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Jaden Martell is an American actor.

He is best known for his role as ‘Bill Denbrough’ in the top box office hit movie ‘It’ and its sequel ‘ It Chapter Two’.

His appearances in the ‘It’ film series alone amassed him a string of accolades, including the ‘MTV Movie & TV Award’ and the ‘Fright Meter Award.’

Martell started his career by appearing in TV commercials for big-name brands, such as ‘Hotwheels,’ ‘Google,’ and ‘Hyundai’.

He made his breakthrough in acting when he landed a role in the popular American comedy-drama movie ‘St. Vincent’.

Here’s a collection of the best Jaeden Martell quotes:


45 Jaeden Martell Quotes About Life & Acting

1. “I now feel I want to play different characters, instead of playing the shy, quiet one.” – Jaeden Martell

2. “I never and still don’t imagine a certain career, and I never wanted to be an actor, growing up. This really was a huge surprise.” – Jaeden Martell

3. “The script helped by balancing this with comedy and friendship. During It, they kept Bill Skarsgård [who plays Pennywise the clown] secret from all of us, so the first time we saw him was on the movie. It felt creepy and unsettling watching him get into the character.” – Jaeden Martell

4. “The second episode. Just the whole episode. I don’t wanna give too much away, but during the second episode, there are a lot of emotional scenes. It’s basically when everything starts and everything falls apart, and that was definitely difficult.” – Jaeden Martell

5. “It’s every actor’s dream just to play someone new and have an interesting character to work with ‘cause that’s just special. I feel special when I get a new character.” – Jaeden Martell

6. “I’ve always wanted to play the bad guy or the villain in a movie. That’s always been my dream.” – Jaeden Martell

7. “Basically, (director) Morten [Tyldum] gave me the freedom of choosing whether I did it or not, and no one knows. It was just such an interesting experience and it definitely helped me grow, as an actor.” – Jaeden Martell

8. “I just feel so lucky that I’m able to do what I love.” – Jaeden Martell

9. “I think it’s really all in the details and the little things. The things that they think about, that you would never think about, and that people may not appreciate, but it’ll help you become more invested in that character.” – Jaeden Martell


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10. “We were lucky that we became close and were able to have a good relationship. All of the characters are in their own elements, throughout the show, and going through their own struggles, but we were all connected, in a powerful way, hopefully.” – Jaeden Martell


11. “With directors, I feel like it’s more specific, in learning what to do in this role, for this film. Whereas with actors, I’m able to watch and learn how to do something that may be helpful, in the future, or maybe helpful for all the projects that I do, in just seeing their process and watching the little details.” – Jaeden Martell

12. “Some roles are better for other people, so when it happens, you remember everything happens for a reason.” – Jaeden Martell

13. “It’s sounds rude or dumb, but I don’t care if it does well, I just wanna make movies and become a better actor. That’s just my goal. But I feel very, very thankful for the opportunities that I’ve been given.” – Jaeden Martell

14. “Once you’re acting and you’re made to enact father and son and show love for each other, all the barriers are open.” – Jaeden Martell

15. “I learned a lot from Bill. St. Vincent being my first movie, I was constantly terrified and stressed. I was so young and was traveling to New York to shoot, and Bill taught me how to relax, to be comfortable.” – Jaeden Martell

16. “I studied who my character was and his relationship with the other characters.” – Jaeden Martell

17. “The directors also really helped me get into the role by making me feel both comfortable and uncomfortable. They took me to the attic to scream as loud as I could. I eventually started to feel comfortable about it, just as I did later, on camera.” – Jaeden Martell

18. “Our real-life experiences are much more important than what we show on social media.” – Jaeden Martell

19. “We were in a real lodge, surrounded by snow, and it was extremely cold. The set had the same tone as the movie, so it was easy to get into that mindset.” – Jaeden Martell


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20. “I loved Heath Ledger’s Joker growing up and I used to recite his lines, word for word. So, that’s definitely something that I still wanna do. I don’t know. I haven’t really thought about it.” – Jaeden Martell


21. “I just had to remind myself that it’s the same character, but he’s in a different place, in every episode. Music helped me a lot, actually.” – Jaeden Martell

