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40 Athletic & Motivational Fernando Vargas Quotes

Zisilia Alvsa



Fernando Vargas Quotes

Which are your favorite Fernando Vargas quotes?

Fernando Vargas is an American former professional boxer. He is most famously known for holding the title of the youngest fighter to ever win the U.S. Championships.

Throughout his boxing career, Vargas successfully amassed a string of accolades, including becoming a two-time light middleweight world champion, having held the titles from two of the four major international boxing organizations, the International Boxing Federation (IBF) and World Boxing Association (WBA).

Vargas is also well-known for his heated rivalries against big-name boxers ‘Oscar De La Hoya’, ‘Shane Mosley’, and ‘Ricardo Mayorga’.

Here’s a collection of the most motivational Fernando Vargas quotes:


40 Athletic & Motivational Fernando Vargas Quotes

1. “Robert Ferguson wanted to know how I did that. People don’t understand the world that I live in.” – Fernando Vargas

2. “Shane didn’t want this fight [the rematch]. He got pressured into it. Now we got it and I’m thankful to God that we got it. The other two fighters that beat me would not give me a rematch and they have openly admitted that I have been their toughest fight. I am excited I got the rematch and I am looking forward to it on July 15.” – Fernando Vargas

3. “Joe Pecora and Shelly Finkel have looked at things for me and made sure they are going to work.” – Fernando Vargas

4. “I remember it vividly, each time I got head butt, I was like, “MAN”. I would just clench my teeth and look down so he couldn’t see that he kept on hurting me when he was coming in with his head.” – Fernando Vargas

5. “I went to the Olympics when I was 147 pounds and 18 years old. So that’s ten years and I’ve worked hard and had someone that wasn’t a professional [helping me]. I was doing stuff like eating three hard-boiled egg whites and going to sleep on NyQuil because I couldn’t sleep because I was so hungry. Then on the day of the weigh-in, I had pizza and soda and my insulin level went all the way up then crashed down. Then I had white flour and sugar on the day of the fight – white flour and pancakes – totally not something you are supposed to do when you are going to have to fight and put on a performance. To do that just showed what type of fighter I was.” – Fernando Vargas

6. “I have had a great camp, thanks to Danny Smith and thanks to Robert Ferguson for keeping me strong while losing weight. This will be my last fight at ’54 but I feel strong. But [after this] I will let my body grow. I am ready to go.” – Fernando Vargas

7. “I did silence them. There will always be critics. Shane Mosley with one eye – I was making him tired when he said I was going to fade. We are going to make a few minor adjustments and I am in such great shape and I am thankful with the type of team that I got.” – Fernando Vargas

8. “All of them I am proud of. Winning the title after 14 fights despite nobody and their mother giving me a shot against Yori Boy Campus.” – Fernando Vargas

9. “We had a great camp and now we’re ready to close out the last two weeks in Vegas. We are here to acclimate and be here for a while.” – Fernando Vargas


10th of 40 Fernando Vargas Quotes

10. “I want to leave on my own terms. I want to win another title, but it won’t be at 154, I’ll tell you that much.” – Fernando Vargas


11. “I put myself away from my family just to get mentally and physically-more mentally than anything-to get ready for the fight.” – Fernando Vargas

12. “God has blessed me and my family.” – Fernando Vargas

13. “I get hungry for food. Luckily I have a great strength and wellness coach that today I am going to have pizza. But there is a certain way to have pizza. ” – Fernando Vargas

14. “Ike Quartey was a great fight. But when I fought Raul Marquez I really felt so good I couldn’t wait to fight. I have yet to feel that way again. I feel good right now and I feel ready to go so hopefully this will be one of the times.” – Fernando Vargas

15. “When it comes to science and STILL feeding me,–feeding me great food-there is a certain way of doing things and Robert Ferguson does it right.” – Fernando Vargas

