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Derek Hough is an American professional Latin and ballroom dancer, choreographer, and reality TV star.

He is most famously recognized for making appearances on the popular dance-competition TV series ‘Dancing with the Stars’ in which he successfully won a record-breaking 6 times with his celebrity partners.

Hough started out dancing when he was only 12. His parents sent him to live in London and study with renowned dance coaches ‘Corky’ and ‘Shirley Ballas’. He then made a breakthrough thanks to his outstanding work in the aforementioned dance-competition series.

He has also ventured into acting. Some of the successful movie projects he landed roles in are ‘Footloose: The Musical’, ‘Make Your Move’, and the musical-drama series ‘Nashville’.

Here’s a collection of the most motivational Derek Hough quotes:


43 Motivational Derek Hough Quotes

1. “When you’re a choreographer and you put so much into a routine that’s emotionally driven, those are like my ideas and my little babies that I have here and then I put them out there and they’re there to be judged and looked at. When it’s all over, it’s just such a relief.” – Derek Hough

2. “I’d wake up in the morning first thing and I’d go tend to all the plants and water everything. I’m surprised by that. I didn’t think I was going to be that type of guy.” – Derek Hough

3. “As much as I would love to see an all-star season with all-star people, I also love the ideas they are talking about. So, I don’t know, maybe it’s a mixture. Who knows?” – Derek Hough

4. “In school, some of my favorite subjects… I mean, art was my favorite subject. I loved art! I used to go during lunchtime to the art room and paint or draw or something.” – Derek Hough

5. “I loved World of Dance, the dancers.” – Derek Hough

6. “For me, a dream partner is someone who is willing to learn and to put their trust in me.” – Derek Hough

7. “It’s interesting, I’m one of those people who the more I do something, the more I want to do it. Even me being home, the more I’m being home, the more I want to be home. It’s been good.” – Derek Hough

8. “Can someone’s true value really be estimated? Maybe there needs to be an Edmunds.com for people on TV. That would be funny and possibly cruel.” – Derek Hough

9. “I’d like to do Broadway if the right project came along, but my mission in life is that I want to help change people’s lives.” – Derek Hough


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10. “I really enjoy the competition aspect of it and the structure … and having a career goal and knowing if I train and I worked really hard then I could obtain that goal.” – Derek Hough


11. “I feel fairly certain that my painting skills might not be best shown on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ I’ll have to come up with another way to showcase that side of me.” – Derek Hough

12. “When you’re a dancer, especially a ballroom and Latin dancer, it’s a very small world you live in and it’s this little bubble.” – Derek Hough

13. “I’m naturally a competitive person, but to be deliberate in trying to take down the other school—that’s not really in me, but it was nice to put on those shoes.” – Derek Hough

14. “I’m all for big production – I love putting on shows.” – Derek Hough

15. “My type, which I didn’t realize until somebody pointed out to me, apparently is brunettes with darker skin tones, but that is about it as far as aesthetically.” – Derek Hough

16. “It’s such a cliche thing to say. I want to choreograph, I want to direct, I want to act, I want to write music, I want to play music, I want to sing. For me, it’s never-ending. I want to do it all, really.” – Derek Hough

17. “I surprised myself with my love and joy for gardening and just being outside and taking care of the yard. It became my morning ritual.” – Derek Hough

18. “I think for me, the thing that gets me in the right mindset is just watching something funny, something light, something that makes me feel good. Regardless of what it is – when you feel good, when you feel upbeat, creativity flows!” – Derek Hough

19. “I feel like there’s a lot of density right now in general in the world, and I feel like bringing a little bit of light, a little bit of joy, is calling to me.” – Derek Hough


20th of 43 Derek Hough Quotes

20. “It’s cool to look back and think, man, I had these dreams and visions and they’re coming true.” – Derek Hough


21. “I want to choreograph, I want to direct, I want to act, I want to write music, I want to play music, I want to sing. For me, it’s never-ending. I want to do it all, really.” – Derek Hough

22. “My home that I built was on this barren wasteland, just like desert dust. Now it’s green with trees and plants. I’m turning it into a green haven.” – Derek Hough

23. “When I went to theater arts school in London, there were a few things I did that were quite dark and moody and emotional. Honestly, I loved that. However, I think that right now, for me, my focus in future projects that I’m about to work on, I feel like in this day, I feel compelled to do joy, pure and fun.” – Derek Hough

24. “Right now I’m creating something new for dancers to showcase their abilities, not just to compete. I’m really, really excited about that.” – Derek Hough

25. “I’d love to do more theatre and acting. I attended a performing arts high school in London, and it would be great to be able to put all of that training to use again.” – Derek Hough

26. “I’m just the biggest klutz. That’s the problem. I don’t get hurt doing cool things.” – Derek Hough

27. “All of a sudden we’re on this national stage with millions of people watching and on top of that we’re working with celebrities.” – Derek Hough

28. “For me, I like to push myself… I hate feeling complacent or that I’m not learning.” – Derek Hough

29. “I grew up really fast when I moved to England when I was 12 years old.” – Derek Hough


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30. “I never dreamed of dancing on television or anything like that. It’s more of things that come along that excite me and inspire me.” – Derek Hough


31. “I come from a theatrical background, where, if you’re working on a movie or a play, you always respect the people you work with. You’re accommodating.” – Derek Hough

32. “Hayley and I have learned how to do so many different things—editing on the computer, we’ve been cooking more together, simple tasks around the house, doing a lot of gardening, doing some creative things. We got a new dog, which now tallies up to four animals. So you can imagine that that in itself has been pretty time-consuming, managing all the animals.” – Derek Hough

33. “Whether it be through television, or through music, or through dance, or through film, whatever it is, as long as it’s the right project that makes sense, then I’m all for it.” – Derek Hough

34. “For me, there’s nothing more masculine than when I’m completely in control of my body and can call upon my body to do whatever I want it to do.” – Derek Hough

35. “I always envisioned being on a stage in front of thousands of people and I always day-dreamed, especially [living] in London on the train.” – Derek Hough

36. “For me, you’ve got to start from within. The things you eat directly affect the way you feel and the way you move.” – Derek Hough

37. “I was kind of reflecting on my life and certain experiences, and you know, when I’m teaching and coaching my partners on ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ I sort of use those stories and anecdotes to help them sort of overcome certain fears.” – Derek Hough

38. “The key for me is really just to stay in a child-like state in the rehearsal studio. I’m really goofy and really silly and crazy. If I get too serious, I start hitting a wall.” – Derek Hough

39. “I went to a theater arts school, so I’m interested in many different projects, whether it be film, television, or even live theater. I’m a performer. That’s what I do. That’s what I want to do.” – Derek Hough


40th of 43 Derek Hough Quotes

40. “I don’t think at any point did I ever think dancing was going to be my life and even now I still don’t think it’s the case.” – Derek Hough


41. “Whether I’m doing a routine where I want to move people, or if I want to feel moved myself, I definitely tap into those moments where it’s not just dancing or movement. It might just be a hand gesture or just a slow look, or even just the way you slightly tip your head forward. These subtleties speak volumes.” – Derek Hough

42. “I always want to be the best at what I do. That doesn’t mean compared to other people, but just in what you do.” – Derek Hough

43. “I think models, in general, have a certain insecurity about themselves because they’re known for being beautiful, so they have to prove to everybody they have personality and they are intelligent.” – Derek Hough



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