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40 Famous Jon Ossoff Quotes & Sayings

Zisilia Alvsa



40 Famous Jon Ossoff Quotes & Sayings

Which are your favorite Jon Ossoff quotes?

Jon Ossoff is an American politician. He is best known for his current position serving as the senior United States senator from Georgia. Notably a member of the ‘Democratic Party’, Ossoff is known to have a background being a documentary film producer and investigative journalist.

He successfully won the 2020 U.S. Senate election in Georgia against then-incumbent Republican senator ‘David Perdue’ and earned him the recognition as the ‘youngest member of the Senate’ elected also the ‘First Jewish member of the Senate’ representing Georgia.

Some of the rights he publicly known to advocate for are pro-choice on abortion rights, nationwide cannabis legalization, and abolition of the death penalty.

Here’s our collection of the best Jon Ossoff quotes:


45 Famous Jon Ossoff Quotes & Sayings

1. “At the structural level, when the primary is all that matters, the incentives change for politicians. And, when you can earn media coverage with bombast and vitriol, that creates another incentive for politicians to light things on fire.” – Jon Ossoff

2. “I held top-secret security clearance.” – Jon Ossoff

3. “My job is to make the case that I’ll do the best job possible representing the people of Georgia’s Sixth District, and what they want is a representation that’s focused on them and not this national partisan political circus.” – Jon Ossoff

4. “Hope, decency, and unity are not mere catchwords.” – Jon Ossoff

5. “As a national security aid, I worked with our military to strengthen our national defense.” – Jon Ossoff

6. “The role of money in politics is a major problem and particularly the role of unchecked anonymous money.” – Jon Ossoff

7. “Grass-roots politics, linking small-dollar fundraising to a massive local volunteer organization, showed that it can rival the power of a right-wing machine comprising super PACs backed by entrenched interests and mega-donors.” – Jon Ossoff

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8. “I made it clear that I can run a positive campaign and do it better.” – Jon Ossoff

9. “Folks across the spectrum wants more efficient management of their tax dollars.” – Jon Ossoff


10th of 40 Jon Ossoff Quotes

10. “The basic job of any campaign is to translate grassroots energy into turnout.” – Jon Ossoff


11. “I identify as a Georgian who wants to do right by Georgia.” – Jon Ossoff

12. “I’m trying to make the case to voters across the political spectrum that someone who brings a younger perspective – a fresher perspective… can change the culture in Washington more effectively than someone who has run for office 9 or 10 times.” – Jon Ossoff

13. “The overwhelming majority of Americans want decent and civil political dialogue, and candidates for office and elected leaders must continue to call for calm and unity, even when there are intense differences of opinion.” – Jon Ossoff

14. “Voting rights are constitutional rights.” – Jon Ossoff

15. “I’m pragmatic.” – Jon Ossoff

16. “News flash: The federal government is not the most efficient institution in the world. Taxpayers know that.” – Jon Ossoff

17. “We can’t let Donald Trump put us at risk.” – Jon Ossoff

18. “I worked on Capitol Hill for five years, and I saw how things work and how they do not. I saw the partisanship, the gridlock, the pettiness, and the corruption.” – Jon Ossoff

19. “I’m not that interested in labels or litmus tests.” – Jon Ossoff


20th of 40 Jon Ossoff Quotes

20. “The only real solution is comprehensive immigration reform that secures our borders and provides a path to legal status for non-felons who are here without proper legal documentation.” – Jon Ossoff


21. “[I] had really seen enough of Congress in Washington to know that I didn’t want to go back there and was really intrigued” – Jon Ossoff

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22. “I think we need a lot less ideology around health care.” – Jon Ossoff

23. “I admired the company. I believed in the mission. . . . So that is when I said, Okay, let’s do this.” – Jon Ossoff

24. “Both parties in Washington waste too much of your money. When I worked there, I helped expose waste and abuse by government contractors.” – Jon Ossoff

25. “There’s a coalition of folks here in Georgia who want representation that’s focused on local economic development and on accountability and not on the partisan circus in Washington.” – Jon Ossoff

26. “As an investigative filmmaker, I helped expose atrocities committed by ISIS against women and girls. They are evil, and we have to stop them.” – Jon Ossoff

27. “What we need is a bipartisan commitment to improving the laws on the books, to lower premiums, to improve access and improve quality of care.” – Jon Ossoff

28. “The minimum wage should be a living wage.” – Jon Ossoff

29. “One out of four hundred and thirty-five members of the House is not going to transform the culture of the institution, but we’ve got to start somewhere.” – Jon Ossoff


30th of 40 Jon Ossoff Quotes

30. “Metro Atlanta has virtually unlimited economic potential.” – Jon Ossoff


31. “I think international business experience is an asset in a congressional candidate, particularly in a district with so much international commerce.” – Jon Ossoff

32. “I’ve been reaching out to voters across the political spectrum from the very beginning.” – Jon Ossoff

33. “I try to shy away from labels and focus on the issues.” – Jon Ossoff

34. “Anger is just not who I am, and I don’t think it’s what voters in the 6th district want. They want respectful, decent representation that contrasts so starkly with what we have in Washington.” – Jon Ossoff

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35. “I don’t support any increase in income tax rates.” – Jon Ossoff

36. “I want to see ISIS destroyed.” – Jon Ossoff

37. “I’ll tell you where I stand on the issues, and then I’ll let the pundits decide how to label me.” – Jon Ossoff

38. “One of the rules of running for Congress is no matter where you go, you speak like you’re speaking to the whole district.” – Jon Ossoff

39. “I’ve got five years of experience as a national security staffer in the U.S. Congress.” – Jon Ossoff

40. “I am honored to have the support of so many strong and determined women.” – Jon Ossoff



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