16. “Two to three weeks. Three week it fully went down. To me I didn’t care about going out, a fighter is not supposed to be pretty. I felt good and my fans were really receptive towards me.” – Fernando Vargas

17. “I have a big frame and a big body. One thing that I do is that I am Mexican and I like to eat.” – Fernando Vargas

18. “We did a cat scan and a scan of the face and everything was fine.” – Fernando Vargas

19. “The reality is if Feroz decides, then he really can. He is stronger than he’s ever been. People are misunderstood and confused when they compare him to the guy of the past. I think-I know-he is stronger, tougher, more mature. He is at a really high level right now. That is not a question that really deserves an answer.” – Fernando Vargas


20th of 40 Fernando Vargas Quotes

20. “I work hard to get down to 154 and I do more than the average fighter does and I feel God helps me.” – Fernando Vargas


21. “It didn’t really surprise me. All I wanted was the opportunity to show that I could do that.” – Fernando Vargas

22. “I have to continue to trick and manipulate my body to come down in weight.” – Fernando Vargas

23. “I think I have shown that. I have beat guys like Castillejo and Joval, and like I said, I know Shane didn’t want this fight. He got talked into it. He didn’t even want to be at the press conference after the fight and he was the winner. He didn’t want to catch me because he knew I was going to call him out. He knows and the world knows he didn’t want this fight. He’s doing it for the money and I’m doing it for the vindication on July 15.” – Fernando Vargas

24. “People have been very successful but haven’t been able to hold on to their money. We created a different path, along with Joe Pecora.” – Fernando Vargas

25. “Robert Ferguson shows what type of individual and what type of professional he is, and he’s the best and I’m only going to hire the best.” – Fernando Vargas

26. “It’s just time. I won the title against Yori Boy Campus at 21 years and I’m going to be 29 this year. My body says, “WHAT?!” Women today don’t even weigh 154.” – Fernando Vargas

27. “Now I use the headgear with the bar, but I am still able to get hit with the glove. So my face will get used to getting hit. I don’t think it was used to it last time. I will tell the referee to watch the holding because Shane likes to hold and he complained to Joe Cortez, “He’s pushing me.” At the fighter meeting, I am going to make sure he doesn’t hold me and he fights me and he watches his head. He didn’t make my eye swell with his hands or his fist. He did it with his head. He kept on coming in with his head.” – Fernando Vargas

28. “The loyal fans, after the fight, they just went crazy. I was walking out and they were hugging me and going crazy. It is a testament to them and I am thankful for everything. They’ve been with me through thick and thin. Now, since there was so much controversy for the first fight, those numbers maybe even more. I’ll leave it in God’s hands – I feel good and I feel ready to go.” – Fernando Vargas

29. “This time I took different measures in sparring.” – Fernando Vargas


30th of 40 Fernando Vargas Quotes

30. “Before I was sparring with headgear that really covered your face with the bar in front of it but this camp I did not use that.” – Fernando Vargas


31. “I have been able to get back and show the type of fighter that I am.” – Fernando Vargas

32. “But I want my Mexican food, I love my Mexican food. I love to eat and I tell my lady, “Let’s go have some sushi. Let’s go have some Thai food”. It is the best thing – to go with your family and go eat.” – Fernando Vargas

33. “I’ve learned a lot from Danny Smith and it is going to be great. He’s going to be throwing shots that I’m going to be looking for because he is back with his dad and he wasn’t doing that before. That’s great – it’s better for me.” – Fernando Vargas

34. “You are in fight mode and all you do is run and watch TV and get ready to go to the gym in the afternoon. You save energy. You’re not running around with the kids.” – Fernando Vargas

35. “I would rather not do this to my body anymore. You have to understand I walk around at 185-190.” – Fernando Vargas

