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Daniel Caesar is a Canadian singer and songwriter. He is best known for his singles ‘Get You’, ‘Best Part’, and ‘Love Again’ which successfully amassed him worldwide recognition.

Caesar has earned many prestigious music awards throughout his singing career as of now, including ‘BET Awards’, ‘Grammy Awards’, and ‘iHeartRadio Music Awards’.

After getting kicked out of the house, he began his career doing small gigs until he finally made breakthroughs after the release of two of his critically acclaimed EPs, ‘Praise Break’ and ‘Pilgrim’s Paradise’, which earned him an enormous following globally.

Here’s our collection of the best Daniel Caesar quotes:


40 Daniel Caesar Quotes About Happiness & Passion

1. “Pulp Fiction’s insane. I haven’t watched it in so long because there was a time where I would watch it like 30 times in a row.” – Daniel Caesar

2. “Accomplishing things is great. But you don’t want to stand on top of the mountain by yourself. When you’ve got your friends with you, it makes it all feel amazing.” – Daniel Caesar

3. “There are a lot of things that are part of the music business that I’m very bad at. Organization, being on time – the stuff you need in order to function in the regular world.” – Daniel Caesar

4. “The whole go up on stage and accept your award thing, that was one of the first times that ever happened to me. And it was validating. It made me feel like all those battles I chose to fight, those struggles, were all worth it.” – Daniel Caesar

5. “These days, it’s more like me coming from playing a show and feeling the high from all the energies directed at me to feeling a bit weird when I go home to the place where people know me from before all that.” – Daniel Caesar

6. “I wanted to free myself from worrying about trying to replicate Freudian. I don’t want to try and do the same thing again, because you can’t. It’s not possible. So I wanted to just veer and do what I felt like doing next.” – Daniel Caesar

7. “You can’t reminisce too much. Because you’ve got to keep pushing forward, you know?” – Daniel Caesar

8. “Although I have my sights set globally, I’m from Canada.” – Daniel Caesar

9. “I can do what I want when I want. I want to go to this place, I pick up and go. It’s nice. I’ve just never been inclined to do anything that’s too crazy. But I still have to work, you know. Some days I don’t feel like going to the studio. But I still have to.” – Daniel Caesar


10th of 40 Daniel Caesar Quotes

10. “I think storytelling is important; it helps make things more rhythmic. But the feeling is the most important thing, however it is you get that across. ” – Daniel Caesar


11. “Usually in church, when the congregation is overcome by the Holy Spirit for a moment, the people will interrupt the sermon to yell their praises, and dance for joy.” – Daniel Caesar

12. “Before I moved to the city I spent every Saturday sitting in church wishing I could be living on my own, doing what I wanted.” – Daniel Caesar

13. “I think every religion is founded with good intentions, but with any good thing, there’s a negative use for it.” – Daniel Caesar

14. “There were songs that we cut out after we chose the name, because ‘Praise Break’ turned out to be an underlying concept that I didn’t know was there.” – Daniel Caesar

15. “I want to have a catalog or a share in a company. I’m trying to take my family’s name from lower-middle-class to aristocracy. I have my sights set high.” – Daniel Caesar

16. “If Freudian is for you and the rest of this stuff isn’t for you and you’re no longer a fan, then that’s OK. And if you like me even more, that’s OK, too.” – Daniel Caesar

17. “I think the most important thing is conveying the feeling, whether or not you’re being descriptive and articulate, whether you’re retelling a story, or you’re just saying what’s need to be said to convey the idea or the feeling.” – Daniel Caesar

18. “A lot of young men come up to me and I think they feel me because we’re all just trying to be good in a world that’s socially engineered to [make us feel] like we’re not.” – Daniel Caesar

19. “In music, you’re never right and you’re never wrong.” – Daniel Caesar


20th of 40 Daniel Caesar Quotes

20. “I feel more cynical. But then in those moments of true happiness, my highs are higher — and my lows are lower. But I’ve always been an extreme person. So it’s cool. And I feel like I’m kind of meta like I’m looking down on myself, watching everything that I do and analyzing and criticizing, and telling myself to keep going.” – Daniel Caesar


21. “Pseudo’ was about, how after moving to Toronto I saw a lot of inauthenticity. A lot of fake people that aren’t about having real moments. Real conversations.” – Daniel Caesar

22. “Love songs are kind of like hymns if you think about it. Gospel songs are basically songs of adoration about God, or whatever you want to call Him.” – Daniel Caesar

23. “We called it Case Study because I wanted to be even more myself, and let you more into my brain. It’s like a purging almost.” – Daniel Caesar

24. “I sing to myself more than anything. I’m always chastising myself, telling myself to be better, or comforting myself.” – Daniel Caesar

25. “Female energy is very comforting and beautiful.” – Daniel Caesar

26. “My mom would say I’m a good kid… but I put them through a lot. I was rejecting religion and, not permanently, also kind of rejecting the things that they’d taught me, and just trying to think for myself.” – Daniel Caesar

27. “My goal is to not fit in. My worst nightmare is being the baby version of another artist.” – Daniel Caesar

28. “Everyone has golden years sparsely throughout their life, but good things happen and then good things disappear. But you’ll always have those good times, and when you’re on your deathbed you’ll be able to look back on those times when you were with the girl of your dreams.” – Daniel Caesar

29. “Real power is being able to take care of yourself. My job is to make art, but I aspire to do more than that.” – Daniel Caesar


30th of 40 Daniel Caesar Quotes

30. “I’m transitioning from being a starving artist. My producers had success outside of the Daniel Caesar brand, so they invested money, time, and resources. They funded the first video, and a lot of other things that I’m so thankful for.” – Daniel Caesar


31. “A lot of artists are aspiring to fill an archetype as opposed to being themselves. Even if they can’t quite put their finger on it, fans can tell.” – Daniel Caesar

32. “Science is amazing because it’s like a mystery, and you get to hunt and search for answers — but there are actual answers. And then I can rely on these facts and these truths and apply them everywhere I go. Like I know if I throw a ball up, wherever I am, it’s going to come back down. And that’s not always the same for these emotional endeavors.” – Daniel Caesar

33. “I ended up having to leave home to make the music I wanted to make, and to find myself. As cliche as that sounds; I like to think I’m getting closer.” – Daniel Caesar

34. “The first song I ever wrote was in grade eight.” – Daniel Caesar

35. “I was raised in an intensely religious household and I think the influence shows through my music.” – Daniel Caesar

36. “We had some Stevie Wonder and Luther Vandross, but there’s a lot of hip-hop and other black music that I just never grew up on. My parents didn’t listen to anything other than black gospel.” – Daniel Caesar

37. “People say things to hurt you personally throughout your whole life, and I’ve heard much worse things said about me.” – Daniel Caesar

38. “Being from Canada, we’re in a unique position to fund the music and then, because we own the masters, reinvest the profits,” he explains. “I live still very modestly and I spend a lot of time living at my managers’ houses. We all believed in it, but I’ve had a lot of help.” – Daniel Caesar

39. “I sing to myself more than anything. I’m always chastising myself, telling myself to be better, or comforting myself.” – Daniel Caesar

40. “When you’re little and you tell adults, well-meaning adults, what you want to be, they try and help you manage your expectations… It’s like, chances are you’re not going to be able to do it, in the nicest way, and so you try and realign, and pick something more practical. So you try and fit into what you think you’re supposed to be doing, and then you’re just not good at that. And so, it always came back to singing.” – Daniel Caesar



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