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50 All-Time Favorite Sergio Oliva Quotes

Zisilia Alvsa



The Best Sergio Oliva Quotes

Which are your favorite Sergio Oliva quotes?

Sergio Oliva was a Cuban bodybuilder. He is best known as ‘The Myth’. Oliva is the only bodybuilder to ever defeat Arnold Schwarzenegger at Olympia. Throughout his career, he has won 20 first place bodybuilding titles. He is one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time.

Here’s a collection of the best Sergio Oliva quotes:


50 All-Time Favorite Sergio Oliva Quotes

1. “I traveled all over the world doing seminars and exhibitions.” – Sergio Oliva

2. “I never expected to do bodybuilding because my country was a communist country and in a communist country back then, bodybuilding was not allowed.” – Sergio Oliva

3. “Not the money that they are making today but back in those days it was still pretty good money. And this is how I started my road into bodybuilding.” – Sergio Oliva

4. “Nobody made me, only my God and my heart and the fact I worked so hard.” – Sergio Oliva

5. “Nobody else made me. I made myself, my own routines – everything on my own. And it was dynamite.” – Sergio Oliva

6. “We could not do anything. We were under the protection of the FBI because we were making a big, big impact of the Cuban Revolution. I was supposed to bring the gold medals back but defected the day before, and I didn’t compete.” – Sergio Oliva

7. “I started playing with weights that people in the gym spent years trying to move but could not.” – Sergio Oliva

8. “So at that time I didn’t speak one word of English, but I always used my head, and thank you to God for giving me the ability to use my head.” – Sergio Oliva

9. “When I was finished working in the foundry I would go to the Duncan YMCA and do my workout for another brutal three hours. Then I would go and spend one or two hours in English classes at night. By the time I got home, I just eat and drop-dead until the next day.” – Sergio Oliva


10th of 50 Sergio Oliva Quotes 

10. “Nobody made me except my Lord. I made myself and I put everything together myself.” – Sergio Oliva


11. “I was the only one to win the Professional Mr. America uncontested.” – Sergio Oliva

12. “I was the only one who had a cold 20-and-a-half inch arm, pumped 22-and-a-half inches. Nobody else had that.” – Sergio Oliva

13. “When I started doing bodybuilding I was competing as an amateur.” – Sergio Oliva

14. “I think I have been blessed over in Cuba and even when I came over here (to America) and got into bodybuilding. I have been blessed.” – Sergio Oliva

15. “I started getting so powerful. Well of course now I have a little money and now I eat three meals a day besides that. He gave me all the protein and vitamins I needed for my training.” – Sergio Oliva

16. “Back in those days, there was no Vegas, no Reno, no casinos. Everything was in Cuba. It had the best nightclubs.” – Sergio Oliva

17. “If you work then you deserve it.” – Sergio Oliva

18. “It was hard work and being blessed by the Lord. There was no other way.” – Sergio Oliva

19. “I started weightlifting back at home (in Cuba) when I was not quite 18 and it was an accident.” – Sergio Oliva


20th of 50 Sergio Oliva Quotes 

20. “When Batista was in Government, everybody got everything. We have such a beautiful island and people were coming from all over the world.” – Sergio Oliva


21. “I wanted to come to the United States, but several of my friends wanted to come in on the boat, and to tell you the truth I never liked this idea. I’m not such a great champion that I would fight the sharks. I am scared of death. I don’t care; call me chicken if you want. I don’t deal with that.” – Sergio Oliva

22. “In Cuba, they didn’t have bodybuilding competitions. Now any other sport, and weightlifting yes, but not bodybuilding. So this how I managed to get out of Cuba, on the weightlifting team, and when I came to the United States I continued competing in weightlifting and won everything. But always I have had my favorite, which was bodybuilding.” – Sergio Oliva

23. “It was like I looked after myself. I don’t smoke, don’t drink or do any of the other stuff.” – Sergio Oliva

24. “When I was standing in front of the mirror when I was pumped and putting the baby oil on and everything (prior to going on stage in a bodybuilding contest) that was the only time I saw myself. And it was, Oh my God, you really did it.” – Sergio Oliva