36. “I wasn’t worried. That’s the thing. If I were to see Shane on the other side of the ring with an eye like that, I would have gone for broke. He respected what I carry in my left and right hand. He was respecting me with one eye, AND I was still winning the fight. He can’t say he had me on the ropes and he was punishing me and they stopped it. When they stopped it, I was putting pressure on him. I thought the ref was breaking us up. Obviously, he respected me and he respected my power with one eye and being blind from one eye.” – Fernando Vargas

37. “I am not going to make a sacrifice or a detrimental decision to my health or to my performance.” – Fernando Vargas

38. “The two fights and the third with Shane. The first fight back with Joval after a year and a half off from my back and Joval hasn’t lost since he lost to me. Then I beat Castillejo who beat the guy that knocked out Ouma.” – Fernando Vargas

39. “I am thankful to God for everything he has blessed me with.” – Fernando Vargas

40. “I would rather be strong at 160. I run an hour, or sometimes and hour and a half. What fighter does that? It would be at 160.” – Fernando Vargas



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Zisilia Alvsa is a writer for Wealthy Gorilla. Friends often call her Zii. She is a girl from Jakarta, Indonesia who currently lives in Bali. Zii loves photography and travelling.

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Athlete Quotes

50 Kaka Quotes About Soccer & Success

Zisilia Alvsa



Kaka Quotes

Which are your favorite Kaka quotes?

Kaka is a retired Brazilian professional footballer.

He is one of the only eight players worldwide to have won the FIFA World Cup, the UEFA Champions League, and the Ballon d’Or awards. In addition to his success, he has been acknowledged for his humanitarian work after retiring from football.

During the peak moment of his career as an attacking midfielder with the Italian football club ‘A.C. Milan’, his impressive performances in dribbling past players, goal scoring, and assisting his teammates with almost limitless proficiency made him considered as one of the most legendary soccer players of his generation.

Here’s a collection of the most inspirational Kaka quotes:


50 Kaka Quotes About Soccer & Success

1. “If things happen it’s because God has prepared me. God has great things for us. If it’s God’s will that I be there, there I will be.” – Kaka

2. “I learned that it is faith that decides whether something will happen or not.” – Kaka

3. “His ambition for victory sets Mourinho apart. He wants to win every game, so he prepares all the smallest details; in training, at the game, everything. I loved to work with him.” – Kaka

4. “I have my life. I have my values. And compared with much of society, especially football, that is radical.” – Kaka

5. “To take on Madrid is a very good experience.” – Kaka

6. “I would love to have a career like Zinedine Zidane. He stopped playing, took some time, realized he liked coaching and started working in the youth academy. I could follow a similar path.” – Kaka

7. “The World Cup was a huge frustration because I had prepared really hard for it. But in the World Cup there is no formula, no recipe for success.” – Kaka

8. “It’s important for me to keep improving.” – Kaka

9. “It is not my place to make judgments about the behavior of any other footballer. Cars and women, things like that, have never been important to me. My family and my belief in God and Jesus are the things which determine my life.” – Kaka


10th of 50 Kaka Quotes

10. “People talk about the history of Manchester United or Liverpool, but look what Arsenal achieved with the team of Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira.” – Kaka


11. “In Italy, the coaches are very attentive to the details. They really study things, and that is a big difference here. They look at your movement, your positioning. They study you and work out how to stop you.” – Kaka

12. “Milan is my home, where I chose to go and where my heart really is.” – Kaka

13. “It has been tough when I have been with the national team and we have gone to play in some of the poorer areas in Brazil. You see people come and watch us train or play a match, and then you know some of them are going home with no food on the plate.” – Kaka

14. “You only appreciate what it feels like to win the Champions League after you’ve seen it snatched away from you.” – Kaka

15. “One always wants more when things work out.” – Kaka

16. “England have always had individually strong players, and I am a huge fan of Stevie Gerrard, who has the heart of a lion and is the icon of the modern footballer with his ability to attack and defend so well.” – Kaka

