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Breaking Bad is an American crime drama television series created and produced by Vince Gilligan. The series premiered on January 20, 2008. The series has a total of five seasons with 62 episodes.

The story is about a school chemistry teacher Walter White, who is struggling with a diagnosis of stage-three lung cancer.

White turns to a criminal enterprise, partnering with his former student Jesse Pinkman, by producing and distributing crystallized methamphetamine to secure his family’s financial future before he dies. 

Here’s a collection of the greatest Breaking Bad quotes:


55 Unforgettable Breaking Bad Quotes

1. “I have spent my whole life scared, frightened of things that could happen, might happen, might not happen, 50-years I spent like that.” – Walter White Jr.

2. “Right now, what I need, is for you to climb down out of my ass. Can you do that? Will you do that for me, honey? Will you please, just once, get off my ass? You know? I’d appreciate it. I really would.” – Walter White

3. “If you don’t know who I am, then maybe your best course would be to tread lightly.” – Walter White

4. “Scientists love lasers.” – Saul Goodman

5. “We’re all on the same page. The one that says, if I can’t kill you, you’ll sure as shit wish you were dead.” – Jesse Pinkman

6. “Yeah, Mr. White! Yeah, Science!” – Jesse Pinkman

7. “The moral of the story is…I chose a half measure when I should have gone all the way. I’ll never make that mistake again. No more half measures, Walter.” – Mike Ehrmantraut

8. “You clearly don’t know who you’re talking to, so let me clue you in. I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger. A guy opens his door and gets shot, and you think that of me? No! I am the one who knocks!” – Walter White

9. “If you’re committed enough, you can make any story work.” – Saul


10th of 55 Breaking Bad Quotes 

10. “What I came to realize is that fear, that’s the worst of it. That’s the real enemy. So, get up, get out in the real world and you kick that bastard as hard you can right in the teeth.” – Walter White Jr.


11. “You’re the smartest guy I’ve ever met. And you’re too stupid to see… he made up his mind ten minutes ago.” – Hank

12. “Tread lightly.” – Walter White

13. “Well, technically, chemistry is the study of matter. But I prefer to see it as the study of change.” – Walter White

14. “Sending him on a trip to Belize.” – Saul Goodman

15. “The fun’s over. From here on out, I’m Mr. Low Profile. Just another douche bag with a job and three pairs of Dockers. If I’m lucky, month from now, best-case scenario, I’m managing a Cinnabon in Omaha.” – Saul Goodman

16. “Some straight like you, giant stick up his ass, age what, 60? He’s just gonna break bad?” – Jesse Pinkman

17. “I’m not saying it’s not bad. It’s bad. But it could be worse.” – Saul Goodman

18. “Did you know that there’s an acceptable level of rat turds that can go into candy bars? It’s the government, jack.” – Jesse Pinkman

19. “Darth Vader had responsibilities. He was responsible for the Death Star.” – Badger


20th of 55 Breaking Bad Quotes 

20. “Walter Jr., you’re my big man. There are going to be some things that you’ll come to learn about me in the next few days. But just know that no matter how it may look, I only had you in my heart. Goodbye.” – Walter White


21. “I mean, it’s just..it’s the constant, it’s the cycle. It’s solution, dissolution, just over and over and over. It is growth, then decay, then transformation. It is fascinating, really.” – Walter White

22. “You are not the guy. You’re not capable of being the guy. I had a guy, but now I don’t. You are not the guy.” – Mike Ehrmantraut

23. “Smoking marijuana, eating Cheetos, and masturbating do not constitute plans in my book.” – Walter White

24. “And a man, a man provides. And he does it even when he’s not appreciated, or respected, or even loved. He simply bears up and he does it. Because he’s a man.” – Gustavo Fring

25. “So you do have a plan! Yeah, Mr. White! Yeah, Science!” – Jesse Pinkman

26. “I hide in plain sight, same as you.” – Gus Fring

27. “Jesse, you asked me if I was in the meth business or the money business… Neither. I’m in the empire business.” – Walter White

28. “Say my name.” – Walter White

29. “We’re done when I say we’re done” – Walter White


30th of 55 Quotes from Breaking Bad

30. “To all law enforcement entities, this is not an admission of guilt.” – Walter White


31. “I am speaking to my family now. Skyler, you are the love of my life. I hope you know that.” – Walter White

32. “I am not in danger, I am the danger.” – Walter White

33. “I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And, I was really…I was alive.” – Walter White

34. “Finding myself awake at three in the morning. But you know what? Ever since my diagnosis, I sleep just fine.” – Walter White Jr.

35. “I am the one who knocks.” – Walter White

36. “I won.” – Walter White

37. “This kicks like a mule with its balls wrapped in duct tape!” – Tuco Salamanaca

38. “I have lived under the threat of death for a year now. And because of that, I’ve made choices.” – Walter White

39. “Hey, I’m a civilian! I’m not your lawyer anymore. I’m nobody’s lawyer.” – Saul Goodman


40th of 55 Breaking Bad Quotes 

40. “You know what Walt? Someone needs to protect this family from the man who protects this family.” – Skyler White


41. “No, they’re minerals, Jesus Marie!” – Hank Schrader

42. “Is this just a genetic thing with you? Is it congenital? Did your, did your mother drop you on your head when you were a baby?” – Walter White

43. “Congratulations, you’ve just left your family a second-hand Subaru.” – Saul Goodman

44. “Just because you shot Jesse James, don’t make you Jesse James.” – Mike Ehrmantraut

45. “There is gold in the streets just waiting for someone to come and scoop it up.” – Walter White

46. “Even government doesn’t care that much about quality. You know what is okay to put in hot dogs? Huh? Pig lips and assholes. But I say, hey, have at it bitches ’cause I love hot dogs.” – Jesse Pinkman

47. “F**k you and your eyebrows.” – Walter White

48. “We tried to poison you. We tried to poison you because you are an insane, degenerate piece of filth and you deserve to die.” – Walter White

49. “I once told a woman I was Kevin Costner and it worked because I believed it.” – Saul


50th of 55 Breaking Bad Quotes 

50. “They’re minerals, Marie! Jesus!” – Hank Schrader


51. “Shut the fuck up and let me die in peace” – Mike Ehrmantraut

52. “If you try to interfere, this becomes a much simpler matter. I will kill your wife. I will kill your son. I will kill your infant daughter.” – Gus Fring

53. “Ah, like I came to you, begging to cook meth. Oh, hey, nerdiest old dude I know, you wanna come cook crystal? Please. I’d ask my diaper-wearing granny, but her wheelchair wouldn’t fit in the RV.” – Jesse Pinkman

54. “Nah, come on man. Some straight like you, giant stick up his ass at like what, sixty, he’s just gonna break bad?” – Jesse Pinkman

55. “This is my own private domicile and I will not be harassed…bitch!” – Jesse Pinkman



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