25. “I trained brutal all my life. It was like an explosion and I was growing like a balloon. Boom, boom, boom like crazy.” – Sergio Oliva

26. “You had to work hard all day.” – Sergio Oliva

27. “It was so intensive that in every contest, from the first one to the last one in ’84, I only dieted three weeks out from the show. I didn’t need to diet; I was eating everything.” – Sergio Oliva

28. “I was training with a very dear friend, Bob Gajda, who was helping me with many things including helping me to learn English.” – Sergio Oliva

29. “Number one for me: John Grimek. And the second one: Steve Reeves. I liked both but I always liked John Grimek more because I liked bodybuilders to be strong.” – Sergio Oliva


30th of 50 Sergio Olivar Quotes 

30. “So one time they got a small little boat and we were planning to leave Cuba to go to Miami (to defect) and there was supposed to be just three guys. When I got there to escape there was like eight guys! And they did not even fit in the boat. So that means you have to have three with their legs outside the boat and I said, no way Jose.” – Sergio Oliva


31. “I always ate a lot of salads and vegetables. But I am a big eater. I have always been a big eater.” – Sergio Oliva

32. “I would drink a gallon of milk every day, and I would drink two gallons of water a day.” – Sergio Oliva

33. “I would just work, do my sport and go dancing on Saturday night, then Sunday I would go to a movie then go home, then go to work. That was my life.” – Sergio Oliva

34. “You see what happened is: I always worked hard.” – Sergio Oliva

35. “My arms were so crazy and the only one who measured them was Arthur Jones. God bless him in heaven because he was real good to me and he was a very honest guy.” – Sergio Oliva

36. “When everybody was laying down on the beach and getting paid by Joe Weider I was working in the foundry.” – Sergio Oliva

37. “Shoulder training is very tough and you have to coordinate the kinds of exercises you are going to do. You cannot (after injury) push your shoulders all the way to the back to do, for instance, a press behind the neck.” – Sergio Oliva

38. “I was the only one that came from a poor family.” – Sergio Oliva

39. “I was competing over here in the United States in weightlifting. And you know I had enough medals (from weightlifting).” – Sergio Oliva


40th of 50 Sergio Olivar Quotes 

40. “I always had the fans with me. No matter if they took it away from me or not there is no better judge than your eyes and people all over the world know that I never lost against anybody.” – Sergio Oliva


41. “I don’t want to be like a balloon and not even deal with 300 pounds. Now I like Steve Reeves but he was not as strong as Grimek, but he had the perfect physique.” – Sergio Oliva

42. “To tell you the truth I have never in my life been an aggressive person. I always kept a low profile because the size of my physique was enough.” – Sergio Oliva

43. “I never dieted. I didn’t need it because I had always worked. Because then I began to study and analyze my body, so I knew what kind of metabolism I had – I knew whether it was fast or slow. I became my own doctor and that is why I set up everything my own way.” – Sergio Oliva

44. “My arms were so big that they were bigger than my head. I was the only one, cold.” – Sergio Oliva

45. “I bought the magazines and got from the magazines the posing routines that John (Grimek) and Steve Reeves were doing and put a little combination of both (of their routines) and a little combination of mine and that is how I started doing bodybuilding.” – Sergio Oliva

46. “I had always been, not really skinny, but good and strong because I had always worked very hard in my life, always. And I had always been very strong. But I had no knowledge of weightlifting or bodybuilding. I was not doing any sport because we were too poor.” – Sergio Oliva

47. “You don’t make money because they would tell you it is a profession (if you did). But for the photo studio shots, they were entitled to pay you and you could continue to be an amateur.” – Sergio Oliva

48. “When you prepare for the Mr. Olympia you feel you are at such a high level that you feel like dynamite and I always felt good.” – Sergio Oliva

49. “People from Florida were going to Cuba for the beach. The water was so clear. Cuba was connected with every single country in the world. We had no problem. So the big change came especially for the people who had money. I never had anything.” – Sergio Oliva

50. “I wanted to work and I always had my mind straight up. I wanted to work and have the good things that the American people had and I wanted to work for it and I wanted to get it.” – Sergio Oliva



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Which are your favorite Sergio Oliva quotes? Leave a comment below.

