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50 All-Time Favorite Jake Tapper Quotes

Zisilia Alvsa



50 All-Time Favorite Jake Tapper Quotes

Which are your favorite Jake Tapper quotes?

Jake Tapper is an American journalist and author. He works for the renowned multinational news-based television channel, CNN, as their Lead Washington Anchor besides hosting the TV series, ‘The Lead with Jake Tapper’, and co-hosting the Sunday morning series, ‘State of the Union’.

Tapper’s most famous work as an author is his book ‘The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor’ which came out at number 10 in ‘The New York Times Best Seller’ list in 2012.

Throughout his career, Tapper has successfully won many awards, including the Merriman Smith Memorial Awards, Edward R. Murrow Award, and an Emmy Award notably for his work for the coverage of the inauguration of President Obama.

Here’s a collection of the greatest Jake Tapper quotes:


50 All-Time Favorite Jake Tapper Quotes

1. “I get a lot of heat from the Left, which is bizarre. I get a lot of heat from the Right, too, but the vitriol is from the Left.” – Jake Tapper

2. “Professionally and personally, I try to be as agnostic as possible, try to see things as objectively as possible.” – Jake Tapper

3. “What would McCarthy, what would Nixon, what would Bill Clinton have done if they’d had Twitter?” – Jake Tapper

4. “The Patriots cheat. This is just a fact as established by investigations. They’re a cheating team.” – Jake Tapper

5. “It matters to people that the president tell them the truth.” – Jake Tapper

6. “I lost a great uncle in World War II who was with the Royal Canadian Air Force.” – Jake Tapper

7. “I think standing up for facts and decency is important, and we should’ve done more of it back in 2015 and 2016.” – Jake Tapper

8. “Trump is most fun to draw – just a great mash of caricature-able features, from bouffant to eyebrows and scowl, to the high cheekbones and the regal pride.” – Jake Tapper

9. “It’s tough for me to draw myself – usually way too self-critical.” – Jake Tapper


10th of 50 Jake Tapper Quotes

10. “They say history doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes.” – Jake Tapper


11. “My job, in general, is nonfiction, so writing fiction was liberating. If you can’t find the answer to something, you just make it up!” – Jake Tapper

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12. “It’s the exact opposite of my job to take what the government says at face value and say, ‘This is the truth because the government says it, and the government never lies.'” – Jake Tapper

13. “I think that I’m doing my job, and it’s nice to be recognized, but I also know that a lot of the people who are happy with me now are not going to be happy with me in four to eight years and that I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing.” – Jake Tapper

14. “Resist the temptation to subject yourself only to that which re-affirms what you already think.” – Jake Tapper

15. “I have a wife and a son and daughter. What do I need to do to make their lives better, happier? What can I do in terms of my time or my attention given that I am very busy at work? That’s a personal rule of thumb I live by from the moment I get up to the moment I go to bed.” – Jake Tapper

16. “I think it’s important to have as diverse of a feed as possible.” – Jake Tapper

17. “I generally feel that the solution to speech that people find offensive is more speech. You should talk about it, discuss it.” – Jake Tapper

18. “My mom is a nurse; my dad is a pediatrician. They were born in the 1940s, and they were both inspired to fight against injustice, whether it was the injustices of the Vietnam War or Watergate or children in poverty or oppression of African Americans in Philadelphia where I was growing up.” – Jake Tapper

19. “My first race was ’99/2000. At that time, I was at ‘Salon,’ and I was basically their campaign reporter, so I would just jump around from race to race, candidate to candidate.” – Jake Tapper


20th of 50 Jake Tapper Quotes

20. “I do breakfast first, which is a small bowl of oatmeal and some sort of protein, like hard-boiled eggs. And then I work out – 40 minutes of cardio and maybe some strength training.” – Jake Tapper


21. “I’m trying to spend less time with the phone when the kids are awake in general. I need to get better about that. It’s a perennial New Year’s resolution.” – Jake Tapper

22. “I’ve always been a ravenous consumer of opinion. When I was in my high school library and my college library, I would read ‘National Review’ and I would read ‘The Nation’ and I would read ‘The American Spectator’ and I would read ‘Mother Jones.'” – Jake Tapper