17. “Playing for Madrid is a great challenge.” – Kaka

18. “When I’m struggling, I can still dream about my successes.” – Kaka

19. “For a player it’s an amazing experience to be at Real Madrid. I matured a lot there, principally as a person.” – Kaka


20th of 50 Kaka Quotes

20. “It’s incredible to win an individual award in a team sport and also one where everybody wants to be able to say, I’m the best.” – Kaka


21. “I use a few phrases to let people know a little bit about who I am. One of them is I belong to Jesus, which is a phrase I always wear on a shirt during the most important moments of my professional career.” – Kaka

22. “In 2009, I accepted the proposal of Real Madrid, but I was completely destroyed there because I could not give what I had given Milan. I was completely lost.” – Kaka

23. “Even Cristiano Ronaldo, who has won two Ballons d’Or with Real Madrid, receives whistles from the Bernabeu.” – Kaka

24. “I am always in love with Milan. The relationship with the team, with the club, and with these fans is beautiful. It’s weird for a Brazilian to have a relationship like that with an Italian club.” – Kaka

25. “It’s not easy to decide what is best for you in the future.” – Kaka

26. “I thank God for all the victories and conquests I’ve had this year as a player and I bring to the altar two prizes. This is first my son who is about to be born. The other is my trophy from Fifa, which I want to dedicate to God.” – Kaka

27. “Every time I hear the fans, it’s exciting. It gives me a great feeling because I know it comes from their heart.” – Kaka

28. “I learned to respect the coach and to do everything within my power to show that I should be the one playing. That’s exactly what I did during my three years under Mourinho.” – Kaka

29. “I have good memories of Real Madrid. Professionally, it was a difficult period, but my experience there was very good in all senses, as I grew a lot, learned many things, and lived with great champions.” – Kaka


30th of 50 Kaka Quotes

30. “Mourinho helped me grow. He taught me to be patient, to keep fighting, and to respect the coach’s decisions. He helped me mature and turned me into a man.” – Kaka


31. “I know it’s hard to follow the example of another team in the same country, but that’s what you have to do sometimes.” – Kaka

32. “In Brazil, we think we can help by using our image, the fact that we are very well known, to help others.” – Kaka

33. “Every opportunity that presents itself, my main objective is to conquer and be victorious.” – Kaka

34. “I think lots of footballers want to do something, but many don’t know how.” – Kaka

35. “My feelings in regards to the national team are simple: If the manager thinks I can be of use, I will be ready for the call.” – Kaka

36. “I am always grateful to my team-mates at Milan for what we achieved.” – Kaka

37. “I have overcome many difficult moments in my career.” – Kaka

38. “Jose Mourinho was a difficult coach for me, and we had a respectful but complicated relationship. When I thought he would give me a chance, I couldn’t prove to him that I was in good shape.” – Kaka

39. “Often, players at clubs I have been at have asked me for prayers or advice. I prefer to show them things rather than to say things; with my actions, not my words.” – Kaka


40th of 50 Kaka Quotes

40. “When things go well, everyone talks well of you and vice versa. Unfortunately, football is like that.” – Kaka


41. “I have been in many teams that have had loads of talent but did not make it through and been with teams that did not have that much talent and ended up being champions.” – Kaka

42. “In football, there are good and bad times, but if you are a great side, you can be confident of winning trophies again.” – Kaka

43. “I do want to live my life in the right way, and live my life close to God.” – Kaka

44. “I’m very happy with where I arrived, both personally and professionally. I can say more so personally because my career will have to end eventually. I do not know how long it will be, but eventually, it will end, and the personal will continue.” – Kaka

45. “When I do an interview, when I appear on camera, I want to be the same person as the one you meet personally and say, He is really the same person I saw on television.” – Kaka

46. “Each goal I score is exciting.” – Kaka

47. “But I have seen il Fenomeno do things that nobody else has ever done.” – Kaka

48. “Playing motivates players.” – Kaka

49. “At Real Madrid, everything gets taken to extremes, as much for the good things as the bad things, so you have to adapt to the way that the press and the fans live through different situations.” – Kaka

50. “It sounds like a cliche, but without a strong group, you win nothing in football.” – Kaka



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Which are your favorite Kaka quotes? Leave a comment below.