Zisilia Alvsa is a writer for Wealthy Gorilla. Friends often call her Zii. She is a girl from Jakarta, Indonesia who currently lives in Bali. Zii loves photography and travelling.

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Athlete Quotes

43 Motivational Peyton Manning Quotes



The Best Peyton Manning Quotes

Peyton Manning, now 40 years old, was a professional American football player. He played as a star quarterback in the NFL for 18 seasons.

He is considered to have been one of the best quarterbacks of all time, originally playing for the Indianapolis Colts, and finishing the last four season of his career playing for the Denver Broncos.

Check out our collection of the most motivational Peyton Manning quotes:


43 Motivational Peyton Manning Quotes

1. “I have to leave the games now if the announcer says something I don’t agree with. I’m thinking, ‘Peyton, it is not healthy to be all worked up before a game.'” – Peyton Manning

2. “Anyone who waits for someone else to make a change automatically becomes a follower.” – Peyton Manning

3. “Everybody is going to be excited to play in a Super Bowl. When you still enjoy the preparation and the work part of it, I think you ought to be still doing that. I think as soon as I stop enjoying it, if I can’t produce, if I can’t help a team, that’s when I will stop playing.” Peyton Manning

4. “I have to leave the games now if the announcer says something I don’t agree with. I’m thinking, ‘Peyton, it is not healthy to be all worked up before a game.’” – Peyton Manning

5. “I want to be out there every single snap, every single play.” – Peyton Manning

6. “I’m not 23 anymore. But the defensive ends and linebackers chasing me are. If I had to chose between youth and experience, I’d take experience every time.” – Peyton Manning

7. “I’m very humbled and I’m very honored. I certainly think about how grateful I am for all the teammates and coached that I’ve played with and played for throughout my career.” – Peyton Manning

8. “I’ve never left the field saying, ‘I could’ve done more to get ready,’ and that gives me peace of mind.” – Peyton Manning

9. “Imitation is obviously a great form of flattery.” – Peyton Manning

10. “It’s not wanting to win that makes you a winner; it’s refusing to fail.” – Peyton Manning

11. “My dad was a class person on and off the field. That’s the person I want to be.” – Peyton Manning


12th of 43 Peyton Manning Quotes

Peyton Manning Picture Quote 1

12. “Pressure is something you feel when you don’t know what the hell you’re doing.” – Peyton Manning

13. “Some people have this impression of me: ‘Boy, he’s always so serious on the field. Football. Football. Football.’” – Peyton Manning

14. “When you go through a significant injury and have a major career change, you truly do go one year at a time, and you don’t look past what’s going on now, because you are not sure what’s going to happen. Tomorrow is not promised.” – Peyton Manning

15. “You’ve got to remember what your priorities are. When you’re playing, what you do on the field is the most important thing.“ – Peyton Manning

16. “My high-school coach Tony Reginelli was kind of famous for ‘Reggie-isms,’ kind of like ‘Yogi-isms.’ He always said if you want to be a good quarterback, when sprinting left you want to be amphibious and throw left-handed. I told him, ‘You mean ambidextrous, coach?'” – Peyton Manning

17. “Being there every week for my teammates is really important to me. It’s all about accountability. I hear stuff about the ‘toughest quarterback in the league’ and all that; what’s that mean?” – Peyton Manning

18. “I don’t want to retire. I still want to play.” – Peyton Manning

19. “I pray every night, sometimes long prayers about a lot of things and a lot of people, but I don’t talk about it or brag about it because that’s between God and me, and I’m no better than anybody else in God’s sight.” – Peyton Manning

20. “I was never on a mission to be an NFL quarterback. I wanted to be a good high school player, and I worked hard at that. That made me good enough to play in college and then I wanted to be a good college quarterback. During college I played well enough to make it into the NFL. I never took it for granted and really wanted to play hard at each level and I have always had a lot of fun doing what I wanted to do.” – Peyton Manning