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23. “Washington, as we know it, is essentially run by men and women who are not elected or even appointed to their posts, staff members unaccountable to traditional constituencies. They rise according to the needs and whims of their own special constituency of elites.” – Jake Tapper

24. “My job is to not take for granted when somebody says, ‘Oh, this is all just a made-up, phony scandal,’ or, ‘What this person did put the U.S. government at risk.'” – Jake Tapper

25. “It’s not empirically wrong to say that Washington isn’t working for the American people and Washington does too many things for powerful special interests and it’s broken.” – Jake Tapper

26. “Normally, at a debate or a town hall, I would be quick to say to someone, ‘That was rude,’ or, ‘We’re going to try to keep it civil here,’ or, ‘Let’s not have personal attacks.” – Jake Tapper

27. “I tried to do a comic strip. I came close, and I met with Universal Press Syndicate in Kansas City, but ultimately, they did not go with my strip.” – Jake Tapper

28. “People mess up. They say things when their guard is down.” – Jake Tapper

29. “Everybody should work in their nation’s capital and see how politics actually work because it was the most eye-opening experience of my life.” – Jake Tapper


30th of 50 Jake Tapper Quotes

30. “Mean is easy. Mean is lazy. Mean is self-satisfied and slothful.” – Jake Tapper


31. “It took me years to realize I wanted to be in journalism.” – Jake Tapper

32. “My job is not to be liked. My job is, to tell the truth.” – Jake Tapper

33. “The only politician in my family was my grandfather’s grandfather, who was the mayor of Winnipeg from Jan. 1, 1917, until Jan. 5, 1917, because he lost the recount. So he was mayor of Winnipeg for four days.” – Jake Tapper

34. “President Obama was not friendly to the press, but the press was very friendly to President Obama.” – Jake Tapper

35. “My mom is from Canada. Both my grandparents were from Canada.” – Jake Tapper

36. “I did freelance cartooning off and on from college graduation in 1991 through ABC News hiring me in 2003. I did a weekly comic strip for ‘Roll Call’ for about nine years. I sold cartoons and caricatures to ‘The Los Angeles Times’ and ‘The Washington Post.’ I drew as much as I could. It’s really tough to make a living doing it.” – Jake Tapper

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37. “Whenever journalism students ask me what they should be doing, I say that if you’re on social media, you should be following a ton of people that you don’t necessarily agree with just to get their perspectives.” – Jake Tapper

38. “I still think of myself as a Philadelphian. I still root for the Philadelphia teams. Other than my house, I still feel most at home in terms of cities when I’m in Philly.” – Jake Tapper

39. “There’s no bias when it comes to facts, and there’s no bias when it comes to decency.” – Jake Tapper


40th of 50 Jake Tapper Quotes

40. “McCarthyism and Trumpism are very different. They stand for very different things, but the technique of the big lie, smearing and telling lies, you know, McCarthy was doing that. At the time, the media, Democrats, and Republicans were all paralyzed – not all, but most of them were paralyzed. They didn’t know how to deal with this.” – Jake Tapper


41. “We often think our legacy will be our achievements. But often our legacy will be whether we set a moral standard.” – Jake Tapper

42. “We all know members of the House and Senate – especially the House – who are just crazy and say things that aren’t true Democrats and Republicans.” – Jake Tapper

43. “There are basic lines of human decency, norms to which society generally agrees and to which we adhere, and we continue to see the Trump presidency eroding these lines.” – Jake Tapper

44. “Equating brutality and despotism with leadership is not an American value.” – Jake Tapper

45. “Nastiness and mockery and meanness sometimes seem as if they’re spreading like a contagion.” – Jake Tapper

46. “I don’t really get nervous anymore unless there’s a big interview.” – Jake Tapper

47. “I’m a collaborative person – it makes me better – and sometimes taking that collaboration to Twitter is helpful.” – Jake Tapper

48. “It’s irresponsible to put uncorroborated information on the Internet.” – Jake Tapper

49. “I’m not a member of a political party, and I feel very, very comfortable being independent. Even if I weren’t a journalist – if I were doing whatever – I would be an independent.” – Jake Tapper

50. “There’s a long tradition in this country of questioning generals.” – Jake Tapper



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