a white, Christian America.” – Joy Reid

23. “There is a twinge of abandonment that comes with being a member of the African Diaspora. But ‘Black Panther’ fearlessly introduces and then complicates this and other deeply held albeit rarely expressed emotions; that indeed is what makes this film so profoundly innovative.” – Joy Reid

24. “Democrats may want working-class white Rust Belters to have good jobs at high wages with pensions and health benefits, but they can’t make them vote that way.” – Joy Reid

25. “Ailes built a Kingdom of Yes. That was his genius. He understood the id of many white conservatives – their sense of constant persecution and victimization; and their existential fears of an America whose racial makeup, sexual mores, and gender roles were careening in the opposite direction of the country of their childhood.” – Joy Reid

26. “For decades, the GOP has faithfully served the rich, corporations, polluters and purveyors of pure, unadulterated greed, and brought blue-collar white voters along for the ride with promises of cultural revival.” – Joy Reid

27. “For millions of Americans who happen to be black or brown, that core bond of trust with the government that governs closest to you is too often broken.” – Joy Reid

28. “The Trumps have spent exactly zero percent of their lives caring about anyone other than themselves.” – Joy Reid

29. “Trump’s cabinet picks seem designed to unwind government itself, leaving the average citizen completely exposed and vulnerable to full exploitation by corporate interests.” – Joy Reid


30th of 50 Joy Reid Quotes

30. “The presidency is, in many ways, America’s comment on itself; our collective national costume. In the occupant of our sole nationwide elected office, we see who we think we are, or who we want to be.” – Joy Reid


31. “Freedom is neither guaranteed nor automatic; not even in the United States. Left unguarded, it can slip away like a thief in the night.” – Joy Reid

32. “The Hollywood of Frank Capra’s era, when Reagan became a minor star, sold the world an image of American pith and patriotism in many ways as defining as the moon landing or the A-bomb.” – Joy Reid

33. “Local government is a gamble that can have disastrous consequences when it fails.” – Joy Reid

34. “To be sure, police do a dangerous job and take tremendous personal risks to safeguard the public. Most officers just want to do their jobs and go home alive.” – Joy Reid

35. “Even without the euphoria of ‘yes we can,’ Hillary Clinton is to white women what Barack Obama was to African-Americans. She represents the opportunity to see alike image in the Oval Office for the first time.” – Joy Reid

36. “Being on a grand jury felt like attending a series of hangings in a legal Wild West. Hands up for a true bill. Hands up for a dismissal. A show of hands to save a life, or to end it.” – Joy Reid

37. “Too great a love for the presidency has caused Democrats to neglect state and local politics and to overly prize compromise and a futile quest for bipartisanship. It has made liberals too allergic to federalism and too shy about grassroots politics.” – Joy Reid

38. “To be white in America is to have the confidence to say, without a second thought: this space, this neighborhood, this city, this county, this country is mine.” – Joy Reid

39. “Obama has presided over sweeping cultural advances, particularly in the rights of gay and lesbian Americans.” – Joy Reid


40th of 50 Joy Reid Quotes

40. “The reversion of American society to a nation of the superrich and the rest… is straining the country in ways that go way beyond economics.” – Joy Reid


41. “Trump’s trade and immigration policies will deliver an economic shock to states like Texas where trade produces a substantial share of the jobs, and which depend on high oil prices.” – Joy Reid

42. “The work of anti-racism can only take place inside each individual soul, where we all try to grow into better people. There is no national tonic or instant cure.” – Joy Reid

43. “The sharp differences between the way city dwellers and rural, suburban and exurban residents vote, think and live cannot be papered over by federal laws, federal rules or, clearly, by a president.” – Joy Reid

44. “The abuse of congressional power for pure partisan gain has become a specialty of the GOP.” – Joy Reid

45. “Republicans have relentlessly pursued investigations of Hillary Clinton, going back to her time as secretary of state (to say nothing of the 30-year project to take down both Clintons by right-wing outside groups).” – Joy Reid

46. “Trump built Trump Tower using mob concrete, not Bethlehem steel.” – Joy Reid

47. “President Barack Obama read to a certain portion of white America as an unending attack on white Christian identity, centrality, and cultural relevance. In their minds, he was seeking to end their right to bear arms and the right of conservatives to speak freely.” – Joy Reid

48. “Trump’s affinity for Russia dates back at least to the late 1980s, during the time of the Soviet Union, and it intensified after his financial empire collapsed.” – Joy Reid

49. “Trump is a big businessman. He’s your boss or CEO, not one of your brothers on the line.” – Joy Reid

50. “After Trump, how can we credibly say that our process for choosing a national leader yields the best possible result, or even someone capable of uniting the country, let alone running it?” – Joy Reid



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