21. “I’m proud to be Archie’s son. Being a quarterback, I had my mentor and hero living in the same house.” – Peyton Manning

22. “I’ve been a Colt for almost all of my adult life, but I guess in life, and in sports, we all know nothing lasts forever. Times change, circumstances change, and that’s the reality of playing in the NFL.” – Peyton Manning


23rd of 43 Peyton Manning Quotes

“If nothing else in life, I want to be true to the things I believe in, and quite simply, to what I’m all about. I know I’d better, because it seems whenever I take a false step or two I feel the consequences.” – Peyton Manning


24. “It goes without saying, winning against a good team in a hostile crowd on the road, it’s just an absolutely huge win.” – Peyton Manning

25. “Life is about choices. You ask the questions and you listen to the answers. Then you listen to your heart.” – Peyton Manning

26. “My faith doesn’t make me perfect, it makes me forgiven.” – Peyton Manning

27. “Remind your critics when they say you don’t have the expertise or experience to do something that an amateur built the ark and the experts built the titanic.” – Peyton Manning


28th of 43 Peyton Manning Quotes

Peyton Manning Picture Quote 2

28. “We’ve been working a long time for this and we want to accomplish our ultimate goal. We know what it takes.” – Peyton Manning

29. “When you take a year off from football, you come back for all the enjoyable moments. When you’re not playing, you miss out on all the highs, but you also miss these disappointments. But I would rather be in the arena to be excited or be disappointed than not have a chance at all. That’s football. That’s why everybody plays it.” – Peyton Manning

30. “The head coach tells us what to do, and we follow his orders.” – Peyton Manning

31. “Boy, do I hate to lose.” – Peyton Manning

32. “I guess, to tell you the truth, I’ve never had much of a desire to grow facial hair. I think I’ve managed to play quarterback just fine without a mustache.” – Peyton Manning

33. “I think I could describe the perfect quarterback. Take a little piece of everybody. Take John Elway’s arm, Dan Marino’s release, maybe Troy Aikman’s drop-back, Brett Favre’s scrambling ability, Joe Montana’s two-minute poise and, naturally, my speed.” – Peyton Manning

34. “I would like to think I will be a guy who knows when it’s time to stop. I don’t want to be a guy who hung on and on. I do not have a goal in mind of a year or a statistic.” – Peyton Manning

35. “I’m the best manning.” – Peyton Manning

36. “I’ve been being asked about my legacy since I was about 25 years old. I’m not sure you can have a legacy when you’re 25 years old. Even 37. I’d like to have to be, like, 70 to have a legacy. I’m not even 100 percent sure what the word even means.” – Peyton Manning

37. “If you work hard and you play well, all those critics quiet themselves pretty quickly.” – Peyton Manning


38th of 43 Peyton Manning Quotes

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it.” – Peyton Manning


39. “My dad told us up front, ‘Guys, if you want to play sports, go ahead, but it’s your decision.’” – Peyton Manning

40. “My job is to play well offensively and help my team score points. So I feel very responsible every time we lose a game.” – Peyton Manning

41. “Some guys leave a place after a long time, and they’re bitter. Not me.” – Peyton Manning

42. “When people are watching you, it makes you think twice about what you do, and the things you say, and the people you hang around with.” – Peyton Manning

43. “You hear about how many fourth quarter comebacks that a guy has and I think it means a guy screwed up in the first three quarters.” – Peyton Manning


Peyton Manning Motivational Video

Check out our other NFL quotes on Tom Brady and Marshawn Lynch!

Which are your favourite Peyton Manning quotes? Leave a comment below.