22. “The thing about this show (Defending Jacob) is that we actually shot out of order. We basically treated it like an eight-hour-long movie, so it was definitely difficult to be in a certain place, and then have to go shoot a fun family dinner scene, and then shoot a difficult emotional It was definitely hard, going back to that place, and then trying to find it again.” – Jaeden Martell

23. “He’s (Chris Evans) also a very normal person – and I mean that in the best way – despite also being a superhero. It’s really nice to see that.” – Jaeden Martell

24. “During the shoot, he felt like a friend. Coping with the things that he had to deal with, creating this background, thinking about the things that he went through, and going through the things that he went through, he felt like a friend.” – Jaeden Martell

25. “I do love history and think about how there’s so many good stories to tell.” – Jaeden Martell

26. “I feel more confident, in the way that I feel very lucky where I am and that I’m able to do what I love, and I feel more confident in the way that I just feel happy that I’m able to do it.” – Jaeden Martell

27. “I was listening to a lot of music, so I would always go back to the same sad songs. It’s definitely hard while shooting. I feel like it’s easy to get lost in it and forget where you are.” – Jaeden Martell

28. “I watched the directors’ first movie to get comfortable with the tone and the overall feeling of their films.” – Jaeden Martell

29. “Even when I just started acting and was doing commercials for a while, I didn’t know what it meant to be an actor. But then, when I did my first movie, St. Vincent, I was 10 years and I discovered, Oh, this is what acting is, and I love it. I don’t think I wanna do anything else, for the rest of my life.” – Jaeden Martell


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30. “Martin Scorsese is one of my favorite directors, of all time, and Christopher Nolan, [Quentin] Tarantino and Hirokazu Kore-eda, are also my favorite directors, too.” – Jaeden Martell


31. “All the nervousness went away when I started working with them eventually, the characters come first and personal feelings second, and every actor has to learn to get over their personal feelings.” – Jaeden Martell

32. “It’s challenging to always be scared. It’s an interesting emotion that you have to find a balance with. If you see a killer clown trying to eat your friends, obviously you can’t relate directly to that and go into a memory to find something similar.” – Jaeden Martell

33. “I actually started reading the book, and I read maybe the first chapter, and then I put it down and said, “I cannot do this.” He is pretty different.” – Jaeden Martell

34. “But as an actor, no, I don’t feel more secure. It’s best to not be satisfied with your work, I feel like, ‘cause then you can grow from it and learn. It doesn’t matter how long I’ll be doing this, I’ll always learn from the people that I work with.” – Jaeden Martell

35. “As soon as I started acting, I was like, “I wanna be the bad guy.” It’s always just more fun.” – Jaeden Martell

36. “Mark and Morten wanted to create a character that was more relatable and real and normal, just so that audiences would be more conflicted about whether he did it or not. Also, the other issue is that the book is completely from Andy’s perspective, and I didn’t wanna be in his mind ‘cause I should be in Jacob’s, not his.” – Jaeden Martell

37. “I find my work to be most important. Obviously, Instagram gives people a voice, and gives people the ability to spread awareness about different topics— something that would never have been possible before—but it can dominate your life and become obsessive.” – Jaeden Martell

38. “I feel like, as an actor, it’s your job to be insecure, a little bit. If you feel satisfied with who you are, you’re not gonna grow.” – Jaeden Martell

39. “Acting is the best way to get to know someone.” – Jaeden Martell


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40. “I’ve been his (Chris Evans) cousin, and I’ve been his son. It’s a little odd, but it’s great. I wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s a good person to work with, just to see how he works, as an actor.” – Jaeden Martell


41. “Some people feel that if it’s not posted on Instagram, it didn’t happen, which I find to be untrue—you have your memories. How many followers you have is not important in the grand scheme of things.” – Jaeden Martell

42. “I would like to be a director, at some point, and write, and stuff like that. It’s so difficult, but I’ve definitely been inspired by the people that I’ve worked with to do that.” – Jaeden Martell

43. “Working with the very talented actors that I’ve been lucky enough to work with has been such a learning experience, and it’s definitely helped me grow, as a person and as an actor.” – Jaeden Martell

44. “Writing and directing are things I really look forward to doing, but I’ll always have a love for acting.” – Jaeden Martell

45. “The environment that Morten, the director, and Mark [Bomback], the showrunner, created was such a light environment, where everyone felt open to put in their input and everyone was so creative. It was definitely a very creative and fun experience.” – Jaeden Martell



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