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50 of the Best Fast and Furious Quotes

Zisilia Alvsa



The Best Fast and Furious Quotes

Which are your favorite Fast and Furious quotes?

Fast & Furious is a franchise of action films focused on illegal street racing, heists, and spies. The first film was released in 2001.

Created by Gary Scott Thompson, the series has been commercially successful and ranks as the tenth highest-grossing film series ever, and also has been featured in various media including television series, live shows, video games, and theme park attractions.

Here’s a collection of the best Fast and Furious quotes:


50 of the Best Fast and Furious Quotes

1. “They Open At The Same Time I Pull This Trigger. Want Me To Open Them?” – Gisele

2. “Life’s simple. You make choices and you don’t look back.” – Han Lue

3. “You want a piece of ass, go to Hollywood Boulevard. You want an adrenaline rush that’ll be two large.” – Letty

4. “You Know I Would’ve Won That Race If You Didn’t Cheat, Right?” – Brian O’Conner

5. “You break her heart, I’ll break your neck.” – Dominic Toretto

6. “Yeah, But With Cars When You Trade Up They Don’t Take Half Your S**t”. – Tej

7. “Dude I Almost Had You!” – Brian O’Connor

8. “I’m one of those boys who appreciates a fine body regardless of the make.” – Dominic Toretto

9. “You’ve got balls, man.” “I’ve been told.” – Dominic Toretto


10th of 50 Fast and Furious Quotes

10. “You’re Not That Charming, B***h.” – Kara


11. “Money will come and go. We all know that.” – Dominic Toretto

12. “You know this ain’t no 10-second race.” “I’ve got nothing but time.” – Dominic Toretto

13. “You’re Like The Justin Timberlake Of Japan.” – Shawn

14. “Letty grew up just down the street. She was into cars since she was like ten years old. Dom always had her attention.” – Mia

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15. “I lied to you. I lied to Dom, I lied to everybody. That’s what I do best. That’s why the feds recruited me.” – Brian O’Conner

16. “I’ll have the tuna. No crust.” – Brian O’Conner

17. “You Risk Life And Limb To Save The Free World, And What Does It Give You? Jello And A Bad ’70s TV Show.” – Dom

18. “It’s On The House.” – Hobbs

19. “I watched my father burn to death. I can still remember him screaming. The people who were there said my father died long before the tanks blew. They said it was me that was screaming.” – Dominic Toretto


20th of 50 Fast and Furious Quotes

20. “Maybe you’re lying to yourself. Maybe you’re not the good guy pretending to be the bad guy. Maybe you’re the bad guy pretending to be the good guy. Did you ever think about that?” – Mia


21. “It doesn’t matter whether you win by an inch or a mile, winning is winning.” – Dominic Toretto

22. “Words Ain’t Even Been Invented Yet.” – Dom

23. “You Don’t Turn Your Back On Family, Even When They Do.” – Dom

24. “Else Matters: Not The Mortgage, Not The Store, Not My Team And All Their Bullshit.” – Dominic Toretto.

25. “Your Mistake Is Thinking You Have A Goddamn Choice, Boy.” – Hobbs

26. “I live my life a quarter-mile at a time. Nothing else … For those ten seconds or less, I’m free.” – Dominic Toretto

27. “You Might Wanna Keep Your Eyes On The Road, Playboy” – Monica

28. “So, Dunn looks like we’re gonna be partners, bro. Could you tell me right quick what would be a better motor for my Skyline, a Gallo 12 or a Gallo 24?” – Brian O’Conner

29. “I Smell…Skanks. Why Don’t You Girls Just Pack It Up Before I Leave Tread Marks On Your Face?” – Letty

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30th of 50 Fast and Furious Quotes

30. “I don’t feel like I’m under arrest.” – Dominic Toretto


31. “Too soon, Junior.” – Johnny Tran

32. “I’m So Good, Man, I Could Sell Rubbers To A Monk.” – Twinkie

33. “Just don’t cheat this time.” – Brian O’Conner

34. “Ask any racer. Any real racer. It don’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning’s winning.” – Dominic Toretto

35. “It don’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning’s winning.” – Dominic Toretto

36. “Hey, we do what we do best. We improvise, all right?” – Brian O’Conner

37. “I don’t have friends, I have family.” – Dominic Toretto

38. “Still a buster” – Dominic Toretto

39. “You’re Loyal To A Fault. Your Code Is About Family And That’s Great In The Holidays, But It Makes You Predictable. And In Our Line Of Work, Predictable Means Vulnerable. And That Means I Can Reach Out And Break You Whenever I Want.” – Shaw


40th of 50 Fast and Furious Quotes

40. “You Just Earned Yourself A Dance With The Devil, Boy.” – Hobbs


41. “I have faith in you but this isn’t a junkyard, it’s a garage!” – Dominic Toretto

42. “You know, my brother likes you. Usually, he doesn’t like anybody.” – Mia

43. “I Have Money, It’s Trust And Character I Need Around Me. You Know, Who You Choose To Be Around You Lets You Know Who You Are. One Car In Exchange For Knowing What A Man’s Made Of? That’s A Price I Can Live With.” – Han

44. “Yeah, Rome! How Do Ya Like Them Apples?!” – Brian O’Conner

45. “Every day for the last three weeks you’ve been coming in here and you’ve been asking me how the tuna is. Now, it was crappy yesterday, it was crappy the day before and guess what? It hasn’t changed.” – Mia Toretto

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46. “You almost had me? You never had me! You never had your car!” – Dominic Toretto

47. “Ejecto seato, Cuz!” – Roman Pearce

48. “The most important thing in life will always be the people in this room. Right here, right now.” Dominic Toretto

49. “You Weren’t Anyone’s Friend.” – Dominic Toretto

50. “If we have to, overnight parts from Japan.” – Jesse



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