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Which are your favorite Clive Standen quotes?

Clive Standen is an American actor who is best known for his role as Bryan Mills on the television series ‘Taken’. He appeared in many television series such as ‘Vikings’, ‘Archer’, ‘Robin Hood’, and in the BBC science-fiction program ‘Doctor Who’.

Standen makes his debut as a professional stunt was at the age of 12 in Nottingham. He was a member of the National Youth Theatre and the National Youth Music Theatre performing in many well-known venues. In addition to his success, he has done voiceovers for video games such as Aliens vs. Predator and Inversion.

Here’s a collection of the greatest Clive Standen quotes:


50 of the Greatest Clive Standen Quotes

1. “You see the hurt and anger on our faces because we’ve really been smashed in the face… We pride ourselves on making it as real as possible.” – Clive Standen

2. “I’m excited for people to see my new show, “Council of Dads.” It’s something I think we all really need right now.” – Clive Standen

3. “I studied the actors, sometimes the same actor’s performance on concussive nights to see the nuances and how their performance changed night after night.” – Clive Standen

4. “When you have kids you think you’ll have less time, but I actually find more time. We waste so many hours in the day procrastinating.” – Clive Standen

5. “I don’t want to take away from time with the kids. I don’t waste it; I use that time. I find myself getting far more done as a parent because I seize those opportunities. Ultimately I do everything for my family. Even if means staying up all night… you make the time.” – Clive Standen

6. “I think I learned just as much in the darkness of those auditoriums as I did at drama school.” – Clive Standen

7. “I am definitely drawn to characters with fires in their bellies.” – Clive Standen

8. “There’s nothing elementary about elementary mathematics, that’s for sure!” – Clive Standen

9. “What I love about Vikings is that Michael’s scripts are so brilliantly written. We never know where he is going to take us next. It’s a complete rollercoaster – or should that be Rollo-coaster?!” – Clive Standen


10th of 50 Clive Standen Quotes

10. “When things aren’t going so well, you simply do whatever it takes. When I was struggling I had no pride in terms of what jobs I would take: I drove vans, passed out things on the street, waited tables, did bar work, cleaned houses…. the mortgage doesn’t pay itself. That was motivation enough.” – Clive Standen


11. “Well if I was going to have any acting hero, it would be Viggo Mortensen.” – Clive Standen

12. “I like the flip side of the coin: I like characters that aren’t what they first seem. If a character is heroic and stands up to be counted, what is the sacrifice he had to make to do that?” – Clive Standen

13. “I started creating a playlist, mainly of [chuckles] Mumford & Sons songs. When I listened to them, I started to create a fake story from the lyrics that was just correlated to my character.” – Clive Standen

14. “I may have been selling ice creams and handing out programs, but I had the privilege of seeing every production that came through the doors in all three theatre spaces over and over.” – Clive Standen

15. “With Rollo, everything was there for me.” – Clive Standen

16. “The best thing about acting, I suppose, is that there’s no real retirement age as long as you can do it.” – Clive Standen

17. “You definitely have to craft a career as well. Sometimes the quick route might not be the best route for your career over the long run.” – Clive Standen

18. “I try my best, with every new role that I take I try to wipe the slate clean and to start from scratch and to show people that there’s another string to my bow, so to speak.” – Clive Standen

19. “I like characters with layers.” – Clive Standen


20th of 50 Clive Standen Quotes

20. “I’m happy with who I am and where I am right now – I’m only looking forward.” – Clive Standen


21. “Well I can tell you that homeschooling three kids of three different ages at three different schools is quite a feat.” – Clive Standen

22. “I think landing my role in “Vikings.” It was a saga in itself that went on for months and I’d never wanted to be in a production so much.” – Clive Standen

23. “It’s great as an actor to have secrets for your character because when you play into a scene, you can go: “Ahhhh, I know something you don’t know”, and it just gives that little mysticism as well, and it makes you feel a little more well-rounded as an actor and as a character.” – Clive Standen