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Actor Quotes

25 Inspirational Robert De Niro Quotes



The Best Robert De Niro Quotes

Robert De Niro is an American/Italian actor and producer;

At 73 years old, he’s had an incredibly successful career, and starred in a ridiculous number of films. Far too many to list, but here’s a few of the highlights:

  • The Godfather Part II
  • Silver Linings
  • Analyze This
  • The Intern
  • Casino
  • Meet the Fockers
  • Goodfellas
  • Grudge Match

We’ve put together this small, yet inspirational collection of the best Robert De Niro quotes:


25 Inspirational Robert De Niro Quotes

1. “You learned the two greatest thing in life, never rat on your friends, and always keep your mouth shut.” – Robert De Niro

2. “The talent is in the choices.” – Robert De Niro

3. “One of the things about acting is it allows you to live other people’s lives without having to pay the price.” – Robert De Niro

4. “You’ll have time to rest when you’re dead.” – Robert De Niro

5. “I love to find new people. It’s not for the sake of their being new; it’s because if you find someone who perfectly fits a part, that’s such a great thing.” – Robert De Niro

6. “It’s important not to indicate. People don’t try to show their feelings, they try to hide them.” – Robert De Niro

7. “Time goes on. So whatever you’re going to do, do it. Do it now. Don’t wait.” – Robert De Niro

8. “Money makes your life easier. If you’re lucky to have it, you’re lucky.” – Robert De Niro

9. “The hardest thing about being famous is that people are always nice to you.” – Robert De Niro


10th of 25 Robert De Niro Quotes

“There’s nothing more ironic or contradictory than life itself.” – Robert De Niro


11. “I didn’t have a problem with rejection, because when you go into an audition, you’re rejected already. There are hundreds of other actors. You’re behind the eight ball when you go in there.” – Robert De Niro

12. “In acting, I always try to go back to what would actually be the real situation, the real human behavior in life.” – Robert De Niro

13. “I think it’s important to have had at least a few years of obscurity, where people treat you like everybody else.” – Robert De Niro

14. “I don’t like to watch my own movies – I fall asleep in my own movies.” – Robert De Niro

15. “I don’t get into these long-winded heavy discussions about character – do we do this or that or what. At the end of the day, what you gotta do is just go out there and do it.” – Robert De Niro

16. “With ‘Silver Linings,’ I didn’t feel – I was thinking of certain things, but I just said, ‘Let me go with it.’ You have to know what you’re doing, where you’re going with the scenes, and I put a lot of work into that. But when you’re out there, at the same time you gotta be ready for anything.” – Robert De Niro


17th of 25 Robert De Niro Quotes

17. “Don’t be afraid to do what your instincts tell you.” – Robert De Niro


18. “You discovered a talent, developed an ambition and recognized your passion. When you feel that, you can’t fight it — you just go with it.” – Robert De Niro

19. “Life rarely changes you totally but it consistently changes you in details.” – Robert De Niro

20. “I don’t feel pressure. I like if anybody has interest in what I have to say, especially if they’re younger. If they like me, respect me, I’m honoured and I’ll give them my opinion.” – Robert De Niro

21. “I am also not one for regrets. I don’t regret any film I’ve made, because there was a reason for making it at the time. If it hasn’t worked out, then don’t spend time worrying about why and how. Just move on to the next project.” – Robert De Niro

22. “Being able to battle it out. No matter how you do it, you gotta hold your ground at times. Other times you’ve got to compromise. But never a compromise that you can’t live with.” – Robert De Niro

23. “If it’s the right chair, it doesn’t take too long to get comfortable in it.” – Robert De Niro

24. “Rejection might sting, but my feeling is that often, it has very little to do with you.” – Robert De Niro

25. “You’re not responsible for the entire job, but your part in it… You will put your everything into everything you do.” – Robert De Niro



Thanks for checking out this collection of quotes from Robert De Niro!

Which are your favorite Robert De Niro quotes? Leave a comment below.

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Athlete Quotes

25 Motivational Stephen Curry Quotes About Success



The Best Stephen Curry Quotes

Stephen Curry is a professional NBA player, currently playing as Point Guard for the Golden State Warriors. He’s considered to be one of the best shooters in NBA history.

Curry won the MVP (Most Valuable Player) award in 2015, and has won a number of other awards proving how successful he’s becoming at his sport.