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Athlete Quotes

15 Dominating Brock Lesnar Quotes



15 Dominating Brock Lesnar Quotes

Brock Lesnar is a beast!

Brock is a current UFC contender, and previous professional wrestler and American football player. He’s got a no bulls**t approach to everything he does, and is an incredible source of motivation.

Just check out some of his training videos and you’ll see what I mean! Brock Lesnar has become one of the richest MMA fighters in the world, and a popular sensation in the octagon.

Here’s our collection of 15 dominating Brock Lesnar quotes:


15 Dominating Brock Lesnar Quotes

1. “Success is a combination of effort, talent and hard work. There’s got to be hard work and mental toughness. It’s not just one thing that gets you there it’s an accumulation of things” – Brock Lesnar

2. “I want to surround myself with good people. That’s one thing I learned from a very young age. If you want to fly with the eagles you can’t hang out with the crows.” – Brock Lesnar

3. “I know my limitations. I know I’m not perfect. I know what I know, but more importantly, I know what I don’t know. When I don’t know something, I surround myself with people I can trust to teach me.” – Brock Lesnar

4. “I don’t feel pain. I ain’t got time for that. I let other people feel pain for me.” – Brock Lesnar

5. “You learn a lot of different things with trials and tribulations and, at the end of the day, you get some positives from whatever mistakes you’ve made.” Brock Lesnar

6. “If you want to fly with the eagles you can’t hang out with the crows.” – Brock Lesnar


7th of 15 Brock Lesnar Quotes

“When I don’t know something, I surround myself with people I can trust to teach me.” – Brock Lesnar


8. “I lift weights, but that’s not my main focus. I’m a fighter now, and I want to evolve and make myself a well-rounded fighter, so obviously I’m not going to leave any stone unturned, when it comes to submissions, submission defense, striking, knees, leg kicks, and also learning to defend everything. It’s not just an offensive sport because you’re going to take some punches and you’re going to give some punches. You’ve got to be able to handle both sides of the spectrum. I’ve brought in a number of highly trained trainers to help me evolve, and I believe we’ve left no stone un-turned.” – Brock Lesnar

9. “You have to fight just to survive” – Brock Lesnar

10. “There’s an old expression about falling off a horse. You get back on and you ride that bad boy into town.” – Brock Lesnar

11. “Professional wrestling is in my blood. I may have second guessed it in the past, but I know it now.” – Brock Lesnar

12. “Having your health is having everything in life.” – Brock Lesnar

13. “I’ve been a barbarian my whole life. I’m just a smarter barbarian now. Evolution, you know?” – Brock Lesnar

14. “At the end of the day, I think everybody takes for granted that they get up, get out of bed every morning – just the mere fact that they can stand in front of the mirror and brush their teeth and get in their car and take off? A lot of people take their health for granted.” – Brock Lesnar

15. “There’s a solution to every problem. I just have to find the right solution to fix this problem.” – Brock Lesnar


Brock Lesnar Motivational Video

Which are your favorite Brock Lesnar quotes? Leave a comment below.

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Athlete Quotes

23 Elliott Hulse Quotes For Motivational Purposes



The Best Elliott Hulse Quotes

YouTube sensation and personal trainer Elliott Hulse has become a motivational superstar, presenting us with speeches on success that really hit home.

Within some of Hulse’s motivational speeches, are some amazing pieces of advice on achieving success and becoming the best version of yourself. Which is what we’re all about here at Wealthy Gorilla.

Check out this small, yet incredible, collection of Elliott Hulse quotes, which’ll skyrocket your motivation levels through the roof.