24. “I once got headbutted by great white shark… it’s a long story and I probably deserved it!” – Clive Standen

25. “Bizarrely, it’s the 4th-grade math I find the most difficult. It’s so different to when I was at school.” – Clive Standen

26. “I want to be in this business a long time, I love it.” – Clive Standen

27. “The first glimpse we had of season one, we thought we may have made something quite special, but we had no idea if anyone would like it. But every year we meet the most passionate fans and see how invested they are in it.” – Clive Standen

28. “As an actor, you need to respect the character that you’re playing, because you need to know where he comes from.” – Clive Standen

29. “The key to the show’s success is making characters who have done questionable things the heroes of the story.” – Clive Standen


30th of 50 Clive Standen Quotes

30. “You have to respect the character that you’re playing.” – Clive Standen


31. “There is no right or wrong so let’s not be too hard on ourselves either.” – Clive Standen

32. “Fingers crossed that people will like watching it and we’ll have many seasons of Council of Dads.” – Clive Standen

33. “The cliché is that when you have kids you stop worrying about yourself, but it really does. Becoming a parent changed everything for me.” – Clive Standen

34. “For the three years I was at drama school I worked at the National Theatre as an usher in the evenings.” – Clive Standen

35. “Everything I’ve done I’ve always tried to give it my best shot and worked my arse off to make it work so if it doesn’t go my way, I can walk away knowing I did everything I could and it obviously wasn’t meant to be.” – Clive Standen

36. “What we all created in Ireland was an incredible accomplishment. It’s the show I’m most proud of so far in my career.” – Clive Standen

37. “Well my children are my ongoing project for that… who knows where they will end up and what they will achieve.” – Clive Standen

38. “I have to be clever about the roles I pick because I want to keep doing this until I’m 90.” – Clive Standen

39. “We do all our own stunts. We don’t have the budget of Game of Thrones, but we make it very realistic.” – Clive Standen


40th of 50 Clive Standen Quotes

40. “Acting is about mirroring nature, so as long as there’s 90-year-old people out there, you can be a 90-year-old actor.” – Clive Standen


41. “I fought so hard at every step of the process – it ended up being seven different auditions and a rollercoaster process of auditioning and screen testing to then get offered the role of Rollo, which started a six-year adventure of working with an incredible cast and crew.” – Clive Standen

42. “I get very, very focused on my characters and I can tell you every little thing about him and all of my thoughts most of the way through the day, from when I wake up in the morning until I go to bed are on what I am working.” – Clive Standen

43. “You know you make one small change and you could end up in an entirely different place… that’s just playing with fire.” – Clive Standen

44. “I owe so much to actors like Janet McTeer, Harriet Walter, Juliet Stevenson, Mark Rylance, Simon Russel Beal, Kenneth Branagh, Guy Henry. Simon McBurney… the list goes on.” – Clive Standen

45. “It’s like The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Rollo has felt second-best to Ragnar all his life…. Sometimes at the end of those scenes, Travis and I want to hug each other because of the things we have just done to each other!” – Clive Standen

46. “There is no “normal” here. We are all doing the best we can with the tools we have. Let’s all take advantage of needing each other.” – Clive Standen

47. “They say you don’t miss something until it’s gone, and I now know how lucky I was to be with those people at that time in my life.” – Clive Standen

48. “Vikings was somewhat unique. I had done period dramas and they were really just get credits on my CV. I’d been riding horses and training in martial arts and doing stunts for years, so those were skills I could play to.” – Clive Standen

49. “I just finished doing four seasons of Vikings. If I take another role set in medieval times then it has to be as good or better or I’m carving out a career as an actor that just does those dramas — especially if I take on a role or a project that is a step down in quality. You may get a paycheck… but your career will fade.” – Clive Standen

50. “Michael is a historian as well as a writer. He wants the show to do justice to the Vikings…We are not trying to portray the Vikings as lovely, peace-loving people. It’s simply about humanizing them.” – Clive Standen



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