If you’re a fan of motivational videos, do a quick search in YouTube for Stephen Curry motivation”, and you’ll see some awesome stuff.

This article is dedicated to the most motivational Stephen Curry quotes on basketball and success:


25 Motivational Stephen Curry Quotes

1. “I’ve never been afraid of big moments. I get butterflies… I get nervous and anxious, but I think those are all good signs that I’m ready for the moment.” – Stephen Curry

2. “I want to practice to the point where it’s almost uncomfortable how fast you shoot, so that in the game things kind of slow down.” – Stephen Curry

3. “Make sure you live in the moment and work your butt off every single day, and I hope I inspire people all around the world to just be themselves. Be humble, and be grateful for all the blessings in your life.– Stephen Curry

4. “Being a superstar means you’ve reached your potential, and I don’t think I’ve reached my potential as a basketball player and as a leader yet.” – Stephen Curry


Stephen Curry Picture Quotes 1

5. “Be the best version of yourself in anything that you do. You don’t have to live anybody else’s story.” – Stephen Curry


6. “We have to have the mentality that we have to work for everything we’re going to get.” – Stephen Curry

7. “Play like you’re in first. Train like you’re in second.” Stephen Curry

8. “If you take time to realize what your dream is and what you really want in life — no matter what it is, whether it’s sports or in other fields — you have to realize that there is always work to do, and you want to be the hardest working person in whatever you do, and you put yourself in a position to be successful. And you have to have a passion about what you do.” – Stephen Curry


9th of 25 Stephen Curry Quotes

Stephen Curry Quotes

9. “If you don’t fall, how are you going to know what getting up is like?” – Stephen Curry


10. “I do a little sign on the court every time I make a shot or a good pass and i pound my chest and point to the sky – it symbolizes that I have a heart for God. It’s something that my mom and I came up with in college and I do it every time i step on the floor as a reminder of who I’m playing for.” – Stephen Curry


Stephen Curry Picture Quotes 2

11. “I’m not the guy who’s afraid of failure. I like to take risks, take the big shot and all that.” – Stephen Curry


12. “Success is not an accident, success is actually a choice.” – Stephen Curry

13. “Success comes after you conquer your biggest obstacles and hurdles.” – Stephen Curry


14th of 25 Stephen Curry Quotes

14. “There’s more to me than just this jersey I wear.” – Stephen Curry


Stephen Curry Picture Quotes 3

15. “I’d rather be a non-All-Star playing in the Western Conference finals than an All-Star who’s sitting at home in May.” – Stephen Curry


16. “I can do all things.” – Stephen Curry

17. “Every time I rise up, I have confidence that I’m going to make it.” – Stephen Curry

18. “I can get better. I haven’t reached my ceiling yet on how well I can shoot the basketball.” – Stephen Curry

19. “I can’t say enough, how important my faith is to how I play the game and who I am.” – Stephen Curry


Stephen Curry Picture Quotes 4

20. “I really cherish everything that basketball brings; and I think, for me, it’s been a great ride and I’m not done yet…” – Stephen Curry


21. “Success is born out of faith, an undying passion, and a relentless drive.” – Stephen Curry

22. “Each game is an opportunity to be on a great stage and be a witness for Christ. When I step on the floor, people should know who I represent, who I believe in.” – Stephen Curry


Stephen Curry Picture Quotes 5

23. “Basketball was mine, and that’s what’s carried me to this point.” – Stephen Curry


24. “The more years I go, the more experience I have, the more that nutrition and eating the right foods is important for recovery and things like that.” – Stephen Curry

25. “It’s all about winning. Stats really don’t matter, I mean, guys have great series and all that, and people take notice and take their place in history with those stats and all that stuff. But at the end of the day, it’s all about winning and what you can do to help your team get to that point.” – Stephen Curry



As always, I hope you love the quotes we’re publishing here guys, and let us know if there’s any other NBA player quotes you want us to publish on Wealthy Gorilla.

Which are your favorite Stephen Curry quotes? Leave a comment below.

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