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45 Fearless Masayoshi Son Quotes About Success

Zisilia Alvsa



45 Fearless Masayoshi Son Quotes About Success

Which are your favorite Masayoshi Son quotes?

Masayoshi Son is a Japanese businessman. He is best known for being the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of the Japanese multinational conglomerate holding company ‘SoftBank’.

The world-renowned business magazine ‘Forbes’ notably included him in its lists of ‘The World’s Most Powerful People’ and ‘The World’s Billionaires’.

Being one of the businessmen who jumped on the computer chip bandwagon early, Son’s massive success began when he patented and sold his first microchip while still a college student in Berkeley for $1 million dollars. He was an early investor in internet firms, buying a share of Yahoo! in 1995 and investing a $20 million stake into Alibaba in 1999.

We’ve put together this collection of the best Masayoshi Son quotes:


45 Fearless Masayoshi Son Quotes About Success

1. “Do not be afraid to win, do not be afraid to challenge. The goal is still far.” – Masayoshi Son

2. “I am a man who keeps my word.” – Masayoshi Son

3. “As a student, I had a hobby of inventing new ideas for products. For me, thinking of new businesses is like inventing new products.” – Masayoshi Son

4. “Challenging new things will revitalize the brain.” – Masayoshi Son

5. “When you hit an obstacle, do not mourn it. Because it provides growth opportunities.” – Masayoshi Son

6. “I had a dream of becoming a businessman, becoming an entrepreneur.” – Masayoshi Son

7. “Wisdom and knowledge are the most valuable things in the body.” – Masayoshi Son

8. “My limitation is what my mind-giving mind decides. Unless you give up, there are no limits.” – Masayoshi Son

9. “While recognizing your own weaknesses, make the most of your strengths. I think this is the secret of success.” – Masayoshi Son


10th of 45 Masayoshi Son Quotes

10. “Companies with superb technology are well-positioned to compete globally.” – Masayoshi Son


11. “There are always several solutions to things. Do not stick to one thing too much.” – Masayoshi Son

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12. “In tennis, you strike a ball just after the rebound for the fastest return. It’s the same with investment.” – Masayoshi Son

13. “Have passion, have a dream, for your own life. Life is only one time.” – Masayoshi Son

14. “When I was a kid, our family was not that rich.” – Masayoshi Son

15. “There are luck and bad luck in life. Do not rely on luck. Do not make excuses for bad luck.” – Masayoshi Son

16. “If I could be said to have one noteworthy ability compared with the average person, it’s that I have a keen interest in reading the direction and timing of paradigm shifts.” – Masayoshi Son

17. “When employees just handle daily routines within their abilities, they are doing nothing more than a simple task. But putting workers in a totally unfamiliar environment, giving them a mission and asking them to use absolutely any means necessary to bring their company to a new level of growth — this can really challenge and inspire them.” – Masayoshi Son

18. “Having a big dream is the most important thing.” – Masayoshi Son

19. “Think big; think disruptive. Execute with full passion.” – Masayoshi Son


20th of 45 Masayoshi Son Quotes

20. “As long as there is a theme that can be challenged, that life is exciting.” – Masayoshi Son


21. “Those who rule data will rule the entire world.” – Masayoshi Son

22. “It’s a long journey. There will be good times, and there will be bad times, but SoftBank is always there.” – Masayoshi Son

23. “Entrepreneurship, you will only understand it if you experience it for yourself. It’s not something I can explain in words.” – Masayoshi Son

24. “There is a lot of completion, so you have to work hard.” – Masayoshi Son

25. “As long as you continue to challenge, there is no limit.” – Masayoshi Son

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26. “My belief is that we should never become overconfident.” – Masayoshi Son

27. “The world is wide. Endlessly wide. So it is interesting.” – Masayoshi Son

28. “Companies must have much longer life cycles than people. I want to build a company that will continue to grow for at least 300 years.” – Masayoshi Son

29. “Once you get a sense of accomplishment, growth stops at that point.” – Masayoshi Son


30th of 45 Masayoshi Son Quotes

30. “Think about you dream and have a stronger passion than anybody else. Then you will succeed in any dream that you have.” – Masayoshi Son


31. “I am actually better at predicting or talking about 30 years later than three years.” – Masayoshi Son

32. “I’m a man, and I think every man wants to be No. 1.” – Masayoshi Son

33. “Do not give up. At that point growth stops.” – Masayoshi Son

34. “To quantify dreams and set deadlines. If it is possible to achieve a dream as a specific goal it will be as good as half already achieved.” – Masayoshi Son

35. “The most effective means of solving problems when solving problems is to continue thinking deeply until a solution is made.” – Masayoshi Son

36. “Don’t chase a girl, let the girl chase you. When you are shinning, dreaming something big, the girl will chase you.” – Masayoshi Son

37. “When I started the company, I used straight bank loans. And that was really difficult.” – Masayoshi Son

38. “I wanted to start my own company when I came back to Japan. I thought of 40 different businesses I could start.” – Masayoshi Son

39. “Japanese workers work harder, they have a stronger loyalty to the company, and they tend to stay in the company for a very long time.” – Masayoshi Son


40th of 45 Masayoshi Son Quotes

40. “I believed that someday I would have a very big company, a global business, and a very successful company.” – Masayoshi Son


41. “While I was at Berkeley, I had 250 inventions that I wrote down in my “Invention Idea Notes.” Then I picked one to develop a prototype and apply for a patent.” – Masayoshi Son

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42. “People can enjoy life when they continue to challenge their dreams.” – Masayoshi Son

43. “When pushing towards something, the wind will generally face the headwind. There is no need to mourn that wind. Just simply proceed with double power.” – Masayoshi Son

44. “You just need to come up with great ideas with passion, with a business plan and the money will chase you.” – Masayoshi Son

45. “If I go to the department store, I get no excitement: I can buy the entire department store instead of one bag. So I lost the excitement of shopping.” – Masayoshi Son



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