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50 Yung Bleu Quotes On Success, Careers & Music

Zisilia Alvsa



50 Yung Bleu Quotes On Success, Careers & Music

Which are your favorite Yung Bleu quotes?

Yung Bleu is an American rapper and social media personality. He is well known for his song ‘Miss It’, which has more than sixty-nine million views on YouTube.

Bleu first began his music career at age 11 years old. He signed a record deal with Boosie Badazz’s Columbia Records-affiliated imprint, Badazz Music Syndicate in 2017. He has featured with A-list rappers including ‘Drake’, ‘Kevin Gates’, ‘Wiz Khalifa’, and ‘Moneybagg Yo’.

We’ve put together this collection of the best Yung Bleu quotes:


50 Yung Bleu Quotes On Success, Careers & Music

1. “My court bigger than Boosie’s court, My pool ain’t bigger than his, but I got a nice-sized pool. My pool is about 60 feet. I built my house from scratch.” – Yung Bleu

2. “I used to record the beats off somewhere else to the tape, then play it from the tape recorder and record on the phone.” – Yung Bleu

3. “Sometimes I speak for me and then sometimes I speak for what I see and hear about.” – Yung Bleu

4. “This let me know that I can really do what I wanna do and it’s still going to relate because what I’m talking about inside the song is street s–t anyways.” – Yung Bleu

5. “I’m real big on manifesting. That’s why I always speak on things.” – Yung Bleu

6. “I just think with this record, it’s another audience. It’s kind of like a mainstream audience — a broader audience.” – Yung Bleu

7. “No matter how I deliver it, at the end of the day, it’s still street s–t. It’s street, but delivered in a different way. I can deliver in a mainstream and street way.” – Yung Bleu

8. “I wrote down the song names before I even made the songs. Then, I went and made songs about the song names.” – Yung Bleu

9. “Like I said, I’ve been in the game for a little minute. So I’ve been selling out shows, I’ve been on tours and stuff like that.” – Yung Bleu


10th of 50 Yung Bleu Quotes

10. “I got different goals.” – Yung Bleu


11. “Really I just worked with people that I really, really, really have relationships with. I could’ve got anybody but I wanted people on the album who I really had chemistry with. ” – Yung Bleu

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12. “I do feel like eventually, I’ll have to sign to a major label to go where I wanna go just as far as mainstream, but I don’t think it’s necessary right now.” – Yung Bleu

13. “It was a random idea. I just went to the studio, went to the chalkboard and started writing down song names.” – Yung Bleu

14. “I’m coming off on a billion and half streams before the Drake feature.” – Yung Bleu

15. “I wanna keep bringing people into my world instead of going into other people’s worlds.” – Yung Bleu

16. “I just wanna be remembered. I wanna make an impact to where, 10 years from now, you still listen to my music.” – Yung Bleu

17. “I made that s–t in, like, seven days. I put it out and that s–t be blowing my friends’ minds. Once I get an idea, I just go with it.” – Yung Bleu

18. “Once I started blowing up, they started discovering other artists.” – Yung Bleu

19. “Nobody don’t really care about that no more — being signed to a major label — it’s all about what you’re going to do after that. I ain’t beefing with no major label.” – Yung Bleu


20th of 50 Yung Bleu Quotes

20. “I was like this one R&B n—a trying to satisfy the streets until I get my mainstream look, but I’m trying to go that route, for real. I can do what they do, but can’t nobody do what I do.” – Yung Bleu


21. “I always believed in myself and knowing the kind of music that I make, it’s always just getting the right ear to hear it.” – Yung Bleu

22. “When I first started rapping, a lot of people said I sound like Future, but people don’t really say that no more.” – Yung Bleu

23. “With my other songs, I was touching everybody on the underground scene.” – Yung Bleu

24. “I got more of a soulful sound. A deep, soulful, pain-driven sound… in most of my music.” – Yung Bleu

25. “I know what to say in the song. I kind of got a formula.” – Yung Bleu

26. “I need one more solo [record] after this that’s so crazy that it’ll solidify me as a hitmaker. That’s why I’m trying to work on the next record right now.” – Yung Bleu

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27. “As far as Meek, he’s very creative. He always gives me creative ideas all the time. He made me feel like a star. He just gave me more confidence to do what I do and believe what I do with him being like a big artist and making me feel like a big artist too. I just take from every situation what I can.” – Yung Bleu

28. “Boosie [Badazz], Tupac [Shakur], Lauryn Hill, Luther Vandross. Any old Luther inspired me to start making music.” – Yung Bleu

29. “I got different manifestations.” – Yung Bleu


30th of 50 Yung Bleu Quotes

30. “I still kind of wanna prove myself and show people I know what I’m doing for me. By the time I do sign, people will trust me.” – Yung Bleu


31. “The Weeknd too. I like PartyNextDoor. All them type of artists I feel like I blend with.” – Yung Bleu

32. “what I know other people are going through. I try to make therapeutic music for other people, too.” – Yung Bleu

33. “Boogie and me were already chopping it up. He’s from my city too. He’s always on all the artists from the city.” – Yung Bleu

34. “Just the love of music. I love creating it and being in the studio, feeling the vibe, and everything that comes with it. That just keeps my drive and me going.” – Yung Bleu

35. “I just ended up putting it out and it just happened.” – Yung Bleu

36. “Yeah, that’s what I’m envisioning. Like Love, Scars is really my first concept album where I sat down and said I’m gonna make an album about one theme. I wanted people to visualize it.” – Yung Bleu

37. “When Beyoncé be singing about how dudes hurt her, I’m like the male version of that, I ain’t saying I’m big as Beyoncé—I’m [just] saying what the dudes wanna say!” – Yung Bleu

38. “When I was coming up doing it, it was kind of all on me for real because I was the only one trying to get the world to recognize Alabama.” – Yung Bleu

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39. “Drake is a real genuine dude. He really doesn’t care how big you are. If he fuck with it, he fucks with it.” – Yung Bleu


40th of 50 Yung Bleu Quotes

40. “I know I can be like that mainstream artist, ya feel me? I always make that kind of music.” – Yung Bleu


41. “Even when I dropped the record and put it out for the city, I said “Drake would kill this” because I was thinking of a feature to put on it.” – Yung Bleu

42. “I do everything at my house. I mix and master it, everything. A lot of people don’t know how talented I am bruh. I’m really talented, I’m a star. ” – Yung Bleu

43. “I really wanna go full-on R&B on some The Weeknd-type s–t.” – Yung Bleu

44. “As far as Boosie, I just get the grind from him. He always told me that I was going to be a star from the beginning.” – Yung Bleu

45. “I only used to make street records because I was still underground and I just wanted to keep that fanbase and that element, but I was really waiting to break through mainstream so I can do the music that I love to do.” – Yung Bleu

46. “Everybody on the underground scene knew about Bleu, ya feel me? It was just getting to that next level that I had to break through and I think this was kind of that attempt towards that.” – Yung Bleu

47. “I know what people wanna hear.” – Yung Bleu

48. “I used to get on the bus and just record on my little white Nokia” – Yung Bleu

49. “I was forced to collab with the artists that I collab with in the past because that was my lane.” – Yung Bleu

50. “I’m one of the few people that really admit when they get cheated on in songs. If I done got cheated on or did wrong, I’ma tell you in a song.” – Yung Bleu



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Zisilia Alvsa is a writer for Wealthy Gorilla. Friends often call her Zii. She is a girl from Jakarta, Indonesia who currently lives in Bali. Zii loves photography and travelling.

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