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Elizabeth Shaila Koshy, “Liza Koshy”, is an American actress, YouTube personality, comedian and television host. Koshy began her career on Vine in 2013 and is today considered to be one of the funniest personality in Hollywood. 

We’ve put together this collection of the best Liza Koshy quotes:


23 Liza Koshy Quotes 

1. “”And there was a time I thought scraping gum into buckets was the grossest job possible.” Liza Koshy

2. “You really are the most selfish person on Earth. No wonder your brother ghosted you.” – Liza Koshy

3. “I’m someone who’d rather understand reality than play pretends.” – Liza Koshy


4th of 23 Liza Koshy Quotes

4. “We do not believe in ourselves until someone reveals that deep inside us something is valuable, worth listening to, worthy of our trust, sacred to our touch. Once we believe in ourselves we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight or any experience that reveals the human spirit.” – Liza Koshy


Liza Koshy Picture Quotes 1

5. “I’ve learned a huge amount because I’ve been tested and, more importantly, I’ve been trusted. I don’t do well when people lie to me.” – Liza Koshy


6. “I won’t ever regret being here with you.” – Liza Koshy

7. “If you think you can use me and get away with it, then you haven’t been paying attention.” – Liza Koshy

8. “I can’t trust you. And, I can’t be with someone if I’m always going to wonder if and when they’re going to cheat again.” – Liza Koshy

9. “It’s just, usually in these types of stories, it’s the girl with the bow and arrow who does the hard stuff.” – Liza Koshy


Liza Koshy Picture Quotes 2

10. “There are other ways to force people to do what you want.” – Liza Koshy


11. “Tootie Ramsey: I’ll call you anything I want!” – Liza Koshy

12. “I don’t take orders from you anymore, Chip. I’m out of the rodeo.” – Liza Koshy

p13. “Never place your trust in us. We’re only human. Inevitably, we will disappoint you.” – Liza Koshy

14. “I’ve never trusted anyone all the time. It’s the people I care about the most that always seem to do the most damage.” – Liza Koshy


Liza Koshy Picture Quotes 3

15. “Remember you are not an apology, you belong solely to yourself.” – Liza Koshy


16. “It may have been in pieces, but I gave you the best of me.” – Liza Koshy


17th of 23 Liza Koshy Quotes

17. “Whoever finds this, my name is Violet Adams, and everything that happened, the explosion at the plant, the whole disaster, it was all my fault. I swear I’m not the genocidal type. I was just trying to blow up a car. The cherry red pickup of a cheating asshole who worked at the plant.” – Liza Koshy


18. “What if all everybody needed in the world was to be sure of one friend? What if you were the one, and you refused to say those simple words?” – Liza Koshy

19. “She looks sad. She looks angry. She looks different from everyone else I know—she cannot put on that happy face others wear when they know they are being watched. She doesn’t put on a face for me, which makes me trust her somehow.” – Liza Koshy


Liza Koshy Picture Quotes 4

20. “To earn trust, he must extend trust.” – Liza Koshy


21st of 23 Liza Koshy Quotes 

21. “Do not think I am forgetful of you. You would not believe me if you knew how often you are in my heart & mind. I love thinking of you. Hmm, two alphas in a dick fight.” – Liza Koshy


Liza Koshy Picture Quotes 5

22. “Don’t tell me what I want and don’t want.” – Liza Koshy


23. “There is no respect between the souls of two individuals if their minds can’t trust each other and there is no trust between them if their hearts can’t accept the truth of each other.” – Liza Koshy



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