23 Elliott Hulse Quotes

1. “Growing stronger is about accumulating wisdom, learning from your mistakes and inspiring others to become the strongest version of themselves.” – Elliott Hulse

Elliott Hulse Quotes 2

2. “Successful people don’t make the right decisions, they make their decisions right.” – Elliott Hulse

3. “All of our challenges are also challenges for other people. We go through s*** so we can show other people that you can get through s***.” – Elliott Hulse

Elliott Hulse Quotes 1

4. “It’s not about what you get, it’s about who you’re becoming.” – Elliott Hulse

5. “Exercise, dance, deep breathing and movement not only enliven the body, it energizes and mobilizes the spirit and sharpens the mind. Keep moving!” – Elliott Hulse

6. “I believe that there is a strongest version of every human being… it is my mission to uncover it in myself and inspire you to discover yours.” – Elliott Hulse

7. “There’s more to getting strong than lifting heavy weights.” – Elliott Hulse

Elliott Hulse Quotes 3

8. “Failure is an experience that lends wisdom, and ultimately makes you stronger.” – Elliott Hulse

9. “Do the thing that your heart is asking you to do, regardless of the external circumstances.” – Elliott Hulse

10. “When you discover that all the challenges in your life are just like the plates on the barbell… you not only learn to accept these challenges, but you beg for them.” – Elliott Hulse


11th of 23 Elliot Hulse Quotes

Elliott Hulse Quotes 4

11. “Successful people do what they have to do whether they feel like it or not.” – Elliott Hulse

12. “It’s very easy to manipulate people when all you give them is information. But when you teach people to start trusting their bodies, they become dangerous. Be dangerous.” – Elliott Hulse

13. “A life without pain is a life without challenge. And a life without challenge is a life without growth. So not only do I embrace the pain associated with challenge and growth. But I even look forward to it in many regards. Some people think I’m strange, but sometimes I even ask for it.” Elliott Hulse

14. “Crawling is acceptable. Falling is acceptable. Puking is acceptable. Tears are acceptable. Pain is acceptable. Injury is acceptable. Quitting is unacceptable.” – Elliott Hulse

Elliott Hulse Quotes 5

15. “Courage is what you will experience and what you will grow when the doubt is there but you do it anyway.” – Elliott Hulse

16. “Subjectively. I have never liked anyone telling me what to do. I would rather screw up completely, fall flat on my face and knock out all my teeth making my mistakes, then someone else telling me what to do. The dependency that we as individuals have come to embrace is dysfunctional, and you end up having individuals who are not fulfilling their human potential, and they become a drain on those who actually are.” – Elliott Hulse


17th of 23 Elliot Hulse Quotes

17. “Happiness is not a goal… it is a by-product of a life well lived.” – Elliott Hulse


18. “Don’t make excuses. Develop a warrior mindset. Make decisions and stick to them. You can start simply, by focusing on something small, but you must start and you must follow through.” – Elliot Hulse

19. “Don’t hold back on becoming the person you truly want to be. Drop the excuses, leave them at the door and step into your strongest self. There is no reason that you cannot achieve your dreams, except the story you tell yourself that you can’t.” – Elliot Hulse

20. “Focus your energy on one goal, work at it, and you will find great success.” – Elliot Hulse

21. “Don’t be afraid to jump in the deep end of life. Take risks, and be brave. Get excited about doing the things that scare you. We all have the capacity to be courageous. In the end, all you need to do is follow your heart.” – Elliot Hulse

22. “Don’t be like the man who kills himself in the winter because its so cold, not knowing spring is just around the corner.” – Elliot Hulse

23. “Every time I ignored my gut I made the biggest mistakes.” – Elliot Hulse


Bonus: Elliott Hulse Motivational Video

Thanks for checking out these awesome Elliott Hulse quotes. If you’re someone who’s enthusiastic about bodybuilding and fitness, or you just love motivation, definitely follow him on his YouTube channel.

What’s your favorite Elliott Hulse quote? Leave a comment below.

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