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Amber Heard is an American actress and model. Heard’s breakthrough came in 2008 when she starred in ‘Never Back Down’ and ‘Pineapple Express’, which were both box office successes.

She had featured in movies such as ‘Aquaman’, London Fields, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane and syrup. Besides her success in acting, she also engages in activism for causes such as LGBTQ rights and domestic and sexual violence awareness.

Here’s a collection of the most inspirational Amber Heard quotes:


45 Famous & Inspirational Amber Heard Quotes

1. “I am a firm believer that you can have the body you want, only to the extent that you’re willing to work for it.” – Amber Heard

2. “I come from a place where I find it hard to identify with a label.” – Amber Heard

3. “I get tickets all the time and can’t stay under the speed limit. I’m bad at that.” – Amber Heard

4. “I personally think that if you deny something or if you hide something you’re inadvertently admitting it’s wrong.” – Amber Heard

5. “I think there’s an instinct to make grotesque horror films that are purely carnal, like the ‘Saw’ movies.” – Amber Heard

6. “I’ve always been a private person, and I’ve always valued my private life.” – Amber Heard

7. “It’s rare to have even half-meaningful conversations in the film industry.” – Amber Heard

8. “School was a waste of time for me. I was bored and left at 16. I started taking correspondence courses at college instead. I did incredibly well. I won an award for my grades.” – Amber Heard

9. “Young women from a very young age are taught that life will be easier if you can just turn on the charming smile and say very little and be complacent and docile and sweet.” – Amber Heard


10th of 45 Amber Heard Quotes 

10. “Everybody enjoys when a woman is her own character in a movie or otherwise.” – Amber Heard


11. “I can sit in front of the TV and watch an old romantic film and be transfixed.” – Amber Heard

12. “I don’t want to be labeled as one thing or another. In the past, I’ve had successful relationships with men, and now I’m in this successful relationship with a woman. When it comes to love I am totally open. I don’t want to be put into a category, as in ‘I’m this’ or ‘I’m that.” – Amber Heard

13. “I love my horror films and they will always be very close to me.” – Amber Heard

14. “I think my mother realized she had a somewhat unusual daughter pretty early on.” – Amber Heard

15. “I’m thankful for the work that feminists like Gloria Steinem have done. I am a feminist, but the geography for women today is vastly different than it was in the ’60s.” – Amber Heard

16. “It’s my job in Hollywood to find roles where I get to be a character, not a bathing suit.” – Amber Heard

17. “Reading keeps me sane. Growing up, it was my escape, my alternative; it provided both rebellion and peace.” – Amber Heard

18. “You know, I’ve kind of been lucky enough to always work with established actors or big names or people that are really popular or infamous for doing what they do and doing it well, I guess.” – Amber Heard

19. “Every article I’ve read about myself always winds up concluding that I am not, in fact, completely stupid.” – Amber Heard


20th of 45 Amber Heard Quotes 

20. “I buy records – vinyl. I have a record player at home.” – Amber Heard


21. “I don’t label myself one way or another. I love who I love; it’s the person that matters.” – Amber Heard

22. “I have been in my fair share of both onscreen and off-screen fights.” – Amber Heard

23. “I think I’ve always had a certain amount of skepticism of this whole ‘shut up and smile’ theory. I haven’t ever swallowed that pill so easily, although I tried.” – Amber Heard

24. “I’m a good shot and I love guns – I own several.” – Amber Heard

25. “It requires bravery to do something no one else around you is doing.” – Amber Heard

26. “One of the biggest challenges in my job is letting go of the movie once you go home at night, and knowing you can’t do anything to your performance once you’ve laid it on film.” – Amber Heard

27. “You feel better when you’re eating food that retains nutritional value.” – Amber Heard

28. “Even though I don’t believe in God, I feel strangely compelled to fight the atheist label.” – Amber Heard

29. “I am just like any other girl, a sucker for romance.” – Amber Heard


30th of 45 Amber Heard Quotes 

30. “I don’t know if I’ve owned a piece of technology that I hated – I don’t think I would have owned it then.” – Amber Heard


31. “I have always been very rebellious and gone against the grain. I’ve always challenged the standards set before me.” – Amber Heard

32. “I take the sexy girl parts and try to give them something else and make them a character.” – Amber Heard

33. “I would never imagine a mate based on a certain sex or race.” – Amber Heard

34. “I’m not the kind of person to just sit back and lose something I worked hard on, so, naturally, I’ve taken steps to be further involved in a process when most actors arent.” – Amber Heard

35. “Once you start working out, you feel better and it becomes something you make time to do.” – Amber Heard

36. “You can’t respect yourself if you’re afraid to be who you are.” – Amber Heard

37. “All I’ve ever needed is myself.” – Amber Heard

38. “I am a proud member of the LGBT community and could never bear the idea that someone could say I was closeted.” – Amber Heard

39. “I don’t feel like millions of people are wrong because they love who they love or they were born how they were born.” – Amber Heard


40th of 45 Amber Heard Quotes 

40. “I grew up just outside of Austin, and my upbringing was fairly rural.” – Amber Heard


41. “I seem to be stuck in the ’60s, and my favorite music, cars, and women’s fashion come from that era. And the sense of social rebellion. It was a good time for a lot of things.” – Amber Heard

42. “I would love to see women be able to be powerful, complex, smart, opinionated and taken seriously, even if they are beautiful. Even more, I would love to see women held to different standards, other than the superficial ones that we’re held to.” – Amber Heard

43. “I’ve got a soft spot for true individuals.” – Amber Heard

44. “My very best friend died in a car accident when I was 16 years old. That was the hardest blow emotionally that I have ever had to endure. Suddenly, you realize tomorrow might not come. Now I live by the motto, ‘Today is what I have.’” – Amber Heard

45. “When I go into making a movie, personally, I don’t try to bring other pieces of movies with me.” – Amber Heard



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